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Is this the moment Wile e Coyote looks down?

Give this kid a broker’s license and watch your economy grow, Cameron

CEO’s of the biggest companies in the world award themselves more in pay and bonus than their entire companies pay in taxes

“If you’re not soiling yourself (or at least somewhat concerned) about what’s happening on land, sea and air, then you’re not paying much attention to the omnipresent signs of environmental breakdown.”

You should have kissed those rioting hoodies in London’s ass, instead, now YOU’RE HOMELESS

Fundamentalists and Kochbots LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

“Russians, buoyed by the removal of border checkpoints July 1 as part of a customs union, have circumvented the restrictions.”

In an interview with NPR, former Reagan economic adviser Laurence Kotlikoff said the U.S.’s “true indebtedness” amounts to $211 trillion.


“Silver has been quietly consolidating after the sharp falls seen at the end of April and in early May when many claimed the silver ‘bubble’ had burst.”

The tip, regarding basic fraud in the process of originating and selling Freddie Mac-backed loans, was received by us from an industry source…

Gonzalo Lira: “Dick Cheney is taking a lap around all the talk shows, peddling his memoir while giving his reputation one final spit-shine before he dies and goes straight to hell.”

“These crises are seldom neatly contained.”

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