[KR203] Keiser Report – Bring down Bernanke Gaddafi style

We discuss Occupy London art that may be from Banksy… or Keiser Report? They also look at the skyrocketing cost of new oil supply as Tony Blair sets up office in Kazakhstan. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Gail Tverberg of Our Finite World about the 65 year debt bubble now bursting as resources and credit hit their limit.

204 comments on “[KR203] Keiser Report – Bring down Bernanke Gaddafi style
  1. snoop diddy says:

    What was MFGlobal? Mark Grant Calls Recapitalization of European Banks a `Scam’

  2. Mini US says:

    Some days we skip from ‘risk on’ to ‘risk off’.

    Other days we lurch from inflation to deflation, tripping on stagflation as we go.


  3. Mini US says:

    Australia’s GDP rose sharply today, Melbourne Cup Day, on alcohol sales and betting frenzy on a horse race.

    IMF Puzzled why central bank interest rates were cut when an alcohol and gambling frenzy caused such a spike in GDP.

  4. snoop diddy says:

    very good vid that last one, I highly recommend it, a bit on Greece too at the end.

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