Right-wingers accuse Occupy Wall Street of Nazism

20 comments on “Right-wingers accuse Occupy Wall Street of Nazism
  1. Al Kyder says:


  2. OlympiaLogger says:

    I’m a Constitutionalist, so that actually makes me a CENTRIST… but I suppose I could be described as a Right Wing.
    The only problem I have with OWS is than it’s not OTF… Occupy The FED !!!

  3. PewDead says:

    The guy in the clip is a douche. But so are the people calling ows anti-semetic. Maybe they can start a douche-club, so they can act as douches together… and throw a douche-party… with douche-cake… and douche-music. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  4. PewDead says:

    I meant the young guy obviously.

  5. Vonda Bra says:

    well, … GUPTA ??? … Sanjay GUPTA, the CNN health guru and almost announced
    Obummer- health care minister comes to mind …. ????
    haven´t researched this and currently feel un-capable or willing of doing so ….
    just saying … ? refusing any ridicously, but still coming to mind instantly (!) kind of “clan liability ” …..
    …suppose it is just another “Columbo-inter-synaptic-moment” of mine …
    nothing else ….! 😉

    the “Gupta´s” ? … anyone?

  6. Bev says:


  7. Cheify says:

    Pot… kettle… black?

  8. the underfundedmentalist says:

    they’re shifting from ignore to attack,
    this is a good thing

    giabo in the house!

  9. OWS and elsewhere, may be technically ‘Leaderless’, but I doubt the movement lacks ‘Shepherds’. People who volunteer their time and money to arrange critical infrastucture, like food and shelter, sanitation, information, legal representation etc. do not have to be designated as ‘Leaders’, but that is exactly how the ‘sane’ members of the group will identify them. True leadership is easy to recognise by the selfless quality inherent in voluntary service to the community. Their views will carry far more weight, than say a hot-head shouting their mouth off.

    Serious Military planning for these events began circa 1990. The first critical infrastructure implemented was the World Wide Web, despite almost every hardware and software Professor and Engineer saying it was an absolute impossibility! and defied every Law in the Physics Textbook! Despite that a small team at CERN were tasked to think up a few ideas. The team was specifically chosen from students who were NOT aware of the impossible nature of their assigned task, lest they give up hope too early. The first World Wide Web transmissions were from CERN and then at the 1990 Glastonbury International Arts Festival. (At the BT Pop Fest Kiosk) Even then there was considerable opposition to the project. So here we are today, with a new form of Democracy, empowered by a vast array of communications devices. Let’s make good use of this facility, kindly arranged by the Military…who know their Duty is to SERVE! (That’s why that box of wires and liquorice allsorts is called a “Server”)

  10. Ricin3000 says:

    There once was a douche from Manhattan
    who didn’t think much of his brethen
    It’s never the Joos
    they should be excused
    Although they just trademarked the pattern

  11. Joe says:

    People of OWS, tell the right wingers to fuck off.
    Conservatives, have your own occupy the federal reserve protest somewhere else.

    Everyone remember this. The witch hunts in the 50’s were born out of a need to stop jewish guys from exposing the banks as traitors. During WW2 american soldiers were being killed by bullets paid for by american banks. Jewish guys found the evidence which proved this so many of them were falsely branded as communists to undermine there efforts to bring the banks to justice.

    Ron Paul, Peter Shiff, Gerald Celente, Alex Jones etc. These right wing idiots don’t really want to end the fed. They want a multi-fed system. Competition between unregulated feds.. lots of small unregulated banks small enough to fail. So like when they fail taxpayers bail out even more, or the banks re-consolidate. Or everyone puts their money in safest big bank in the bunch, or invest abroard. Don’t let these fools bamboozle you with their unregulated capitalism solves the problem crap.

    Wake up people, the banking system has evolved to it’s current state and will only get more corrupt. The problem won’t be fixed by more bankers.

    Max has said nationalize the fed a couple of times. It’s the only real solution, but I say go further, nationalize some of the banks too. If the government won’t do it, the american people should invade the banks.

  12. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Alastair Carnegie
    somewhat enjoyed your post, keeping up the spirit! Thanks!!!!
    well, spirit.. hmmm … what/which spirit exactely anyhow ?
    looking around .. just seeing lots of incarnated opportunists, so far …
    the BASIC human spirit of it all, in real need to survive, I suppose …. coming from all different angles …. in need for a focus to unite in manifested awarness!
    WTF! just hope that “this movement” can shake off all the “fake intruders” and keep power and persistence for as long as it takes to provoke the real shift!!!
    hoping and supporting! … acting, taking care of MY realistic part in all this !

    we are fucked! … but can only envision, should and must so, the outcome in our minds …
    with a certain fighting spirit, along with some “cool” temper but still with a backbone!
    that backbone is really needed and crucial! … where to find ?
    just fabulating …

  13. @Joe

    When you start calling people like that names, you are demonstrating that “divide and conquer” is working quite well. We must stop fighting with each other.

  14. someoneionceknew says:


  15. Specky4eyes says:

    I don’t understand this call for nationalising the fed. Isn’t it already nationalised (technically). They collect taxes.

    The tax payer bails out the banks whether they are nationalised or not. Putting them under the authority of corrupt politicians who are in the pay of the banksters is not going to solve anything is it?

  16. trooper dave says:

    @messianicdruid Too true, tptb are scared and using classic “divide and conquer” techniques. The system is pushing all the diversity buttons that it has nailed into your psyche since the day you were born. Always recognize the “conditioned responses that the MSM is trying to trigger in you. The 1% will use these triggers to divide you. Always remember that you are one of the huge99% ,and the tiny 1% are scared of you.

  17. VOM DEM says:


  18. neweveryday says:

    @trooper dave @messianicdruid

    You guys are absolutely right, good point.

    We are all psychologically conditioned and ‘trained’ from birth, whether we grow up enough to realise this is another matter. I, myself, am not yet completely free of such conditioning. I know ‘about it’, but I still catch myself out, or I’m caught out and, only then, realise how mechanical I am.

    Labels make it easy to disregard others and hold them in contempt, disregard their point of view etc…

    Nobody’s perfect, nobody has all the answers. The best we can have going for ourselves is questioning, including self-questioning.

    Individually, we are tiny, 0.000001% or something.

  19. Free Oregon says:

    The risk of anti-Semitism is a real risk, but it arises from years of Democrats playing the “soak the rich” card, while keeping an elastic definition of “rich.” The Democrats started class exploitation exploitation years ago to divide the people and foster their own Democrat agenda. Both parties now play the game, with the media enjoying the fireworks. IF this gets out of control both of the established parties are to blame. It’s talk of class differences that invent class and keep us apart. United, we, the 99%, ARE the real government. We know instinctively how to govern ourselves, and we don’t need politicians or central planners or government to tell us what to do. The time to rid ourselves of parasitic government is long overdue.

  20. joe says:

    All those reading this thread, the young turks have solved the issue here.

    Turns out, this is a genuine conspiracy by the pro banksters..


    Totally must see clip..


    There is some common ground between the Socialists and the Libertarians. You Libertarians have correctly identified that the ruling class (authoritarians / banksters) are screwing us all….. but look in your history books, this is no new world order… it’s the old world order too.

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