Warren: “The people on Wall Street broke this country.”

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  1. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Where we are going

    Check out both videos



  2. Bev says:

    And, One lousy Private Debt Based Monetary System at a time….whose time is up….the NEED Act….Dennis Kucinich!

    The Exit Strategy

    by Peter on June 1st, 2009

    Joe talks about the need to transition the money system from its present debt-based form to an equity-based system of government-issue, debt-free money -a move that has enormous potential to create true economic democracy. The concept of the Money System Common emerges from our cooperative ownership of this nation’s money system, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

    » A Solution to the Financial Crisis: Debt-Free Money
    « Part 4: Debt-Free Money

  3. foober says:

    warren is exactly right. The wall streeters. Namely the goldman sachs gang set up and stole or looted the usa and the world. The cia helped.

    The whole down fall of the usa was set up.

  4. F. Beard says:

    Wrong Elizabeth. You assume that there is some such thing as a “good mortgage”. There isn’t under our current money system which is essentially a government backed/enforced counterfeiting and usury cartel.

  5. Steve P says:

    She likes to beat the left right (Bush’s fault) paradigm.

    Ask her how she feels about $7.9 million Obama received in contributions from the securities and investment industries in 2008.

    She’s full of shit like most of em’.

  6. OlympiaLogger says:

    …And the FEDERAL RESERVE is Breaking The WORLD !!!

    Not everyone on Wall Street is a Bankster, but everyone at the Fed IS!

    When you move your focus to the FED, then I’ll start supporting your fence sitting Democratic lukewarm flag-waving.

  7. Del. UK says:

    Wall ST is like every other entity anywhere in the world, when the FED / BIG BANKS / CITY of LONDON say jump everyone says HOW HIGH…Any person purporting to have answers or solutions that do not include dealing with the FED and ending FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING are not going to be successful.

    ” when the social contract is broken the people must revolt ”
    John Locke. 1690 A.D.

  8. bammbamm says:

    I’m not a Democrat, but she’s the best they’ve had in a long time. But who can trust the public to elect the right person?

  9. Jayme says:

    Here’s a 2007 lecture she gave at Berkley:

    The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class [58min]

  10. TAV says:

    With the help of government caving in to Wall St lobbyists to deregulate “banking” is what paved the way for those greedy criminal bankers who turned “banking” into a rigged casino operation that couldn’t lose because of its spectacularly corrupt influence with politicians. The politicians are complicit in these crimes since they were not acting in the interests of the citizens, they were enabling these crimes to the crooks on Wall St. The Fed has to go, banks need to be run once again like utility companies, and banking industry lobbying, all lobbying in fact, should be illegal.

  11. BB Rebozo says:

    Chris Hedges, didn’t you know that CBC is Steven Harper’s Politburo?
    Vaccines are GOOD for you don’t ya know.


  12. DavidC says:

    I’d vote for her in a moment.


  13. ronron says:

    @BB. thanks for that. i never watch tv.

  14. John says:

    @OlympiaLogger.Totally agree with you.If the fiat Fed money printing press didn’t exist, the scam artists from Wall Street would of had chance in hell to pull what they did.The jack-off protesters may as well go and defecate on it.It would at least smell more genuine.

  15. BB Rebozo says:

    You bet I got it off ofJESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN site.

  16. markar says:

    Even if she wins, she will be toothless, junior senator, lost in the totally dysfunctional good ol boy network that is the Senate. A bad place for her to have any impact.

  17. foober says:

    just good to hear someone say ” the wall streeters are stealing eveyrones money and making citizens indebted for it.”. God bless anyone that tells the truth.

  18. hawks5999 says:

    Forget the Senate. Warren for President.

  19. BB Rebozo says:



  20. Jayme says:

    @BB Rebozo – great defense by Chris Hedges. Those were vicious and sorry personal attacks by the CBC. It’s good to see this side of the CBC.

  21. BB Rebozo says:


    Yeah. When I saw CBC go down and interview the folks that were protesting about the H1N1 vaccines, that said it all for me.
    I used to really like “As it happens years ago though in Toronto” .

  22. BB Rebozo says:

    That’s “As It Happens” years ago in Toronto. Ha, sheesh, getting lazy.

  23. Van says:

    Okay I’m a Massachusetts voter, I usually(not always) go 3rd party but I’ll make exception for Eliz Warren. Small world moment: Scott Brown wife’s sister (Susan) and I were in the same Elementary school classes lol
    I found an interesting video, Brown’s Wife Takes It Off in Video.. A music video (Boston based band) made in the 1980’s..Gail looks hot…pretty good song too.

  24. Najam says:

    There is need for useful and positive initiative to add to pitchforks , while Not forgetting “Crash JP-Morgan Buy $ilver”. You could seek ideas for – what the OWS should demand, – then I hope the suggestions & ideas reach those who are protesting / active.

    a “Demand” should carry some weight or force, something that intimidates, e.g. the govt’s law is backed by force of arms, the robber carries a gun, etc., otherwise people will not comply and pay, whatever, taxes or interest.

    In folklore the usurer / bankster is considered a vampire, blood-sucker. Like bats they are creatures of darkness =(ignorance) that abhor /avoid day’Light =(True Knowledge, Spiritual). From the Dracula series of movies we find what scares the vampires the most, = the Cross, specially the Light reflected off the shiny cross.

    Suggest to the activists to carry any card-board / wooden / plastic cross that is covered /wrapped with shiny foil, and reflect sunlight to the windows of the tall bank towers. Plastic mirror strips would be much better, designed as cross.
    Once the Light goes thru the bank’$ windows they will hang a sign outside that says “We surrender”, they will accept all your demands. Victory, Jubilee, Liberty.

  25. BB Rebozo says:

    Sorry, couldn’t get through the music.

  26. BB Rebozo says:

    And back to the CBC and their emphasis that Vaccines are good for you, get a shot quick!

  27. foober says:

    whats important is the message that the bankstesrs stole all our money and left us indebted and without jobs. Alot of politicans won’t even say that.

  28. David says:

    A look at the Occupy Wall Street. Max wants to see heads fly. He’ll like this:
    Occupy Wall Street SPECIAL REPORT

  29. Najam says:

    Short-selling’ church leaders accused of failing to practise what they preach

    Jokers or Yokers ??
    the ‘j’ in eastern european languages sounds as ‘y’.
    Surely they are pretenders, as heirs & vicars.