[KR211] Keiser Report – Simple Thieves & Honest Graft

We discuss simple thieves and honest graft. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock about the European debt crisis and the MF Global missing funds crisis.

120 comments on “[KR211] Keiser Report – Simple Thieves & Honest Graft
  1. swell says:

    Which is why I didn’t want to go down that road responding to Bonn and defending minority rights that many dispute should exist.

  2. Al Kyder says:

    @ Swell

    Bottom line. It’s sequestered here. We can abandon the dollar and issue new dollar certificates backed by gold. That amounts to a jubilee.

    First, America is not part of the Commonwealth so no Jubee’s for them.

    Second I highly doubt anyone in Asia will accept the “White Barbarians” new flying money. That might be a problem, especially now energy and logistics are tied up nicely.

  3. swell says:

    We are looking at global economic collapse. There are Plan Bs that are less ominous, but the stuff we discuss here gets quite heady, anyway. Few here have thin skins. A troll is someone engaged in wreaking wanton havoc with no regards to the consequences and usually without a significant purpose other than to disrupt.

  4. swell says:

    Rickards lays it out quite well.

  5. Al Kyder says:

    “We are looking at global economic collapse. There are Plan Bs that are less ominous, ”

    No we are looking at the end of the US$ as a sovereign currency.

    As for Jubilee, that is a legal term used by the Commonwealth. It will not apply to the USA, who will have statutes buried deep in laws from inception guaranteeing Britannia’s property.

    The USA has been warned about this day for over fifteen years that I can easily show.

    The day will come, we are going to have a NWO and I hope that people like you and me get to shape it.

  6. swell says:

    Why are you arguing with me? Jubilee is a Biblical term. There are other monetary bases besides gold. I am not about to see the rest of the world left out in the cold. I love mankind.

  7. swell says:

    When satellite TV came out, I remember a general complaining that viewing TV from other countries humanized those people and made it much more difficult to then demonize and dehumanize them in order to get soldiers to kill.

    We must protect the Internet from sabotage by politicians under whatever their pretext, such as any of those that they have as of recently been advancing.

  8. F. Beard says:

    Your entire premise is entirely addressed and put away, btw, in the movie Camp Hell (2010): swell

    What premise is that? That Jesus is God?

  9. swell says:

    @F. Beard:

    The exploitation of guilt.

  10. F. Beard says:


    Oh that. I gave up the Catholic guilt thingy years ago.

  11. Al Kyder says:

    @ Swell
    I am not arguing, Just assessing this info that was given. Interesting in the terms of the current climate.

    Pound under threat America to trash the paper dolla,

    Its all unravelling now, we have got to be ready and unified

  12. swell says:

    @Al Kyder:

    Are you able to get any RT at all?

  13. swell says:

    OK, the key word that has been set to trip the captcha on me appears to be “RT”.

  14. Harry says:

    I still wonder why, in the USA – the land with legal ownership of firearms -, no bankster has been shot to death yet in this crisis…

  15. Al Kyder says:

    @ Swell Where are you now ? From this end I can see one that terminates in Cali and another near Chicago. error 504 and 502 (nginx) I think it is called deep packet peering. They are getting good at it. Still HTTP time outs though.

    It looks like a problem with Java script and goolag analeptics

    Doesnt like the Beautiful Russian nginx 🙁

  16. MirrorMirror says:


    Always interesting :

    Climate Change Update (18 November 2011) Shooting Stars After Midnight (Leonid)


    @Al Kyder …”It looks like a problem with Java script and goolag analeptics”

    Tell me more please !

  17. SilverPorno says:


    That thief couldn’t possibly have been Jamie Dimon. The article goes on to say “The thief then left without stealing anything…”

    Even if she didn’t have anything worth stealing, Jamie would have stolen something, like the clothes she’s wearing, and would have left her with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    So, ’twasn’t him.

    Just call me sherlock from now on….

  18. Ditto says:

    “Bankruptcy, huge clawbacks on public union benefits, scrapping of all prevailing wages laws, and the end of all collective bargaining of public unions are the solutions.”

    Mike “Mish” Shedlock

  19. Al Kyder says:

    @ MirrorMirror

    Its a kind of gateway error regarding proxy’s and fake proxy’s

    I can only speculate from this end. Someone from the actual host will have to work it out.

    I am guessing that nginx has security protocols regarding miniUI’s that goog does not like.

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