Is this psycho drama about to climax?


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  1. Troy Ounce says:

    So now do we know why PM prices had to be killed first.

  2. Tank says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens after Greece defaults and then the rest of the PIIGS get the green light to default, too. This should be a real circus. The Lehman collapse in 2008 was just a dress rehearsal. This will be the Main Event.

  3. jimmy chen says:

    ah….. now gold down make sense


  4. neweveryday says:

    The statement hints strongly at the admission of inevitable default and steps to reduce contagion and the preservation of “affordable financing” for “sovereigns with sound fiscal policies.” The stated intentions are not to avert default, but “cascading default” and “further contagion.” It all sounds Darwinist to me, survival of the fittest. This is, of course, a statement by the G20 nations. If this statement was made in a strictly EU context, I’d expect the printing presses to be making Drachmas already.

  5. neweveryday says:

    “survival” in quotation marks, of course….

  6. Jayme says:

    The G20 is preparing for the greek default they promoted. hmm. Perhaps someone should do a little coitus interuptus between the G20 members to prevent the birth of this monster.

  7. Specky4eyes says:

    How will this play out? Does that mean that their will be a further flow of cash from sovereign treasuries into private banks? Deeper austerity measures to follow in all the G20 countries in order to finance this. Spell it out to the man on the street. People have been saying that the Greeks should default but will this mean that the they will effectively lose their sovereignty because their nation is totaly collateralised (? is that even a word)

  8. neweveryday says:

    @Jayme Have you noticed the UK sitting it out on the sidelines and commenting as an ‘outsider’ upon the EU debt crisis? [While strongly maintaining how much EU partners signify as trading partners] I have. I think there is ‘positioning’ taking place within ‘groupings’ at the moment because the ‘groupings’ are beginning to dissolve. Some nations are deluded into thinking that they can be ‘winners’ and are prepared to cast off ‘losers’.
    I do not understand sufficiently to answer your first question. [Maybe others will] I have many more questions than answers. In relation to your second point: Greece [and Ireland] have already, to all intents and purposes, lost their sovereignty. To default and endure the consequences is, perhaps, the only way they can reclaim their sovereignty. Those nations and their assets is being unequivocally collateralised by steady degrees in the present situation. The IMF is the great Pawnshop in the sky.
    As I see it, the question is when do the defaulting nations say ‘enough is enough’ and embrace default and responsibility for the consequences. As for those nations with “sound fiscal policies” they are simply defaulters in the denial stage.
    Banker occupation is not just some clever slogan, it is an existential fact. It is either confronted or we can all kiss our arses goodbye and learn cotton picking.

  9. Long John Silver says:

    Skynews has pulled this story. Apparently someone got to the editors really fast. Too bad for them they can’t force other news agency’s and Blogs to take this story down and hide it. Have lots of popcorn ready for the show that starts with Mondays market open.

  10. MirrorMirror says:

    @… “G20 now preparing itself for Greek default after October – Sky sources”

    Hello , isn’t that rather strange ?

    “After October ” … so effectively things will move fast on Monday already … making the default much sooner , and NOT orderly !
    … but still, I guess this “News” was NOT meant to be leaked … or maybe WAS meant to be leaked !

  11. Citizen119 says:

    The UK is on the sidelines alright, already positioning itself with Russia
    and Libyan oil.
    Cameron has headed up a visit to Putin, the next President, and has been
    conducting humanitarian bombing of Libyan civilians to ensure a good
    supply of cheap oil as the EU goes phut.
    All over the EU, Schengen agreements are being binned, banks are running,
    debts are overwhelming, and Barroso’s cunning plan, the only plan, is
    sinking faster than the Titanic. Everyone is taking to the lifeboats, and
    behind the scenes it’s every man for himself.
    Uncle Rastus says, you can put out the fire, but what are you gonna do
    wid de smoke?

  12. Jayme says:

    I hadn’t really noticed but I have never gotten any sense that the UK much liked or supported the EU. It’s mostly accepted because the financial powers have forced it on the nations under the guise of ‘harmonization’. The fact is the UK still has it’s own currency which says there is no trust in the EU. So, it’s not really surprising the UK sits on the side. If I understand correctly, the first time the UK applied to join the EU, France and Germany rejected them. As far as I can tell, Germany and France are the carnival barkers calling the show – the rest are the show. It gets down to who benefits. The countries who joined, did so with politicians who were likely set in place with the help of banker funding and who were compliant as part of the deal. The politicians in the weaker countries seem to have lied to get in. I am curious as to whether the people in smaller countries actually benefited by membership in the euro other than getting access to more debt they can’t repay.

  13. railroad tycoon says:

    There’s no default.

  14. Specky4eyes says:

    @Jayme and Neweveryday, One reason UK is not a natural mixer within EU is the historical divide between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants. If you agree with some that the current “crisis” is about reinstating the Holy Roman Empire and then using that to dominate the world in the New Age then that might naturally lead to a certain coolness. However, the Ecumenical Movement (aka Jesuit Counter Reformation) which has been very strong in the UK has made great strides in bringing the UK back under the influence of Rome. It will be very interesting to see at what stage the great Inquisitor Ratzinger decides to make a move.

    I still can’t believe the stupor of the general public in all this. I’m still trying to convince my wider family to stock up on food but they look at me like I’ve seriously lost the plot!

    Is this the moment that a huge false flag or attack or “natural disaster”will be staged to distract the masses from the crisis?

  15. Billy says:

    You know people in greece are going NUTS. “Default, will not default, default, will not default, partial default, never allow greece to default, an argentian default is emminent…”

    Aside from the political pricks and economical fuc*ing geniuous’s, does anyone have any “heart.” we are talking about people and my countrymen. what we are going through i would not wish fro my worst enemy.

    be sure though… push comes to shove, “a greek” just out of spite while going down will drag everyone down with him.

    all of you…. be careful to all what you wish for…..

    people (greeks) are really beginning to hope for a revolution… when all hope is lost, be out of the way… everyone will be looking for a politician, banker or any foreigner who farted in our direction….

  16. Michael says:

    People who still have faith in their political leaders know little about political psychology and psychopaths:

    Since our system seems to reward people with these traits then I would suspect there are far more psychopaths in our western parliaments and legislative halls per capita than in any mental institution.

  17. Specky4eyes says:

    @ Billy. Stay strong Billy. Do what you can for your family. These are desperately sad times for many of us but particularly Greece at the moment. We don’t know what the future holds for any of us. All the talk here about gold and silver I fear will ultimately be irrelevant.
    Matthew 16:26
    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  18. Jayme says:

    @Specky4eyes – What you say makes sense. It isn’t possible to remove one’s self from cultural and religious biases.

    @MirrorMirror – That’s an interesting point. The G20 may just be giving misdirection to reduce the losses of the insiders.

  19. Specky4eyes says:

    Okay, so who here is just off to the hole in the wall to withdraw any loose change left in the bank?

  20. Robert Mockan says:

    The objective is to destroy the middle classes, both financially and morally, and divert focus from the real enemy. What will it take for people every where to understand this?

  21. Robert Mockan says:

    The smartest thing the Greeks could do is over run and take the damn armories! The problems being created for them are NOT going to end when financial terrorists control the banks, and insane oligarchs control the governments and the financial terrorists!

  22. Maria says:

    @Specky4eyes, I had the same question before and found the article below helpful. Max had a link to it several days ago. Apparently, the key is how the default is done– that is, for whose benefit the actions are taken. If this government is still in power, it will be done for the benefit of the creditors, unfortunately.



    @… “G20 now preparing itself for Greek default after October – Sky sources”

    How can one predict a leaf falling, unless you clip it, or know exactly when you are going to clip it.

    This is all such utter bullshit and is proof (as if any were needed) that this is all part of a game plan.

    Not damage control, but damage creation…..and to a carefully scheduled timetable.

    For those that are left destitute or worse……..

    Remember whose responsible!



    @ Michael

    Inadequacy seems to breed psychopaths. You may disagree?


  25. blindman says:

    what is this?
    2,250,000 Contracts Betting Against October S&P 500
    October 2011 Stock Market Mega Crash !!!

  26. Billy says:

    @ Zorro
    How can you predict if Greece will default? No average person can, but while that “leaf is falling” there are bunch of pricks making money off of that tree. The greek tree.
    @ Specky
    Thank you, i am trying to keep my sanity and try to educate others without being a “drag.”
    Greeks seem to “let things come and not worry about it in the meantime.” Yes indeed i have bought gold but it will do any good if there is no bread to buy.
    Ofcourse we few know that the middle class is being destroyed. People say it but, still do not understand it nor how it is backed. I only began to understand, when i found max and all the “real” smart people links from here. the last “whopper” a few weeks ago was the INTERVIEW WITH ARRON RUSSO… then it made sense. I know who my enemy is and when i try to educate people, people laugh at the idea or concept of an inner rich circle. When is send them literature, the become depressed because i spread unhopefulness of what society is to become. Knowledge is power but ignorance is bliss. I believe societ prefers the second of that phrase.

    Greek armeries? I am not worried of that. average greek has at least 2 guns at access. Every Cretan, Islander and northern region greek has anything from a sub machine gun (mainly kalasnikov) to even heavy machine gun. Furthermore, the greek army, navy and airforce ARE the people. Every greek man has served the army and at any time 20,000 civilians are serving. Problem is, is that we have nobody to point at. people do not know that the people pulling the strings are the one we should shoot immediately.
    I used to hate many people, different societys etc. now i have no prejudice against anyone and that even includes turks. even if they put us to war with them and i am made to kill one. i know the average to poor, turk, greek, isreali, palestinian, egyptian, american, german, chinese etc persons… on this planet have no problem with anobody else on this planet if they really know what is going on.

    Rich aristocry of this world has found a new way to lull the masses into a sleepy dream without even knowing it. like zombies walking. Max makes fun of banker zombies, but who are the real zombies…. me and you…. i even believe the symbolism of the movie “the matrix” was not by mistake.

    anyway…. i’m tired and should go back to bed. i try to think that change is inevitable. i know that and you all know that… but this change that is coming will not be without blood. wish it was the bankers blood though…. change… what change…. even if we balance society into a new “game” we are still fuc*ed, at the rate of us eatingour resources and global warming, i fear my daughter will live a very different world that i hope her to live in.

    I meant no offense to anybody earlier. i know youare all good people here.

  27. Jayme says:


    lol, I’m ahead of you. Not much money in my account. I’m investing in copper and sun energy this week. I expect the government will tax the sun in order to boost the economy.

    Government, once created, is a self justifying entity once special interests take root. In the end, the Greek police and military will just ‘do their job’.

    Willie Nelson “Gravedigger”

  28. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Billy
    —-average greek has at least 2 guns at access. Every Cretan, Islander and northern region greek has anything from a sub machine gun (mainly kalasnikov) to even heavy machine gun. Furthermore, the greek army, navy and airforce ARE the people. Every greek man has served the army and at any time 20,000 civilians are serving. Problem is, is that we have nobody to point at. people do not know that the people pulling the strings are the one we should shoot immediately.—–

    I repeat: “Problem is, is that we have nobody to point at.”
    My question: have you really thought that through, are you serious?
    You don´t know where to point your resistance and anger to ????
    If you don´t get rid of your totally corrupt and lying POLITICIANS immediately, THEY will finally entrap you against one another!
    BRING YOUR GOVERNMENT DOWN AND TO JUSTICE !!!!!!!!!! (whatever comes to mind there …)
    DO IT NOW !!!!!
    Only if you manage to bring these crooks down IN THE FIRST PLACE, you can hope to survive in dignity and pride! …. and save not only blood in the streets, but gain the RESPECT and awareness for all the peoples in a similar position.
    Your noise and up-rise will not be unheared to other peoples!
    Focus on the poilticians first!!!!!
    THEY have betrayed and lied to you about EVERYTHING!!!!
    Its THEIR FAULT, GREED and POWER OBSESSION that NEVER EVER has served the people, who naively you still give your vote …. to any of them!
    Btw, eventually ALL the countries of Europe are in the same boat and certainly not only Europe, but the countries of this entire planet.
    We are all dealing with the same crooks and criminals!

    So, if the greek brothers and sisters still do not know where to point their resistance to, “We the people” might lose and live in slavery forever more …. obvious slavery then.
    It was masterly hidden til now ….

    For the Greeks this whole mess is apparently more rigorous at the moment than for the rest of us, which doesn´t mean we are not aware of what is going on and sooner or later will happen to us as well. …. we all will have to …

    —-” the greek army, navy and airforce ARE the people”—–
    Are you really sure about that ? Make sure and GO FOR IT!
    Love, solidarity and the best of luck!!!!
    PS: Global warming definitely is the last you have to fear for your daughter at this moment in time! 😉

  29. twixtandtween says:

    @Michael A PP we all love made some of the world’s greatest art and his devotion to Gayla was amazing. His autobiography was both hilarious and disturbing. He might have influenced a few pols.

  30. Jayme says:

    Well spoken Vonda Bra. 😉

  31. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Jayme
    feel hugged strongly! 🙂
    Love V.

  32. Fearon says:

    They will of course give their buddies a ring first before the default is announced and perform another massive raid. Most of the sheeple will stampede to safety in the wrong direction (towards the USD and UST) hopefully giving us another year or two of cheap metal buying opportunity. Hopefully.

  33. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Billy, Re: Solving the bread problem: I have bought a small milling machine, a flour sifter and a 7 litre dough mixer. You can buy grain in Europe, straight from the farmers for around 50 eurocents a KG. It cost a bit more from a grain dealer. To use the wheat, it has to be no more than 16% moisture. For a crop harvested in mid August this would be the beginning of October. Bread-making wheat is known as hard wheat that is spring planted but ask farmers, millers or grain dealers because they will be happy to tell you.

    If you want to buy straight off a farmer you need to do it soon because the farmer tends to sell his whole crop in the autumn to other dealers due to cash flow needs. If you store it in paper sacks somewhere dry. Put wooden lats under them so you have airflow . Unless you get it damp this horde has at least a 3 year shelf life and possibly more. You can get ten sacks of 25 KG each for as little as €130. This not only ensures that you can have fresh daily bread but it also protects you against inflation.

    It’s best to get a group of neighbours involved. This helps with doing all the work and get them to buy sacks of wheat too. Then you all have fresh bread and pasta.

    I think this is one of the most overlooked food storage and food security idea. If you have fresh bread and pasta then you have solved 70% of your food problems. Food inflation is a serious threat if a country defaults.

    Precious metals and their weights and measures, are actually based on “stored grains” The smallest unit of a Troy ounce is the grain. The entire history of PMs as a store of value came about because of people who had a surplus of stored grain which they could exchange per bushel for a certain weight of gold or silver.

    This fact is overlooked by many but the whole reason that PMs became money was because they could be converted into & out off storable grain. Hold PMs, store grain and invest a little bit of money for equipment to process the grain into bread and pasta then you won’t have to worry about bread.

    In a time when others can’t get fresh bread because it’s not available or is too expensive you will be king of the hill if you have taken these steps. Be careful to include your neighbours. Trading bread to others in such a circumstance goes beyond any business model. You have people who have kids they can’t feed. Compassion and empathy will be needed.

  34. hans says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens after Greece defaults and then the rest of the PIIGS get the green light to default, too.

    Surely they then become PIIS or better still iPIS when Greece defaults!

  35. Specky4eyes says:

    @ Danny Cunnington. Good practical advice there Danny.
    What mill are you buying? Did you go for hand or electric. I wanted to buy this one

    because you can fix it up to a motor but there is no UK supplier and it will cost me $100 to get it shipped from the US.

    So I might have to settle for this one.

  36. Specky4eyes says:

    Hi Vonda, thanks for the links.

  37. Billy says:

    @ All Regarding the Grain

    It is not a bad idea. My country house is located on an island close to athens. I have land, and olives and fruit ofcourse. Again i do not want to sound like i am preparing for the end of days, but i bought alot of salty and seads. if things turn to crap, there will be no consistant energy source. salty of meat is the only solution. i have water so i can grow veggies.

    I know alot of traditional farming methods. my grandfather was one so i am aware. I guess buying and storing some grain isn’t such a bad a idea. i have some old ceramic vats from like 200 yrs ago. i can store them there for a rainy day.

    i have a list of emergency things to be bought in the light of a collapse. the point is, is it a point where we will hit? the dark ages life style? I really like not to think that is possible. if it is would western civilization allow it? honestly?

    and if i was a banker or a super rich imperialist “philathropists” 🙂 would they like having 10 million greeks not contributing to their form of taxation etc? i do not think so. although with 2012 coming you never know.

  38. Specky4eyes says:

    Hi Billy. I don’t know the answer to a lot of your questions but survival is a tough instinct to ignore. Do what you can and don’t worry too much about what you can’t. I’m off to buy seeds tomorrow. As for grain I bought some back in August from a miller but need to get a lot more. The miller told me that provided the grain is kept dry it will last indefinately as will rice. Piglets are due on Saturday. If you are near the sea that is a wonderful source of food. All the best to you and yours.

  39. Billy says:

    Thanks Specky!


    The solution to the worlds problems is no more than the cost of rope and whose necks it should be tied around.

    After the 1st 10,000, the rest will tow the line.

    If not?…..onto the next 10,000.



    @ Specky4Eyes

    The word “fair”, comes from the word fairytale.

    The concept simply does not exist.

    There are only survivors or victims.

    This time, the people will not be hearded quietly onto cattle trucks or believe the lies by the propagandist suits of the NWO.

    The illusions of 9/11, and WMD in Iraq have dispelled any sense of credability.

    Those that rule us, are in truth…scared….VERY SCARED!


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