Obama’s Plight and the role of Moody’s in attacking countries

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  1. Mother Earth says:

    I was just remarking the other day how strange it is balck america is not much more agressive towards all those pale white sellouts. Must be the meth and bathsalts..

  2. jimmy chen says:

    @ max

    “Racists” really max is that your best deductive logic….I almost closed my browser as I am thoroughly disappointed by the answer….you use the baseless nonsense of racism as a cornerstone of your argument….They , the republicans, don’t give a phuck what color he is and you know it. It is all about power, there is no left /right and coming from someone as sharp as you I must allow for two other options: one, you are now or have always been controlled since you now use the divide and conquer the masses nonsense of racism which is one of the three pillars along with indoctrination and fear to keep the people controlled, and two you have another angle not yet visible. In either case it is a an ad hoc argument, obviously incorrect and more importantly really disappointing hearing it from you..

    jimmy chen


  3. Bruce says:

    I would very much like to have an at-home dinner with that lovely host.

    Max surprised me a bit. I will do some more research too, just like slow-talking guy in video 2 did.

  4. JailBanksters says:

    I did not know about John Moody and Moodys..
    Why do all roads always lead to Israel, one way or another.

  5. Mark says:


    Would you please make up your mind. One week you are saying Americans are weak because they don’t come out and speak against what is going on right now with trade and the crap going on with Burnanke and Geither, then you’re calling Americans, racists. Which is it?

    I’ve been a strong advocate of your thread but I don’t believe you know what in the hell is going on over here. Put on your glasses, or something. Those of us pushing for CHANGE right now aren’t racists. We are searching for someone to place into office that can create change. Let me know what you like about Barack Obama so I can figure out what the hell you just said in the last couple of lines of your rhetoric.

    Peacefully ~ please. . .


  6. mike p. says:

    anyone with half a brain knows republicans are racist. republicans are either rich and racist, or dumb poor and racist. i find it funny that the republican party has duped so many poor dummies into voting for them when all their policies hurt the average american.

  7. Sleep Well Silver says:

    People,people,people listen to Max the poor guy goes over the same facts 100 times a week open your ears and brain. All big banks have fiat paper instead of guns for robbing you or your country and they are doing it in broad day light with no masks.

    Fiat money has terminal cancer period so any thing you think you own in fiat paper or electronic currency is very soon going to be worthless.

    Buy physical now.

  8. flicks says:


    This is how racism works in the UK they call it satire

  9. Mark says:

    As far as the commentary goes as it pertains to Max Keiser, he is not always right. Stacey has corrected him on many occassions. I like the guy though. I like the guy though, primarily because a couple of my other friends who Max happens to know. . .knows him as well.

    Look, we are not happy over here in the states, with the way things are going. The simple reply would be to “expatriate” to another country. Guess what, you might want to see what someone with over 10K of cash has to go through to do that. Particularly with this TSA horse shit going on. Bob Moriarty, myself, and several others know that Osama bin Laden has been dead for years. We’re just trying to figure out where the present idiot in office is leading this nation. I mean, I thought GW Bush was bad (and he was). But look at this horse shit going on right now. Raise the debt ceiling? ????? Why?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t control the money going to the government as has been proven from taxpayers planting their asses on the line at rates that are inexcusable. More and more people are becoming unemployed and less people are paying into the system while the idiots in Washington ask for more money to pay banksters and their fellow idiots, a salary.

    Recently we finally found out that our tax money has gone overseas to bail out their banks. What in the hell is wrong with this story? Geithner and Burnanke have been hiding this away from the public so they don’t get smoked. Trust me, there are a great deal of people who are looking at those two with binoculars.

    It appears to me, this thing is not going to end, peacefully. As far as racism goes ~ that’s a bunch of bullshit. We just want our country back. The same country several other presidents let go and set back doing their blow job events like Clinton, false accusations by Tony Blair and Bush/Cheney, and somebody in office that is NOT gaining the praise of the American people. Anything else I need to spell out?

    Max, you are chopping at the limbs instead of the roots of the tree. You cannot kill a tree by killing the limbs. Go for the roots and leave this “racist” shit out of the battle. We had better turn this whole thing around, or the entire world, is going to go down. And the only way we can do that is with leadership that has experience in economics, finance and WAR.

    Let’s hope this happens peacefully,


  10. ronron says:

    @Jimmy. pretty safe bet those white pigs in congress are racist.

  11. Danny Cunnington says:

    The debt ceiling issue is of course political theatre but I don’t agree that it’s racism. In the phoney left right puppet show one position is always relative to the other position. In order for Obama not to appear right wing he has to have a puppet right wing that are so far right that he appears left. (Enter the Koch brothers Tea party puppets). Then he can use the issue to implement right wing policies of austerity and close down all sorts of spending programs and pursue the class war in a way that doesn’t cost him the next election.

    The actual debt ceiling in really a non issue but what they are trying to do is to loot social security and a whole host of other programs using the debt ceiling as a pretext and then claim there was no choice. The US Debt is owed in FRNs which the US can print. It’s hard to see why they should default because of a debt ceiling.

  12. Danny Cunnington says:

    Good research from the guy on the second vid. Of course all these elite quasi-secret societies are racist and working against the US interest from within but Obama is also their puppet as well. The overall plan is to transfer as much wealth to the banksters as possible from the dying corpse of the real economy. There’s still pensions and other stuff to loot. Obviously many states are bankrupt so unemployment will get worse.

  13. t-rex and the slick pig says:

    i agree with chen on this one. BUTT, if anyone has questioned barry or tried to point out the ills of the country under his administation, well your labeled a racist its that simple and its the true. the second video shows alot and who and where the money goes, butt the viewer must be let to decide and determine where the racism is in that. i would be prefered to be called a bigot before a racist, i think my “black” girlfreind will back me up on that. ps she’s a teabagger too, does that make her a racist? check this out, if you said barack is a piece of shit, a simple statement. doesnt make you a racist.

  14. Sleep Well Silver says:


    You are human and you screwed up three times.
    #1 Debt ceiling 20 times no 86.
    #2 Debt ceiling not important ?
    #3 All racist issue wrong.

    A retraction may be in order.

  15. Al Kyder says:

    Racist misogynist old America.

    It is true.

    That was a very professional interview maxkeiser. She was read for you, and knew her stuff. She liked the way you played that racial card, and she knew what it meant. You are correct, they are deeply racist. Barak “the Puppy” Obama gets shafted.

    Ah those pesky black friars. Imagine if you were Roberto Calvi , and as a last attempt at whatever, you go to the Pope and beg for forgiveness. The Pope, shows you the door, your on your own. Later you are found dancing the Tyburn Jig under Black Friars Bridge.

    Thats the kind of power the Catholic Church wields. They are big into real estate. I bet they are pissed about the US housing crisis.

  16. b says:

    @jimmy chen
    Couldn’t agree more.

    Yes, there is racism in the US, just as there’s racism everywhere else. The debt ceiling drama has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with jockeying for power. Also, it seems you are perfectly content with using a certain Republican to back up your arguments re: gold, etc. Ron Paul is one of those Republicans battling Obama on the debt ceiling. Therefore, according to you, since he is a Republican he is a racist (and he’s from Texas to top it all off!). So, is it ok to piggy-back on the arguments and ideals of a “racist” when they complement your views? It just seems that with your comment in the video above you’re blurring some lines of what I had previously thought were your very black and white views of the world (no pun intended). Is abetting a “racist” acceptable when the issue suits you?

    Also, can you please expand on your argument regarding the ratings agencies connections to just the Republicans and their joint efforts to further empower the kelptocracy, and how are Democrats any different?

  17. restoresoundmoney says:

    Really, Max? Really? Republicans are pulling their nonsense in this case ‘cuz they’re racists? Really? Is that the best you can do, Max? How pathetic. This effing “Titanic” of an empire has already hit its iceberg (thank you, Stefan Molyneaux for that analogy), but the best you can do is suggest that the moronic Republicans are doing this ‘cuz they’re racists? And what would be the Democrats’ reason for being effing lying, totalitarian, psychopathic, power-hungry busybodies like their Republican bretheren, hmmm, Max? Racism? Really? Max, you hit a new low here. Obamarama is lying, scum-sucking fraud who just happens to be half white, half black. Does pointing that out make me a bigot? The republic is doomed–the party is over and this is the best you can do, Max? Pathetic “analysis”, Max. Supremely pathetic.

  18. daddy warbucks says:

    So much sense and insight and then drag in that the GOP is “racist”?
    All I can do is shake my head
    Max???? what????
    On the one hand your spot on, then another part of your logic is stuck in ‘Air America’.

  19. mike/Canada says:

    I,m with you on that question
    “why do all road lead to Israel in one way or another”

  20. Jim says:

    Max and Stacy are going off the deep end, the AGW has melted their brains. They should stick to matters financial of which they know something. BROTHER,
    is this what fame does or is it AGW?

    Next, the little green men will be behind the next ratings downgrade…. or maybe
    the Ku Klux Klan?

    This Keiser salt is losing it’s savor.

  21. F. Beard says:

    I feel so sorry for the rest of the world. The West won the Cold War but then reveals itself to be terribly flawed too. “Can the blind lead the blind?”

  22. El_Puerco says:

    I think Max wants to bring this as a discussion tool…..
    Es muy fácil ver que, lo dicho aquí, tiene mucho ala para volar…
    {Us: Is a ” GIANT PONZI SCHEME” }..

  23. Al Kyder says:

    Ha HA HA !!

    Look at all the Gay Old Party G.O.P. cry babies

    What kind of backward recalcitrance would lead to Job application forms that require you state your race and religion.

    Anyone who does not live in the US can see that it is deeply racist and misogynist. There is a well entrenched class system. Bankers being the ruling class.

    I suppose all those US soldiers with the Southern accents who treated the black soldoers far worse than the Germans treated their slaves.

    America’s disgusting racism has been on display during most of its wars.

    I wont even start on its sexism. and objectification of women. !!

  24. Silver Owner says:

    There are plenty of opinions here, so I don’t wish to add or subtract from any of them. Instead, I would prefer to ask questions.

    How can racisim be the cause since he was voted in? Can you have it both ways? Wouldn’t the majority of racisim prevented that? Isn’t America the melting pot of the world? Why would a melting pot consider race as the prime factor? At some point, doesn’t policy play a role? Aren’t both democrats and republicans members of the same corrupt government? Aren’t we talking about the government assigning debt burden to “The People” instead of the Banks? Isn’t the truth, instead of Banks failing, it was transferred to the governments and the people? It didn’t matter what race those people were.

  25. Fox says:

    When you don’t have a leg to stand on, play the race card. Nicely done Max. You go get the vermon that was spayed on Bush II and Clinton. Obama has been treated with kid gloves by comparison.

  26. johnypage says:

    max is smokin that stuff again

  27. Kwai Chang says:

    watch the second video…
    Max isn’t wrong on this…

  28. jimmo says:

    The real culprits of the financial crisis only fear those who demand equality before the law and hence justice for criminal conduct.

    Please, Max, don’t get sidetracked from using your fiercest weapon. My guess is that as soon as they get a whiff that your eye is off the ball, they will make sure your platform is elevated. Then, they will set you up to hang yourself in public. And don’t kid yourself, they will do it. They are masters at the media game.

    Be vigilent. Their biggest threat comes from individuals who are familiar with their rights. They have no answer to those who know their rights. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCvJUzW1HXA&feature=player_embedded).

    To be clear, groups don’t have rights… individuals do. ‘Gay’ rights, women’s rights, black people’s rights, people with red hair, people with big noses, people with small feet…. it won’t end. No, it’s simple…. human rights belong to each individual. If you enshrine those in law and become aware of them, you’ll be fine or you’ll at least be in a position to fight back when someone decides to break the law.

  29. Catalyst says:

    Yet again, Max throws out these blanket statements just to call attention.
    I’m surprised that he didn’t call the Libertarians racist. Unless libertarians
    are republicans in his mind. Yet he conveniently leaves out that Barry Soetero
    gets a huge amount of campaign funding from the Banksters.
    I must guess that banksters are real socialist then.

  30. Omega Pointing says:

    Look guys, it was an unwise statement. Max did not choose his words well and he created the wrong impression. That is no reason to castigate him. We all get things wrong at times. The chain of logic, in this debate at least, didn’t make much sense. Consider:

    Q. Why won’t the republican’s agree with Obama to raise the debt ceiling?

    Possible Answers:
    A1.0: Because they are bought and paid for by corporate interests and are conspiring with their democratic brethren in order to panic the markets and in order to create tough social policies. The collusion of rating agencies, entirely in the pocket of Washington, will help in this regard.
    A1.1: Because they are using the issue in order to force through cuts to social security which the democrats agree with but are too chicken shit to admit in public.
    A2: Because the Republicans are racists and want nothing more than to foil Obama’s attempts at governing the US in a just manner.

    A1.0 and A1.1 make the most sense. But there is a smidgen of sense in A2 given the fact that Republicans have blocked every bill brought forward by the Obama admin. Unfortunately, the argument falls down when we consider the fact that the Republican party does contain black senators and no doubt a share of the black Christian vote. So it appears that A2, on a pure evidential basis, is a tenuous point at best; whereas the evidential basis for A1 and thence A1.1 are entirely legitimate.

    An apology might well be in order unless Max can explain what he meant by his comment. I have little doubt that there are many racist elements in the Republican party. After all, they house many racist elements – what one would expect from the GOP. But the choice of wording chosen my Max was perhaps unwise. And I say this as a HUGE FAN of Monsieur Keiser!

  31. ageofreisling says:

    Umm I think Maxes points’ are all sound here..there is always
    agenda behind the levers of power brokerage. Though the ism’s
    are cheap dialectic in any debate. Some comments do make the
    distinction. Racism, Sexism, Zionism…….umm nothing to do
    with the debt ceiling really…..cheap politics best left to politicians,
    divisory stuff employed mostly by politicians in pursuit of new
    taxes…….we all know dogma exists on every side in politics
    and pretty much all the isms to…but all in all good points
    here Max

  32. Bernard Negash says:

    You hit on the NAIL.Some of us remember a while ago what Mr.Mitchel,the senate
    minority leader, said his main goal for 2012 is-“to make Obama the first term president”.They will do everything with the tea party radicals (most of them racist)to disable the economy so that the president will get the blame and lose the election.

  33. J Sabbich says:

    Having a black President has brought out the very worst in the Republicans, and the Right in general. I agree with Max. As for Moody’s, the second video above ^^^ shows the truth. Rome owns the corporation that is the United States and has done since 1868. Federal governance is the Roman model, and it is uniformly fascist and racist. All debts owed in the dollar are debts to Rome. Jesuit controlled central bankers administer most of the world’s debt servitude, though there are various often feuding factions within the upper-tier power structure, such as a divided ‘Illuminati’/Freemasonic apparatus and the reformed Templars (the Knights of the Virgin Mary IHS). Never assume the enemy is united.

  34. Charles A. Robinson says:

    @ Jimmy Chen
    @restore sound money
    @ El puerco

    Yep pitiful. Obama is a corporate Uncle Tom. Wall street owns him. Wall street owns the Republican party. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Why Max would say that this charade over the budget in Washington, is due to racism makes me believe that Max is desperate for more hits on his web site; or, maybe he is not getting enough air time. It’s a joke. We are dealing with the effects of trillions and trillions of dollars plundered from the common wealth of the American people; and sadly, also the plunder of the the world common wealth ( Confessions of an Economic Hit Man).

    There is no change/difference between the agenda of a democrat or a republican. Third parties are not allowed in the US. You can read a book about the hurdles placed before any third party candidate getting on the ballot in the US. It’s available through Ralph Nader’s web site.

    The PTB determined to select either a black president, or a female president, they chose a black man over Hilary. Henry Kissinger just LOVES Obama.

    In order to push through the “new”extreme austerity measures they want, they first use the shock doctrine technique then implement their plans while the people are in shock/panic. Who are the people most likely to be affected by this new downsizing of America? I’d could submit blacks and women. Who better to represent this austerity? A black man. If anyone criticizes the black man, they are racist. Not all blacks would be sucked into this strategy but I’d venture, many would. If Hilary had been chosen, any critic would be called a misogynist. Pretty obvious.

  35. Oky1 says:

    Re: Moody’s ties to the Catholic Church, Republicans, Racism, Democrats.

    Why would anyone in the world still be seen associating with/financially supporting any of these religions?

    Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic church, they all be shown to have heavy ties with child abuse/pedophiles.

    These churches continue to this day hiding those child rapers yet people still flock to these church parking lots Friday/Saturday/Sunday mornings

    And is the Catholic Church/Republican Party racist? Do they only support the abuse of white kids & condone abuse of black kids?

    I don’t know, but here’s what you see if you type “Irish pm blast Catholic Church over hiding child pedophiles”:

    >> By SHAWN POGATCHNIK/worldmag.com
    DUBLIN (AP) — From the pews and pulpits, Ireland’s Catholics are demanding that the Vatican finally come clean on its oversight role in child abuse cover-ups.
    It’s a revolution of sorts in Ireland, a nation founded on a pillar of devotion to Roman Catholicism, where many now question the church’s role in a rapidly changing society. For decades Irish leaders let archbishops vet proposed laws, declared they were Catholics first and Irishmen second, and saw crossing the church as a surefire way to lose office.
    No longer.
    The Irish are broadly lauding this week’s thunderbolt from Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who denounced the Vatican’s role in the past 17 years of abuse scandals. He accused the Holy See of downplaying “the rape and torture of children” and hiding behind its status as a sovereign state with its own secrecy-obsessed canon laws.
    Astonished cabbies pulled off the road to watch the unprecedented speech on their smartphones. Victims of clerical sexual abuse, who have spent two decades trying to be heard and believed, cheered a day they thought would never come. <<



  36. Oky1 says:

    Oops, more typos to correct:

    Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic church, they’ve all been shown to have heavy ties with child abuse/pedophiles.

  37. Nak says:

    @jimmy chen
    Totally agree.
    The use of lynched is just reckless and irresponsible and will only inflame a dire volatile environment in our inner cities.
    I believe the only reason Obama was put in office by the elite is so he can become a martyr just like MLK. When the cities are burned to the ground , the bankster’s housing crisis will not matter anymore.

  38. bammbamm says:

    Really Max. Republicans are racist, and that’s the motivation? Dems are trying to abort blacks out of existence. (but of course, that will reduce global warming so it’s a good thing for society).

    What you want is a Boston massacre.

    Rabble rousing.

    Your credibility needs a few gallons of truth to get rolling again. Of course, first you have get out of reverse and into drive.

  39. Bope says:

    I think Max Keiser just leveled up. Keep saying what nobody else dare say. I love it.

  40. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Max I have agreed with you on almost everything since I discovered you…..but republicans are just out to humiliate Obama because they are racists!!!!?????

    Sorry but thats utter BS. The democrats could have so easily nominated a white arsehole, or the darling “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” darling Hillary.

    Obama is not only a fraud, and an incompetent puppet of the Illuminati machine that installed him out of thin air, and is just incompetent and mendacious as WHITE George Bush Junior was. And probably is. Perhaps he just got dementure very young?

    You are really off base here, and stigmatising middle America in the extreme, and that coming from a Brit, who knows what a racist society is. And remember I’m white.

    Very dangerous politcal dynamite you are playing with, and in my opinion (for what its worth)….a major misjudgement.

    I wonder what little bee, buzzed that message in your ear with that theory?

    I was also surprised (but far less so) than the above, that no resolution in agreeing the debt ceiling would have next to no impact.

    The Chinese Govt most definately would disagree with you, and the action between countries to form bartering arrangements also show that they are not impressed with the decaying $$$$.

    Well, sometimes we have to agree to disagree, but perhaps you might want to listen to the counsel from some on here.

    Your call Maxipooo.

    None of us are infallible, and it takes a big man to step down from an error of judgement perhaps?………………Z

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