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17 comments on “BRAND NEW!!! THE SEQUEL!!!! PSYOPEN – Tychon II – Entirely Crowd-Funded on – check out link to reserve shares in Stephan’s latest project!!!!
  1. dan valley says:

    Americas a melting pot.. and when you bring it to a boil all the scum rises to the top.

  2. 8Ball says:

    Trying to utilize the tools that the “system” allows the peasants to have in order to correct it is never going to work… Hint: It is designed that way.

  3. Hawkeye says:

    Where’s the Keiser Report?

    No sign of it on the RT schedule today??

  4. MirrorMirror says:

    Just BTW …

    I notice the MSM is postering all he Norway stuff everywhere -.. even on the Financial pages … where they really should be talking about the fiat debt … the FED’s Audit (l 16 Trillion in 3 years ) etc. etc.

    As the Daily Bell pointed out, they chose their moment carefully to publish the report , and buried the interesting parts right at the end.

    GAO: Fed Issued $US16 Trillion During 2008 Crisis!>/b>

  5. Jean Desjardins says:

    Interesting, … but strange. lol

  6. MirrorMirror says:

    Report of massive earthquake swarm in Canary Islands

    …368 quakes recorded so far‚Ķ.but still some more to be analyzed‚Ķnorthern side of El Hierro suffering the swarm. …

  7. ACN says:

    This film is only understable for those who have already realized what’s happened. It’s far too complex for the masses. The masses are manipulated by headline media. They do not have the capacity for critical thinking that would allow them to evaluate Mr. Tychon’s film. As such it is of little use in combating those who can manipulate the masses with the mindless simplicity that is required to heard them in one direction or another. I applaud Mr. Tychon for his efforts but truth directed toward the intelligenica is wasted. They already know the issues and their numbers are not sufficient to combat the issues. A movement of restoration of critical thinking among the masses is the only solution. If restored it will lead to truerevolution, most likely violent. But so be it.

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    Wow … seems we are finally getting to the level of Max Keiser in the German Establishment ( Prof. Wolfgang Berger ) :

    The honorable Mafia bosses of the markets
    by Prof. Wolfgang Berger

    Who are these “markets”, which make us all tremble ? They are forcing many governments to push their people into misery and despair. They cause world from famine. They force governments to bypass parliament ,break the law , and within just a few days waste billions of taxpayer’s money to rescue the financial system saying : “No alternative” . Are these “markets” an abstract, invisible force that dominates all political power against the? self-determination and will of the people?

    Subtitles / Sections :

    The execution of the Greeks

    “The markets’ undermine democracy

    Corrupt men dominate the markets

    The “After-us-the-great–depression” mentality

  9. Brutal.

    This intelligent and knowledgeable man’s message is lost in his somewhat obtuse presentation. He needed a good editor.

    I’m sure there was gold in there but to understand it you’d have to share the same vocabulary to do your thinking.

  10. Niksunen says:

    Woah!! Heavy man. I’ll have a pint of whatever he’s drinking!!

  11. Carlos says:

    I’ve seen part I & II. The idea is good but the result is… kind of… strange.

    I think that the script should be rewritten and this also goes for any future project. Seriously. There’s no point to make a documentary if “common people” doesn’t get it.

  12. Houligan says:

    This guy is great, not only for his insight which is absolutely profound, but the fact that his explanation using his ‘English’, as a second language, is succinct and drives home this bull’s eye.

    The only real change or innovation that will come globally or in the US is when the price of gas rockets out of the consumer’s reach. We should have a machine at the pumps that allows the consumer to vote directly to the corporate structure and change policy.


  13. Energy.up says:

    Actually, I like the “poor” editing. What he is saying is real. He is really being real. No gloss. I can handle this. I really can. In fact, prefer it. That may be why I also like Max and Stacy so much. No Gloss. Real stuff.

  14. Steve P says:

    Very good.

  15. learning2 says:

    I agree with Houligan.

    But, I am curious (I know, off topic), I wonder how many women try to hook up with this intelligent, good looking man who loves to play hard? I’m sure there will only be a spattering of women who could stay interested in this man over the long haul…without being interested in his assets. I’m sure he’ll find a method to filter out most of them.

    Thanks, Stephon Tychon.

    p.s. Love your cars too!

  16. mo says:

    if Tycho narrates, please have sub titles