Apple more cash-rich than US govt

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  1. ZORRO LONDON says:

    From the British Bullshit Corporation …errr BBC

    Strange how next to nothing has been said in the mainstream for months about Italys financial position.

    All of a sudden after US news….Italy now virtually guaranteed to …DEFAULT!

    Anyone who has visited Italy would be aware of the rising anger there.


  2. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @Robert, I’d heard the meters can give misreadings.BTW these give strange wave mechanical properties always wondered whether lasers could be set up for longer range.

  3. Bonn says:

    HHHHAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!
    Global Warming Doomsters’ Theories Wrong, Says NASA Study

    “The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate models show,” Dr. Roy Spencer, study co-author and principal research scientist in the Earth System Science Center at The University of Alabama

    Hic 😉

  4. Bonn says:

    Dr. Monnett, a U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Enforcement and Regulation biologist, was placed on administrative leave on July 18, pending final results of an inspector-general’s investigation into “integrity issues.”
    Arctic scientist suspended after awarding research project to University of Alberta
    Hic 😉

  5. Bonn says:

    @ STACY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ MAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ Y’al !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEWARD, NE—Claiming he wasn’t afraid to let everyone in attendance know about “the real mess we’re in,” Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke reportedly got drunk Tuesday and told everyone at Elwood’s Corner Tavern about how absolutely fucked the U.S. economy actually is.

    Bernanke, who sources confirmed was “totally sloshed,” arrived at the drinking establishment at approximately 5:30 p.m., ensconced himself upon a bar stool, and consumed several bottles of Miller High Life and a half-dozen shots of whiskey while loudly proclaiming to any patron who would listen that the economic outlook was “pretty goddamned awful if you want the God’s honest truth.”
    Is this Real ……………….????/

  6. Neville Bartos says:

    How is Apple getting away with not paying a dividend as per video?

  7. Bonn says:

    Ok its Fake I Think ……………!!!!!!!

  8. bleep says:

    @Bonn bernanke article is from The Onion

  9. Bonn says:

    @ Bleep
    But that Boke is a realy good lookalike of Helicopter Ben
    Hic 😉

  10. Bonn says:

    Jumped the gun !!!!!!

  11. 8Ball says:

    AGW = COS

    Just like these two whoppers (apologies to the clown), “The US dollar is “managed” by the Federal Reserve who claims to be maintaining a strong dollar policy (lie #1) and keeping inflation under control (lie #2). Now there are many other lies being told, including the bastardization of gold and silver as monetary instruments, but for any person whose noose is permitting even a minimal amount of oxygen to get through, the State and the Fed have been doing the exact opposite of what they say.”

    15.5 oz of truth mixed with .5 oz of BS still equals a pound of crap…

  12. Chervonets says:

    It is all about political integration in Europe, no other objective… never let a good crisis go to waste

    “The eurozone faces a very big decision: it either creates a central fiscal authority or accepts reality and starts to think the unthinkable, which is to cut the currency union into workable pieces.”

    There will be German/Finish/Dutch tax collectors all over Europe demanding Protestant discipline over Catholics. That is why Ireland is part of the PIIGS, they are Catholics.

  13. bleep says:

    Sick of the lies? Play the opposites game and the truth shall become clear.

    The Fed says strong dollar policy = doodz we’re trashing that thing.

    Inflation is under control – get chickens and plant your vege garden.

    Berlusconi says don’t panic – shit the bed and freak out.

  14. 8Ball says:

    Bleep, LoL, Great Burlesconi comment… Anyone who believes these clowns deserves what they get.

    Obama says “change” = time to check your diaper because the government may have dumped some shit in it while you were asleep.

  15. Michel78 says:

    @bleep: you are funny (and right).

  16. JailBanksters says:


    I dunno about Idea Police, but there definately needs to be a Police for the Police, as the Police in most Countries are out of Control. And some believe they are the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Any rights you had against these out of control Police have been taken away.

  17. Al Kyder says:

    @ Bonn
    HHHHAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!
    Global Warming Doomsters’ Theories Wrong, Says NASA Study—

    Oh look its that kink again. I should be titled Climate Deniers grasp another straw.

    Yet another empty article.

    Got a link to the data Bonn?? Oh I thought not. Well keep watching Fox News, its good to know what they are peddling at the moment.

    Then you pull up this little witch hunt infering that he has ac ted improperly on the subject of AGW.

    This is a bold faced lie by you Bonn. So apparently reporting seeing dead polar bears is now a crime in America.

    Did you even bother to fact check your links. NO.

    Where are all these articles from? The same corrupt source. The are all paid for by America shills in American media. Did you miss that Bonn?

    Oh because we know that the American Government would never lie abut anything, especially not climate change.

    I’ll be watching you from now on. You will not get away with posting a bunch of pissant lies like that again.

    Smack yourself in the head and go and stand in the corner for an hour. You Fool!

  18. Youri Carma says:

    Bulls’ next near-term upside technical objective is to produce a close above major psychological resistance at $1,700.00. Bears’ next near-term downside price objective is closing prices below solid technical support at $1,610.00. First resistance is seen at Wednesday’s record high of $1,675.90 and then at $1,700.00 .

  19. Youri Carma says:

    Randgold CEO says no plans to hedge gold output

    The amount of gold being hedged by miners outpaced the amount of gold hedge-book positions being closed in the first three months of the year, according to a report.

  20. Youri Carma says:

    UK: Biz Briefing: ‘QE2’ Possible But No Rate Rise

    Of greater interest today is whether the bank decides to increase money supply to help stimulate the economy.

    The nine-strong monetary policy committee (MPC) has recently discussed the possibility that it will increase the stock of quantitative easing beyond £200bn.

  21. Youri Carma says:

    “It calculated that the maximum sustainable bond yields for weaker southern European countries whose competitiveness has been hit by staying in the euro is really 4%-5%, rather than the 6%-7% advanced by many analysts and the markets.

    The rate of return on Italian and Spanish 10-year bonds has surged above 6% in recent days, reiterated on Thursday as Spain was forced to pay sharply higher rates to sell €3.311bn euros in government bonds.

    The country sold €2.2bn (£1.9bn) of its three-year bond at an average yield of 4.813%, up from 4.037% the last time it was sold on June 2.

    The average yield on the 2015 bond was 4.984%. The bond was last sold in 2009.”

    Wat’s a 5% bond yield realy worth in today’s inflationary environment? Even a 7% yeild would see a very small or no profit at all as real inflation is in that range and maybe even higher.

  22. Youri Carma says:

    I predict that a 6%-7% yield will be as normal soon as a 4%-5% yield. Cause that would reflect real market conditions. ‘Good’ money is scarce and ‘bad’ printing money exports inflation and defaluates the dollar. What good is that? Cause in the end you import the inflation that way and get the richochet of the exported inflation later. A double whammy!

  23. Youri Carma says:


    – Japan doing bond buy ups QE
    – UK Extanding it’s QE program
    – Europe ready for bond buy ups QE
    – US probaly starting with QEIII or Quote Bernankesan: “Untested Stimulus On Table If Necessary”

    Bullish for Silver & Gold 😀

  24. Wolferl says:

    @ Bonn

    “Abstract (from the study) : The sensitivity of the climate system to an imposed radiative imbalance remains the largest source of uncertainty in projections of future anthropogenic climate change. Here we present further evidence that this uncertainty from an observational perspective is largely due to the masking of the radiative feedback signal by internal radiative forcing, probably due to natural cloud variations. That these internal radiative forcings exist and likely corrupt feedback diagnosis is demonstrated with lag regression analysis of satellite and coupled climate model data, interpreted with a simple forcing-feedback model. While the satellite-based metrics for the period 2000–2010 depart substantially in the direction of lower climate sensitivity from those similarly computed from coupled climate models, we find that, with traditional methods, it is not possible to accurately quantify this discrepancy in terms of the feedbacks which determine climate sensitivity. It is concluded that atmospheric feedback diagnosis of the climate system remains an unsolved problem, due
    primarily to the inability to distinguish between radiative forcing and radiative feedback in satellite radiative budget observations.”

    In other words: They think AGW is a fact. Their only problem is a prediction how much exactly AGW will contribue to global warming.

  25. Chervonets says:

    Thanks Youri

    “Untested stimulus” sounds like a dishonest experimental cure for somebody that is heavily addicted to something

  26. jo says:

    Climate change is a fact. AGW not so much.

  27. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Wolfer, I agree. In fact most of the so-called deniers know that the small percentage of man-made C02 that human activity puts up there must increase temperatures as C02 and others like methane are greenhouse gases.

    The issue is about how much and also the proposed solution which is to cut emissions by a significant amount. Is it several degrees over a hundred years or is it such a tiny increase that it’s hardly measurable? The ice cores samples show that although C02 and temperature have a correlation, It can’t be said that C02 drives global climate because the C02 lags behind the temperature spikes by about 800 years.

    Therefore, you could send humanity back to the stone age and it wouldn’t make any difference for several centuries. Even then, other variable factors could easily wipe out a small gain during that time. Even if AGW was a real problem the solution is dubious to say the least.

  28. I urge you all to listen to Lyndon LaRouche
    Congress who voted for the criminal treasons actions who voted the massive cuts in on the 2 August.
    The mass deaths that this represent is a VIOLATION AND A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY
    Stop thes Bums now throw Obama out crush Moody who are also acting in treason
    LPAC Weekly Report
    11 hours ago

    MP3 Audio

    I was born in 1939 in the UK and have grown up watching this evil Liberalism destroy the entire worl where no morality exists – hecve the massive the corruption in Congress, the Senet the Uk house of Commons and the now sham of the House of Lords!
    Man’s life has become a FRAUD

  29. Al Kyder says:

    @ Jo etal

    Well I waded through that report. Nothing in it as suspected. I can see why General Electric like this article so much. We all know that Nuclear power (Fukushima type G.E. reactors) are the solution. Notice the sites that are pushing this article wil shout Global AGW doom from the rooftops, if the solution is Nuclear.

    The Article Bonn linked to comes from the most insidious media empires out there. Even Murdoch cant match these scum.

    Here is a little background on that link ie. The people pushing this NASA drivel.

    Well start with a recent Jonathan Davis article. He owns that Paper.

    —With the above in mind, is there a short-hand that one can use, to check the pulse of the U.S. economy, for those who who don’t have the time to review the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Beige Book data or the U.S. Labor Department’s jobs report?
    ndeed there is: keep an eye on General Electric’s (GE) operational performance, and, by extension, its stock performance.
    It’s often been said that diversified industrial giant GE ‘is a mutual fund in one company,’ but the company is in fact an even more-telling barometer than that.
    In fact, one can say that, “As GE goes, so goes the United States’

    Jonathan Davis is a British author, editor and journalist specialising in finance.
    Educated at Cambridge University where he gained a Masters degree in history, he became a senior business journalist at The Sunday Telegraph, The Times and The Economist before taking a Masters degree in Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management where, in preparation for his thesis, he met and studied the methods of investor Warren Buffett. [1][2]
    From 1995 to 2007 he wrote a weekly column in The Independent and from 2006 to 2009 writes a fortnightly column in the Financial Times. [1][2]
    As of 2009 he writes a blog at Independent Investor, which he founded, and is investment director of Agrifirma, a specialist investment management company headed by investor Jim Slater, and since 2002 is chairman of the Savile Club in London.

    ▪ Investing with Anthony Bolton ISBN 9781905641116
    ▪ What Warren Buffett Thinks 2006
    ▪ What Warren Buffett Thinks 2005

    The Savile Club
    The building, a combination of Nos 69 and 71 Brook Street, owes its extravagant dix-huitième interior to Walter Burns, the brother-in-law of financier J.P. Morgan, who adapted it for his wife Fanny to entertain in suitable style. It thus includes an elegant hall, a grand staircase and a lavish ballroom.

    Jim Slater James Derrick Slater

    James Derrick Slater (born March 13, 1929) is an investor.
    Trained as a chartered accountant, he worked for Leyland Motors and became famous for writing an investment column in The Sunday Telegraph under the nom de plume of The Capitalist,

    where he described his own portfolio. In 1964 he started an investment company with Peter Walker, a Tory MP, called Slater Walker – in reality an authorized bank. He performed what became known as corporate raids on public companies. He was a friend and business associate of James Goldsmith.
    During the secondary banking crisis in 1975, Slater Walker received support from the Bank of England. Following the takeover of the company by the Bank of England, 15 charges were brought against Slater for offences against the Companies Act by the Department of Trade, referring to the alleged the misuse of more than £4 million of company funds in share deals. The case was thrown out in 1977.[1]
    In the period following his high-profile days as a high-flier in the City, Jim Slater produced an autobiography that sets out in considerable detail his early plans and visions regarding company acquisitions, and describes the processes he employed to bring them about. Once companies came under his control his strategy was to maximise the return on those of their assets that he judged disposable – be they property, plant or workforce. These tactics proved to be highly successful and profitable in the short-term, such that “Slater Walker” became a byword for a forceful and rewarding style of capitalism.
    The acquisition and disposal of company assets in this manner became known as “asset stripping”, a phrase term that carries with it connotations of hardship and distress associated with the human costs of unemployment. Some 30 years afterwards Slater acknowledged the drawbacks that were inherent in the practices he adopted, towards the end of a reported interview with Hunter Davies in The Independent of 15 December 1992

    With Ian Watson, he founded Galahad Gold in 2002, successfully timing the commodities boom to make annualised 66% profits from gold exploration before winding the company down in 2007 and starting a new venture, Agrifirma, again with Watson and again in commodities, this time Brazilian agricultural farmland

    Goldsmith’s father Frank changed the family name from the German Goldschmidt to the English Goldsmith. The Goldschmidts, like their neighbors the Rothschilds, had been prosperous merchant bankers in Frankfurt, Germany since the 16th century.

    During the 50s and 60s Goldsmith’s involvement in finance in his early years was more as a gambler than an industrialist,

    Sir James Michael “Jimmy” Goldsmith (26 February 1933 – 18 July 1997)
    During the 60s and 70s Goldsmith had backing by the finance company Slater, Walker, run by Jim Slater. When Slater, Walker crashed and had to be rescued by the Bank of England in 1975, eyebrows rose when it was handed to Goldsmith for its final dismemberment through his private companies.[7]
    Goldsmith was knighted in the 1976 resignation honours – the so-called “Lavender List” – of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. In 1986 Goldsmith’s companies reportedly made $90 million from an attempted hostile takeover of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. In addition, from 1983 until 1988, Goldsmith, via takeovers in America, built a private holding company, Cavenham Forest Industries, which became one of the largest private owners of timberland and one of the top-five timber-holding companies of any type in America. Goldsmith identified a quirk in American accounting whereby companies with substantial timberland holdings would often carry them on their balance sheets at a US $1 valuation (as the result of years of depreciation). Goldsmith, a reader of financial statements, realised that in many instances the underlying value of the timberland assets alone, carried at nearly zero value, was worth the target company’s market capitalisation. With this insight, Goldsmith began raids that left him with a holding company with huge tracts of timberland acquired at virtually no net cost.
    Goldsmith retired to Mexico in 1987, having anticipated the market crash that year and liquidated assets. However he continued corporate raiding, including an attempt on British-American Tobacco in 1989 (for which he joined Kerry Packer and Jacob Rothschild). He also swapped his American timber assets for a 49.9 percent stake in Newmont Mining and remained on the board of Newmont until he liquidated his stake through open-market trades in 1993. He was precluded by the original purchase of Newmont from trying to take over the company. In 1990, Goldsmith also began a lower-profile, but also profitable, global “private equity style” investment operation. By 1994 executives working in his employ in Hong Kong had built a substantial position in the intermediation of global strategic raw-material flows. Studies of public filings have found signs of the same Goldsmith-backed Hong Kong-based team taking stakes in operations as diverse as Soviet strategic ports in Vladivostok and Vostochny, and in Zee TV, India’s dominant private television broadcaster later sold to Rupert Murdoch. A large Hong Kong-linked and Goldsmith-funded stake in one of the world’s largest nickel operations, INCO Indonesia, was also disclosed in the 1990s, showing Goldsmith’s ability to position capital before a trend became obvious to others. The Group was also a major backer of the Hong Kong based and Singapore listed major raw material player Noble Group,[citation needed] with low-profile long-time Goldsmith protégé Tobias Brown serving for many years as the company’s non-executive Chairman. Although little is known about the somewhat enigmatic Brown, he is widely credited with orchestrating the Goldsmith investments in the Far East, which have created more than a third of the family’s wealth.
    In 1994, he was elected to represent France as a Member of the European Parliament and he subsequently founded the short-lived eurosceptic Referendum Party in the United Kingdom. He was known for his many romantic relationships and for the various children he fathered with his wives and girlfriends. Goldsmith was the inspiration for the character of the corporate raider Sir Larry Wildman in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street[2]

    In 1977 Goldsmith bought the French weekly L’Express and between 1979 and 1981 published the UK news magazine NOW! which failed to survive.[12] Oliver Stone’s 1987 film Wall Street featured a British billionaire financier, Sir Laurence Wildman. This character was modeled on Goldsmith as stated by the film’s director Oliver Stone in the DVD special feature documentary and the director’s commentary as Sir Laurence Wildman is introduced.

    Goldsmith, like his friends Lord Lucan and John Aspinall, believed Britain had been victim of a socialist conspiracy and that communists had infiltrated the Labour party and the media.[13] In the mid-1990s, Goldsmith was a financial backer of a Euro-sceptic think tank, the European Foundation. In 1994 he became an elected member of the European Parliament representing France, as a member of the Majorité pour l’autre Europe and leader of the eurosceptic Europe of Nations group in the European Parliament. Goldsmith founded and funded the Referendum Party in the UK, on the lines as Majorité pour l’autre Europe, which stood candidates in the 1997 general election. Goldsmith mailed five million homes with a VHS tape expressing his ideas. It has been suggested he planned to broadcast during the election from his offshore pirate Referendum Radio station.

  30. swell says:

    @sophia: Newsome family:

    Of course I’ve listened to Lyndon LaRouche. Yet as best as I can tell, LaRouche wants to launch wars upon England and Switzerland.

    It is quite false logic, to assume that because not everyone subscribes to your particular take on morality, that no morality exists. You may believe that the only morality that exists, is that which has been spoon fed to you by some particular religious dogma that you probably had no role in choosing, such as the one your parents perhaps imposed upon you, or that imposed by the state. But that is a bent.

    The word “morality” is an abstract noun referring to navigating a course in life plotted to avoid those things leading to death. Friedrich Nietzsche held that, “Morality is the best of all devices for leading mankind by the nose”. So morality best belongs to the individual as personal choices, for those of rational mind. That is why mythology, literature, art and culture are so full of morality plays and why we study those and history and real life, in such earnest.

    There are many sciences of virtue, but one example is eudaemonics. Generally, the civil virtues are held to be humanity and justice, while the military princeps: flexibility and opportunism.

    cf. morality as control mechanism:

  31. swell says:

    Present day imposed Victorian sexual morality, which Republicans would have us believe is morality, (while big business (corporate/government fascism) committing genocide, they hold is not), had its start in England, as I have noted here.

    State imposed Victorian sexual morality then spread to the US, as I have noted here

    Republicans use such gimmickry as, “get government out of the boardrooms and into the bedrooms”, in order to literally get away with mass murder.

  32. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Silver Porno

    When analyzing sound transmission and absorption, different mass densities partially reflect sound at each interface as a function dependent on a measure called acoustic impedance. Calculations are done very much as with electric circuits with components that have different impedance to the flow of current. The degree to which sound is attenuated is dependent on mass density and frequency, the number of interfaces, and so on. Acoustic foam does what I describe. Sound also does reflect off the surface to which the foam is attached, but that reflection is just another impedance. The only way to prevent ANY sound from transmitting through a medium is to have a vacuum, with no matter at all to convey molecular motion. Unless one works in the industry, they seldom see the kind of acoustic foam and other absorbers used in a sound studio. Not just -40 or -60 db attenuation in an anti sound chamber, after it hits the walls, but 100% degrading to heat. Most people do describe what you say. It does reflect from surfaces, but it is the foam that provides the material mass that the sound pressure wave conveys momentum to, eventually causing the coherent motion of sound waves to degrade to heat.

  33. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Silver Porno

    Under ideal conditions you are correct with your description. Most people will never sense the front surface reflection of sound as it enters quality acoustic foam, although a sensitive transducer will pick it up. In a studio room with quality acoustic foam walls sound goes completely dead, quickly, but still measurably so. Ideally the support wall would reflect 100%, and the foam functions as we both describe in our different ways, to degrade the sound to heat. But in industrial acoustics practice the engineering has cost and physics boundaries different from a studio. For my project the minimum cost design dictated planer, readily available materials, with sufficient strength for the industrial environment. Thus each of 6 panels of each wall of the box had an inner wall of sound board, and outer wall of lead sheet, and a thin foam layer between panels. The panels were constructed in place, and the finished box outer surface was plywood. The entire thing weighed nearly a thousand pounds. The mass density and composition of each layer was modeled as a separate impedance dependent on frequency. Each lead sheet reflected some sound, and transmitted some. The high density also reduces low frequency transmission. Each sound board sheet did the same, but at higher frequencies, and provided multiple internal reflections and diffraction from the composite structure that converted sound to heat, and each foam layer allowed the panels to move relative to one another that helped prevent low frequency transmission. In addition we had an end mounted blower inside to remove heat using air circulation, filters to remove oil mist from the operation of the compressor, before the cooling air was returned outside, power box inside, air line conduits for the pressurized air from the compressor to the outside, and so on.
    The sound power we were actually absorbing inside 160 cubic feet peaked at a few hundred watts when the bypass valves opened and we had blow downs from 200 pounds square inch. The machinery that used the air had us operating the compressor at maximum capacity. Inside temperatures of the container reached 140F. Regular acoustic foam was out of the question. It was an interesting project.

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