“If you’re not soiling yourself (or at least somewhat concerned) about what’s happening on land, sea and air, then you’re not paying much attention to the omnipresent signs of environmental breakdown.”

89 comments on ““If you’re not soiling yourself (or at least somewhat concerned) about what’s happening on land, sea and air, then you’re not paying much attention to the omnipresent signs of environmental breakdown.”
  1. JonnyJames says:

    When you’re hooked on heroin (or cocaine), you don’t think about the long-term effects. The only thing you can think about is your next fix.

  2. Mark Lytle says:

    The answer to the question is that Humans are multi-cellular bacteria, with religious fantasies of their own importance, to the exclusion of all else.

  3. Kevin Eshbach says:

    Why Do So Many People Believe In The Fantasy Of Infinite Growth On A Finite Planet?

    Because people want to have a slice of the prosperity pie that the previous generations had.

  4. MIKE/CANADA says:

    Hey wheres the cowboy???
    Nice looking dog~

  5. Jack Lee says:

    How sad that Max needs to troll to people who think the environment is dying! It’s much better now, today, than 40 years ago. Remember the Ozone layer?

    How about the cleaning up of the Great Lakes?

    Or the re-growth in the Eastern US forests?

    Remember DDT? We banned that, as well as lead paint.

    Then there is… recycling. An entire industry has grown from zero. Yes, we are far better off today in the environment than we were 40 years ago.

    Of course, none of that matters when you’re pandering for page views. Whatever sticks to the wall is what is important. If yellow trolley cars were important, then we would have article after article about them. Sad. Max, stick to financials – that’s where your expertise lies.

  6. MIKE/CANADA says:

    @Kevin Eshbach
    start with Sigmund freud His child Anna Freud, she did a bang up job with fucking our heads up and developing what we know know as ( ego ) . ” The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence”.
    Consumer Population Manipulation

  7. Michel78 says:

    There are simply way to many people wanting to consume much. We cut to may trees, eat lots of meat, use stuff we do not need etc. etc. etc.

    We are what Mark says: multi-cellular bacteria, with religious fantasies of our own importance. Although I would compare us with the water lily: and we are covering the pond, suffocating the life underneath.

    No carbon tax will fix that.

  8. MIKE/CANADA says:

    @Jack Lee
    Jack lee Nibble , Jack Be quick , sounds like Jack lee has a Bone to pick!

  9. donnydave says:

    Zeitgeist moving forward
    .Skip to 42:00 for chapter 2.The really good stuff starts at around 50:00. One of the best movies you will ever see in your life.It’s a long watch but it puts things into a great perspective.
    Watch it over a couple of nights if you have not got time.You wont regret it!

    PS.Chapter 1 is a difficut watch.Well was for me,but well worth it.

  10. MIKE/CANADA says:

    I have ask , Do You think we ” people ” are ready for Jock fresco Venus project?

  11. JonnyJames says:

    @Mike/Canada, Thanks
    That was Bob Wills, the new gravatar is me dog.

  12. Confused says:

    I know our Ozone layer is still there around the poles, Just maybe it was always there, Must be those polar bears farting 😉

  13. donnydave says:


    And never will be if I am truthfull.I know how evil mankind is,I am ex-army with 3 tours.I am 110% anti-war these days. I highly recommend this book too,
    I have hope Mike,not for perfection as thats beyond ‘us’, I just believe there’ gotta be a better way then this!

  14. MIKE/CANADA says:

    Good looking dog .. Lab ? or setter ?
    Bob wills a tad bit before me ..
    The pic just suited you .,.. straight shooting cowboy!
    Your debates on here are always clear answered and straight to the point . I respect that.

  15. JonnyJames says:

    Cheers! Bob Wills was in my grandfather’s time I am old but not that old. I have been on a Western Swing kick as of late. My dog is a Golden Retriever, my wife picked him, but he is a great dog.
    Since you are from Canada, I must say that Rush is one of my all-time favorite bands.

  16. JonnyJames says:

    Is your gravatar Jack Nicholson?

  17. MIKE/CANADA says:

    “The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East” looks like a good read.
    “’, I just believe there’ gotta be a better way then this!”donnydave
    I,m with you , I bang head against the wall because it makes me sick , to see the actions of people, The greed and corruption is so blatant now. The sock value has completely gone , that’s what scares me the most !

  18. MIKE/CANADA says:

    ( hands you a Cigar! ) Yes Jack Nicholson.. One flew over the coo coo
    Rush .. see them live 12 times . One of my all time Faves too.
    Neil Peart the drummer , there’s a deep thinking guy.

  19. JonnyJames says:

    I saw them just a couple of months ago, and I have seen them at least a dozen times as well – every tour since Signals. Peart’s latest solo was awesome as usual.

  20. MIKE/CANADA says:

    Hey this is realy creepy has any seen this new movie coming out ?
    “In Time Movie” ( Justin Timberlake ) Not that I,m a fan of this jack butt, but its very NWO
    You live by working for time, you can give your over-time to keep others alive or use your time to purchases stuff like a pop would cost you 3 mins of your recorded time. No more time you die..lol

  21. F. Beard says:

    What?! No mention of compound interest that REQUIRES continuous exponential growth?

  22. MIKE/CANADA says:

    ” Moving pitchers “was my 1st live show
    But i would have to say 2112 , hemispheres , permanent waves, Power Windows, would be what i listen to.

  23. MIKE/CANADA says:

    @F Beard ..lol.. so true.

  24. MIKE/CANADA says:

    Hello F Beard , hows your day Night whatever it maybe?

  25. Robert says:

    Getting this planet off its fossil fuel addiction will be extremely difficult. Any country that tries to implement the required changes heads towards political death. The Gillard government in Australia is trying to introduce the Carbon Tax and the backlash will bring her government down. A note to BP , Shell and the big Oil companies please get those shelved energy efficiency patents into public play and act for the sake of the planet and my kids , kids!

  26. bleep says:

    Carbon Tax is fucking stupid. OK so maybe there is 2% good intention there, but really it’s another cynical move. Have a problem? Turn it into a market.

    Now that the financial system is devouring the Earth, the only solutions we have are financial solutions.

  27. I_Can_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @jack lee,
    I don’t see how the environment is getting better. 3 species a day or more dissappearing, megaflora and fauna on the brink with only 20 or 30 pairs left for many examples. I’ve seen the destruction of unique habitat in many places such as Madagascar,Indonesia and Venezuela where I saw 16 separate huge fires for 100’s of miles from a plane-smoke everywhere like the whole world on fire. Virgin rain forest chopped down everywhere not even used as wood to make way for so called eco fuel. The world stretches a little further than the great lakes and N Eastern forests.
    When our grandchildren ask where the largest animal that ever existed went( the blue whale) or the unique aye aye lemur or northern white rhino or snow leopard or yangtze river dolphin(probably already extinct not seen for 8 yrs) or mountain gorilla, What ru going to tell them ? That u have some new growth forests or cleaner air? Great lets have more mono-culture eh?


    As u mention the ozone layer…
    ”With the CFC-ban in place, atmospheric levels of chlorine are beginning to decline and the ozone layer is, we hope, on its way to recovery. If our current scientific understanding of the situation is correct, the ozone hole will start to shrink significantly by around 2018, with full recovery not expected until around 2070. ”

    2070 for godsakes and thats just an estimate is this good??
    Try asking an Aussie or Kiwi what they think of skin cancer and O3.

  28. JonnyJames says:

    Fuck carbon taxes.
    They do not change the laws of physics. or the fact that resources are finite.
    Can’t we have a bit more sophisticated conversation? The MSM has done a great job of dumbing down the population.

  29. Angelo says:

    “Why Do So Many People Believe In The Fantasy Of Infinite Growth On A Finite Planet?”

    A finite planet the surface of which we have barely scratched in a universe in which we are so small that we are virtually lost.

    I must say that from my look at geography v population, and observations during extensive intercontinental travel, there seems to me to be huge areas of the world that are completely uninhabited. This discussion is bogus for this century and we deserve to be snuffed out if we can not figure a way to free ourselves from our embryonic earth. Within the next couple of centuries.

    How many times does the UK land mass fit into the USA or Australia or Canada? Times that by around 60,000,000 and you still will not be at capacity. Most of the UK is countryside with that large population and a 250 people per kilometer density. Apart from India and Monaco the rest of the world has huge room for expansion before reaching there.

    The USA population would have to grow 10 times bigger to around 2.5 billion to catch up with the UK and India. Russia which is virtually twice the size of the USA would have to see a population explosion of over 30 times to do the same. Canada would have to see its population grow by around 100 times.

    And that is just the beginning. For the UK to catch up to Monaco, it’s population would still have to increase over 65 times! That would be virtually 5000 times for Canada’s population. That would give the USA a possible population of 129,746,835,443 give or take a few thousand (about 500 times current population).

    Then there’s the sea, under ground and the universe. Plenty of room.

  30. F. Beard says:


    Howdy. Same ole same ole.

  31. Angelo says:

    Also, how does this debate go? Missandrist “mother” nature to make it sound cuddly. Must then be “father” humanity because “humans suck” and men denote suckiness. Then bird nests are lovely and beaver dams, but not awful stinky human things especially nuclear stuff… thats not natural boo hoo hoo! F@*king bunch of pessimists.

    Yes, monkeys can use stones to smash nut shells. We find special elements and create power. OK when the monkey slips, she hurts her finger and when we slip it is somewhat scaled up. It’s still f-ing nature we are natural, that’s just our specialty. Are we or the things we do unnatural? No, unless we are perhaps super or even supra natural. Just more grey than white wizards at the moment. Not quite super yet.

  32. Capt. Ray says:

    What is the obsession with deniers to defecate in the area I live?

    Luckily for you guys; in the area I live ‘they’ have stopped taking water samples.
    Reason: “Only a minority was paying attention to the warning. It is a great way to have the county save some money.”

    Great, isn’t it?
    You win! 🙂

    Now all is good 🙂


  33. F. Beard says:


    Angelo is right. Next time you fly in an airplane over land, try looking out the window. (Hold Stacy’s hand if you’re afraid of heights.)

  34. Mike/Canada says:

    Let old blue eye s tell ya

  35. F. Beard says:


    Yep. What is fundamental monetary reform compared to a rubber tree plant? 🙂

  36. Apocalypto says:

    I’m a big Rush fan as well, first show was A Farewell to Kings. I’m a guitarist so I play most of their stuff. I was so inspired by Lifeson I even bought an 81 ES 335. 🙂

  37. Mike/Canada says:

    @F. Beard
    do you know the story of the Lorax ?

  38. Mike/Canada says:

    Hail to you ,, I wish i could seen that show..LOl. my mother brought me to Moving pitchers.
    Are you a Triumph fan also ?

  39. Mike/Canada says:

    @F. Beard
    These wack jobs new what was going on back then
    I,m sure Dr.timothy leary had some influence with this one.

  40. F. Beard says:


    I just read a synopsis of it on Wiki. My assertion is that very much of environmental destruction is a symptom of the government backed usury and counterfeiting cartel. The population is so desperate running in the rat race the bankers create that they have little energy left to be concerned with the environment.

  41. Dark Markets says:

    Why Do So Many People Believe In The Fantasy Of Infinite Growth On A Finite Planet?”

    good one! The simple answer: Self-centric feelings of SUPERIORITY over one’s neighbors, and especially the “unwashed masses” beyond the dark forest…

    This self-centric superiority, self-righteousness, arrogance, SCORN and CONTEMPT of those lower on the social pecking order than you, is amplified by MOST ORGANIZED RELIGIONS, which all PREACH “humility,” but in practice – among their bureaucracy and established authority – promote a self-righteous CONTEMPT of the “un-saved,” the “un-washed,” the “un-chosen;” those out-of-the-fold.
    Religious scholar Michael Lind (“Made in Texas”)
    discusses how, in the case of the alliance of former enemies, the Anglo + Celtic Protestant fundamentalists, + the Northeast (psuedo) “intellectual” neo-cons, this CONTEMPT for disposable “unwashed masses” translates in to policies that ACTUALLY SEEK to DESTROY the environment – truly the SUICIDAL, GENOCIDAL, ARMAGEDDON baseed fantasies of destruction and mass-death that Max labels as “suicidal bankers”!

  42. Mike/Canada says:

    @F. Beard
    I think that s a fucking stellar synopsis !
    Yep the old rat race , into the rat trap.
    So let me ask you this , is there hope or do we go out like Rwanda Africa, still trying to only think about our self’s ? every man for hims self ?
    Or do you think there might be a grimmer of hope , once the true fruits of life are discovered again .

  43. Mike/Canada says:

    I had to put this out there , with all the Rush talk.

  44. JonnyJames says:

    Right on, another Rush fan. I had an ES335 for a while back and should have kept it. That is a classic, and very versatile. I bought a 1970 Les Paul Custom and still have it. Since then, I bought a Manuel Reyes Jr. flamenco guitar (hand made in Spain). and an Amalio Burguet (also made by the man himself in Spain). I have been on a Flamenco kick as well. (Tomatito, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo).

  45. JonnyJames says:

    Behold, the reigning holy trinity of rock

  46. JonnyJames says:

    And for all my fellow US dwellers:, it’s “wye wye zed” not “wye wye zee”

  47. F. Beard says:

    Truth’s a very sharp tool
    but dull it just a wit
    and by it you’ll be bit.

    Justice is a must,
    too bad
    you let it rust.

    “The American Way?”
    has gone astray.

    PS I’ve moved to China.
    PPS I left the Hulk in charge.

  48. JonnyJames says:

    Mr. Beard, I saw your gravatar and had to change mine too. Gotta love dem critters

  49. Mike/Canada says:

    @Dark Markets
    I can hear the lambs Agent Starling ..
    So here is my question , any thought s on what we can do to change it ?
    or is just a learning curb for humans?

  50. Mike/Canada says:

    @JonnyJames |
    Do you know what YYZ is
    Its good Rush trivia

  51. JonnyJames says:

    YYZ are the call letters for Toronto International Airport. I even know the words to O Canada courtesy of hearing Geddy sing it.

  52. Mike/Canada says:

    You have to ask where Neal was going with this
    “We’ve taken care of everything
    The words you hear, the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
    It’s one for all and all for one
    We work together, common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why

    We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    Look around at this world we’ve made
    Equality our stock in trade
    Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
    Oh, what a nice, contented world
    Let the banners be unfurled
    Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand”

  53. Mike/Canada says:

    ( bows down to jj ) righteous !

  54. Mike/Canada says:

    I have to ask , do you have a Fave song , by Rush or a top 3 .. I know there’s umpteen , Not every day you meet a person that can answer that question so fast.

  55. Angelo says:

    Hello F. Beard,

    Thanks for your earlier comment.

    “My assertion is that very much of environmental destruction is a symptom of the government backed usury and counterfeiting cartel.”

    May I expand, particularly the military industrial complex, from production to destruction.

    I wonder how big the US MIC’s carbon footprint is?

  56. F. Beard says:

    I wonder how big the US MIC’s carbon footprint is? Angelo

    Huge, I imagine.

  57. Mike/Canada says:

    ” May I expand, particularly the military industrial complex, from production to destruction. ”

    So are you saying this is a cycle , Production , Destruction, Construction?

  58. JonnyJames says:

    I think at that stage, Neil was into Ayn Rand (not anymore) and he was writing as a metaphor for world communist dictatorship. He was pro-individual against the power of the state. Now the state has been captured by bankster/corporate interests (neo fascism) . Funny, it turned out that communist dictatorship is dead and neo-fascism is on the rise. Like George Carlin famously quipped: “The Germans lost WWII, but the Nazis won”.

    Today I think of the high priests of the Temples of Syrinx as folks like Ray Kurzweil trying to engineer eternal life, as well as the neo-fascist Oligarch elitists enslaving us and destroying everything in their path.

  59. JonnyJames says:

    YYZ, Freewill, Red Barchetta
    the favs change each year but those are the first to pop into my head.

  60. JonnyJames says:

    Oh but “The Trees”…there is unrest in the forest…

  61. Angelo says:


    I am saying that it takes energy and pollution to produce a tank that fires a missile that creates more energy and destruction. Not thinking of it as the circle of life. Perhaps a circle of death destruction and pollution. 😉

    P.S. I did not think the reductive aspect of the poor carbon life forms that are snuffed out had a place in the equation. Not at all. I am biased.

    Of course you have to break eggs to make an omelet. But then you have an omelet.

    The problem with the US MIC is that there is a crater where the eggs, fridge and house used to be to hide the fact that the corrupt leadership has eaten all the omelet.

  62. Trip says:

    My mind is not finite, my mind is on the planet, therefore, the planet is not finite.


  63. Angelo says:

    Thank you for the link JonnyJames.

    Wow, I do no approve of taxes on the whole but what an advantage the US military has backed by free money from the rest of the world.

  64. Mike/Canada says:

    Tress .. I still crank that one in 40s

    I just find there’s allot of thought from bloggers putting in there conceptions on what the cause is, I Just do not see allot of ,problem solving .
    I think F. Beard said that well ” the rat race keeps us to occupied, even on this site I notice there’s allot of care about how much silver is climbing, how much The fed is fucking everyone.. I think if your search has lead you to a site like this and your reading threw the blogs , you know these things all ready , even tho every day, allot of the same things get repeated over just in a more fancy way.
    Look I,m not trying to be self-righteous and saying I have any answers, I just think people that care this much would have more to share in what might a start a change . I see the same crazy on Zero hedge , Info wars . The economical collapse.

  65. twotone says:

    The old Bumper-Sticker “Will No-Growthers Feed Your Family” was more than just a slogan during the late 60’s and into the 80’s-90’s. Espousing ‘themes’ like ” Infinite Growth is not possible” got yours truly kicked off of hiring lists that could have advanced a lot of people from labor to management. I survived with help from God and Duct Tape, but inane ideas about prosperity have fueled a storm of retardation (called “no guts, no glory”) in all walks of life; and what would have been a wholesome future is now a dreary ghost of the dreams of 40 years ago. I am always asking myself “….is this a free market reaction to loss of innocence, or is there a secret Fabian Dis-Order working furiously to bring about total belief in lies and the impossible?”.

  66. Angelo says:


    Think I catch your drift. I can not speak for others here. Speaking for myself, I am an original founding member of Fathers 4 Justice in the UK in 2002, I have actively campaigned on many issues with some considerable success.

    Followed Max and Stacy for a while and am on board with G.I.A.B.O. and the SLA so I follow what’s up with that here.

    I am up for peaceful, intelligent, effective action. With a smile 🙂 I am smiling through my teeth.


  67. Angelo says:

    @Mike/Canada, That is to say I do not like to only deal with conceptions. I act… Do you? What do you suggest we do?

  68. Mark Lytle says:

    Here’s the next storm, possibly aimed again at the east coast.


    For those that want to believe that perfect prediction and therefore perfect control of weather systems is possible, note the ever larger probability cone in the NOAA chart.

    I hope I don’t have to explain why you need perfect prediction to have perfect control..

  69. Mark Lytle says:

    That is directed at the weather modification cultists, not most people here…

  70. Mark Lytle says:


    I really like what you wrote about no-growth positions back in the day.
    It’s very to the point and rather elegant.

  71. Mark Lytle says:

    I’m kicking myself sometimes for not leaving this country when I was young. There was a lot about it I never really liked, was very aware of the hypocrisy. All those years, my taxes supported a brutal, stupid empire which will now reward me with a screwed up final decade or so of existence.

  72. JailBanksters says:

    The entire system that democracy is based on requires that everything expands. People, Money and Consumption must constanly expand to keep the Ponzi schemes afloat. As long as everything goes up the Ponzi scheme could have gone on for another 100 years. However, China threw a spanner in Works by making things Cheaper and People wanting cheaper stuff. I just replaced a Tap in my Kitchen for $70, 10 Years ago it cost me $130 (I kept the receipt), I figured it would $200 due to Inflation. The current Ponzi System can not continue to expand as long as China makes things cheaper every year. Something has to give, the current system is totally broken and no amount of Silver, Gold, Carbon Tax or Creating Digital Money will fix it.

  73. Jayme says:

    Max-Neef repost:

    The importance of the environment in economics [9m41s]

  74. Jayme says:

    @Mark Lytle – where would you have gone?

  75. Robert Mockan says:

    I would say it is not that many people think there can be infinite growth on a finite world, but that many people do not know how to think.
    Schools have been blamed for kids not learning how to write, read, or do arithmetic. And often schools do not teach, and take the time away from the kids who want to learn how, by making them the guinea pigs in the unsolicited human experiments that the “education” system conducts. This also results in many people never learning how to think, or having the tools to learn how on their own. The Department of Education is full of communists that need to be disposed of.

  76. Capt. Ray says:

    @ Jayme & All


    Manfred Max Neef gives an excilent (10 min.) overview!

    ‘Max meets Max’ would be an excilent Saturday opening, imo.

  77. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Mark Lytle

    LOL! I know how you feel! I was talked into going to college, only to discover the depth of corruption in the system that was designed to keep me dumb. So I struck out on my own to learn everything I could about everything that would be useful to changing the world for the better. But then after leaning, faced the obstacles in this country of trying to convince any body what needed to be changed. Guess what? Then, as now, most people do not give a shit. The biggest mistake I ever made was not leaving home sooner when growing up. I should have left this country, but back then still held out hope that this country would lead the world into the future. But now at the end of my life I only find the future I sought for every body is farther away than it was 50 years ago. Bitter dregs.

  78. Bonn says:

    Who said the Earth Was Finite ?????????????????
    In Fact it seems to be just the opposite …..it seems to be Expanding…….Just as suns Expand and Go Supernova …..
    Hic 😉

  79. Jayme says:

    “I wonder how big the US MIC’s carbon footprint is?” – Angelo

    Don’t know if he could fill a half hour and there maybe better experts but an interview Sohbet Karbuz (or other) about military oil consumption might be interesting.

    The US military oil consumption


    Who Killed Economic Growth? [6m30s]

    The thing about military oil consumption is that it only considers how much is burned up in the military engines. It doesn’t account for what is burned up in the industrial machine that is used to fabricate those engines.

  80. Mark Lytle says:


    Canada would have been a not too bad choice…not perfect, but not bad.


    Yes, I went through the same stages as you, now realize it don’t matter, as you say, people don’t give a shit. True.

  81. Mark Lytle says:

    Peak Oil Blues Blog

    Exploring Emotional Reactions to Peak Oil, Climate Change & Economic Collapse


    Amazing interview with the peak shrink

  82. Jayme says:

    @Mark Lytle – Canada is beautiful in the summer. I have some good memories of the grandparent’s house and my grandma making pie from the rhubarb in her backyard. The grandparents had a cabin on the lake. It smelled of burning citronella at night. Breakfast was cooked on the wood stove in the kitchen. Out on the lake the loons would call in the morning and we’d canoe around. The cabin bedrooms smelled of musky old magazines from the 1930s.

    Common Loon Concert [1m 15s]


  83. Apocalypto says:

    The New World Order will be the savior, culling most of the world’s population and leaving just enough of us around to serve their every beck and call.

    It’s all written there on the Georgia Guidestones for those of you who aren’t aware of this stuff. It’s all good. The planet will be fine.

    But you will be dead.


    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

    You can read the rest at the link. Enjoy this planet while you can. You’re a dead person walking.

  84. Mike/Canada says:

    Well in the city where i Live , 90% ex-union auto workers , with heavy U S A influence , 50% live petty good and there kept dum down , with the union brain washing. With that said I cant find a group like SLA in my neck of the woods.
    What I do is , I find people that need help on my own , The best way , I look for others that donate there time., then I work threw them. I found some of the best ways , where just trying to build relationships on your streets. I have seniors that live on my street , I cut there lawns , shovel there snow , trim there trees ect . That act has spread now 3 others on my street. They have started doing the same, Nothing in return, just a good ack of kindness for someone who cant do for themselves . My own rule for my self is ” offer 5 hrs a week to anyone that needs it ” and 10% of my paper . More people ask why I do what I do , then I tell them , in the most simple way that you can about the greed and corruption that I see, and That you have start somewhere.
    I know that sounds abit ” tree huger ” I,m far from It , just thought I would start with the basics, with hopes that kindness will make the bond that’s lacking in people. The best tool I gave people is a free C D
    Oh Canada .. Its simple but its a start to understanding .

  85. Alastair Carnegie says:

    In order to ensure demographic population stability 10 family units must bear 22 children. In prosperous nations that figure is 16 to 18 children, and their population is only maintained by immigration. In poor and developing nations the figure is more like 80 children per 10 family units. The logical conclusion is that ‘prosperity’ is a good way to reduce world population. When all our energy needs are provided by sustainables like Solar, Wind, Tidal and Wave, The impact of humanity on our planet can be positive rather than negative. We can become good stewards! In just four generations, universal prosperity could halve the world population harmlessly.

  86. Kevin Eshbach says:

    @Robert Mockan

    Don’t forget that a lot of the kids don’t want to learn either. The blame needs to be balanced out on both sides. (And I am not a teacher and have zero patience to be a teacher.)

  87. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Kevin Eshbach

    Kid who do not want to learn, have learned to not want to learn. It is the nature of our brains that what consitutes neural tissue functioning and interacting with the physical universe is …learning. It takes institutionalized schooling under government control to take a natural behavior, and render minds dysfunctional to such a degree, that kids… do not want to learn. There is no way to understate the evil purpose of the insane oligarchs.
    And yes, it does come back to them, in the end.

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