Excellent question!

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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    downgrades as financial/economic instruments…
    destruction as progress…
    (poetic license run amok)
    a casino called the vatican can’t be far behind…

  2. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Wolferl
    good to know! 😀 thanks! … we might then think about relieving them from austrian borders to connect them up with Slovenia shortly!
    and instaed bring back “South tyrol” to Austria! 😀

    but never heard anything like that from MY friends in Carinthia so far 😀

  3. Wolferl says:

    @ Palantir

    I don´t think the computers will be the problem, since the investment banks had 48 hours time to react on the news. But all the people still do remember what happened in 2008 after Lehman. I guess we´ll see trading getting expired in some places for some time. But we´ll see what happens in two hours when Forex starts.

  4. Wolferl says:

    @ Vonda Bra

    I´ll be there (Carinthia) in two weeks. They´ll probably don´t like your proposal. 😉

    And the Italians probably don´t like your South Tyrol proposal, too, hahaha. 😉

  5. Oky1 says:

    I heard of a recent case of of another local teenager being tortured with a tazer by a gang of county blue meanies w/badges.

    It’s just another in a very long list that now knows which gang he’s not a member of & he’ll remember it for life.

    And for the Reagan fans, I wish I would have saved them a copy of the audio tapes of Ollie North & John Pondexter laughing about their involvement of the murder of nearly a complete Central American village of about 300 people to make way for the expansion of a US corp’s banana plantation. ( Or whatever kind of corporate plantation it became)

    Ya Reagan Hero, ya sure friends, sure, you bet. NOT!

  6. bleep says:

    The neocons act with blatant disregard for tomorrow, because they know there is no tomorrow in terms is 20th century society. Between climate change, scarce resources (water, oil), population, etc the world is heading toward post-industrial society with a bump. The past decade has been all about mass wealth appropriation, before it all falls over.

    Or that reads too much into it, and it’s actually a tremendous clusterfuck on a global scale 🙂

  7. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Stendec & Oky 1

    I have never had any truck with those that carry out illegal wars or anything else.

    In fact its them that need to go.

    Fighting the true corrupt ones, does not mean burning down your own community, and burning houses with ordinary innocent folks with people still in them, let alone stealing from ones so called community.

    Thats not revolution, thats just acting like the rat pack scum who have no balls unless they are with their homies.

    To any of you retards out there that think you have the upper hand with petrol bombs, carefull what you wish for, as the silent majority are not likely to stay silent much longer.

    Now if you let that genie out of the bag, history tells us who ends up worse, and it wont be the courts you will have to worry about.

    But hey….you wannabe gangstas whoever you are, just keep going and see where it will lead.

    Not a threat, just a warning of how the world has been before, and what always happens sooner or later.

    You will lose, but enjoy this moment, because it wont last long.

    No disrespect to either Oky1 or Standec, but this just iisnt the way to go to get justice, if justice is what you believe in…………………Z

  8. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Wolferl
    have a great time in Carinthia!
    and please tell your relatives to shut up, if they wanna stay with us 😉 😀
    also hope to go to Seeboden/Millstädtersee any time soon to see my friends 🙂

    —And the Italians probably don´t like your South Tyrol proposal, too, hahaha. —-
    yeah, maybe the Italians, but NOT the “south tyrolians” 😀

  9. YoLithos says:

    @Kwai Chang

    The problem is, the stolen food stamps and “slavaged”, er, I mean, “salvaged” metal sold won’t buy enough even a things are now. Advertising agencies simply ignore anyone making less than 200Thousand a year. Unless it’s “social” or political propaganda, I suppose.

    People from more “primitive” clientelistic (and I mean that precisely) social contract agglomerations – or “societies” – naturally accept the lack of a decent modern quality of life that they have never lived or imagined as being in any way entitled to.

    That’s why I say the U.S. has regressed sharply. Immensely. Alarmingly. This is social meltdown at its most essential, fundamental level. It is like stepping from, say, a Roman civilization with aqueducts, baths, a fire watch, roads, water mills, “taxi”-carts, street cleaning and other “public services” – immediately into the middle ages, without most of the above.

    You can only party as if it’s 1999, as long as there is a party. The music has become noise. The dancers are falling. Etc.

    Something essential – that seemed to previously exist, seems to have been simply switched off in people. In society as a whole.


  10. 8Ball says:

    Energy Shortage or Longage…?


  11. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Vonda Bra

    Love Wiener Schnitzel and trimmings! Been to Saltzberg long long time ago.
    Loved the slide down into the salt mine!

    As for the open window, saurkraut heavy on the digestive system hun.

    Adios from the new flash point in Europe.

    Sadly whats going on has nothing to do with depravation or politics.

    Tomorrow expect the markets to nose dive.

    Night and sleep tight and via con dios V…………………..Z

  12. Kwai Chang says:

    we should all try to see a king-sized picture of the potential ugliness…
    wait until I want to feel ‘useful’ …but can’t get my prozac anymore…

  13. MirrorMirror says:

    @Z …”Tomorrow expect the markets to nose dive”

    So we can expect the opposite I suppose.
    It’s “tradition” !

  14. MirrorMirror says:

    @LOL … I can just see Max shouting “I was first, I was first” .. just before they take him away !

  15. MirrorMirror says:


    I’m surprised they didn’t think of “copyright suits” against Xerox … now that would be funny !

  16. swell says:


    Copyright is a pretext, it will be cultivated to reach the size of panic as currently is terrorism or kiddie porn or drugs or violent videos games had at one time represented the potential to be.

    And funny you mention Xerox. Bill Gates’ Windows’ look and feel, was copied from Apple, which in turn, was copied from Xerox engineers’ preliminary work.

  17. Palantír says:

    (Reuters) – The Euro system of central banks has decided to intervene decisively on markets to respond to the escalating debt crisis, a euro zone monetary source said after a European Central Bank conference call on Sunday.

    The statement could mean that the central bank starts with the massive acquisition support of Italian and Spanish government debt already on Monday.

  18. swell says:

    IBM’s personal computer, the answer to the Apple, itself, got copied. The IBM PC BIOS was reverse engineered, and then 3rd party lawyers introduced it to “clean” engineers who then designed the first PC clones. Computers were never the same after that.

    When Judge Harold Greene broke up Ma Bell, he paved the way for allowing non-proprietary equipment to be attached to the phone company lines, which accordingly allowed electronic bulletin boards, the early forerunners to the modern Internet.

    Of course, the PTB are hard at work trying to squeeze things all back into the corporate proprietary box, once again, but we are actively resisting.

  19. nama rama says:

    It’s a conspiracy theory, Apparently..


  20. Confused says:

    The answer is simple, One World Government. The NWO cannot rule strong independent fiscally responsible Counties. That is WHY you have ZIONIST TRAITORS at ALL levels of Power in ALL Western Countries From New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe, Russia and The USA . You HAVE the Media to-day Portraying GOVT as incapable of managing the World economy, A Great messiah will arise and his name is SATAN.

  21. Robert Mockan says:

    Am I in a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon? What can one say except “not again”, about this question why.

    Why was answered long ago. The government has been taken over, and is bought and paid for, by the insane oligarchy. Why? Because Americans were using a lot of resources, but had reached consumption saturation. Only 300+ million of them, but with a high standard of living that used up a lot of resources. So what? If those resources were spread around then billions of people could buy more stuff. So? When they buy all that stuff corporations make more money selling the stuff to a larger market. And guess what? Slave labor can bu used to make all that stuff! So the American middle class had to be destroyed, so the insane oligarchy can keep thedir money making schemes going? Not quite. Make people dependent on making stuff, and conditioned to buy stuff, and they become debt slaves forever. And now not just a market selling to a few million Americans, but to billions of people everywhere! The jobs had to be exported, to give them a boost up to consume more, and destroy the American middle class. It is a simple business model. Reduce costs, increase profits, AND enslave more people with the system the insane oligarchy has going.

    We know the why. And the who, the what, the where, the when, and the how.

    What we do not know yet is…will Americans just roll over and die, or fight the goddamn insane oligarchy?!

  22. 8Ball says:

    The solution is simple… We must eliminate Boris Badinov befor he eliminates Moose and Squirrel.

  23. SAO says:

    It is very obvious. The United States of America is not committing suicide. It is being MURDERED.

    Beaten to a pulp and left for dead. Raped, tortured, robbed and sucked dry of all nutrients.

  24. evolutis says:

    @8Ball …good one,LOL
    highlights Robert’s R&B
    “So now, surrounded on all sides”[“what other way is there to be surrounded?”]

    BTW thanks for longage link

  25. jischinger says:

    Standard & Poor’s To Become Majority Shareholde­r in Taiwan Ratings Corporatio­n.
    September 27, 2005, TAIPEI – Standard & Poor’s, the leading global provider of independent investment research, ratings and indices, today announced a significant milestone in its business expansion in Asia, with the signing of an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Taipei-based Taiwan Ratings Corporation (TRC).

    yeah, this is old new, but it has to make you wonder who’s interests are they serving?

    China and Taiwan are going to be one.

    I think S&P just picked a side and China just made a MOVE.

  26. Canuckistan says:

    Sure, blame the “idiots” in Washington. It’s all their fault.

    The reality is, whenever Obama tried to curtail the out-of-control military spending, he was branded by the right-wing rednecks across the country as “soft on terrorism”.

  27. Eric says:

    Sure, blame the “idiots” in Washington. It’s all their fault.
    The reality is, whenever Obama tried to curtail the out-of-control military spending, he was branded by the right-wing rednecks across the country as “soft on terrorism”.

    I suggest you try the Huffington Post – they go for wet brain farts.

  28. Christophe says:

    I believe I have found the answer to Max’s question:
    => it’s the Money Hole!

    (funniest bit I’ve seen in a while :> )

  29. Sleep Well Silver says:

    To steal your wealth and pay its bills (elite) if you do not buy silver or gold this week you are a slave and a broke slave at that.

  30. Dark Markets says:

    The answer to “Why is America COMMITTING SUICIDE?” !! is found in Michael Lind’s 2002 book, “Made in Texas: George W. Bush and the SOUTHERN TAKEOVER of American Politics” – – –
    and, sad to say, is rooted deeply in THE BIBLE, and America’s Anglo/American judeo/christian culture. Lind explains that America is now ruled by an alliance of “neoConfederates” and “Neo-Conservatives”, who both believe they have a DIVINE MISSION to “CLEANSE” the land of “idolaters,” “unbelievers,” and the criminal unwashed masses – an “EXTERMINATE or ENSLAVE” ideology that is relentlessly promoted by the bible in such stories as Noah’s flood (ALL humanity save Noah’s family WIPED OUT by divine “cleansing”), the massacre at Jericho, and the many other MASSACRES and WHOLESALE EXTERMINATIONS related, in serial, repeat order, in the bible.
    Oh, btw, in case anyone says this is an “anti-_____” comment, look at the CIVIL WARS of the bible – DAVID vs SAUL, David vs Absolom, Moses & Aaron’s MASSACRE PURGE… or look at Netanyahu followers ASSASSINATING Prime Minister Rabin in 1995. When FOREIGN enemies have been exhausted (conquered & enslaved), the theocratic regimes TURN ON THEIR OWN people.

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