Cop punches #occupywallstreet protester

27 comments on “Cop punches #occupywallstreet protester
  1. OlympiaLogger says:

    All these milling unfocused pukes who should be overrunning the FED, and who think the FEMA “Work” Camps don’t exist… are about to find out they’re wrong….. from the inside.

  2. Wild Bill says:

    “The whole world’s watching, the whole world’s watching” …….

  3. PewDead says:

    How come so many cops in the US are so fat?? I’ve never seen a fat cop in real life. In all those videos, there are always a whole bunch of them.

  4. Happy Dick says:

    looked like an assault to me … wow, the fucking police are crazy!!!!

  5. Happy Dick says:

    BIG mistake by that asshole!

  6. SLA says:

    Maybe that’s why some of the peeps are calling ’em ‘pigs’

    I’d love to see 30 seconds before the dude got punched.
    But regardless of what he had or hadn’t done, he should get punched like that.

  7. Flopot says:

    That protester is probably getting beaten up by the coppers as we type. I feel so sorry for him – he did not have a chance.

    The NYPD have to look as if they are doing something for their sponsors at JPMorgan.

  8. lou says:

    The man who got punched did get away but has HIV and is encouraging the cop who punched him to get tested.

  9. Nak says:

    Wow. How does that NYPD white shirt not lose his job? Or is that NYPD’s new arrest procedure is to throw punches.

  10. SilverCondom says:

    Hehehe! This cop just got himself a special bonus sponsored by JPMorgan. 😉

  11. SAO says:

    The police are losing it. They are gone. Over the top. Protecting the criminals. Protesting is legal. But it doesn’t matter. When the protests fail, the revolution will start. People are trying to do this peacefully. Some cops are thugs, mafia henchmen. Some cops want to do what’s right. What a mess.

  12. trooper dave says:

    Is this assault on video? Is it anywhere on the net?
    Anyone able to post URL?

  13. lindaamick says:

    The cops are a joke. They must not read the news. Bank of New York Mellon has been stealing their pensions for over 10 years.
    They need to reconsider what side they are on.

  14. The Zap says:

    Only logical and rational explanation for a Cop to punch anyone, is if HE was punched,kicked,bitten,(i.e.) physical violence against the officer.
    In resonse to why are cops fat?.
    90% of the time they are not.You must remember your watching NYC Cops………
    And, their tenure is usually long, and they are older= Overweight.
    In my city, I have not seen one fat cop, more young bulls.
    If this punching/kicking, crap goes on much longer,w/out JUST cause,the protestors will show up with Axe handles to make it more even.
    Aftet that escalation, then the shooting starts.

  15. Citizen119 says:

    It’s fortunate for the police that the OWS crowd are so tolerant
    of their extremely bad behaviour.
    The tolerance and good behaviour is slowly rendering the police powerless.
    They can’t ‘police’ if there is ‘nothing to police’.

    Didn’t Ghandi say ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then you win’!

  16. Cop A-hole will get come upance. But as we see, our “system” only survives through the use of force, fists, guns and bombs. what a wacky 21st century this is turning out to be.

  17. Every “White-Shirt” knows full well that OWS is a military operation. When unemployment goes above 16%, or 1/6th of the working population, every Army Staff College Manual will advise ‘mandatory’ action. Michel Chossudovsky has obviously read those manuals..LOL.

    The logic is inescapable, if the military allow that level of Government incompetence to go unchallenged, then within a short space of time the Government will not be able to afford a viable millitary. Overstretch is bad enough, but when stretch becomes ‘break’ then a knot is required. That is known by every President, Prime Minister and Monarch, as tieing the “knot of war”…start pulling on that knot, abd the knot becomes so tight it can only be cut…The bloody knot of high intensity war, not seen since 1945. but with a nuclear component. So any General who does not organise a protest movement like OWS, is liable for Court Marshal for dereliction of duty!

  18. Mary Genoud says:

    Do the police understand that their pension funds are invested in crap?? They should join Occupy Wall Street and get some real equity of value in their pension funds to retire with.

  19. Youri Carma says:

    pitty that the link copy of this vid doesn’t work but found an other one tough

    Protester Hit By Cop Tells His Story,AAAAAEBQhPI~,35stD8-Ka9GKFxZcCQe95tSFjP99jVtJ&bctid=1217881026001#1218825644001

  20. PewDead says:

    Cop in Brussels kicks 18 yo Greek girl in the face. Shes part of the indignados, a bunch of people who walked from Madrid to Brussels to protest the austerity measures.

  21. Mini US says:

    That was a $30,000 Punch,
    Proudly sponsored by the JPMorgan Police Fund.

  22. brent says:

    S T A G E D !!!

    That looked as fake as any fake punch that I’ve ever seen in my life! That punch was meant to create a stir, even instigate a riot.

  23. Badsey says:

    It would not surprise me if the victim is damaged by a blindside 100% force blow like that.

    I know the police are told to be violent and try to start a riot. -But at some point the populace will fight back and arm themselves. NYC people are 99.9% unarmed, but you try these type of strong-armed tactics anywhere else and the whole police force will be in flames. =Would not happen in Egypt etc.

    We can give these financial criminals (and their stooges) a physical beat-down every day by buying physical silver. Join the SLA today and silver Billy club these fiat terrorists to a pulp.

  24. Ricin3000 says:

    There once was a lone protester
    who did not go to next semester
    He met the iron fist
    at Jamie Dimon’s wrist
    Free Silver is here to fester

  25. Decebal says:

    it seems to me that if police don’t have an excuse to arrest all the protesters they will invent one.
    if they beat up a few inocent people and entaganise the protesters into fighting the police or rioting when the JP morgan police can call these people criminals and arrest all of them.
    oh gee pretty much what happen in the UK.
    maybe the JP Morgan police can shoot a few people like the UK police shoot that guy.
    that will cause riots and they can arrest and beat up even more people.

  26. snoop diddy says:

    Nazi pricks

  27. Someone said “I’d love to see 30 seconds before the dude got punched.”

    Sounds like someone is experiencing a symptom of Battered Woman’s Syndrome.

    The four general characteristics are:

    The woman believes it’s her fault
    The woman’s inability to place the responsibility of the violence elsewhere
    The woman fears for her life and/or her children’s lives.
    The woman has the belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.

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