The 11% rise in shoplifting is a good sign for U.S. economy as it shows that employees are willing to take risk

Stacy Summary: via CoveringDelta. Financial propaganda meets the American dream. The rising numbers of drive by shootings, crack houses and copper thefts in your neighborhood must also a good sign! Things are looking GREAT!

But the latest report from National Retail Federation showed that, while inventory loss due things like shoplifting increased by $3.6 billion, or nearly 11 percent, to $37 billion last year, much of that loss was due to employee theft.

Some economy watchers say that’s actually a good sign for the economy—that employees are feeling more secure in their jobs, and therefore more comfortable taking a few risks..

24 comments on “The 11% rise in shoplifting is a good sign for U.S. economy as it shows that employees are willing to take risk
  1. jimmy chen says:


    hahahaha……. risk, good one

  2. Nak says:

    People are starting to get resentful about increasing workload.
    This is why people should not eat at the fast food chains, odds are you will get a little something extra from a disgruntle employee who is paid and ridden like a slave.

  3. jo says:

    The PR in bullshit are really earning their Degrees here tonight also.

  4. DavidC says:

    “Some economy watchers say that’s actually a good sign for the economy”.

    Who are these ninnies? Educated morons. I’d hazard a guess that more shoplifting is occurring because people are becoming more DESPERATE.

    This reminds me of the study the other week that reckoned students with more debt feel more empowered.


  5. That almost makes me want to get a job. lol

  6. Troy Ounce says:

    Good….animal spirit…..good. Steal!

  7. Lets all hope that the nice people at The Federal Reserve don’t get any ideas.

  8. F. Beard says:

    Well, the other side of the story is that most businesses probably stole purchasing power from their employees via the government backed counterfeiting cartel, the banking system.

  9. YoLithos says:

    It is also a sign of general degeneracy. Specially in relation to common morality and principles. They are being subsumed by nastier, more brutish, and simpler, immediatist, amoral versions.

    The fruit of desperation and deprivation general of decency. Grow up in a dog pit, and … I think the Nietschean meme is something like “the dog pit grows in you”.

    Another great result of slave society – slave mentality. I refer, once again, to Eugene D. Genovese. His 1st book – “The Political Economy of Slavery” – is a must-read, for those interested in these things.

    Sounds like modern cotton-pickin’. Slave bickerin`

  10. YoLithos says:

    Of course, the cronyoligarchy has already been doing it for decades – with the world. The lumpen are just giving up and dancing to the rhythm.

  11. Kwai Chang says:

    Max, be careful…
    Stacy’s wit has been honed to a new level of surgical precision…
    She’s becoming dangerous…I like it(her)
    Hip check…boom

  12. Al Kyder says:

    LOLZ Stacyherbert

    I wonder if the companies insuring these retailers will be as willing to take the “Risk”.

  13. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @silver junkie.Ru having thoughts about having thoughts about getting a job? ROFL.
    In the eighties lots of sheep went missing in the UK because the coal miners were on strike and not getting dole money,hmmm hungry mouths to feed,stringy mutton biryani any1?

  14. Bruce says:

    Article sez:
    A couple of Splenda packets in grandma’s handbag may seem like a small deal but Davidowitz said this is bigger. Much bigger:
    Splenda? For grandma?
    Looks like someone really doesn’t know the first thing about the health effects of artificial sweetener, or perhaps just really hates their granny?

  15. indeed says:

    I really hate to be the bigot this time. But part of it could be that we’ve integrated several different societies into this one in a short time. Most other countries don’t have the same ethical stance against theft that we’ve grown up with. I think we’ve covered that before, though. And of course, the new normal is third world thinking – blame it on the worker!!!!

  16. Mattdog says:

    Great Headline. Of to speculate on a hamburger…

  17. yojo says:

    You can only whip a slave so much until he starts stealing your band aids. Chinese proverb.

  18. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Yer and probably poisoning your food and water supply2 follows next

  19. t-rex and the slick pig says:

    well chase bank (jpm) of willoughby ohio just got hit for the 3rd time in one month, although not employee theft. a part of me really wants to shake these guys hands.

  20. @I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip
    na ,I was just kidding around, sounds like too much work 4 me. lol
    Being High in the hills of the Appalachians is much more fun. Life is too short enjoy today.

  21. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Agreed Silver (is not junk).+love a good walk myself,did the machu picchu Inca Trail once-what a view! They didnt even use cement the massive stones fitted so well.needed a lot of tea to get up the 15k feet on that1 😉

  22. farang says:

    If you like this article, then you’ll love this one, straight from the cesspool of journalism, Yahoo News:

    “Why we’re pumped about our underwater mortgage”…sweartagawd.

    “Pumped.” Lost 70,000 in equity when bubble burst…and she’s “pumped” her real estate bill dropped $1500…

    Doesn’t get much more obvious than this: Cass Sunstein, did your mother write this, you putz?

  23. Wallenstein says:

    Shoplifting? Really??? Be sure to wave to the videocamera on your way out the door. The cops will pick you up later.

    You can’t get away with it – UNLESS you shoplift with 40 other people at the same time!

  24. YoLithos says:


    Get real. You mean you don’ kenna’ ‘ow these things ‘r don’? First there’s the grease, see. And, maybe, some leverage. An angle, gettit? And a patsy or two setup. Maybe a fall guy. But, who’s your uncle? Just avoid competition. That’s when it gets messy.

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