$90 billion giant Unilever (owner of Ben & Jerry’s) is first corporate titan to co-opt #occupywallstreet to sell lots of consumer shit?

117 comments on “$90 billion giant Unilever (owner of Ben & Jerry’s) is first corporate titan to co-opt #occupywallstreet to sell lots of consumer shit?
  1. realaverageamerican says:

    “One wonders if and when people would stop repeating the speech if it took a crazy turn and the main speaker started making comments supportive of the banks.” LOL!! Good one! That would almost be twilight zone material.

    At least this group is drawing lots of attention to wallstreet, the fed, banks, politicians. Its a diverse group. But, the central column hasn’t even started to assemble yet. When they do it will be swift and won’t be made up of these same OWS’ers. Its too early yet, things have to get worse first.

    There is a great danger of being co-opted by the likes of the CIA, as has been occurring since before the OWS even assembled in newyork.

    I have said for years that the reason we are having to go thru all this shit is because the french revolution was not thorough enough. Hopefully after this time our greatgrandkids won’t have to repeat all this.

  2. indeed says:

    I just watched Michael Hudson on Real News. He’s the man – I would vote for him for President. I will qualify that, though, if he has his head up his butt about health insurance mandate – please repeal these horrendous MANDATED drugs, tests, procedures, “disability” labels, etc!!
    In fact, I’ve said it before, and it’s worth saying it again. We should label Obama and Ron Paul “disabled”, brutalize them with MANDATED drugs, tests, procedures, steal ALL of their property, deny them any opportunity to get any money, snark and laugh at them for being “disabled” and then deny them food without redress! Rude awakening for them both – and this is what people with a tiny bit of power have turn this country into.
    I used to think we had something in this country to fight for, but with the corporatization, the land grab, the abuse of power, the denialism of peak oil, the glazed over eyes of the people I used to like – well, I just can’t find my patriotic feelings anymore. Bring down JPM – wake these zombies up!! Michael Hudson, Max Keiser and occupyWall Street can’t do it all by themselves. Of course, there will be slap downs – the more reason to fight! Keep those youTubes on the internet, keep on encouraging each other.

  3. Robert Mockan says:

    If any body is interested, web site http://www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com/ has been suspended. This is the web site that Rossi set up for scientific papers to be published on line about the cold fusion based nuclear reactor that he is attempting to market.
    Nothing unexpected about this. People following his work have been wondering when he would be stopped. The insane oligarchs are still in control.

  4. snoop diddy says:

    Ron Paul on FOX Business News 10/10/11

  5. Keehotee says:

    @ Robert Mockan Thanks for the update. The cat’s back in the bag, it would appear.

  6. snoop diddy says:

    Ron Paul Comments On Wall Street Protest On The Dylan Ratigan Show

  7. Tamir says:

    @Robert Mockan,

    “cold fusion” => fraud. I’m not a professional physicist but the arguments raised on its behalf are idiotic at best. No wonder then that just about 99.99% of the scientific community stays away from it…

  8. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Robert Mockan, Rossi is harder to stop than that. He’s been in alternative energy a long time and even done jail time in Italy on trumped up charges. He’s got at least ten E-cats that have been up and running for over a year in dispersed locations, some in the US. I don’t know how the Greek factory is doing but if they do a full production run then it will get harder to stop.

    @Tamir, Rossi’s E-cats are not cold fusion. It’s a new form of fusion using a form of Zinc as a fuel fusing in a pressurised hydrogen environment. You could call it low temperature
    fusion. He set up a whole series of demos in Italy in the early summer. It was flooded by every establishment science type hoping to debunk it and loudly do this is the MSM. They left with troubled faces, the MSM fell silent and the US patent department declined a patent on the blanket claim that it doesn’t work and it’s cold fusion. (They know full well that it’s not cold fusion and it does work as they sent their people to the demo).

    Of course the oligarchs will attack anyone who threatens their cartel control. Everyone who has developed effective alternative energy have been murdered or on in hiding somewhere. The problem is, it’s getting much harder for them to do this and get away with it. The Japanese have amazing water fuel cells for cars engine. They can run a car for 1,000 KM on four litres of water. Lots of governments around the world have samples and know all about it. They are waiting for economic collapse of the Dollar system to fatally weaken the US/NATO terrorist organisation.

    If you want to why they are all sitting on this just take a look at the Destruction & looting of Libya. They are even stealing thousands of luxury secondhand cars and shipping them to Europe for sale. The countries that have the fuel cell samples are mostly developing and BRIC type countries.

  9. Keehotee says:

    @Tamir – You may not be a professional physicist, but you sure think like one. Yes, that is a dis.

  10. Angelo says:

    I know that it is generally excepted that dissemination of the information here is the whole point. I just feel the need to thank everyone for the great pleasure of our acquaintance and for the very good links often posted here. I have been pillaging my favorites for my/our local blog to the cause and there is now a great deal on the site to thank you all for. I do point out source but I don’t necessarily mention the outstanding Youri Carama and company. Thanks Max, Stacy and everyone!

    Bloody hell, the 15th of October is approaching fast.

  11. Keehotee says:

    marijuana time lapse – 40 days in 33 seconds


  12. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Keehotee, Danny Cunnington

    Rossi’s web site is back online this morning! Possibly he can still pull his marketing plans off, but if the megawatt power plant he has built with his own money goes to full power, and it is still not widely publicized, then we will know he has been stopped.

  13. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Tamir

    I’ve not only researched the subject completely, have attended conventions and spoken with a few of the scientists involved in the subject dating back to 1989, have examined another operating catalyzed nuclear reactor (the Patterson Power Cell) personally, but confirmed these alternate nuclear processes are real using the element tin in a “cold fusion” cell I also built myself and tested with calorimetry. This subject is NOT rocket science. Even young kids in schools have built these devices for science fair projects!

    Saying the Rossi device is a fraud, is like saying the earth is flat while a space shuttle is taking off to the International Space Station.

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