The BoomBustBlog BNP Paribas “Run On The Bank” Model Available for Download

Stacy Summary: We’re interviewing Reggie Middleton this week for the Keiser Report. In particular, we’ll be talking about French banks. Check out his “Run on the Bank” model for BNP Paribas. Questions for Reggie in the comments thread below.

7 comments on “The BoomBustBlog BNP Paribas “Run On The Bank” Model Available for Download
  1. Max De Niro says:

    Question for Reggie:

    Reggie talks a lot about the system crashing, yet advocates taking profits from trades in the very paper that will die with the system.
    How does Reggie see the endgame? What does he use as a store of value?

  2. ricky says:

    Question for Reggie: how do you see scandinavia in all this mess

  3. Blah blah says:

    If BNP Paribas does see a bank run what impact will this have on the european and global banking markets? Will it spark contagion and which entities are most at risk? If so, are there measures that can contain it.

  4. Haole says:

    Looking forward to Reggie’s interview, nice one!

  5. Specky4eyes says:

    I like Reggie. Can you ask him which is the best protest against the bankers:
    1. Organise a meet up on Wall Street, with tents and guitars in tow.
    2. Every “Joe Donut” (as Stacy puts it) to withdraw every cent they can from their bank.

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