On the Edge with Gonzalo Lira

On the Edge with Gonzalo Lira.

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  1. flicks says:

    Steam engine origin was probably Greek or Middle Eastern and certainly more than 2000 years ago !




    You have to wonder how they managed NOT to develop this technology and where we would be now if they did.

    See how great you Greeks are !

  2. Larry says:

    @ bonn ,…they’re getting desperate in america ,now they’re robbing kids lemonade stands , 3 young kids had their lemonade stand robbed of $150 that they were raising to help their hospitalised toddler,buddy friend pay her medical bills…..it just gets worse http://www.gadailynews.com/news/65220-three-girls-robbed-at-lemonade-stand.html

  3. Bonn says:

    @ Larry
    The Show is about to start Aug 2nd Raise Debt cieling or QE 3 or is it QE 4…..
    I got me Popcorn and Whysky ready to see the High Drama !!!!!
    Hic 😉

  4. Mother Earth says:

    Proposal to hyjack democracy

    Legislation approved by the Super Congress — which some on Capitol Hill are calling the “super committee” — would then be fast-tracked through both chambers, where it couldn’t be amended by simple, regular lawmakers, who’d have the ability only to cast an up or down vote


  5. Bonn says:

    If he had Gone into a Mosque and shot up people that would make sense……what he did completely makes no sense ….for fun they should put this guy in an american Prison !!heck Even an Indian one will do ….

  6. Bonn says:

    Ford Focus for sale.
    Clean inside and out (power washed).
    Sewer geyser lifts car

  7. MirrorMirror says:

    @Mike/Liverpool ..

    Mornin’ Mike… this should cheer you up a little :

    Trailer park UK


    EU/US Round 2 :

    Fitch calls default, Greece pledges no let-up on debt

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    [email protected]/US Round 2 :

    Of course, I expect the WHOLE Eurozone to be downgraded soon … Debt is Debt no matter how you spin it. Shifting the deck-chairs is one thing, but this time now Germany’s “growth” (LOL) and bond ratings are now put at risk.
    I wonder if the German parliament will kill the bill ? … probably not.
    Of course, while the Econ-Profs take their case to the “European” Court of Human Rights, it is probably already too late.

  9. Bonn says:

    Texas man executed for post-9/11 murder
    If he only knew the Truth !!!

  10. MirrorMirror says:

    Daily Mail …

    Euro-geddon: The EU, born out of idealism 60 years ago, is now a byword for waste, financial chaos and unaccountability


    150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs: Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years



  11. MirrorMirror says:

    [email protected]

    Actually not a bad article coming from the Daily Mail.

    My take ..
    London ( the biggest and most important Bond market outside the US ) will continue shying away from Euro related bonds.
    Interestingly, after WW2, Germany was “forced” to clear all bonds via London , in order to “keep control” of what Germany is up to.
    Whether this is still case case, Im not sure … but if so, then the Euro is basically already a dead dodo IMO.

  12. Palantír says:

    Is there a Truth about Markets show this weekend?

  13. Larry says:

    @Bonn ! ,..cheers buddy ! wonder what they planned for us ? music video ‘personal jesus camp ‘ video uses footage from documentary about youth religious camps in america http://youtu.be/mEN3sBsScrQ

  14. Al Kyder says:

    @ Palantir and maxkeiser

    Yeah where is TAM ??????????

  15. Al Kyder says:

    Oh p.s.

    Front page of China Biz today is all about Silver Items 1.2.3. 🙂

    Silver invalidates bearish pattern, gold marches on »
    Silver has defied the weeks-long bearish chart pattern to rally strongly and aims to reach its previous high. Gold, meanwhile, has touched a new high, continuing its long-term uptrend. Silver…
    Jul 24 2011 / No Comment / Read More »
    Silver may rebound to test $100 level, citigroup says »
    Silver may more than double to $100 an ounce if the current bull market follows similar patterns seen between 1971 and 1980, according to technical analysis by Citigroup Global Markets Inc. The…
    Jul 24 2011 / No Comment / Read More »
    Silver’s a worthy gold rival »
    Silver has always been seen as less precious than gold, but it has certainly proved itself worthy of investors’ attention — and demand for it as a hedge against the…
    Jul 24 2011 / No Comment / Read More »

  16. frances snoot says:

    Dorothy? This isn’t Kansas anymore.

    “Federal law prevents a company from moving its operations if that move involves punishing employees for exercising their federally protected right to unionize or strike.”


    What is it about the south and slave plantations? What direction is change taking us? Whom are the tax-payer-supported politicians supporting?

  17. frances snoot says:

    Will the ‘little ladies’ bring water to the workers? When does the ‘machine’ driven by industrial greed turn on those same belles of the south?


  18. frances snoot says:


    “Southern women know the four deadly sins:
    Having bad hair and nails
    Having bad manners
    Cooking bad food
    Wearing too much makeup in the summer”

    What? The other three?

    Foul language (we use euphemisms for slavery like ‘right-to-work’)
    Poor hemlines on the proverbial ‘go-to-sunday’ dress
    Fraternizing with the ‘enemy’ (those whose family tree hasn’t the biz-pac promise)

  19. snoop diddy says:

    Gonzalo rocks.

  20. Nick in Van says:

    Great interview Max and Ganzalo. You both made great points in the interview and your discussion about the topic. Though it is perfectly valid, I think restructuring and scaling down the U.S. military-industrial complex will meet enormous resistance from both sides of the aisle, both democrat and republican. Though the U.S. military has units and equipment that do have much use in today’s world, it is still one of the biggest employers in the U.S. Closing down strategic units and maybe strategic military bases would cause a great uproar, especially in a depression era economy.

    Unfortunately, no politician wants to commit possible career suicide by suggesting this. I think most will take the easy way out. No one can be blamed if the system has a slow rot that causes it to collapse under its own weight. If they do the necessary budget cuts and close unnecessary military bases politicians would be vilified for raising the unemployment rate and putting people out on the street. It has to be acknowledged that most military bases are the only employer in small towns in the U.S. such a the U.S. Navy “boomer” base in Bremerton, Washington. We also have to remember many jobs on U.S. military bases are high paying union jobs, such as welders, and shipyard workers. The unions would also kick up a big fuss if you eliminated jobs in this sector.

    It seems everyone will take the easy way out and try to keep the status quo going as long as possible. The most of the incumbent politicians in the house and senate are close to or are entering retirement so they prefer to not to rock the boat. It seems the prevailing attitude is to “kick the can down the road” and let it be someone else’s problem.

  21. MirrorMirror says:

    Last paragraph from today’s FAZ article … basically warning Germany of becoming the Guarantor for the Eurozone :

    A possible motive constructed Bremer Möllering sociologist. With a guarantee from the guarantor of the debtor brings into his addiction. It is the motif of a mafia godfather, who does his seemingly selfless subordinates a favor, and eventually turn to ask a favor. In this situation, the debtor exchanged one against his old freedom immaturity. What a view!


  22. frances snoot says:

    “It seems the prevailing attitude is to “kick the can down the road” and let it be someone else’s problem.”

    Dominion in the case of the can-kickers is based upon the faith ‘Mericans have in a system revolving around the dollar-index-exchange/Ulster-ceded landgrants. Some, in devolving the right to democratic due process and fair elections, have become an embarrassment. Tyranny does not produce obedience but rather rebellion. The first governor of the state of Florida was a racist Scots-Irish son-of-a-bitch. The south won’t rise again on that steam engine. The charade of charlatans is merely allowed, not supported, by the international community.


    “Not only were Republicans toying with textbooks, but they were also redesigning our money. A North Carolina Congressman proposed updating the fifty-dollar bill by replacing famed Civil War general and 18th president Ulysses S. Grant with the 40th president Ronald Reagan. I won’t argue over who is more deserving of their mug on the fifty, but it’s suspicious that the general of the Civil War who helped end slavery is on the chopping block, while President Andrew Jackson, who committed mass atrocities against the Native Americans, something often downplayed in the history books, is untouchable from the twenty.”


  23. Omega Pointing says:

    In some cases Alex Jones’s analysis is right on point. He provides useful information outside of the corporate cesspool of mainstream media and forces listeners to think about the reasons behind particular events. But his coverage of Oslo is sickening. Instead of seeing this guy for who and what he is – a right-wing anti-Islamist conservative Christian radical – he sees him as an agent of the CIA. He point blank refuses to acknowledge his conservative Christian credentials and instead sees him as part of a great conspiracy. He omits the many letters written by Brevik. He omits the manifesto that he had written. He omits to mention that Brevik was against immigration, against pluralism, against multiculturalism, against legitimate Marxist cultural theory. Instead everything is fed back inside the same tried hermeneutic of world government and globalists.

    His persistent attempts to refer everything back to this have made me rather disgusted by his coverage of events. It is one thing to accumulate the facts as they are known; quite another to impose a monolithic hermeutic to explain them. Life is much messier and much less predictable than he makes out. It saddens me that so many people listen to him. It also saddens me that Max publishes material of his on this site – even after his unsympathetic and frankly unilluminating coverage. My own view is that Max is close to him but that Stacy is justifiably more circumspect. Alex is fine on the financial small print, but when he starts imposing rigorous ideological ideals he loses the plot entirely.



  24. YoLithos says:

    What has been said here, about military employment, reminds me of one of the first “CIA disclosure” books, back in the 70’s. Talking about Nasser, the author comments that the civil service ended up being the only real opportunity for modern employment in Egypt at that time.

    The rest was dominated by the age-old landlord system based on traditional (mostly pre-industrial) farming. unnecessary to say that it was a near-feudal system, implying like mentality.

    The future is here, and the old “landowners” are doing their best to push everyone else back into the stone age. Hail, neo-Atlantis!

  25. ronron says:

    did you see zero,s new comment section. very nice. reminds me of some other comment section. can,t remember now. 🙂

  26. elo says:

    As much as this guy hated muslims and the multicultural society, hated the Labor Party in Norway even more for letting these people into our country. The only thing that provoked him more then muslims where what he would call muslim lovers, if you understand. In his mind an attack on muslims would have a limited effect, but attacking the goverment would change the system the way he wanted.

    This was an attack on left side politics. On left side values. The sad thing is that his ideas are derived from the ideas of the populist right wing party in Norway, although they are a world apart.

  27. MirrorMirror says:

    @death to the NWO … Thanks , excellent and comprehensive article

    Connecting the Dots: Cosmic Changes, Planetary Instability and Extreme Weather


    Puts Stacy back in her Box and closes the lid forever !

  28. Youri Carma says:

    Chinese economic growth to slow to 9%: report

    My Predection from November 2010: 2012 will be Worse tham 2011

  29. Youri Carma says:


    I am afraid that these Cult Members are unsensitive to intelectual scientific proof.

    AGW is a Rehashed Form of Medieval Catholicism

    Made up by psychotic families like the Rockefellers in the Club of Rome to make the neuroric man it’s own enemy in order for the psychopaths gaining control via a worldbank to which every global citizen has to pay money.

    The next climate debate bombshell

    Yes indeedy – CO2 Contributed by Human Activity: 12 to 15ppmv / version 1 Vid

  30. Youri Carma says:

    Youtube Admits Video Count updates “frozen” http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=175736

  31. stacyherbert says:

    @Youri – yeah, they still haven’t updated our viewcount, it’s only 12,000 views for that episode that fell in that time frame, based on normal viewing numbers and on the number of thumbs up it got (about 700), it should be at about 40-50,000; so it’s a pretty big undercount they’ve got there

  32. MirrorMirror says:

    @Youri …. ” these Cult Members” .. LOL

    Yes, and I guess they still believe the Old Testament as well.
    I wonder if M&S are getting tickets for the Ark for all the work on AGW here ?

  33. Youri Carma says:


    There was an other guy on this forum (forgot his name cause I am very bad at remembering names) who alerted me on this. He was watching these numbers closely for quiet some time.

  34. Youri Carma says:

    The IPCC, for its part, announced that the sun could not be the forcing factor in any major climate change ” ahahaahahhhhhahahaahhhahah!!!!!!!! What’s wrong with these people?

  35. Youri Carma says:

    Transports Has Declined 3.3% as of Thursday – Hit its Peak in March

    Researchers found that their index is indeed a useful leading indicator — itself turning down an average of four to five months prior to slowdowns in the economy.

    Its most recent reading is 2.8% below that .”

  36. Youri Carma says:

    Protests over housing costs sweep across Israel

    Now is the time to have a nice Jewish vacation. You just put up your tent and everybody will think you’r one of the protesters, cost you notin! ahah!

    Have some nice company at the same time and you even might meet some nice Jewish girlies aha!

  37. Youri Carma says:

    Comet Elenin – Perihelion (Orbit of Elenin When Closest to Sun) is 9-11-2011 PROOF Is Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTic3_44B_c

    COMET ELENIN – “Let there be light” http://endgametime.wordpress.com/comet-elenin-let-their-be-light/

  38. Youri Carma says:

    So parahelium Elenin (nine El) at 9/11/11 Interesting.

  39. Youri Carma says:

    Interesting. Also 10th anniversary of 9/11.

  40. Wahrheit says:

    This about sums it up:

    Subtopia by Gunpowder Plot

  41. Youri Carma says:

    Comet Elenin – Perihelion (Orbit of Elenin When Closest to Sun) is 9-11-2011 PROOF Is Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTic3_44B_c

    COMET ELENIN – “Let there be light” http://endgametime.wordpress.com/comet-elenin-let-their-be-light/

    So parahelium Elenin (nine El) at 9/11/11 .

    Interesting. Also 10th anniversary of 9/11.

  42. Oky1 says:


    RE: Friendly User Feedback,

    I like your guy’s site, but it has so much video stuff it’s clogging the pipe into my PC.

    And with my PC running in “Slow Motion” here I’m unable to view as much content here.

    I don’t have this type trouble with sites that run mostly text docs, they run fine.

    I bring up this issue because I believe many others are likely have the same type trouble with this type video heavy site & they may spend less time visiting here because they too lack the bandwidth most have in the cities.

    I suggest maybe one solution might be to try to cut back on some of the secondary video stuff & replace them with a click on links to those videos.

    I notice another problem my PC has with the videos is unrelated to your guy’s site, but is instead caused by Adobe Systems & their programmers slamming together slopping code & band-aiding their video system together with consent updates.

    IT companies & their programmers should take note of the auto industry standards & leave the damn steeling wheel, brake/gas pedals & the turn indicators in the same positions as the older models on their latest/greatest newer/improved models.

    Anyway thanks if you can address the issue.

  43. Youri Carma says:

    Anders Behring Breivik used illegal ammunition to make the greatest possible damage (Google trans from Norwegian) http://tinyurl.com/3tq2r2x

    Glastnost4ever translated this article directly:

    – It was hard to interpret the x-ray images, says senior surgeon about the Utoya-victims. Breivik did most likely use a sort of ammunition that is illegal in Norway. When surgeons at Ringerike public hospital recieved victims with gunshot wounds after the Utoya-tragedy, they had problems interpreting the x-ray images.

    – We saw the projectiles had behaved odd when they hit the victims, says Dr. Colin Poole, manager at section for surgery at Vestre Viken healthcare. Poole himself has done surgery on two of the victims after the Utoya-tragedy and seen many of the x-ray images. He thinks it’s obvious that the ammunition used, is of a sort that is not for sale in Norway.

    – Never seen wounds like this. Dr. Colin Poole has long experience with treating gunshot wounds, but never before seen wounds like these. Expanding ammunition is forbidden by the Geneva convention, also for military forces.

    – This is by no doubt dum-dum bullets which only special forces in some countries use, says Poole.

    – Cannot have been bought in Norway.

    – This is definatly not something the perpetrator has bought in a store in Norway, says Poole. Ringerike public hospital recieved 35 patients after the shooting at Utoya. 16 of them was treated for gun shot wounds. Information about the ammunition was first known via the newsagency AP, which confranted Poole with information from unnamed sources. Talking to Aftenposten.no the surgeon is sorry for the information to become public, as he had no wishes to compromise the police investigation in any way.

    This Sunday, The Police in Oslo would not comment on this case.

  44. aka_ces says:

    Can’t say I disagree much with Gonzalo Lira, but whatever insight he has is dwarfed by his too-painful to-watch aspiration for pundit status. He just doesn’t have gravitas, and he’s the least interesting, least consequential guest on Max’s programs.

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