Max & Stacy Spotted On A Placard at #occupyamsterdam


22 comments on “Max & Stacy Spotted On A Placard at #occupyamsterdam
  1. Wahrheit says:

    Hold on a second, where are all the Dutch chain smokers in the background? I deduce this must be a photo of Los Angeles.

  2. OlympiaLogger says:

    But why just one… he should have been passing out millions of copies… THOUSANDS even!

    (“www.” is so ’90’s)

  3. JayD says:

    I am listening to The Truth About Markets London on Resonance 104.4

    Max and Stacy plugged a new product that I wanted to buy. It is called Neutrino Away creme. It is a miracle cure.

    But I went up to the website they mentioned in order to buy that creme before prices rise next month. So I entered and found no such web address.
    Stacy, please rush me a free sample of Neutrino Away. I was thinking of using it in my 2012 Presidential candidates.

  4. microhousehold says:

    One can clearly see Beursplein 5 in the background.
    Never knew there was a Beursplein 5 in Los Angeles .
    Wouldn’t surprise me to find one in Las Vegas but not Los Angeles.
    (Unless the whole photo is fake, which I doubt)

  5. neweveryday says:


    It arrived last week, you used it up already, didn’t you notice?

  6. davem says:

    Max & Stacy – I know you’re both really busy but I think you would both make a big difference – and make a big impact – if you could come along to speak at some of these Occupations. For example at the OccupyLSX we need you! You are both so knowledgeable, articulate and passionate about this subject. I feel you should get involved. I know Max has his doubts, that these events have no leaders, no agreements on demands, but even so. That’s my personal opinion anyway.

  7. Angelo says:

    This may be of interest, click my name for my blog and Julian Assange speech at London Stock Exchange today. “He is a very naughty boy!”

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    @ECB protests

    8,000 in Munich
    10,000 in Frankfurt
    1,000 in Berlin
    also in Cologne

    In FF, a demo was “registered” ( with the authorities ) for 200 people … but 10,0000 came !!

  9. MirrorMirror says:

    BTW … the “Crisis” is NOT about bankers , it’s about “The System” !

    The System = Politicians + Banksters + TheMoneyMasters ( CBs + BIS / IMF / WB etc. )

  10. SilverCondom says:

    Wahrheit: “where are all the Dutch chain smokers in the background?”

    You have more drug addicts in Los Angeles than in Holland. Check the stats! The USA is number ONE in the world for drugs consumption.

  11. Youri Carma says:

    Holy Shit Time to Hang ALL Bankers

    US economy & Occupy Wall Street-On the Edge with Max Keiser-10-14-2011

  12. Youri Carma says:

    Libya Oct 15 afternoon update

  13. Flopot says:

    I turned up late to the Belfast “occupytogether” thing and the weather was miserable. Luckily I had grabbed an old umbrella that had lain dormant in the boot of my brother’s car for years. Imagine how self-conscious I was when I realised the f**king thing (the umbrella) had “Lambert and Butler” written all over it. Anyway, a few protesters started moving away from the sweating, flustered dude with the stupid umbrella.

    I talked to one of the remaining protesters and he said that originally 70 had turned up. They dandered round to the NYSE technology building then walked back to the starting point. Well there you go. Lesson is always check for corporate advertising if you are going to an anti-corporatist meeting. Jeebus feck.


    Flopot: “Where the f**k did you get that f**king stupid umbrella?”

    Flopot’s Brother: “Oh that thing. I picked it up years ago. Can’t remember were but it was discarded or left behind by someone at some event”

    Flopot: …

  14. Nigel Watson says:

    Max and Stacey, you’re welcome anytime round my time for some corned beef hash.Stacey – you ever tried Lapin Kulta avec Kosu chasers?

  15. nini says:

    This was taken on –Beursplein 5— look at the building behind him the adress is above the entrance litteraly written in GOLD…
    No fake, no different lication.

  16. jimmy chen says:



  17. snoop diddy says:

    from twitter – funny – Roseanne wants to write a placard:
    ‘Let me eat cake’

  18. cowardlylion says:

    When in Belfast bring a few extra doses of “sense of humor”. Check.

  19. Dutch girl says:

    Dutch people don’t seem to know jet what it’s all about, the depth (debt) of everything, but they feel the twitch allright. Love this guy and his peaceful appearance!

  20. HookedOnKoolaid says:

    I was Occupying The Hague, next time I’ll bring A Max and Stacy sign. Or better, Max & Stacy stickers. Educating the masses has never been this Easy.
    Thank you both!!!

  21. Jack Pagan says:

    Max and Stacy,

    Here we are! You are a big part of the awakening. Are you ready to lead?

  22. Next project is to sew half a dozen bedsheets together and hang a Max & Stacy banner in a prominent location!

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