[TaM-1223] The Truth About Angry Leprechauns

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47 comments on “[TaM-1223] The Truth About Angry Leprechauns
  1. What-me-worry? says:


  2. LuzazuL says:


  3. eketahuna says:

    hmm… I’ve just realized that my maX-stacY speedup at http://qviews.net/xy/ lets you listen to a Keiser rant **while** you read the adoring comments. Of course most of you might find that too challenging.

  4. ronron says:

    let me know when Bob gets here. @eketahuna. why not open several windows? yap off every thread. can you not do this in Kansas?

  5. ronron says:

    anyway the show was nuts. hahaha. i have to listen to the first guy again.

  6. ronron says:

    @Stacy. where’s the fucking mail update?

  7. Wolferl says:

    @ Max, Stacy Was listening to the show, seems you have a lot of fun over there. Hope i can make it next year.

  8. Al Kyder says:

    TAM / Constantine raises many important issues.

    John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, have a similar situation for the Commonwealth v’s the republics, like the United States and France.

    The Nanny State is embedded into the Hobbs type of rule. The crown is responsible for the subjects, and as the current crown has not broken that contract, there is no real uprising against the House of Windsor.

    #occupy London is reminiscent of the War of Roses in many ways. Tensions between the King and Parliament centred around finances, made worse by the costs of war abroad, and by religious suspicions at home. Although opponents later called this period ‘the Eleven Years’ Tyranny’, Charles’s decision to rule without Parliament was technically within the King’s royal prerogative, For much of the 1630s, the King gained most of the income he needed from such measures as impositions, exploitation of forest laws, forced loans, wardship and, above all, ship money (CarryTrade would be the modern equivalent) Also the capture of the King’s secret correspondence after Naseby was for Charles a wkileaks moment.

    I love History 🙂

    The culture of failure has spread across the pond, The US has an entrenched culture of failure. . Preservation of power rather than fostering society.

    So they have avoided electing A trotskyite Lesbian militant union member as President. Bucking the trend Ireland. Perhaps maxkeiser should #occupy the North. Personally I would rather have a pot of Gold than a bloated Lesbian.

    However I am starting to wonder about stacyherbert, I she has raised the pink and white flag. Is there any women left who are Heterosexual or at the very least, mostly heterosexual ?

    Well at least you are not as drunk as what I would have thought, or have been after kilkenomics.

    What they did not bleep the Mayor of Biffon-Bridge. ? The Cockney censor should have got that one.

    Can the SLA say FIGMO on TaM ?

    The KR boards are covered in spam so I’ll raise this here too.

    @ maxkeiser & stacyherbert

    Nice flash back to John Cortizine there. You really nailed him way back then 🙂

    I think he was on drugs, his doctor made a mistake. Poor Johnny !!

    He is a victim so we should be looking for the perpetrators. If there is a victim, then there must have been a crime.

    I love these magical accounting errors. One thing that will destroy the plebs faith in fiat will be this. They are getting sick of these magical surpluses.

    If we did haul Blankfeinds arse up to the guillotine he would probably have already hedged against that any ways. So he would make money from his own execution.

    The darkppols would be a good thing to put the spotlight on.

    I would also like to hear more on the concept of financial pornography. The term has been kicking around for a while, and needs to be taken into a formal frame work.

    Perhaps have Hans Smeets on. He just released that book Porn for Bankers. …….”the Netherlands Financial Authorities Learn from the porn-industry how our banks can change. This book by banking-insider Hans Eysink Smeets explains how our bankers can use the Information Retail Revolution to double their consumer focus at half the cost.”

    I’d say the number on porn artist is the now deceased Steve Jobs / Apple. He even out porned Coke.


    The American S.E.C. securities exchange commission is another example. So are the ratings agencies. Pure porn, The S&P porn index.

  9. Frans says:

    Hmmmm… I’ll bet there will be never, ever a M&S show where the word Leprechaun is usede more frequently….

  10. tsuki says:

    Have you seen this. Occupy Chicago – Mic Check


  11. OlympiaLogger says:



    I’m happy to see there’s someone at ‘Anonymous’ that understands they’re not playing a God damned computer game!

    (Whoever you are, thank you for waking up in time!)

  12. snoop diddy says:

    terrific guest,very interesting.

  13. eketahuna says:

    @ronron — @eketahuna. why not open several windows? yap off every thread. can you not do this in Kansas?

    Never been near Kansas. El Paso yes.

  14. David says:

    The big B.S. Bull is looking at $20 SILVER now. SILVER $20 Says SGTbull07

  15. F. Beard says:

    where’s the fucking mail update? ronron

    How long do you think it takes a sled team to cross the Atlantic, anyhoo?

  16. swell says:

    Good to see that M&S have booked Jim Rickards and that Lauren Lyster, has, as well.

  17. Max De Niro says:

    Who the F is this Madge Weinstein? What a f’ing cock he is. He should keep his pointless and boring mouth shut. Nob end.

  18. Bruce says:

    bring me videeeooooooo

  19. Youri Carma says:


    Shut Up! Watch out your window for a view. 😉

    TAM Audio is GOoooood!

  20. Al Kyder says:

    @ Bruce

    No video 🙁 . I suspect they got run out of that park by the gestapo.

    Madge is probably on the suspect list as a human bomb. The destructive power of methane is well known.

  21. Lord Wellington says:

    Constantin Gurdgiev –

    He may be Russian but Ireland is much the better for having him here.

    One of the few sane and knowledgeable voices on economics in Ireland.



  22. Lord Wellington says:

    Madge who?

  23. Youri Carma says:

    Good Stuff!

    Only who is this light Max is talking to?

  24. MirrorMirror says:



    10 minutes

    Tectonic Weaponry : How to make an Earthquake


    & Chemtrails used as a catalyst .


  25. Wolferl says:

    @ Lord Wellington

    Sorry, i don´t share your enthusiasm about Gurdgiev. He´s just repeating the short-sighted stuff you find in every (anglo-american) tabloid. And he agrees with 100% Max´s “it´s all the fault of the catholic church”-theory. As a Russian he´ought to realisze that Greece is not a catholic state at all. Guess he´s the proper guy for the Irish late night talk shows but not for more.

  26. MirrorMirror says:


    3,6 Kg Goldbarren aus dem Fort Nix


    Gotta love the DESCRIPTION … cheeky !

  27. MirrorMirror says:


    Nigel Farage

    In da Crisis: Greek hip hop of sold-out generation



  28. Lord Wellington says:

    @ Wolferl

    I have heard him on more occasions than this, perhaps you have also.

    His references to Catholic history were I think an attempt identify the psyche of the Latin countries and Ireland.

    As an Irish person I can tell you that while on the face of it the Roman Catholic Church has lost considerable moral authority the culture of deference and dependency exists as a legacy.

    Having lived in England and Scotland I became convinced that Protestant (I use the term loosely) culture is much more self reliant.

    I am sure he is aware that the Greek are Orthodox.

    He is far more than fodder for Irish late night talk shows and has been correct on the debacle that is Ireland’s handling of its banking crisis and Europe’s attempts at managing the sovereign debt crisis.

    I will try to find some links and perhaps change your opinion.

  29. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl … ” in every (anglo-american) tabloid. ”

    LOL … as if the “pagan” tabloids are any better .

    @Lord Wellington .. which part of Ireland ?

    Lovely country , or used to be in the 60s/70s.

    BTW :

    The Greek city state Sparta was a ferocious war machine. Citizens were raised as brutal warriors since from childhood. This fascist culture of the Spartans would inspire the neo-pagan ideologues of the 19th and 20th centuries.


  30. Rorschach's journal says:

    Started off well, then descended into bullshit with some deviant. Kinna like a metaphor for the Occupy movment.

  31. Lord Wellington says:

    @ MirrorMirror

    Meath. Near Newgrange.


    Ireland has changed since the 60’s/70’s.

    For the best by and large.

    But the house building boom was a curse.

  32. Wolferl says:

    @ Lord Wellington

    Nope, i didn´t know the guy. Ijust listened to him and had a short peek to his webside and wikipedia.

    It´s good if, you have a look at the cultural background of problems. But this catholic/protestant cleavage explantion is really much too simple for a scientist. The Skandinavian states, a pure protestant culture with the largest welfare sectors in Europe don´t have that much of a problem. In Italy the north is doing quite well, compared to central and southern Italy, but they are all catholic and Italian. And in protestant England the national debt is growing by 10 % or more each year now, much more than in catholic or latin countries.

    @ Mirror

    That´s why i put “anglo-american” in brackets. Tabloits produce BS whereever they are. But anglo-american tabloits produce a special anglo-american BS. And i have the impression this guy is just repeating this special BS.

  33. Al Kyder says:

    @ Wolferl

    “But anglo-american tabloits produce a special anglo-american BS.”

    Agreed. and they too are simplistic.

    The catholic protestant thing has some relevance. The colonies including the United States were built on this division.

    The Catholic church is still a major player throughout the world, and should not be underestimated. They should neither be overestimated.

    Check this link Wolferl just for starters


  34. frances snoot says:

    May the Best Wren Win~!

    Keep Silence

    Sawdust strewn to muffle
    As a scarf mutes sound
    Issues forth a sigh
    Breathed heavily~

    Let is pass
    Held tightly, infantile grasp
    Herald of dawn
    Lithe step-song of morning
    Life to reliquish
    Time’s softening impulse

    Passing now
    Contain the gaze
    Of a marble countenance
    Cold and light at once
    Upon the earth

    Shadow of the moon
    Harbinger of life’s loss
    Darkness and light
    Held by heaven and hell
    As time holds
    The soft rain-dew
    Upon the grass.

  35. Flopot says:

    Here is what the IMF et al did to Ireland…


    And are still doing to Ireland.

    A right kicking up the arse!

  36. Wolferl says:

    @ Al Kyder

    I still stick to old Charles Beards theory that the US came into existence for economic reasons. But, of course, there has been some religous reasons, too, when the colonies came into existence. Religion is allways a bearer of culture, in this sense religion allways matters.

    Btw, i just don´t get it what your link has do do with this (Blackfriars). Interesting though.

  37. arty says:

    first guy was great – would have been good to hear more – 2nd half something of a waste of time

  38. frances snoot says:

    The Catholic church is there for a reason. Because, really, where would women go when men are total dickheads?

  39. arty says:

    anti austerity anthem:
    dem haffi run, dem haffi run, dem haffi run when revolution a come…

  40. Sir Halibut says:

    it all went downhill after the first 18 minutes!

  41. SilverCondom says:

    Sir Halibut:”it all went downhill after the first 18 minutes!”

    Yeah, strangely enough it happened after the meal break.

    I had a good laugh though. 😀

  42. Al Kyder says:

    @ Wolferl

    “Btw, i just don´t get it what your link has do do with this (Blackfriars). Interesting though.”

    Just a primer, The Catholic Church has deep roots in the financial system.

    The US did come into existence for economic reasons. The Crown needed a more efficient way of extracting “duties” from the colonies.

    With the French defeated they had no need of another administrative area, especially one so large as the US. India was the prize of the day, and China was the main trading partner. Things are returning to normal in that respect.

    The reality is that the US revolution was only half done. It ebbs and flows like the tide, but still after 200+ years still has not ended.

    So as the Chinese ambassador said regarding wether or not the French revolution was a good thing “Its too early to tell”

  43. frances snoot says:


    Shells for sale!
    Who will buy
    My very pretty

    Lost remnants
    Of a seasong
    Blithe and merry
    On the wind’s

    Spiral staircase
    Lighted by star’s
    Gaze in minute

    Rimmed vessel~
    Blue cockles
    White on blue
    The sand’s tireless

    Tide to erase
    The trace voicing
    Gull’s cry
    Laughing, mocking


  44. frances snoot says:

    Who will help humans? The model of capitalism is the culprit for this errant world chaos and most here adhere to the faith of lucre.

  45. EDWIND says:

    Welcome back! love this show! STFU BBC!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. frances snoot says:


    No one home.

    But you said…how can you answer if you’re not there.


    Listen. About that road. We need Wallstreet like we need syphilis.

    It’s only four lanes.

    Its’ ash-felt for the “critters”.

    No. It ain’t. Them critters need to larn who is boss. And it be us’n folks with the paving crew.

    Its’ ass’fault like that ur-anus operation where you are burning plastics.

    Y’all ain’t frum round hair, so you’un’s can shut yur yap. Who the hell air ya?

    Well. I be the voice of the moment. And that squinting leprechaun it’s going to spit.

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