Keiser Report Turns 200!! And We’re Occupying the World with GIABO, Art & Max’s Bowtie!

183 comments on “Keiser Report Turns 200!! And We’re Occupying the World with GIABO, Art & Max’s Bowtie!
  1. Frunobulax says:

    Great show Max & Stacey. Congrats on 200th episode. In regards the Occupy Sydney patriots being evicted by the police. Truly disgraceful, but of course the morons of Australia don’t mind having their savings stolen and are generally in favour of the eviction. Hard to imagine but true. At times like this one must remember the 80/80 rule, 80% of the people have an IQ of 80. The vast majority of the media being owned by one company (News Corp.) also helps.

  2. Drones2TargetBanksters says:

    Those 200 magnifico awakening and engaging episodes seem to have really flown by.

    Importantly Max and Stacy’s presentations will hopefully continue to make unstoppable waves to decisively help cleanse away the corruption which is endemic in the current fraudulent financial system .

    So here’s very much looking forward to future Kaiser Report episodes to sustain the pressure on the current corrupted unsustainable fraudulent system until post-haste the nature of the current beast is changed to one that returns to an accountable and a more sustainable wholesome system.

  3. kitty says:

    Well done.

  4. Bonn says:

    The Pyramid Code – Dr Carmen Boulter Part 1
    Dr Carmen Boulter is a Professor at the University of Calgary in the Graduate Division of Educational Research. Carmen has been to 51 different countries in search of clues to lost matriarchal cultures. Her quest has brought her to Egypt 23 times where she has done extensive research deciphering symbols of the sacred feminine. She is the author of Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness. She has recently completed a groundbreaking documentary series called The Pyramid Code that gives insight into Egypt in a Golden Age in the distant past. Infinite Waters welcomes Carmen Boulter to explore the Pyramid Code!!!!
    Coast To Coast AM – 27.7.2011 – 2/4 – Egypt & Pyramid Mysteries

  5. zurn says:

    Democracy In Action
    Bankers, hedge funds, large multinatioal corporations and corrupt politicians continue to loot world economies unabated. Australian democracy looks like US democracy. As Bush said: “the terrorists hate our freedoms”.

  6. Youri Carma says:

    Bundesbank president Weidmann says repeatedly expanding EFSF won’t resolve crisis

    Fitch says any EU plan won’t solve ratings woes

    Leaked Greek bailout document: Expansionary fiscal consolidation has failed

    Let us finally pull the plug of the EUSSR! (google trans from German)

    European banks must find €108bn in new capital

    Europe’s big banks will be forced to find €108bn ($150bn) of fresh capital over the next six to nine months under a deal to strengthen the banking system agreed by European Union finance ministers.

    Even so, the final figure falls well short of some market estimates of the necessary recapitalisation. A recent International Monetary Fund report identified a €200bn hole in banks’ balance sheets stemming from sovereign debt writedowns, while other analysts have put the deficit as high as €275bn.

    FORCE MAJEURE! – Call Void All Bankster Bogus Derivative Debts! Because paying off these trough fraud induced debts have become a technical and practical impossibility.

    Webster Tarpley: “ So, cut those debts and whipe out all the derivatives. That’s gotto be the key demand! ”

    European Sovereign Debt – Can’t We All Just ‘Net’ Along?

  7. SilverPorno says:

    Happy 200th Max and Stacy!

    Another brilliant report – particularly the second half 🙂

  8. Aridzonan_13 says:

    Pull deposits, buy silver and…continue to vote with your money by boycotting the big box stores. Keep the money in your place. Buy from Mom and Pop shops whenever possible. If there are none, start one. Get folks in your community to start locally owned and operated businesses. The globalization model causes a direct economic short and sucks your money overseas. This has been the center piece of globalization. Look what it has done for us. See more at Solari dot com… Catherine Austin Fitts site.

  9. Youri Carma says:

    MUST SEE: Kubrick’s Boxes

    Download: Kubrick’s Boxes

    Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes is a 2008 documentary film directed by Jon Ronson about the film director Stanley Kubrick. Ronson’s intent was not to create a biography of the filmmaker but rather to understand Kubrick by studying the director’s vast personal collection of memorabilia related to his feature films. The documentary came about in 1998 when Ronson received a request from Kubrick’s estate for a copy of a documentary Ronson made about the Holocaust (Ronson was unaware that it was Kubrick who was asking for the film until months later). A year later, as Ronson was making plans to conduct a rare interview with the director, Kubrick suddenly died after completing work on his final film Eyes Wide Shut. To his surprise, Ronson was invited to Kubrick’s house by his widow. When he arrived at the house he found that half the house was filled by over one thousand boxes, each containing snap shots, newspaper clippings, film out-takes, notes, and fan letters which the director used for research towards each of his films.

  10. SilverCondom says:

    Capitalism leads to the monster you have now: CRAPITALISM (read crony capitalism)

  11. SilverPorno says:

    The Great Silver Debate – Manipulation: Fact or Fiction?

    GATA vs. CPM Group!

  12. doomandbloom says:

    Great work Max and Stacy! Keep it up..

  13. Evolutis says:

    “Upwards and onwards ” Max and Stacy

    When the monetary religion bites us in the ass … As it is designed, to do ..”we are all just dealers, who say “we are through with dealing” …”giving up the holy game of poker” LOL … The “trains we are waiting for ….. I think it’s time we board another” … One with a destiny we design, for the 99%.

    People are on the the streets and we are are Oh, so capable of accessing, the information and energy nature provides … “trains we are waiting for ….. I think it’s time we board another”
    L. Cohen had it right.

  14. kdt says:

    thanks to max and stacy for all the info if not for you two i would still think i was the only one pised off .

    @snoop the steve keen vid was cool too bad the cops stomped that group.
    the article sights the declaration of independence and as usual stoped befor the part most relevant to this mess greevance #13 instance #7 wich refers to the creation of canada and by extention australia iv heard people like stefen molyneux say that it was unnessery or an over reaction but when you look at the the progresion of events the the founders had no options left and acted from desperation to excape what was coming.
    it forced them to make a comon cause alience with the “comoners” the under standing being ,that the magna carta would be extended to ALL the people. the founders (most of them*)for there part had lost ANY desire to RULE any thing more than there own estates and had no problem with others doing the same regardless of birth or size of the holding in question. they were the remnant of the land holding class from england who lost every thing in the english civil war(s) and managed to get out when the virginia colony got prety much wiped off the map and the crown was FORCED offer the chance to hold land in order toget people to go to the new world(Head Right) and cach up to the: french , spanish , ……………., and there were the dutch to worry about too .
    what set the colonists off was the land divisions that came down after the french and indian war the standard read on this is that the colinests were greedy for more land and wile this may be true to some extent the references in the DoI says difrent as far as the founders were concerned they saw them selves beeing fenced in and sold off ot the HUDSONS BAY CO. with no one to help them but the british navy who were using them as a slave pen (life expectency on a ship of the line was not long)

    *new york was not a true colony in that it was settled by the dutch then bought up by the crown and stocked with scumbags like alixander hamilton and his bankers they were sent here to counter and keep tabs on the Head Right colonists. if you feel im being unfair here rember that “yanky” is dutch for theif and pirate and the dutch living in “new york” probly had good reason to call them that so often it stuck to the point it did.

  15. Michel78 says:

    @KDT: Yankee is the combination of two first names from Holland, Jan And Kees: JanKees = Yankees. Doesn’t mean pirate, more like ‘simple folk’.

  16. SilverCondom says:

    Interesting. Thief, pirate or simple folk? I go for thief. Just sayin’

  17. LuzazuL says:

    William K Black will be addressing Occupy Wall Street one of these days. In the meantime, I had missed this interview:

  18. SilverCondom says:

    “the most likely source is the Dutch name Janke, meaning “little Jan” or “little John,” a nickname that dates back to the 1680s. Perhaps because it was used as the name of pirates, the name Yankee came to be used as a term of contempt.”


  19. nama rama says:

    Fox News UK at the Occupy LSX

  20. What-me-worry? says:

    Man from Mars and EU prime mugwump Golum Rumpuy ‘at it’ again:

  21. Al Kyder says:

    @ kdt

    Thanks again. This is an important subject for Americans, they need to understand that their revolution is only half finished. The US has been frozen in time to some extent waiting for this to happen. Like the Crown/Executive Branch v’s the people. It’s time for the people to control government.

  22. ronron says:

    Youri must be in getting a blood transfusion.

  23. Apocalypto says:

    A big congratulations to Max and Stacy! ☼ 😀

  24. A Gardener says:

    Remember, Remember the 5th of November: BANK TRANSFER DAY
    less than 2 weeks to go now.
    I will be withdrawing some cash and buying some more physical silver on the 5th .
    If you are short of cash on that day then I recommend that you can still mail order yourself even just one small silver coin. Every little helps. I hope all of us here support this. Put this date in your diary, prepare now.
    Thanks Stacy, thanks Max , excellent work

  25. Apocalypto says:

    David Icke – Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor!

  26. What-me-worry? says:

    Start dribbling cash tomorrow – continue each day and leave bare minimum in each account by 5th November. Customers = same. Deposits = 0. WTFH?

  27. Vonda Bra says:

    Occupy Wall Street – Why She Is Here (Molly)

    October 11, 2011 Molly explains why she is protesting at Occupy Wall Street.

  28. Vonda Bra says:

    @ all
    whatever you can accomplish to clear your bank accounts, or transfer money,
    or diversify it … into ????? whatever 😉 … don´t wait until the 5th of november!
    that doesn´t make any sense!
    (standing in line for hours with probably 100s of others, just because of the DATE ????)

    Have the historical, socio-philosphical meaning of it in mind, but do IT earlier!
    just in case! 😉

  29. Youri Carma says:

    Georgia Guidestones Vandalized

    Here is a little over view of the Georgia Guidestones

  30. Mini US says:

    Well done on reaching 200 shows you guys.

    Best guest ever 🙂

    Good to see you keeping up the schving count Max 😉
    It is appreciated, hehehe!

  31. Youri Carma says:

    Tyler Durden: “Well, it’s official: the lunatics have taken over the Titanic.” ahahaahahahaahahahahahah!

    The Loan Boat

  32. Mini US says:

    @Vonda Bra

    I think I just fell in love with Molly 🙂

    What an awesome articulate woman.

  33. Mini US says:

    GDP and productivity growth = Corporate greed. Nothing else.
    Both are an unnecessary economic fallacy. Growth is causing the sustainability problems. ‘Grow or die’ is B/S.
    We have been fed this like its a survival thing. Rubbish, it is the opposite. It is the thing that is killing us.

    We are growing ourselves to death.
    Population growth, Money supply growth, Productivity growth, even the penis enhancement industry 🙂

    See it for what it is. The masters and the slaves. They give you bonus’ if you meet unnatural productivity growth targets that you never reach because they keep raising the bar.
    This is classic sales management technique. Pavlov’s dog.
    While you are striving to succeed (buy a nice house, a nice car, feed your kids, have a holiday, etc) you are feeding their system and killing your future.

    When ‘Globalisation’ came along all the corporations said “We must grow and be more productive because we are competing on a world stage”. So the so called ‘competition’ that was supposed to be so good for streamlining National Economies went global, national competition was eroded with this excuse of global competition, and corporations were allowed to grow for this end.

    Well, sucked in, chewed up, and spat out.

    We will be left with 4 ‘wealthy’ bankers inhabiting a scorched earth.
    That is where this driven agenda ends.

  34. Uptick says:

    future US trend?
    The FBI Announces Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of The Military

  35. MirrorMirror says:

    Max & Stacy BUSTED

    WaPo Punked by Berkeley Warmist Posing as Skeptic

    Too funny .. LOL

  36. the underfundedmentalist says:

    @Mini US

    Spot on mate!
    and thank you, I think you lowered my blood pressure a few notches!

  37. Youri Carma says:

    By Die Weiße Rose

    Angela Merkel: “Sprechen sie Deutsch?”

    “Nein?” – “Ja, dann lernen sie mal schnell, Herr Geitner, Herr Bernanke und Herr Obama!”

    Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan:

    On Thursday morning, the members of parliament initially found the English version in their in-boxes. As long as there was no German text, Brüderle said, he would not convene the members. Kauder agreed. Kauder and Brüderle knew that they could not take this to their parliamentary groups. Instead, the CDU parliamentary leader spoke with Merkel and made it clear to her that there would be no approval under these circumstances. The consequence was unprecedented confusion.

    Unfortunately, the German chancellor told a group of stunned men, she would not be able to make a decision on the euro bailout fund at the European Union summit on the following Sunday, because she needed the approval of the German parliament, the Bundestag, first. The German Bundestag, for its part, is equally determined to ensure that its right to control the budget is not undermined. After all, the German government is juggling astronomic sums which, if they ever come due, will substantially limit the financial leeway of future generations.

    so there you go – if you can’t speak or understand German, then go talk to Bernanke, Geitner or Obama Potus ex Drone-Machina and read up on some fundamental rules of economy or democracy, with an explanation of how to pay back 15 trillion USD in national US Debt (100% of GDP) by getting deeper and deeper into more Debt ??

    10/23/2011 A New Hurdle for Europe

    German Parliament Slows Euro Rescue Decisions,1518,793440,00.html

  38. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Mini US
    Molly really, … indeed, is awesome! – our kind of girl! 🙂

    Lets “Molly” up everyone! 😀
    Love V.

  39. Shrapnel says:

    Warmest congratulations. After only 200 shows a worldwide revolution is well underway. G.I.A.B.O. – awesome stuff – please continue.

  40. Mini US says:


    Love Deano, the way he skipped down those stairs to prove he could actually drive home 🙂

    Notice the mic pop into shot at 0.51 secs.
    Thats when TV was grand 😉

    Molly will go viral…. in a nice way 🙂

  41. Vonda Bra says:

    hey! all you Europeans … are you aware that THIS GUY is our president ????
    😀 …
    its not about the article, BUT THE PICTURE! 😀 …the MSM and spin-doctors choose!!!!
    “gullom” and the HALO !!!! 😀

    @ Youri
    well, that at least goes with the recent spongy verdict of the “Verfassungsgerichthof” in Karlsruhe! … and these Bundestags-puppets at least got to f###ing read, what they´re going to sign/or probably not???!!! … thanks to Prof. Hankel and Schachtschneider etc…

    “the pantsuit” and “Snare-cosy” must be in a “Desperate rulers” – state of nervous breakdown, right now ?
    What to do, to gain more time … ?
    “Summits” on a daily basis from now on ?
    Who´s gonna buy that anymore ?????????? 😉

  42. Jayme says:

    Great vid with Molly, Vonda Bra. 🙂

  43. Youri Carma says:

    Mada better title:


  44. karate kid says:

    vondra bra
    here is the euro president
    its hard to admit nothins changed

  45. Youri Carma says:

    @Vonda Bra

    Yeah, Von Bra, tough cookie!

  46. Evolutis says:

    @nama rama …. LOL … the dark comedy of Peter Sellers is alive and well

  47. Youri Carma says:


    That reminds me:

    Does your dog bite?

    Cato I

    Cato II – keeping Inspector Clouseau vigilant

  48. Happy Dick says:

    Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

    I talked with a gentlemen near me. He does business in Saudi Arabia . He returned from a 3 week venture. He said they executed 12 men in Riyadh while he was there..

    They bring the men into a public square. Two soldiers take a man, each twisting an arm of the prisoner hard, so the man leans forward. The a masked man with the huge Ali Baba sword, winds up, and whoosh!!! No filming is allowed, this man told me. fwiw

  49. Mini US says:

    Occupy Sydney Protestor released.
    This reads like an excerpt from the French Revolution. French name, people cheering in the court. Madame Defarge where are you?

  50. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Happy Dick
    OMG! …disgusting – scary- unbelievable- shocking – mind boggeling -HORRIBLE! 🙁 …
    thanks for sharing …
    Hope your garlic is doing well? … 🙂 (just trying to change the subject …)
    Love V.

  51. Youri Carma says:

    A Libyan in London Speaks about Libya – Part 1

    Part 2 – A Libyan in London Speaks about Libya

  52. Youri Carma says:

    Libyan in London:The occupy movement is change for the public to make a change for themselves

  53. Youri Carma says:

    dr. strangelove – survival plan

  54. Sacramento Joe says:

    Max and Stacy-

    Just want to say congratulations on your 200th….I love you both….

    Keep spreading the truth!



  55. Vonda Bra says:

    @ karate kid
    WOW! .. great find .. thanks!

    was looking for a vid, about the Obama´s appearance in Germany during his campaign ..(unfortunately even more scary, because of the BERLIN-location!!!! – although Obama was denied to speak in front of the “WALL-Mauer” – Check point Charly.. where Kennedy said his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner”)…see the masses?, the flags ? … the bonanza.. on german ground ????)
    unbelievable !!!!!!!! …
    puking, while handling this … listen to this sh++t !!!
    well, it was 3 years ago …. and everybody was still full of hope, BUT STILL ??
    what is that ? and what is left of it TODAY !!!!!!! ??????????????

    to be frank, O. still has got, maybe only 1/1oth of the charisma of Adolf! 😀 …
    I mean ..just saying .. comparing speeches … anyway we got to prevent anything to happen like “Führers”, appearing out of nowhere again, that might want to take advantage of f.e. GIABO !!!!!!!!!!!???
    OMG !!!!!!! the situation is very dangerous !!!!!!!!! .. it likely could happen again! ;-(
    BEWARE !!!!

    PLEASE watch this too: President-Elect Barack Obama on Election Night:
    even worse in the US, of course ….
    a MUST-Re-watch!!!!

    who in his right mind could ever incline to any of that sh###t AGAIN ???
    the puking doesn´t wanna stop !!!!!!!!
    What does he know about Lincoln anyway ….. ???
    Love V.
    please y´all watch this vid and remember !!!!!

    PS: (Michelle Obamas DRESS, that night, made me spill my glass of Bordeaux, instantly!!!!!!!!!!!) 😀
    Love V.

  56. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Youri
    thanks for part 2 of the young libyan guy … was looking for it ….

  57. Youri Carma says:

    @Vonda Bra

    My friend lost his father in a war, my father was in a war so I now a bit about how that could feel like.

    Amazing that the Libyan guy still could hold on to his very postive message to us all which can give hope and salvation for us all.

  58. kdt says:

    @michal78 if im wrong on the sorce of the term it does not change the sentiment make it carpetbagger if you wish. and now i need to look up yankry to se if i was missled as a child.
    @Al Kider not just half undone but deeper in time than most relize the american “revolution” was an extention of the english civil war(s) wich were a result of the mess in the english court , soon to be crown (just needed to get up the nerve for a little reigside) notice they waited till the last of the red heads were out of power befor they moved in for the kill , the tuder’s were the last to TAKE the crown , Henry the 7th scared the piss out of them for 2 generations, they still have nightmares i bet. and the head rights are still on the loose this is what they have been trying to fix for 200+ years will this “fence” hold?
    my famly came here in the person of a 12 year old orphan in the care of strangers (neer as i can tell) he had traded his” land” under the head right sys. for pasage and a place at there table, his right to own land was all he had left to him at 12 in 1630s england.

  59. snoop diddy says:

    “Tyler Durden: “Well, it’s official: the lunatics have taken over the Titanic.”

    -quote of the decade!

  60. Bonn says:

    Georgia Guidestones Vandalized
    Guiliteen howz ya spell that ???

  61. kdt says:

    @michal78 i stand corected lol must be left over disinfo from the bad old days. oh well as i said call them what you will the criminals flooding into the colonies landed mostly up north in a city bought up by the ‘crown’ as they call themselves to this day, and the british held it the whole war. neat way to plant sleeper cells( just in case), and control hamilton in congress.

  62. snoop diddy says:

    Obama forgot to thank Goldman Sachs in his election night speech… oops!

  63. Al Kyder says:

    @ kdt

    ” fix for 200+ years will this “fence” hold?
    my famly came here in the person of a 12 year old orphan in the care of strangers (neer as i can tell) he had traded his” land” under the head right sys. for pasage and a place at there table, his right to own land was all he had left to him at 12 in 1630s england.”

    Yes the old enclosures act. Thanks for sharing that @kdt.

    Part of the G.I.A.B.O. pac should be to destroy everything contained within these “ring fences” One thing is certain, everything inside these bubbles will be poisonous.

    We should discuss the American civil war sometimes too. After we get this message through 🙂

  64. Al Kyder says:

    @ kdt

    p.s. Also see masters and servants act.

  65. Youri Carma says:

    Sorry, if you can’t cry you have to laugh, very hard! 😆 It’s ludicrous is laughable after all!

  66. snoop diddy says:

    Ron Paul on Meet the Press 10/23/11

  67. kdt says:

    @Al Kider ” masters and servants act” i had not heard of such a thing yikes no wonder the world is a mess.
    unions are them selves a symptom of slavery. they seem start from “factory workers”wanting better conditions . factors sold slaves im told, can a term like factory be unrelated seeems unlikley and why prevent a “free person from quiting he is free after all ,well here in the states anyway we killed raped and destroyed half the country to put an end to slavery here ……………….ya right go tell it to a floridia tomato farm worker !
    or a mine worker in debet to the company store for cough syurp and when dad cain’t load his 16tons of #9 coal the store would hook in the kids get them in debt to take care of the dieing. nice way around the protection against generational debt, wich is now under direct atack i mean why be subtle, just hard sell parents to sell there kids to get a loan call it what ever you want it is slavery. and if that is ,what dose that say about deficit spending?

  68. Bonn says:

    @ Vonda Bra
    I could’nt watch that Obama’s Speech on Election Night….I started to get the Puke feeling…..
    in the mean While …
    Another must watch/hear
    Coast To Coast AM – 27.7.2011 – 2/4 – Egypt & Pyramid Mysteries
    Hic 😉

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