Glenn Beck Attacks the ‘Cezanne of Arson,’ Claims Banking Fraud is Capitalism and Plugs Keiser Report

Stacy Summary: V. interesting piece from Glenn Beck. Notice how he thinks JP Morgan Chase is engaged in capitalism and so, therefore, Alex Schaefer’s artwork is anti-capitalist. To get a sense of what sort of moron still listens to Beck these days, it’s worth clicking on the link to the Keiser Report clip below to read their comments and to gain an understanding of what former Republican operative Mike Lofgren describes as the low information apocalyptic cult that is the modern day Murdoch-engineered Republican party. Also notice that he mentions it was a German that bought the ‘big bucks’ art work but Beck fails to explain to this low information audience that, of course, an American could never afford the ‘big bucks’ artwork . . . precisely because, thanks partly to his actions, the U.S. is very far from operating under a capitalist system.

Glenn Beck on Burning Chase

In an interview last week with Max Keiser about his burning bank paintings, Schaefer said:

“I don’t hate the banks, but I do perceive them now to be criminals.”
Schaefer also claimed to have other burning bank paintings in the works that will depict more Chase branches, a Bank of America, and a Citibank on fire. He plans to display the series of burning bank images at a February show called “Disaster Capitalism.”

Keiser referred Schaefer as the “Cezanne of Arson.“ Schaefer countered ”Maybe the Monet.”

34 comments on “Glenn Beck Attacks the ‘Cezanne of Arson,’ Claims Banking Fraud is Capitalism and Plugs Keiser Report
  1. alanborky says:

    Stacy, maybe this’s why caper movies and criminals’ve always been a huge component of successful Hollywood movies – because everyone there secretly thinks that’s what capitalism – the American Dream! – is: filling your boots with complete impunity, and just generally being a law unto yourself.

  2. AlterEgoTrip says:

    Anyone remember a time when you sell your own product, and didn’t go around whacking the competition because you wanted to remain the only source?

    Its been a while since that happened, hope it comes back into style when those predatory dinos start dying off. Corporate whores such as Glen Beck have allot to answer to, if they believe that these large too big to fail banks are “capitalists”, but when he claims that a painter is a “commie” because of what he paints.. he should look at those damned murals they have over in the Denver International Airport and Chase Manhattan and then see the violence that is within the hearts of those who enjoy their place in power.

    I mean there are artists who are creating “art” using the skull of a baby embedded with pink diamonds and then being bought up by banks.. at least Chase could be a sport and buy Alex’s art and make some kind of statement such as, “we are sorry that we had to go so far to complain about him.. and we are sorry he’s been having problems with the police due to our interference..”

  3. omadeon says:

    As a libertarian socialist who believes in Cooperatives I am disgusted by Glen Beck’s insidious use of typical good old anti-socialism in the states to stir up bigotted sentiments against YOUR sense of “capitalism”.

    We are not going to be tricked by meanings of words. I support Max Keiser not because he believes in a “decent capitalism” (which is his respected choice) but because he istands firmly on the side of TRUTH, against banksters’ lies. However, WHAT type of society will emerge after bankster-regimes are overthrown, is OUR business, NOT theirs. WE will negotiate, with each other, when the time comes, what kind of democratic structure our work and our societies will follow. And there is a place for many such structures, if they respect democratic principles. The word “socialism” is NOT a bad word, however.

  4. Petes says:

    Added this comment over there on The Blaze:
    Actually guys – who said the artist is anti-capitalist? – only the author of this article. His statement, if you listen to the whole interview, is that the financial institutions are metaphorically on fire because of their abandonment of real capitalism and preferring to use too-big-too-fail, bail-out, loss of moral hazard financing instead. Government protection of unethical banking isn’t capitalism, its fascism.

    To add: Alex Schaefer seems to me to be a pro-capitalist and a very smart one at that. Bet the current administration didn’t have to send him $59B of tax payer money to stay afloat.

  5. conspiracycow says:

    Now you understand MetLife. Nobody is going to light Snoopy on fire… at least I hope so. Anyone that tries that, I’m gonna run you down in a Plymouth Road Runner Superbird! … once Max gives me the keys to the one he’s hiding.

    Where’s Rocky and Bullwinkle when we need ’em?

  6. Steve_D says:

    Glen Beck is irrelevant anyway, he’s an Alex Jones wanna be who sold out long ago to the wire tapping, email snooping, police bribing, purveyors of lies and filth in the Murdoch Family Empire.

  7. omadeon says:

    We need a WIDE FRONT against the banksters.
    We need “capitalists” like you and “socialists” like my friends and I.
    A friend of mine owns a business, with about 60 employees. His greatest desire has been to transform this business into a cooperative. Unfortunately the employees tend to… disagree. Cooperative socialism is RESPONSIBILITY, above all; it’s NOT statism.
    However, my friend’s income is hardly twice the income of his best-paid engineer. He lives like a worker, although formally he is an employer. THIS is why his business has flourished, till now; because he relies on QUALITY of work of WELL-paid employees.

    I am glad I don’t live in the States, because we dont have such antiquated Cold-War type of anti-communism here in Greece, to bully us. We ALREADY have the type of Large, Wide People’s Front against the banksters, that should exist everywhere else, but the only thing we lack is a formal organisation expressing it. Our main radical economist Dimitris Kazakis supports firmly the idea of this Wide Popular Front and has founded, together with others, an organisation expressing it…

  8. Billy Bodean says:

    man, reading the comments on that blog scared the hell out of me. So much hate speech.

    “I have a better painting in mind I’d like to see a painting of dead communists yes every communist is just dead,now that would be a masterpiece.”

    i mean, im not a communist by any means, but killing people because of their beliefs? i mean cmon, those people need some education….and some compassion….

  9. aaah says:

    Schaefer said he felt closer to Monet than Cezanne.
    Monet did multiples of the same subject during different
    times of the day. I’d like to see a night version of Chase Burning.
    I saw some comments below the article and find
    some of them to be typical art illiterates.
    Some of them think this painting can be done by their
    kid or whatever. Schaefer has talent and your kid
    will not be able to get the perspective down so nicely
    as Schaefer did. He’s an extremely good painter, great
    composition, color and of course, subject matter.
    Art illiterates think this is so easy until they try it.
    Schaefer has skill and an eye and I hope we see a lot more from him.

  10. L T P says:

    All this swine can think of when he sees Alex’s masterpieces is Beavis (of Beavis & Butthead fame) shouting over again and again “Fire! Fire! Fire!!” and the oldie-but-goodie “Disco Inferno” tune.
    We the Choir can then proceed with Gene Burnett’s “Jump, you fuckers” as a reprise. For now, where’s the Fat Lady? We need her at the stage. OINK!!

  11. aaah says:

    Oh and if Schaeffer takes requests….
    For your consideration….
    A surreal portrait of Uncle Sam with a 3-headed alien
    ripping out from deep within his chest.
    The 3 heads are Jaimie Dimon, Bernanke and Blankfein.
    How about a nude portrait of Blythe Masters
    with her fake tits on fire!
    (Bernanke=Burn Yankee- mix paint with the dead cremated ashes
    of the Fed’s victims).

  12. Castillion says:

    Alex Schaefer, the “Monet” of our times…. ! WE WANT MORE….!

  13. tsuki says:

    Comment on site:

    “looks like the LA roits”

    What’s a roit? Can I haz a roit?

  14. conspiracycow says:

    Max and Stacy… you are both officially punk after posting my comment.

    There might be hope for you guys:-)

  15. conspiracycow says:

    and the dk one made it too… Thanks Max and Stacy…. don’t post this one you PuNKS

  16. I just bought I think I might auction off the domain and give the money to charity… in silver of course.

    Dave Harrison


    Better yet… it could be an online art dealer. A 24/7/365 virtual riot where no one gets arrested, but instead overpriced art is sold to Hedge Funds that are shorting bank stocks to decorate their offices and the money is sent to homeless people in exchange for promising to live on the sidewalk in front of a TBTF bank… hey, it’s a living.

  18. YoLithos says:

    Art affects people. It offers them portals into other perceptions, and forces them to face their own. Even bad art does that, and Schaeffer’s insn’t bad, not by a far cry. It isn’t extremist either. If anything, considering the subject matter, it is incredibly restrained and in very good taste. What about those ’50s to ’70s paintings of cultural consumer icons being blazed – usually against a desert backgroud? Motorcycles, convertibles, diners … ?

  19. Flopot says:

    “Anti-Capitalist” is probably a new way of saying “pinko commie b**t**d”. Just the corporatist spin machine engaging in pre-emptive attacks. It is similar to attacking any criticism of Israel’s Palestinian policy as “anti-semitic”. And you will never know if they really believe that or are merely cynical. Is “Cynical & Nuts” worse than “Evil & Not Nuts”?

  20. …. the concept is mushrooming… maybe I’ll buy and we’ll launch a chain of clothing stores with built-in fire extinguishers in the seat of the pants. Does Lloyd like pleats or plain fronts?

    There’s….…chf-burning there’s no end to the virtual burning that could be done. If Two & A Half Men doesn’t work out for Ashton Kutcher, maybe he can do a TV show called…. Burn My Ride, where people burn their cars in the street in front of the TBTF banks…. virtually of course.

  21. JailBanksters says:

    re: Beck
    OMG, I’ve slipped into an Alternate Universe AGAIN. In this Universe Beck is still an Idiot and still wrong, except he’s 180 degrees out of phase with the Beck in the Universe I just came from.

  22. MIKE/CANADA says:

    Beck , did not start crying as he talk about the painting?

  23. Dark Markets says:

    well said, Stacy!
    To get a sense of what sort of moron still listens to Beck these days, it’s worth clicking on the link to the Keiser Report clip below to read their comments and to gain an understanding of what former Republican operative Mike Lofgren describes as the low information apocalyptic cult that is the modern day Murdoch-engineered Republican party. Also notice that he mentions it was a German that bought the ‘big bucks’ art work but Beck fails to explain to this low information audience that, of course, an American could never afford the ‘big bucks’ artwork . . . precisely because, thanks partly to his actions, the U.S. is very far from operating under a capitalist system.

    unfortunately, it is far worse than merely Glenn Beck playing to this “apocalyptic…low information… moron” culture….

    Let’s call it what it is, this is RACE and CLASS BASED HATEMONGERING –
    and it is being perpetrated not only by Glenn Beck and his former employer, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox noise empire… but by the “MAINSTREAM MEDIA” as well, the heavy-hitter “OPINION MAKERS” besides Fox being the cnn/Time/WARNER Hollywood media empire, the Sulzberger NY Times, the Meyer/Graham Washington Post (and many 2nd tier influence shapers, including Sam Zell’s Chi Trib & LA Times & FL ‘Sun’ papers, and most of the cable & TV networks)

    Besides WHIPPING UP a nationwide climate of IGNORANCE and HATE, the above ‘news’ organizations have something else in common…their owners are of a certain ‘minority faith’ that spent the entire 5 decades after WWII decrying the fact that that identical kind of HATE & IGNORANCE PROPAGANDA was propagated in 1930s Germany!

  24. Dark Markets says:

    note: GUESS who gave Beck his FIRST national audience gig?? It wasn’t Murdoch & Fox! It wuz… SO-CALLED “liberal” CNN, which snatched IGNORANCE SPOUTING “shock jock” Beck out of his local radio show, and gave him a NATIONAL, cnn audience!
    They may have PRETENDED they were OUTRAGED when they fired Beck later (he then went to Fox) but they knew what they were doing – promoting & broadcasting an ignorance-spouting shock jock to a national audience, helping to DEFLECT REAL ATTENTION AWAY from vast crimes on Wall St & among “the elites” (in con-gress, big biz, big media – e.g. Murdoch’s phone taping scandals – and elsewhere).

  25. kdt says:

    after reading the coments at the other end of That link , I have decided to hire a lawer to change my starus to greencard resedent. (the gov seems to like them better antway)
    I can no longer stand to be part of this!!!!!! have none of those tards EVER seen a actual painting with brush work ? or had one single thought of ther own? wtf that was grotesque. i feel like i need to wash my eyes after reading that. sewage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Rumcajs says:

    How do I paint a dirty beast buried under the rubble of a creche struck by an earth quake and show that all the childern and a lesbian worker escaped unharmed? I think this art theme would sell in Ireland.

  27. I have said it before and I will say it again “We Are Fucked”. Judging by the comments the populous still believes that giving fraudulent banks unlimited amounts of debt that is later transferred to the tax payers’ back is in no way capitalistic. Hyperinflationary (for needed survival and life goods) depression will be the only way people will be shaken from their slumber. Even then, these same delusional fucks will call for a dictator in the end. Ain’t this grand?
    I’ll keep stacking.

  28. DaVid says:

    Glenn Fuck is a Nazi wanna-be Jew. Like a lot of fundies, they kiss up to the Zionists think and praying that if the Jews fulfill their destiny that they, the fundies, will achieve Rapture et al.

  29. AlterEgoTrip says:

    P.S. (aside from thank you Stacy) I just checked over my information about the murals painted I mentioned to see if my memory was still functioning, and I am surprised that no one is up in arms over pictures of children laying in coffins.. armies of faceless gasmask wearing monsters threatening people.. but they are going to get all up in arms about one painting of a bank in flames? Unreal! Oh and I have to correct my inaccuracy, it was in fact the Bank of America Corporate Centre, that had very strange murals.. which echoed the style and content of the Denver Airport murals.

    This is art that the tax payers have paid for, is Glen Beck saying that its better because a bank took money, at no interest from the fed and made tax payers foot the bill to buy their “art”, this is why no “American” could by Alex’s works then.. their money had been already used by these banks.

  30. VTEC_just_kicked_in_YO! says:

    First post here. Been reading Max for about a year now. Hi Max and Stacy. Love your site and show.

    Anyway, I wanted to go over and school Glenn’s commenters on what the real Patriot movement is all about, and how they’ve all been lead astray by a pied piper, but the user’s agreement was way too restrictive. I don’t want Glenn’s minions having my real name or an email address on file.

    I feel sorry for them, because they aren’t researching the info for themselves. At least the duped commenters who aren’t either bots or Beck employees.

    They don’t know the difference between this “capitalism” creature we’re all supposed to be devoted to, and the system of FREE ENTERPRISE the founders envisioned. They are fighting for the wrong cause, and don’t even know it.

    And defending Chase? Like the Rockafellers are a benevolent, caring bunch as pure as the driven snow or something. Laughable.

  31. dave matherly says:

    People, the ‘complaint’ was the typical greetings LIE.
    Nobody complained.
    The cops drove by, slowed down, came around the block, and decided to say hi.

    They’re trained to LIE their way into a confrontation.
    This is legal. This is their training.
    But you lie to them, you get time.

  32. dan says:

    this is for AlterEgoTrip. i know alex, he has done portraits of me, clare, and our son and these are some of my absolute favorite paintings. i heard about this story as it developed and i still haven’t stopped laughing. after this painting was finished, alex put it up on e-bay and everyone we know followed the bids as they went higher and higher. when the auction closed at that ridiculously high number, it completely vindicated the working man having control of the product of his work. alex did the work, alex marketed and sold it, and except for some minor taxes, alex gets to keep the money. hurrah! corporate subsidized art, in any form, is thievery. if you don’t believe me, ask any company of which you are a shareholder if it would be ok for you to hang a subsidized piece in your living room for a year or so. trust me, it’ll never happen. FUCK THE CORPORATIONS. ( find yourself a few artists you like and buy their work directly from them. done right, even the taxes will be low. this is not capitalism[boo-hiss] this is free enterprise {hip-hip hurrah] )

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