[KR171] Keiser Report – False Flag Finance

We interview Teri Buhl.

53 comments on “[KR171] Keiser Report – False Flag Finance
  1. Alastair Carnegie says:

    Oxymoron Time! for Oxy-Morons…”A Jobless Recovery”.

  2. Charles A. Robinson says:

    Good news, very good news! To jail JP Morgan, crash, crash, crash! AH , Ha, Ha, Haaaaa!

  3. Sammy says:

    Does Teri know who tried to pay off the EMC whistleblower in the rmbs investor fraud suit against Bear/ JP Morgan? Doubt the lawyers would risk it but Mike Neirenberg , former Bear head trader for Alt-A rmbs, would do something like this. It’s kind of scary Mike has a big job at BofA now but then at least his stock options are tanking today so maybe he’s feeling some pain.
    Great Interview Max but do think JPM will really have to pay $10 billion for Bear Stearns crimes?

  4. alfazedz says:

    Totally off topic: Man-Bear-Pig Algore calls for good old-fashioned groupthink (“shared consciousness”) to convince the sheeple that AGW is real, as he shouts expletives at the Aspen Institute. This has become (even more) comical. If he shouts just a little louder and uses a few more expletives, I may be convinced.


  5. MirrorMirror says:

    ‘Banker puppet govt + police brutality + betrayed youth = London riots’


    5 mins.

  6. Henk says:

    $1 Billion bet in July of US downgrade brings questions of insider information


  7. Ooh! The Triple F Rating. Nice one Keizer.

  8. Youri Carma says:

    โ€œAt this rate, we can see $1,800, $1,850 (an ounce) in a matter of weeks,โ€ Zeman said.

  9. Omega Pointing says:

    I hope China pays attention to Mr Max. Come closer. Listen to me. Do not trust the British with your Gold!!!!

  10. don middleton says:

    What, pray tell, do negative real interest rates portend?
    How is return on invested “capital” (savings or, more likely, debt) calculated?
    Think global! Debt saturation.
    How can the global system achieve maximun debt “carrying capacity”?
    How can the global system maintain the “optimum” debt level?
    Face it, hu_mans need to be in debt to some degree, in order to maximize their “economic” potential.
    Debt therefore is a given. Accept it.

    Or, less than maximal potential of each “economic” entity is the rule where those with more gold reach higher potential and those with no gold go to hell.

  11. don middleton says:

    Have you ever looked up into a moonless, cloudless night sky and realized just how SURREAL reality is?

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    @DM .. moonless night

    Yes, very often.
    We are obviously an experiment financed by the mice .
    And guess what , the long overdue intergalactic highway is near.

    ‘was in S.England last week … on a clear night, ‘saw a meteorite which suddenly exploded quite close ( maybe 30 miles away).
    Big explosion .. no sound , just light.

  13. jimmy chen says:

    oooooo yeah…. dhat teri is a Hottie…. wearrry….. she is some fortune cookie…. usuarry jimmy no rike de zaftig ones but dhis teri is smart and woo wooooo


  14. jimmy chen says:


    hey dude hope good day

    you’ll see 1850 by thursday at this rate


  15. jimmy chen says:



  16. Youri Carma says:

    @jimmy chen

    Had some happy days …. bit surprised by S&P’s downgrade tough which shook up the world now for a while but for how long?

    Next week there’s a stockmarket rebound and the sheople will be brought to sleep again but at least they’ll know it’s serious shit now. No denying anymore.

  17. don middleton says:

    @M^2, did you see this? http://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/montreal-lightning-storm-extremely-unusual/
    When i “feel” surreal, events occur for “me”……emotion seems to do it too.

  18. Hรฅvard says:

    Really interesting. I hope JP Morgue get their balls squeezed till they pop!

  19. Youri Carma says:

    Goldman’s Take: “Fed Returns To Monetary Easing”

    Moreover, the committee effectively signaled an easing bias saying that it discussed “the range of policy tools necessary to promote a stronger economic recovery” and that it “is prepared to employ these tools as appropriate.” In our view, this leaves open the possibility of further asset purchases (“QE3”) should the economic outlook deteriorate further from here.

  20. janus says:

    Dear Teri,

    If i recall correctly, i’ve seen your name floating around these-here comment sections; and if you’re the sweet-thing who posted that darling little zen-thing about the bird and the cat and all that, well janus apologizes – fully. I was only funnin’. I’m all about the zen; can’t get enough of the stuff in fact — in fact i’m ordering more of it as we speak…long the zen. and if that wasn’t you, then forget everything i just said.

    but i have something far more important to discuss with you, your very name may be at stake. you see, in the far-off yesteryear, janus knew a girl by the name of buhl (pronounced the same way). her first name began with the letter T (there’s a store down the way from you named for her; or so she claimed), but it’s not important; anyway, you know how girls with that name can be…so, there was this whole ‘buhl’ riding campaign that swept through my little circle — back in the day. such an appelation has a way of sticking; what with the vivid associations and all…and ms. buhl was a looker.

    anyway, i tell you all that to stress how awesome i am, in that i would never, ever make such associations about you. janus is a gentleman, and he is determined to check the advance of such randy tomfoolery. i just won’t brook it, my lady.

    and, by the way, you’re cute. look kinda exotic, in a good way. we don’t get a lot of that around here — the climate and culture is not conducive to the exotic-hotty types.

    so you’re an attorney, huh? i’m thinking about filing suit against Evil; can you accomodate?


    …and every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me/
    a tiny little gift to me,

  21. Youri Carma says:

    QEIII ๐Ÿ˜† Yeah, baby, yeah!

  22. Youri Carma says:



    * It could return what appears to have been its most potent conventional tool, another round of large-scale asset purchases.

    * It could make a smaller move, such as deliberately restocking its balance sheet to emphasize longer maturities, pushing down longer-term interest rates.

    * Cement commitments to low rates and easy money in ways that might free up buying, building and hiring. One such initiative might be to bolster its promise to maintain rates low for an extended period; a second might be to promise to keep its much-expanded balance sheet large for an extended period.

    Most analysts believe a communications measure or rebalancing of the Fed’s portfolio is the most likely first step and that more bond buying would only occur if conditions worsened significantly.

    * Setting explicit targets for inflation or price levels. A firm inflation target would strengthen confidence that the Fed won’t let inflation get out of hand; a price level target would give the Fed more leeway to spur growth while keeping inflation in check.

    * The Fed could lower the interest rate it pays banks on excess reserves, forcing banks to lend the money to obtain higher rates of return.

    * Effectiveness questions: although a study by Fed economists said large-scale asset programs lowered rates on 10-year Treasury bills by between .30 of a percentage point and 1 percentage point, impact is a subject of heated debate.

    * Lower interest rates: by weighting the Fed’s portfolio to longer-dated maturities, buying more bonds, the Fed would be pushing down longer term rates even more, thus encouraging borrowing and hopefully, spending, investing, and hiring.

  23. Rusty says:

    so that’s it, isnt it.. amidst all this CHAOS, which sets the scene for the next stage of bank robbery, Greece is being plundered, all property taken!

    poverty forever for the Greeks

    whos next.

  24. Robert Mockan says:

    @ MirrorMirror

    The article about Soros divesting his SPDR gold ETF did not mention that when he took the proceeds and invested in the gold mining companies, he was leveraging his share ownership of physical gold in the ground at more than 10 to 1. All the gold mining companies are vastly undervalued when share value is calculated as a function of the gold resources they own. Soros knows also that within a few years most, if not all, of gold mining will be automated with newer equipment that will reduce the cost of gold ore mining and processing of the metal to a fraction of the present cost. And finally, the companies he invested in are not dominated in USD costs for their mining operations. The author made the association that Soros selling his SPDR investment caused other investors to sell their gold investments,
    and he tried to convey the idea that Soros is selling because he thinks gold is in a bubble and will crash. You can draw your own conclusions about what the author was really up to with that piece of fluff, and how much he gets paid under the table shilling for his masters. He may have a visible job that seems legitimate, but for him to write what he did reveals he is a collaborator with the enemy.

  25. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Rusty

    The Greeks need to take and hold the damn armories! And get as many military and police to back them. Otherwise they are letting their land be stolen from them.

    We had people in the this country hundreds of years ago who understood exactly what is happening in Greece. The central banks today are in collusion, and what the banks in this country were trying to do hundreds of years ago, is now being done to Greece through the ECB and IMF.

    “[The] Bank of the United States… is one of the most deadly hostility existing, against the principles and form of our Constitution… An institution like this, penetrating by its branches every part of the Union, acting by command and in phalanx, may, in a critical moment, upset the government. I deem no government safe which is under the vassalage of any self-constituted authorities, or any other authority than that of the nation, or its regular functionaries. What an obstruction could not this bank of the United States, with all its branch banks, be in time of war! It might dictate to us the peace we should accept, or withdraw its aids. Ought we then to give further growth to an institution so powerful, so hostile?”

    – President Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin, in 1803.

  26. Mother Earth says:

    Is Teri for a moral excape pod? We need cryptoforums, what about wikileaks?

    US is a junkie crach whore http://youtu.be/y7NssWHmObo

  27. Flopot says:

    Great show, great guest
    Max n Stacy at their best

  28. teri buhl says:

    Janus I am not an attorney. I am a journalist. I have an accounting degree and biz experience before I became a journalist four years ago. It is that background that helps me find financial fraud in balance sheets and understand , or try too, what is really going on in financial stories and narket trends. I have written for a lot of major publications and currebtly break most of my stories for dealflow media…a great trade publication that prints investigative news and market trends.
    Are u surprised jpm and team tried to bribe a witness?

  29. Flopot says:


    “Are u surprised jpm and team tried to bribe a witness?”

    That is what KR is all about – surprising (and shocking) people with just how corrupt the banksters have become. And I did try not to end that last sentence with become. Doh!

  30. janus says:

    not at all; rather, i’m shocked the old boy is still walkin above ground.

    are you surprised that i’m not intimidated by intelligent women? you should be, it was a shocking development for me to undergo.

    you may have a new fan on your hands (or in your hands, we’ll let this thing play out nice and slow); as ‘shocking’ is sort of my idiom…


    will you be shocking us in the very near?

  31. janus says:

    I just thought of something you could possibly help ole janus with. I recently watched a documentary (luvs me some docs) called Trader about this guy named paul tudor jones. well, i confess, i’ve seen it five times in the last 48 hours.

    suffice it to say, i’ve had a bit of the ole revelatory experience. and since i have an advantage having seen and heard you (yum!), if you’d like to get a sense of what ole janus is like when he’s ridin high on life, mr. jones is, i sadly confess, the ugly mirror in the bright light of day for yours truly. now, i have all my hair and i suspect i’m a bit taller, but that’s about the cadence and accent of my speech. it was eerie. anyway, beyond the whole who’s-that-lookin -back-at-me thing, i’ve decided to learn all i can about this trading stuff.

    so my point with all this is: do you know anything about the guy? i can’t dig up too much, he’s not really a spotlight hound — Trader notwithstanding. i like to investigate personalities, too.

    PS. I’ll also confess that i feel your current profession THE most vital of any society — democratic or no — and the one you departed the most ignoble brood of vipers to ever slither out from under their slimy rocks — no offense. So, in my estimation, you’ve swung from one end of the ethical spectrum to the other — and you’ve done it in the right order (instead of cynically corrupting, you’re growing and improving)…good show.

    I currently subscribe to Harpers, NY Review of Books, VF, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and a few others it may be difficult to explain (but it’s for the right reasons); but they’ve all let me down.

    Don’t go breakin my heart.

  32. independant says:

    isn’t there an 20mt emp device detonated 200 mile above ground to cover a continent?
    whatever the goons pull this time, for sure it’ll take down ur interwebs
    suxnet II, nuclear overload eww
    nice prediction max, my own dots thinks before anniversary of 911, but i hope not. i would prefer that i’m just a bit depressed

  33. Al Kyder says:

    @ teri buhl |

    Thanks for bring this to our attention. I also hope that someone will trust the US legal system enough to stand up.

    @maxkeiser & stacyherbert

    “…and so it begins…”

    J.P. Morgue are now firmly in our sights —–BTFD SLA —–

    ้‡œ ๅบ• ๆŠฝ ่–ช Steal The Firewood From Under the Pot

    When faced with an enemy too powerful to engage directly you must first weaken him by undermining his foundation and attacking his source of power.

    Legendary Era Japan

    Japan’s ancient hero Yamato Takeru was one of the……….

  34. jimmy chen says:

    @ teri buhl

    herro hope good day.

    me a humble noodle purveyor and casino (regal one not one of dhese irregal joints) operator and de chenmeister, dhat me, tink you are a quite de rooker….. smart too and daht is a good for de jimmy. me no tink my 6 wives would mind you at all….


  35. CJ_Walker says:

    So. . .I live in Japan and get paid with Yen, etc. . .Should I be buying Silver too? Cant really afford gold as its 136,05670 yen (1,360 dollars) I mean I could hope that the Japanese stop bailing out the U.S. but when QE3 rolls around the Japanese might still”bail out” the U.S.

  36. Al Kyder says:

    @Robert Mockan |
    @ MirrorMirror
    The article about Soros divesting his SPDR ……but for him to write what he did reveals he is a collaborator with the enemy.

    Thanks for that nice work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. SilverCondom says:

    A jobless recovery is called a COVER-UP!

    Call a spade a spade.

  38. bones says:

    the next 20 days shall tell a very interesting tale..

  39. Liz S says:

    Teri is a real live reporter. No kidding.

  40. David says:

    If you haven’t listened to this don’t miss a word of it:
    Bob Chapman Reviews Market Takedown

  41. farang says:

    British economy shows stunning growth:
    “U.K. sales of aluminum bats up 5000%”

    Ca-THUNK: “Bobbie” has headache, and is thinking twice about defending Cameron’s goal of Zionist banking supremacy while he takes pay and pension cuts….. “Bashed his head in with my Louiseville slugger….” Eminem

    Wait until US neighborhoods decide to band together to protect themselves from ALL “authority” bent on stripping them bare…you’ll see the meaning of real FIREPOWER. And I don’t mean baseball bats.

    Meanwhile…until that happy day comes….I am floating on a cloud of silver…with a lining of gold……

    Bwahahahahaha, better hold off on that PM purchase and “think about it” some more….bwahahahahaha. Who knows, *it might be a bubble*…. Suuuure, I’ll sell you my gold and silver for your Zionist fiat buttwipe paper…suuuure I will…..just send Uncle Ben around to print me some up….bwahahahaha….they are now TRAPPED. TRAPPED by their own EXCESSES, GREED and HUBRIS.

    “Gee, we’re broke…better launch another offensive war against Iran!!!”

    Best laugh of the day? Yahoo! headline news (on homepage): “Markets recover on news the Fed won’t raise interest rates!” Bwahahahahaha……as if!!!! Yeah, uh-huh….there was always that threat lingering to unsettle the markets….sheeesh…..Greenspan the Conman would be proud. Indecipherable Greenspanish at it’s best.

    More like: “Uncle Ben and the PPT are busy printing up worthless fiat paper currency to buy up worthless NYSE fiat stock paper to prop up the unproppable!!”

    The Zionists not only took Fundamentals out and beat it to a bloody pulp, now they shot it a dozen times. Exactly HOW can ANY “free market” go UP in a DEPRESSION??? By the magic of Zionist media, that’s how……and *presto*: “jobless recoveries…” Yes, all those unemployed are out shopping with money they don’t have to prop up sales. Makes sense to me….

    Their parasite banking system has broken, again, like it has since the age of the pharaoh and they were run out of Egypt. This is the so-called “Exodus”, where they claim the Egyptians GAVE them all the wealth they pilfered and carried away when tossed out of the country. Read your bible a tad closer if you dare. (the Temple of Amun priests, according to Herodotus, were called “Choen”…. ..you unscramble it: hard “C”)

    Hell, I’ll pay for First Class tickets to Tel Aviv and all the Walmart goodies their grubby mitts can carry with them to Occupied Palestine….(the Palestinians needs something to loot soon) if they’ll leave tomorrow. We’ll redirect the billions “our’ US Traitor congress hands them in Israeli foreign aid to a Palestinian-owned Travel agency to obtain the tickets…and use Palestinian flight crews….and land in Libya, they can bus to Occupied Palestine.

    Their parasite US government officials make policy to enrich themselves that can not be sustained.

    Their parasite “higher education” indoctrination system has mass-produced idiots unable to think for themselves…but burdened by a lifelong crippling debt.

    Their parasite medical system is unaffordable for the masses that need it the most.

    Their parasite judicial system, full of parasite attorneys and judges without compassion or a sense of justice is rightfully perceived as being a force for injustice against the average citizen.

    The body USA is about sucked dry…who will willingly HOST these parasites next?

    Well, 20 “US” congress traitors are on their way to Tel Aviv for summer break……I say do not let them return. Let them man the Wall of Apartheid until the rightful owners show up….with aluminum bats.

    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide….so expect the bloodthirsty parasite cowards to do what they do best: sneaky bombs killing innocents and blaming it on others…watch closely.

    I’ll bet they’ll even shove one up Kwai Chang’s backside and he’ll blame his belly blown open on “Islamic-induced gas.”

    Ask yourselves: How did so many of these people end up owning so many corporations, sports team, multi-million salaries…through hard work? Innovation? Higher IQ?

    Or from unlimited financial backing of the Zionist Federal Reserve bank? Insider info? Or from infiltration and placement of allies in positions of authority through murder, blackmail and bribery?

    Answer? Both. And look around the world: there is the result.

  42. snoop diddy says:

    good to see Teri again ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love the way she names names.

  43. Mother Earth says:

    Stacy lookin good, acoustics could still be warmer, much better setting. A bit less hair over the eyes or more diffuse light from eyelevel? Max was a bit loud for the flow.

  44. Bruce says:

    Teri Buhl brings news on the terri-ble dealings of the shonks.

    Great show and nice to see Teri reporting on the shonky operatives of those in Shonkyland so well.

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