Reserve shares in Richard Bluestein’s Kilkenomics Festival documentary

3 comments on “Reserve shares in Richard Bluestein’s Kilkenomics Festival documentary
  1. trooper dave says:

    Kilkenomics sounds quite good. The site site shows bits and pieces from LAST year. When is the site going to be showing whats happening THIS year??? The day before it’s meant to start. This function may have good intentions but why bother organsing something where anyone who might wish to attend is given no clue as to the content of the show???????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  2. snoop diddy says:

    @trooper dave,
    I guess it’s not finalised yet…
    ‘programme details and ticketing coming very soon’ on their front page

  3. trooper dave says:

    Won’t be going as am not going to arrange travel until I know the speakers, venues, cost, etc. If this information is not finalised until 24 hrs before then pointless. Maybe this is a festival purely aimed at a local audience.

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