The ‘Podfather’ Adam Curry has created Is #occupy ready to rumble?

# The Occupy Movement needs to start taking real action.

# Action that underscores the message and the power of the people.
# There is universal agreement among the occupy movements worldwide that corporations run governments. Wall Street is their pimp.
# It is time to strike, and cause a real casualty to the cabal
# This casualty needs to be a worldwide corporation, one who’s product everyone uses, yet anyone can easily live without. A rich and powerful corporation that has great influence over governments worldwide.
# That corporation, is the Coca-Cola Company
# It operates in 200 countries, seling 1.7 billion servings daily. It distributes almost $2 billion in cash to it’s shareholders annually on revenues of $35 billion.
# On average, every single person on the planet consumes 89 servings of a Coca Cola beverage per year.
# If we all stop drinking their product, a product that has no nutritional value, we can take this corproation down. We can show the true power we have.
# To kill Coke, would directly threaten every corporation on the planet, forcing them to fear that they might be the next to be targeted. This will be the start of a return of the power to the people.
# All we have to do is announce and enforce a world wide ban on drinking coca-cola.
# Occupy Coca-Cola, Occupy Coke.

25 comments on “The ‘Podfather’ Adam Curry has created Is #occupy ready to rumble?
  1. indeed says:

    I haven’t drank Coke-a-Cola for many decades – nor have I used their other many products.
    Occupy away!

  2. The Silver Junkie says:

    1 bottle Coke = 1.25 30 days=37.50 take that money, buy 1oz silver, kinda like killing two birds in one shot. Plus less diabetes. Win-win-win situation!

  3. robert says:

    You should try and get Adam on the show.

  4. Paul says:

    You don’t have to occupy Coke…you just have to stop buying it. The 1% wouldn’t be the 1% if it wasn’t for the 99% supporting their interests. Coke and ALL other corporations that run their businesses in seemingly ‘evil’ or corrupt ways with no regard to social or ecological damage do so because we support them by purchasing their products.

    Corporations aren’t corrupt because the people that run them are ‘evil’, they’re corrupt because of the built-in or structural elements involved. Coke and ALL other large, destructive corporations are symptoms of the real problems in our society. People need to start looking for the ROOT causes of our problems instead of blaming banks and corporations.

    Lecture at Occupy Wall St concerning ‘root causes’::

    The information supporting this topic, as well as many other topics of importance, can be found at The crisis we’re in isn’t a debt crisis, it’s a crisis of consciousness, a crisis of awareness.

  5. OlympiaLogger says:



  6. Marc Authier says:

    Unfortunately there is problem with Coke. Industrial sugar, specially corn sugar, is a highly addictive drug. In a recent study on rats, scientist have evaluated that the sugar in question used by Coca Cola and most USA crap food industrialists, is 10 TIMES ! yes 10 TIMES ! more addictive than cocaine !!!!!!!!!!

    And then there is caffeine which is almost as addictive than cocaine in the same drink.
    In reality soft drink makers are drug pushers.

  7. Peter says:

    There are too many brainwashed idiots in the world that would keep buying their crap.

  8. SilverCondom says:

    The last time I drank a coke might be 2001? I don’t remember exactly, may be 2000? It’s been a while now anyway. I stopped because of too much sugar or rather corn syrup and stupid bubbles. I switched to organic natural juices with no sugar added.

    I have a much better health since then.

  9. Kevin says:

    What are you talking about? The ROOT of the problems are the BANKS, about a half dozen or so actually. Coca-Cola does not set monetary policy or lever up the taxpayer balance sheet, so what the hell do they have to do with any of this? Maybe they are a root cause for your personal dissent, but definitely not the global financial debt.

  10. Theabyss says:

    Like Kevin said the cause of the disease is the banks. Do you want to do something that would actually cause true pain to the banksters raping our world of its resources? Withdraw all of the money out of your bank account and put it into a credit union and encourage others to do the same. If you can put your money into PM’s even better.

    Ultimately the only thing that will give the people the power is what Max has talked about earlier. The only way to take down the banks is through mass default. If you have a credit card bill REFUSE TO PAY. If you have student loan debt DO NOT PAY. If you have an underwater mortgage on your home DO NOT PAY (However save the money that you would normally pay to the banks). It takes the banks an average of one year to repossess your home so you can delay longer than you think.

    Some people may think that its immoral or unethical to do this but its no more immoral than what the banks have been doing to ordinary people for over 40 years now. Just start a petition online where people agree to default on the debts their comfortable with and send it to everyone you know. Every 10,000 people who sign on triggers the next wave of defaults. If the people did this we would see results very quickly.

    Its us or them. Whats more important, your credit or your children’s future? Its the only way for the people to take back the power.

  11. Ricin3000 says:

    Quite easy this is.

    One of the things I get revenue from is selling soda drinks.
    And the coke branched soda’s are usually the most wanted.

    You know, that Adam Curry guy, he’s go a lot more to plunder
    than I have!

    OK, rewind. The fact above about my revenue is true. The fact about
    Curry as well. But I’d like to tell you about something I happen to know.

    There’s this site which means wistle blower.

    Now I don’t nescecarrily believe all they’re carrying but one thing I
    remember was this Adam Curry guy bringing a news item on the
    radio channel where he worked or perhaps which he owed also
    I’m not sure — involving child rapist’ cells within the Dutch Ministery
    of Justice. He got sacked. That at least should bring some creds.

    Adam Curry BTW was a DJ long ago on Veronica radio and he had a
    pop hit parade show called ‘CountDown”

  12. Daniel S says:

    Their mind-f#$%ing advertisements about delivering happiness should be reason enough.

    I think for a movement that doesn’t strictly require organization, but personal sacrifice and dedication to said sacrifice, a means of recognizing participants would be helpful. This would be a problem with Silver owners because people don’t want to be a target for theft. But in the case of boycotting Coca-Cola, being able to proudly and loudly tell people you’re doing it would help, imo. Its important to tie it into one’s identity, and what we tell others about ourselves is an important part of how we relate to who we are and helps people commit (make true decisions).

    A major problem I see with this though, is that the clued-in and disciplined don’t drink cola. So how do I damage something via a boycott if I already boycott it? I don’t drink minute maid, five alive, Dasani, or anything else from Buffet’s lemonade stand. You’re asking the idiotic, passive portion of society.

  13. jaap says:

    yes, get adam and john on the show. No Agenda, best podcast in the world. Most trusted news feed….

  14. Ubergrinch says:

    (That’s my favorite No Agenda catch phrase.)


  15. Ubergrinch says:

    List of Coca-Cola brands. (about 3500 beverages)

  16. jaap says:

    In the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Paul says:

    I think we’re in agreement in spirit. Just to clearify, I’m not saying Coke is the root cause of anything, I don’t know how you got that from what I typed.

    I agree banks are a problem and need to be fixed (I think everyone does these days). My point was that there’s an underlying social conditioning that creates the environment for large corporations like Coke (and the banks) to remain in control. Continuing along that train of thought, if you close down the banks (and/or Coke) it doesn’t fix the structural elements that allowed the banks (or Coke) to position themselves in powerful places. What stops another company or bank to take over that void? Again, my point is this: if you shut down Coke (which seems to be the main topic for this post) there will just be another company that will come in and fill it’s spot. Same with banks or anything else. Am I explaining this well enough?

    Watch the video I posted…as layed out by Peter Joseph, these are the real root issues as I see it.

  18. Kevin says:

    I agree, we are in a crisis of conciousness. To say there is no debt crisis is absurd, it’s here and it’s real. I do totally agree that nothing will change until the mindset of the masses change. I have’nt watched television in years and grow some of my own food. I try to stay away from anything tied to a corporation, we need to get back to smaller local commerce. Unfortunately I think the only way the masses will be ‘woken up’ is if something very major happens at once that forces it to happen. I agree with your general thesis, I just think that right now the road to serfdom has to be destroyed and that starts with banks.

  19. Kevin says:

    Also, what keeps another corporation or bank from just filling the void is the realisation that the people will not do business with them under their current business models. I would love to see aworld where the people shunned all the crap food and products by big corporations but most people just don’t care. Now mess with the peoples money and you get instant awareness and reaction. To sum up, sadly the masses care about money much more than their health and spiritual well being. That will all change in due time.

  20. Paul says:

    I agree with your points

  21. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the discussion Paul. By the way, I recently discovered another Max, Max Igan.

  22. Coca Cola and Nestle are the two biggest WATER bottlers in the world. Be careful not to substitute Coke water for Coke coke when your abstaining. They suck the water out of rivers, bottle it, and sell it. Taken to court, as far as I know, mysteriously, they always win, even though they often leave devastation downstream.


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