Another brilliant Chase on fire by ALEX SCHAEFER

“The flames symbolize bringing the system down,” he said. “Some might say that the banks are the terrorists.”

22 comments on “Another brilliant Chase on fire by ALEX SCHAEFER
  1. Stendec says:

    Burn baby burn..

  2. the underfundedmentalist says:

    everybody call the cops and tell them you feel threatened by the bank, im sure johnny law will be on chase’s case in no time, while you’re at it tell them you feel threatened by our govts. systematic use of torture.

    want more from your govt.
    don’t worry you’re gonna git’mo

  3. eblair says:

    They should drive over to Hollywood and go visit all of the directors of all of the violent movies and all of the violent television shows and ask them if they are terrorists and ask them if they are planning to kill somebody like in their movies and put them on their lists.

  4. Jeff Taylor says:

    Don’t show that in the UK on Facebook, you’ll get four years for incitement even if no-one lifts a finger!

  5. Youri Carma says:

    FBI investigate Dutch women because she visited conspiracy sites.

    ‘FBI investigates Dutch embassy in U.S.’ (google trans from Dutch)

  6. the underfundedmentalist says:

    bringing the system down?
    the banks are way ahead of the crowd on that one

  7. the underfundedmentalist says:

    the pen or brush in this case, is still feared more than the sword,
    ideas are dangerous to tyrants.

    oh, and who’s checking the cops out?, i can’t think of a better cover for a terrorist

  8. cathy raats says:

    Oh lord now we know its mamon and not god that is revered!
    The person who should be offended is God. Better not say anymnore I will be done for religious incitement!

  9. Keith Davis says:

    That is a great painting! Nice thick oil. Alex really knows how to push paint around. K

  10. PewDead says:

    Alex Shaefer must be a tuuurrrrrrrrststtts!!!

  11. MirrorMirror says:


    “We won’t see Silver at 100$ … because there won’t be any to buy “
    LOL !

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    [email protected] ! FINAL WARNING !

    LOL … nice comment on the Apple cult.

    See :

  13. could paint in the Lone Ranger on his horse (or Bull) with his Silver pistol out front

  14. MirrorMirror says:

    7 Reasons This September Should Scare the Crap Out Of You

  15. MirrorMirror says:

    September 23: The Beginning Of The End For Merkel… And The Eurozone?

    [email protected] Reasons This September Should Scare the Crap Out Of You

    September 7th – Germany’s Constitutional Court Ruling On Legality of Assorted Bailout Policies: It’s been widely assumed that the court would present a problem for Germany’s prior or future EU bailout commitments. We’ve seen a lot of assumptions about the EU die over the past year.

    Seems 7 th. Sept. was the right day after all.

  16. janus says:

    much better tone and movement; very good in fact.

    more, please.


  17. janus says:

    the comment above is for mr. shaffer (in case there were some doubt)

  18. Badsey says:

    How about a picture of the NY Federal Reserve and Bernanke together (corner shot with each on a side) with that flame shooting off Bernank’s head. Stacks of silver, SLA logo in the foreground.

  19. Thanks everyone. Max and Stacy you are AWESOME!

  20. covered says:

    Four LAPD cops pay Mr. Schaefer two separate visits for his political speech, once at his home. Meanwhile, the SEC shreds Jamie Dimon’s smoking gun fraud documents for him.

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