Greek scum opens pie hole

9 comments on “Greek scum opens pie hole
  1. jischinger says:

    got a feeling Europe is going to experience a number of assassinations

  2. Dementia 5 says:

    This guy is the face of fascism à la Greek.

  3. tsuki says:

    They shouldn’t allow salivating dogs on TV. It is disgusting.

    *bell rings* privatization *foam*

    Wonder what his cut will be?

  4. MEJ says:

    There is at least one true thing he said: that the Greece people do not feel represented by the government. I’m not sure about his recommendation to “adjust” the economy quickly and radically. We all know how well that worked in Russia in the 1990s (not). The Russian gov’t is still blamed for its claw-back of natural resources in response to the wholesale theft. It is not enough for Greece that it was ripped off by Goldman Sachs, now all the rest of their resources are up for grabs?

  5. Spud says:

    Maybe the greedy IMF wolf will meet it’s match in the people of Greece , just like in this vid enjoy.

  6. gold bullet says:

    The people of Greece should overthrow this Brussels-appointed, GoldmanSachs-HolyTroika(EU, ECB, IMF) puppet gov, say NO to austerity measures, introduce a Gold-backed Drachma, and arrest the banksters and politicians responsible for this mess!!!

    People of Greece, I hope you manage to pull through this with as less pain as possible!

    You have my support and the support of the people of Serbia in your fight against banksters and eurocratic scumbags!

  7. Maria says:

    I saw the whole thing but I missed this– What was so offensive about what he said? True, he didn’t explain, for example, why Greek farmers were being paid not to produce (I believe this had to do with not competing with other farmers in the euro zone). He made it sound like they just didn’t produce because they didn’t feel like it. But I have heard far, far, far worse from Greek politicians. Maybe I just don’t expect a lot from them. At least he seemed to consider the possibility of exiting the euro zone. Other Greek politicians talk about there being tanks in the streets and end of the world scenarios if they go back to the drachma.

  8. Maria says:

    Thanks, @ gold bullet, from a Greek-American. Your advice is sound. I hope the Greek people follow it. I read that many Serbs came to Greece this past summer to help support the economy. I know the Greek people are grateful.

  9. gold bullet says:


    Many Serbs go to Greece every summer because we view Greece and the Greek people as a friendly country and people. I myself wanted to go to Greece to give support to the protesters in Athens, but unfortunately, couldn’t make it happen. I hope to travel to Greece in the near future.

    I do hope that the Greek people can get out of this situation with as less consequences as possible.

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