Praying for Hurricanes As Texas & Oklahoma Evaporate In Record Heatwave

Stacy Summary: It’s so hot in Oklahoma that climate denier in chief, Sen. Inhofe has gone into hiding. He was meant to speak at the Climate Denier Conference put together by Heartland Institute (an anti-intellectual, anti-science ‘think tank’ established by former Phillip Morris lobbyists) and financed by Exxon and Koch Industries. His state, however, is in the midst of a record heatwave and record drought. Crops are going up in smoke (sometimes literally).  [Update:  here is a brochure/poster from the conference; as you can see this is lifted straight from Big Tobacco Propaganda, almost word for word].

Any way you slice it, it has been hot. With the heat, there has been a lack of rain. Actually, there has even been a lack of clouds. Only one day this month has been an officially cloudy day. With no precipitation, drought conditions have steadily worsened over the western one-third of Oklahoma, which is currently in an “exceptional drought.” This has also lead to many western Oklahoma counties to issue burn bans for their area.

It seems the only hope of rain would be for a hurricane to hit the Texas coast and travel northward to Oklahoma.

38 comments on “Praying for Hurricanes As Texas & Oklahoma Evaporate In Record Heatwave
  1. mully says:

    no comments yet? Stacy please review the climategate e-mails. You will understand how this has been manipulated then. Very soft science…just like economists.

    Weather happens…

  2. stacyherbert says:

    @mully – yeah go back to watching Rupert Murdoch’s ‘news;’ funny how you guys worship the man that got caught wiretapping hundreds and hundreds of people . . . and not one single one of you ‘liberty loving’ yahoos have one single word to say . . . crickets I hear, crickets; just consuming his disinfo

  3. I am a cat says:

    From our friend Armstrong:

    “As we look ahead for the next 4.3 years, things are going to get much more confusing. The Sovereign Debt crisis will continue to percolate until we reach a maximum brew. There are so many trends converging it’s crazy. Already Texas is in the worst drought since the Dust Bowl and this has just got started. Sorry, it’s not global warming. It is a natural 7 year drought cycle that has existed even from Biblical time (i.e. Joseph warns the Pharaoh of 7 years of plenty followed by a 7 year drought). This will keep food prices rising and the peak is not due until 2014.”

  4. stacyherbert says:

    @I am a cat – um, you can check rainfall data going back: 7 years ago June: lots of rain for the month:

    7 years before that, loads of rain for month of June:

    The temperature and rainfall data, however, goes back about a hundred years. There has never been a drier June in Texas in recorded history:

    You can make all sorts of lazy assertions, a common trait amongst the bot community, and then leave it to me to do even the little bit of research it takes to prove you wrong. But I don’t do this to prove you wrong as I know that it is impossible to overcome brainwashing without deep intervention; it is for others who are bombarded with Rupert Murdochs’ propaganda day in and day out.

  5. Wolferl says:

    Ah, it´s god´s will. It´s not AGW it´s DGW (divine global warming). We humans are of the hook. Just read the bible and you know, Stacy. 😉

  6. I am a cat says:

    Revealed: British government’s plan to play down Fukushima
    Leaked emails show PR campaign was launched to protect UK nuclear power plans after tsunami in Japan

  7. Adam says:

    Remember the Dust Bowl?

  8. Idiot savant says:

    @ Stacy

    You are a hypocrite everything u do emits carbon dioxide it all comes from oil everything u wear, see, EVERYTHING!!!!!! I remember back in school in the early 80’s we were taught another ice age was coming GUESS WHAT never happened… Exxon mobile “changed” their mind on carbon David rockefeller threatened to fire everyone on the board especially Rex

  9. Al Kyder says:

    @ stacyherbert ♥

    “He was meant to speak at the Climate Denier Conference put together by Heartland Institute (an anti-intellectual, anti-science ‘think tank’ established by former Phillip Morris lobbyists) and financed by Exxon and Koch Industries. ”

    All that dead Monsanto seed. Thank you mother nature !! Let it all burn.

  10. ronron says:

    fuck. i feel bad cause i gotta run. there are limited 10th oz keisers around, maybe. i,ll let you know.

  11. snoop diddy says:

    but climate change aids the digestion!

  12. YoLithos says:

    Hm. That pipeline idea ( covered canals might be even “better” ) does seem to be approaching greater substance. Fascinating! Humanity does present a seemingly bottomless bowl of – usually pretty horrible – surprises. Imagine if, thousands of years from now, martian Lowells turn their telescopes to Earth and comment on the canals we dug in a last desperate attempt to avoid a toxic, dehydrated demise. Fascinating.

    And, the “dust bowl” was largely the result of “strip farming” applied by ignoramusses to land that ecovariety, buffaloes and several varied Nations had kept alive for millenia. Aided by gigatons of oily fishmeal protein fertilizer, dredged from the Atlantic (mostly), and that wasn’t fit even as pet food. Helping destroy two food sources in tandem.

  13. Al Kyder says:

    @ Yo Lithos

    Covered canals and dams are just abojt law now in most places in Australia. Or the users are forced to do it by necessity. You can save about 30% that way. Who would have guessed there would be so much evaporation. This makes the water salty too.

    Seeing a huge dam covered in bubble wrap is weird I admit, but it works.

  14. marbou says:

    Yea, like Texas has never had a drought before. One drought does not make a trend. It’s a change from last year… so it must be CLIMATE CHANGE. HELP!!!!

  15. stephen says:

    I reviewed all links that stacy sent in above post. They dont say anything but that its hot. There is no evidence whatsoever that this is the hottest ever according to the links stacy sent. Look them up yourself. Shame on you Stacy for fibbing to people, knowing most wont read the article from your links…Shame, Shame Shame on you.
    Thanks for exposing the bankers tho 🙂

  16. stephen says:

    By the Oregon, its June 30 and it rained and I am actually wearing a lite sweater today…June 30

  17. stephen says:

    speaking of June 30…isnt this the end of QE2? Interesting huh? What, are we gonna wake tomorrow morning and all the money that has propped up the system is gone? Very interesting question, dont ya think?

  18. Mark says:

    “This has also lead to many western Oklahoma counties to issue burn bans for their area.”

    Led, Stacey, led.



  19. dlweld says:

    I suppose a variety of AGW deniers’ number-free climate models could be true. But on the other hand, clear and simple, CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Up this in the air and, as simple as keeping a window shut, more heat stays in.

    Still, the events we’re seeing that match the predictions of AGW – (melting glaciers, more extreme weather, thinning arctic ice, colder weather for Europe, melting permafrost, species migrations, massive Antarctic ice shelves breaking off, more droughts in Russia and the prairies, record temperatures), could all be simply unrelated, and too, we could have a whole army of dishonest and evil scientists who are not reporting honestly on what they’re seeing, (and big oil and big coal do steadfastly tell us this – and heaven knows, they certainly have our best interests in mind), but… but sometimes I wonder…

  20. Terry says:

    Talking about AGW while Fracking is destroying the aquifers is like swatting mosquitoes when there is a tiger in the tent.

    You AGW Al Gore-atrons need to stop this fanciful apocalyptic money making fairytale and get on a real issue. If they fuck up our ground water you wont have to wait centuries to see a change in the planet you will know about it pretty quickly.

    Remember after just seven days without water you will be so dehydrated you will be crying tears of blood and your nose, lips and other appendages will shrink back and die.

    While you are sucking energy and cohesion from the real enviromental movement with your shrill foolishness and denunciations and two minutes of hate you are doing damage to the whole planet.

  21. Catalyst says:

    AGW caused the Sahara desert human farting is to blame
    Hell will freeze over and the sky will fall.
    Sports coming up at 3. stay tune.

  22. ahmish says:


    Exactly, never a finger at any human calpable for enviromental destruction, blame mankind in general for naturally occurring events leading to a political end. Such a catholic argument, Its the irrelevance of it thats so pathetic.

  23. karl says:

    yep crops are devastated

    meanwhile brazilians are freezing their asses off
    yep definitely global warming

    Looks like you cannot even get the economic news right these days

  24. Jayme says:

    “There is no evidence whatsoever that this is the hottest ever according to the links stacy sent.” – stephen

    If one accepts what the articles say – the first two articles do claim “hottest” on record. The third says hottest but only in reference to the state.

    Stacy’s references: Dr. Jeff Masters, Richard Heim, and Stephen Mullens are okay. Dry and hot is dry and hot. The articles are factual. Stacy does provide a nice political twist to these facts. No reason to deny her claims.

    Global warming does not demand that the entire globe warm uniformly. The general global temperature anomaly is on the plus side. Oregon is on the coast and sits on the negative side of the global temperature anomaly for May and I would guess from your comment this is also true for June.

    A link to the temperature anomaly map is available here:

    GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP)

  25. biggreenlie says:

    It’s summer For the Love of God!….it’s always HOT in the summer…………what are you guys?…..LIZARDS?

  26. Gordo says:

    Yep still went for the jog today anyway.

    95 Fahrenheit at the time.

    The fresh smell of AGW in the afternoon.
    Really gets the blood flowing

  27. colin says:

    stacy please stop with this ‘man made gloabal warming’ , sea levels are not risiing. the ice is not melting. it just a global tax on middle class. I recall our winters being very cold in the last few years. the sun is very active right now, the sun solar flares dicide our weather, not my brom brom car. First it was acid rain tax,then ozone layer tax, then global warming tax, what is next? Nasa has leaked a few times, we are heading into an iceage soon. Nothing to see hear, keep paying your co2 taxes, move on.

  28. Bruce says:


    We make our Denier t-shirts from cotton. All proceeds go towards enriching me. Come one, come all.

  29. Al Kyder says:

    @ stacyherbert

    ⇑colin Bot ? /b/ it. ??

  30. Al Kyder says:

    @ bruce.

    Because AGW means less water for cotton. But Monsanto has a solution. Keep denying so there is no time to prepare., Monsanto’s technology will come to our rescue at the last minute, what we have no other options. !!

  31. MirrorMirror says:

    @Terry … yes, I agree 100%

    Anything to take people’s attention from the REAL PROBLEM = POLLUTION

    Oil spills
    Agricultural chemicals etc.
    Fiat Money

  32. sovereigntea says:

    Do a search for geoengineering AGW is man made alright. Stratospheric Welsbach Atmospheric Seeding. This criminal project is linked to UN Agenda21 and Dr Strangeglove / John Holdren. Screwing the climate to save it.

    Watch a film for free “what on earth are they spraying”

    I disapprove thoroughly of the derogatory term “denier” frequently used for anyone who questions the warmist view. Holocaust denier / AGW denier … shame on you.

    The world is screwed in part because of closed minds with fixed belief systems.

    Stick to the money !

  33. farang says:

    Skyping with business associate that lives in San Antonio, he said the lawns in his new housing neighborhood [email protected] years old) like like snow: bleached white from the sun. No rain in sight. Young trees dead.

    But Sherbert, let’s not become the reverse of the “Whatreallyhappened” denier crowd: every day, they post 3 or 4 articles about it snowing in June somewhere it usually doesn’t (and turn deaf ears to those pointing out that was what was predicted to happen under global warming theory)….until you’d think it was a f4rking Fox News weather blog or something. Who cares?

    The science speaks for itself, and so does common sense: do wild animals crap in their own caves? But it is okay for man to do so?

    These crazies of Rivero post stuff like “Tens of millions of Americans worship Al Gore….” as if. As if you could find 10 people so stating, if that. In fact, the thing most all Americans worship is Quitting Time. And that is all they worship….and maybe a sports team. Cold brew to guzzle. Fatty beef to scarf.

    Fact is, we are entering a sun “minimum activity era, cyclical”, and indeed temps might not soar as much as they would if not in this period, temporary I should add. May even cool slightly, this is scientific fact. Sun spots are diminishing quite rapidly….and as expected. They’ll be back.

    But carbon will still accumulate, pollution will still accumulate, and fouling our own cave is not what “Homo Sapien Sapiens” should strive for, let’s strive for being a *smidgeon* smarter than a bear. Or WRH poster.

    And when this electrical disturbance, cyclical, decreases on our Electric Sun, what we do now will influence how much damage is suffered when the sun heats back up to normal conditions.

    Thunderbolts of the Gods. Highly recommended website.
    It’s an Electric Universe. The Sun is Plasma. No “Gaseous core” nonsense. Gaseous Core a term reserved for Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin Sean Hannity and WRH Libertarian/AGW Denier article posters…..

  34. Robert Mockan says:

    So much for weather modification. Obviously the “methods” do not work shit, otherwise they would have been used to make rain and provide cloud cover to cool the region off.
    (Oh, wait! It must be those weather weapons in the hands of evil doers! We have got you now you evil perpetrators of hot weather! But fan sales are rising, so take THAT!)

  35. mully says:

    stacy….you assume many things. Who are “you guys”?

    The reason I mentioned the climategate e-mails is that gives an inside look into the “scientists” true behavior. This is propaganda pure and simple. Facts were altered and then discarded and lost. Freedom of information requests were ignored and delayed.

    You choose to believe it and thats ok. Why do you have to accuse anyone who disagrees with your beliefs?

  36. Basil says:

    I can see why Exxon or the Koch Bros would deny AGW, as it it in their financial interests. However, why would anyone one else believe them for any reason other than the constant repetition of PR Firm created arguments. It is simple to see that without the $100’s of millions spent by the energy industry there would be no deniers.
    Big lies, repetition and tons of cash is all they have.

  37. ooo-phillip morris AND AGW!
    so youre invested in phillip morris, and AGW..exon too?

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