Rahm Emanuel wants to legalize drugs, prostitution and gambling in Chicago to ‘help’ the economy

28 comments on “Rahm Emanuel wants to legalize drugs, prostitution and gambling in Chicago to ‘help’ the economy
  1. Marc Authier says:

    For once, he’s is absolutely right ! It would the business of the police, these bastards and Correction Corp of America, these CIA bastards. Bravo Rahm ! Seriously. It is a real good idea. Legalize and tax drugs. Absolutely.

  2. Angelo says:

    Great policies for a fairer society. No, I am serious.

  3. PewDead says:

    Emanuel for president 2012!

  4. PewDead says:

    Bread and games, bitchez!

  5. BladeMcCool says:

    Drug prohibition is a waste of resources. Same for prostitution and gambling prohibition. Find a way to get some revenue from the legal sales of this stuff while at the same time putting the current black market operators out of business. Any side effects from allowing these activities should be dealt with in a public health way. If heroin was legal do you know anyone that would go out and start shooting up just because it was legal now? Me neither. But for those that are gonna keep shooting up, I’d rather they have access to cheap clean supply so they can stop breaking into neighbors car and focus on getting their lives together rather than focusing on how they are going to score their next fix.

  6. Robert Mockan says:

    Drugs, prostitutes, and gambling, would not even occur to me to want to do if I have poor finances in bad economic times. My first concern would be for my family. If I were single my first concern would be to reduce my debt, not waste money, and try to save what I could. If I had any respect for Emanuel before his suggestion, it would be gone now.
    Are these politicians completely insane?

  7. Rob says:

    Rahm Balls – a recipe.

    swiftly slice off Rahm’s balls, gently saute in butter and garlic, dill and pork fat, as he bleeds to death. Serve the dish to his mother with a nice glass of Ciante….Hvvvvvvvv.

  8. Angelo says:

    @Robert Mockan, do you have a white stick? You are so very good.

    His friend Mary the prostitute and his miracle of water to wine. Even the Book accepts these realities.

    I am wondering how narrow your perspective is. Your acquaintance with poverty.

  9. Angelo says:

    @Robert Mockan, Perhaps you are, in the flavor of “the importance of being Ernest” feeling that the lower classes really do need to set a better example.

  10. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Angelo

    Accepting reality, and wallowing in vice, are not the same. An individual response to poverty of selling or using drugs, offering or accepting prostitution, and being the player or book maker in gambling, is not constructive. Any way measured or attempting to justify. Having said that, I also do not believe the state has anything legitimate to say about any victimless “crime”, or that such should even be defined as a “crime”. So what exactly is Emanuel doing implying he wants to legalize vice? He wants to tax activities that are none of the states business to be involved in at all. THAT is state sponsored racketeering.

  11. Angelo says:

    @Robert Mockan,

    I could argue the constructive aspects of many legal and illegal stimulants. You could argue that selling food to a fatty is a crime.

    Lets simplify and say that what you are proposing is Fascist or a nanny state and what I would like is the liberty to do as I please, when it is harming no one else.

    Wether it is having my partner nail my scrotum to a table or drinking a glass of wine.

    Who will pen the restrictive book to tell me how I must behave in my own privacy? They are the enemy.

    Prohibition is a creatrix of organized crime.

    BladeMcCool has already stated the only workable scenario taught by history.

  12. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Angelo

    A bit more qualification might be interesting.

    Selling drugs- the street seller is at the bottom of a distribution network. Their cost is much inflated over the actual manufacturing cost. They also have to distribute. Every analysis of the reward to risk ratio reveals selling drugs at the street level on average is making less than minimum wage, while risking incarceration for an indefinite time.
    Not smart. Now let us say the activity is legalized. Where is the profit margin for the state, if ordinary business cost and profit structure are applied? There is none! Drugs are actually very cheap to manufacture. Legal distribution would entail so little profit one might as well give them away. By keeping them illegal the jobs for police and other law enforcement are maintained. What Emanuel is suggesting, to legalize drugs, would have a net effect of INCREASING unemployment. And if the state increased the profit margin to what corrupted state officials would seek, thinking they could get the same profit they perceive for distribution in the illegal drug market, THAT is state sponsored racketeering. The people in the street are not going to benefit, in any case.

    Buying drugs- any chemical ingested is not going to improve on the healthy function of the body or mind. Want to “feel” better? Even simple mental exercises can enable feeling better without drugs. One technique to accomplish this even without mental discipline? The flotation tank, that I do have experience with. It enables deep introspection to help solve problems, rapid learning of any subject, deep seating memory of subjects studied so one does not forget, the recognition and elimination of conditioning by social institutions attempting to control what one thinks, and so on. IF any jobs are available, an individual using the flotation tank for the purpose of learning how to do the job, even before being hired, would vastly improve their chances of employment. Is that not more constructive than what the idiot Emanuel is suggesting, to legalize vice?

    Prostitution- a victimless “crime”. The state has no business being involved in the selling side. Income can be taxed, like any income. That is it. If anything pimps need to be put out of business.
    The state also has no business being involved with the buyer, in any way. When the state says they want to legalize a practice, that means it wants to regulate it. To control it. Again, where is the profit margin for the state? Does it want to pimp? Will not happen.
    There is NOTHING the state can do to make it a NET win for raising revenue by being involved in any way with prostitution. And if it were legalized, there go all the law enforcement jobs. It would be a net loss for employment for the state to legalize this vice, and it would not help the people in the street in any constructive way.
    Emanuel is an idiot to think otherwise.

    Gambling? Long term the book maker wins, the player loses. If the state takes over the function of book maker, how does that help the citizens of the city or state? You have a pile of money in a debt based monetary system. Legalizing gambling does not make the pile bigger. It does consolidate more wealth into the hands of the state. How long do you think it would be before the salaries of state employees, at the executive level, would be raised once there was a revenue stream from state sponsored gambling? The track record is clear for EVERY government that tries to increase cash flow from vice.
    It just gets corrupted FASTER.

  13. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Angelo

    You said: “..I would like is the liberty to do as I please, when it is harming no one else.”

    I agree with what you said, and it should apply to every body. Sometimes I tend to say lots but what I mean gets lost in translation. We probably think very much alike about liberty.

  14. Kwai Chang says:

    tell the ballerina that he’s in gangsta-central…
    like any of that is his call…he don’t know much about crime…
    it is secondary to such political genius…
    and much is beyond the reach of any political leverage…
    even a dual citizenship to isreal and a pair of point shoes…
    pirouette little mossad agent…
    (then get back on your own corner)

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    well it is a great idea that will economize resources…
    I’m willing to find a real job if it happens in California…

  16. Angelo says:

    @Robert Mockan,


    Liberty… That’s what this is about.

    I am seeing that you are focused on state revenue and I concur to some degree. I suspect that some “prohibited substances” that are as widely used as popular accepted substances may well match the revenues if de-prohibited. How much revenue from our tobacco or alcohol choices?

    But guess what, I would slash the taxes also. Agreed, this is no economic solution.

    I must confess little knowledge of Mr Emanuel. If he follows Amsterdam’s script, it could turn out well. They have been running the above for real for many decades. All reports seem positive, It’s a great place to visit, if only for the museums. I feel it has had a liberalizing effect across europe.

    Instead of suspicious types in hoods on dingy street corners, its smiling service in swanky bistro’s overlooking the picturesque rivers. Exactly like after prohibition and alcohol. Vice or the spice of life? Variety.

    Glad to join you to champion liberty.

  17. Kwai Chang says:

    CIA/Big Pharma will kill any such attempts on the drug end…
    (this is the real profit zone…HW’poppy’Bush controls ALL)
    why do you think he’s called poppy(hint: papaver somniferum)

  18. YoLithos says:

    “All, all, Honest Businessmen”. I wonder if he’s a Star Trek (original series) fan?

  19. User2323 says:

    In a fiat-currency export-based economy all of these account balance shenanigans are just fictions. I don’t know why anybody would believe any of this.

  20. Sirius Black says:

    Excellent policies all.

    I’m just concerned that he’ll renege on every single promise, like his old boss did.

  21. farang says:

    And so….what’s the bad news?

  22. Christophe says:

    This looks like typical politician BS, as in the words are good and the promises encouraging, but in fact the dickwad is not in any position to actually enact them (uh, an American mayor is going to legalize all this stuff, and the rest of the establishment is going to let him?)

    As if he’s going to turn out any different than his lying-sack-of-shit ex-boss Obama, as if it’s worth paying attention to what any of these professional liars and script readers is promising us, this time around (including Ron Paul, as always : P )…

  23. Angelo says:

    @Christophe, you never know, necessity is the father of invention. Stranger things are happening.

  24. Kwai Chang says:

    (that’s funny stuff)

  25. acudoc says:

    I wonder if Rahm Emmanuel has ever held a job outside of the government.

  26. Christophe says:

    And history repeats itself, by design.

    I agree that it is possible that RP is ‘fer reals’, but unfortunately I’d say it’s less than 1% likely. I’ve listed before some of the reasons why I think it is so unlikely (he doesn’t question 9/11, doesn’t talk of putting Bush/Obama in prison, doesn’t talk of protest, seems ideally suited, as a pseudo-libertarian, to cut massively into the programs people depend on, etc.), but more than anything, it is supremely foolish (and lazy) to think that some individual will be able to fix our massively and monstrously corrupt system, all by himself.

    People say RP is being shunned by the media, when in fact he shows up on Fox news and gets glorified as an outsider ‘the establishment doesn’t want’ by all of them (left and right).

    It is just so unlikely, and in any case, the fact remains: they will just kill the guy (like they did JFK), if indeed he turns out to be ‘real’. Our only option is revolt, at this point.

  27. User2323 says:

    Whoops I meant “import-based economy” up there above.

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