Getting closer to my original prediction of $30 trillion

36 comments on “Getting closer to my original prediction of $30 trillion
  1. Troy Ounce says:

    23.5 trillion is based on the premise that real estate prices go side ways as per today. And what you will return to is a paper economy without manufacturing power and an empoverished population angry at their betrayal.

    So forget about the 23,5. Make this at least 100 Trillion, excl. building a real economy.

  2. Mike says:

    Haaa ha ha ha……. This article is a complete waste of my time. This article is the same bs propoganda from the Bloomberg conglomerate owned news agency and is complete misdirection.
    This article is about “enormous over spending” , “tax payer debt” and is totally irrellevant.
    Listen to me……. the collapse has absolutely nothing to do with the money and everything to do with controlling all the aspects of money.
    This collapse is about an agenda. An agenda spanning decades. The astronomical amounts of money in all these bullshit articles from the conglomerate in reference to QE…. Bailouts…. blah blah f’n blah……. is complete misdirection to the reality and truth behind the deliberate global economic collapse.
    READ MY LIPS EVERYONE……… The tax payers will NEVER be burdened with this bullshit debt amounts of trillion and trillions……IT WILL NEVER GET TO THAT POINT……and MOST IMPORTANTLY TO UNDERSTAND. is that THEY (the conglomerate) DO NOT CARE…. I REPEAT…. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT BEING “PAID” through “taxation” !!!!!!!
    The conglomerate do not think on such levels…….. they are interested in 2 things and 2 things ONLY……. 1. to create and control all aspects of a single world currency…….which will GUARANTEE……..2.. The completion and control of a one world governing body…… which, by the way…. is already in place.
    The UN, IMF, WTO, WHO etc etc etc (all the god damn “world” organizations) have been put into existence and are under the DIRECT CONTROL of the conglomerate NOW.
    This article is complete utter bullshit propoganda misleading all the dumb ass people (of the world) that refuse to take advantage of the first time in history the availablity of transparent, truthful information which is available to ANYONE…. in the comfort of their own home……. to research and LEARN THESE THINGS !!!

  3. Wahrheit says:

    $23.7 trillion is $76,200 per person in America, including babies and the elderly.

  4. Mike says:

    @Troy Ounce, Wahrheit……..
    The amounts mean NOTHING ! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Period. End of discussion.

  5. Lord Wellington says:

    You should use more capital letters.

  6. Mike says:

    @Lord…… your should be more interested in content.

  7. Mike/Canada says:

    @Mike |
    Point made. Now can you come down off your cross so I can use the wood for a box to hide my gold in. : )

  8. Mike says:

    @Mike….. I am not on any horse. I am just a guy like you on a computer researching. I just have spent more time than most. My comments have great merit because of the gisting of thousands of hours of research.
    Mike King

  9. Mike says:

    yea and screw you with the bullshit cross shit.

  10. Mike/Canada says:

    @ Mike
    Dont get me wrong I,m greatfull there are more , that are understanding that there is a bunch of mad men and 1 ugly queen , trying to steel everything and anything. But i beleave on this blog , Max is just showing his past thoughts on papper bunk cash. I think Alex jone and Web Tarrpy would be more of sweet spot for your battle cry, and I,ll stand with you arm and arm.

  11. jischinger says:

    doesn’t matter what country – it needs to be said

  12. Mike/Canada says:

    @ jischinger
    Sweet Clip ! I agree 119%

  13. 03052011 says:

    @ Mike

    You are 100% correct, Mike, and I agree completely.

    What fascinates me is how people are criticizing Bernanke, Obama, Turbo Timmy and other purveyors of globalization.

    These officials know EXACTLY what they are doing, but the public remains clueless when the tools of discovery are available.

    Casey Anthony is of far more importance than one world government.

    I share your frustration.

    You are not alone.

  14. Lord Wellington says:

    @ jischinger

    Gogarty is a little shit.
    After his “outburst” he went on to vote for the bank bailout.

  15. jischinger says:

    I think my number was $33 Trillion
    but what’s 10Trillion here or there

  16. Mike/Canada says:

    “My comments have great merit because of the gisting of thousands of hours of research.
    Mike King ” Was the light coming from the heavens when you typed that ? Thers need to get upest with me on my thoughts , I,m not blind to the ” big plan ” from those that who have sceamed up this scam. You just come of like you standing in a court yard , saying Hear ye hear ye! ring a bell.

  17. Nak says:

    The tax payers will NEVER be burdened with this bullshit debt amounts of trillion and trillions……IT WILL NEVER GET TO THAT POINT……and MOST IMPORTANTLY TO UNDERSTAND. is that THEY (the conglomerate) DO NOT CARE…. I REPEAT…. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT BEING “PAID” through “taxation” !!!!!!! – Mike
    I don’t know what planet you are living on, but we are all burdened already. Taxes keep going up and services are being cut. In most US cities crime is a rampant problem. Inflation is a hidden burden that is devastating the people of the world. My bet these bankers plan on collecting every last penny on their debt scams.

  18. Mark Lytle says:

    In about 3 weeks the deadline for debt reduction nears. Small factions are screaming at their reps to either save their particular pork, or cut ruthlessly. These reps are being told by their constituents that they will lose their jobs in the next election if they don’t comply.

    Nothing will be agreed on by these numerous, hardened factions, the debt ceiling will be breached, our debt gets downgraded, and then all Hell breaks loose.

    The banks are insolvent, backstopped by the Government. When the Government is downgraded, by extension, so are the banks. Watch the failures, watch the panic…

  19. Mike says:

    @Nak……. you are so far behind the curve a response to you is useless. As time passes you will understand. Yes…. taxes are here to stay. No… the trillions and trillions of debt that WILL be defaulted on will not be an issue for increases in taxes. The trillions of debt are for the purpose of the agenda to collapse…..NOT future tax payer burden.
    I am on this planet and knowledable to the agenda. You are on this planet learning about the agenda and not finished.
    Mike King

  20. Mark Lytle says:

    Now that the S&P rating agency raised the threat of a ‘D’ rating on U.S. Government debt, on a breach of the ‘ceiling’, the agency will have to go through with it. After making such a dramatic statement, they will lose all credibility if they don’t do exactly what they threatened to do.

  21. Mike says:

    @Mike….. the fact is I do not care what I come across like. I know what I am talking about more so than most. I have been reading the comments on this site for years now. The comments are becoming more accurate and have merit. MOST of them still do not. My comments carry more weight than most. Go ahead…. compare the content of my comment to others presented after a few more days when they are all in.
    I have done my homework extensively and what I have to print is accurate.
    Mike King

  22. ronron says:

    @Mike King. what will happen to the pony,s?

  23. Mike/Canada says:

    Oh God please .. Yes i,m adressing you Mike..
    Lets keep it light , But we will never solve anything as long as there humans like you around becuase your head gets as big as the U S debt. I,m not trying to hurt your feelings , But if you need a bag of ice for your ovary , to cool down a bit, and maybe understand that Max was just showing his past thoughts , once more. But thanks for for backing my point up in your last blog, that you are the masia of knowledge, with all your reserch.
    Anyway Love your drive .!
    Lets hug it out , in a non-homo way
    Peace , love and melba toast.
    From Canada with Peak Bacon

  24. Mike/Canada says:

    @ronron , i love your one liners.. Thats good

  25. Mike says:

    @Mike….. if your response was more appropriate in the first place your replies would not be so ridiculous. I dont need to “do” anything that “suits” your comfort margin…. I blantantly do not give a shit about you and most of the ignorant shit heads responding on this site.
    Mike King

  26. Mike/Canada says:

    Sorry Mike.. You must have wet the bed last night.
    Heres a Vid for you
    Peace bro! : )

  27. Mike says:

    @Mike…. Ill tell you what mike….. dont link me to ignorant bullshit and do yourself a favor, sit back and read what I have to say without comment… you will learn something.
    Mike King

  28. Wahrheit says:

    But you see I’m EAGER to write th’ CHECK for $76,200 to th’ NWO, so that Rockefeller’s mafia pals can gorge themselves on Cocoa Pebbles.

  29. ronron says:

    seems Mike King doesn’t give a fuck about pony,s either.

  30. ronron says:

    you heard it first from Mike King. it,s planned. hahaha. lol

  31. L T P says:

    $30 Trillion? How about the gigantic Mount Everest of paper Ponzi with Mark to Market nonsense, -aka- OTC derivatives who haven’t been cashed out and continue to be made to this day? Likely in excess of a quadrillion bucks, bets given that likely can’t be fulfilled because of inadequate backing.

  32. Nak says:

    Prime example, little knowledge is dangerous. Did you just awaken to the crisis and now you believe you have it all figured out.
    All debts will be paid back in Taxes.
    Taxes. = commodities and labor.

  33. Mike/Canada says:

    @Mike ( God )
    I,m sorry to be such a Bur in your ass. Just i love when i can talk to the all mighty and become the growing hemroid on his ego
    ( thats means you ) .
    Just becuse I dont type a bunch of words on a screen, That does not mean I dont read or understnd whats going on with ” our ” world.
    Still love you …always with care ,and peak maple syrup.. Now chear up you crank pants.

  34. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Mike King

    Dont get upset with some on here that can only think and join dots in two dimensions.

    I share your frustration, as they focus on and get bogged down in the minutiae and not the very big historical picture.

    Although we are all monitoring indicators as they are presented to us and are evolving.

    The ebb and flow so to speak, and this subject spans so many dimensions, that it is sometimes difficult to know where one thing starts and another ends.

    Even ol’ Z’s head gets a bit tired. But the manipulators have learnt the lesson of patience and mutability.

    These are the TRUE masters of manipulation and of smoke and mirrors ( as they are taught their so called secrets and rules of kinship, within the secret societies).

    Its all a very grand sophisticated holographic shell game.

    The other thing that some cannot conceive (and you cannot blame them) that there are people who idolise true evil and that it actually excites them.

    Tell the sheeple about a Hannibal Lector type character and they get it.

    Tell em about Hitler and other individual dictators and despots and they get it

    But put an eloquent guy in a $5,000 dollar suit with a fancy title and the trappings of respectability who belongs to an occultist sect thats been evolving for centuries and they cannot grasp how its organised and that we are dealing with the same sort of people that devised the final solution, but on a global scale. Of course any sane decent person would think ones nuts!

    Just keep going Mike. Tell it like it is.

    There will always be those who get it, and those that you could put the facts to them with 50ft signs in front of them and they won’t.

    Many here listen to Celente, Bob Chapman, Lindsay Williams, SGT Bull, and many many others who in their own fashion lay it out for them, but they still dont get it.

    They listen, but they do not want to hear. Fear is their key, their tool!!

    Carrot and stick…….join with us and we will make sure you are ok, or dont end up like Roberto Calvi, Princess Diana or JFK.

    Sadly, the bad guys are likely to win.

    Just another Re-Run of the tragic history of mankind, of the same players that knew how to heard and slaughter their sheep.

    Every now and then the sheep revolted and made progress. But its the long game thats being played out here. The game of Ages.

    remember “The Divine Right of Kings”. (not you Mike LOL)….so business as usual………………..Z

  35. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Zorro you are becoming more like your namesake every day, how is it that this 2 legged sheep of the hills can get a matching symbol per chance?

  36. Mark says:

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