On the Edge with Gerald Celente

Stacy Summary: Max Keiser interviews Gerald Celente.

44 comments on “On the Edge with Gerald Celente
  1. sdm says:

    Gerald is dressed like Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever!!!

  2. Marc Authier says:

    Buy yourseld a ‘Saturday Night Special’. It’s a police gun. In sum don’t count on the government to protect you. A USSR scenario.

  3. Youri Carma says:

    ahaa Gerald Celente Vigilante

  4. RiseUp92024 says:

    Once again Mr. Celente nails what’s going on. His advice is timely and important. We are being fed so much b.s. in this country by our sensationalized media. With the recent release of reserve oil, why aren’t we American’s rioting in the street? Cakes and Circus’ that why! So sad indeed

  5. David says:

    I like Max Keiser and Gerald Celente but I’m starting to find out there’s more mis information coming from other sources:
    Bob Chapman Alex Jones and SGTbull07 Exposed


  6. Nak says:

    Many people that are under water on their mortgage have just stopped paying. I have heard a few personal stories on how some are going 2 years without making a mortgage payment and they are still living in their home.

    You don’t want any of that Dirty Industry over there, You can become a Clerk or Cashier. – Gerald Celente
    They have training centers where you can get your Cashier Degree to start a CAREER in retail.

  7. Youri Carma says:

    Gerald Celente is very good at nailing the situation in a few gripping sentences. And that’s a great quality. People actually understand very well what he has to tell.

  8. Youri Carma says:


    I think it looks great on him.

  9. Ag Soul says:

    Spain’s ‘indignant’ launch new protest march

    Yesterday, I reserved some shares of ” Hotspots Spain “.
    Very much looking forward to it.
    Thanks to both of you once again.

  10. Spacehoppa says:

    @David – That clip of SGT and Bob Chapman sounds utterly bogus to me. It is a bunch of audio clips chopped up and re-spliced together to form a fictitious conversation. The technology exists to do this sort of thing pretty easily nowadays. It’s a pretty lowdown thing to do to people who have done nothing but give their time generously if you ask me.

  11. Wolferl says:

    German consulting firm Roland Berger wants to introduce a European Rating Agency.


    German, sorry.

  12. Mike/Liverpool says:

    No volume output on your vid mate.

  13. Blah blah says:

    My interest was piqued by a listing for a UK MSM show claiming to “lift the lid on the secret behind gold”, thinking it would talk about the price fixing. It turns out to be something completely different.


    Is “blood gold” a valid and noble current affairs topic or the beginning of a media education against holding PM?

    Oh, and Gerald looks very smart in white. It suits him much better than the black leather jacket he normally wears.

  14. Mother Earth says:

    Gerald’s on fire..

  15. Catalyst says:

    The International Mafia Federation. LOLz
    The Bank of International Shakedown.

    You heard of World of Warcraft
    here is an idea for a mmorpg title, the World of Banksters.
    There will be three factions.
    1) the Rothchilds 2) Rockerfellers 3) Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
    Where you can lend virtual money to countries and lend it at exorbitant interest
    rates. When countries can’t pay back the loan, Banksters come and take virtual land
    with armies that they bought with that same virtual money.
    Hey Max I think there is million dollar hit game here. We can have Zynga fund
    this idea. Think about it.

    A new mobster is in town Mario Draghi will become the head of the ECB

  16. alfazedz says:

    Gerald Celente goes over the top on On the Edge. That’s got to be one of the best Gerald Celente interviews ever. Thanks, M&S.

  17. evolutis says:

    Good interview Max.

    Geitner has been reading Gerald’s mail. He says, a slow down in defense spending has a negative pull on the economy; So we need to go out and find someone to kill … hold on! “We need to go out and find people to kill?” Are we getting this right? If were to set out 10 minutes from now, to design a resource based system, would it be even remotely, possible to come up with a more dumb ass construct, than this hideous money based, hinderance?

    We are indeed “snooky stupid”, but our curiosity, imagination and problem solving capabilities will create an reality if we start now.

  18. Jayme says:

    I agree with Gerald that if you can bank online you can vote online. Get rid of the presidents, governors, mayors and congresses. Replace them with peer-to-peer bitcoin-like voting system. It would be a more representative government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A much more accurate representative governance without a central talking head sock puppet.

  19. evolutis says:

    Should read … “will creat a new reality, if we start now”

  20. Graeme says:

    My two favourite celebs on one show!

  21. indeed says:

    Celente’s mafia impression is great!
    I’m glad that he tried to clarify his “a quarter a mil/yr isn’t that much” comment, but it’s still as clear as mud to me. Yes, these people are using the tax lies to make our lives hell – I agree with that. Why doesn’t someone try to actually tell the truth for change? Hmmm? Oh no, we don’t want to be reminded that we’re idiots!
    Anyway, Celente and Max are the best. Buy silver. Buy quality. Disconnect from the banksters, because I believe that we will be burned again.

  22. MirrorMirror says:

    Gerald is a Great guest … trouble is , I always know what he’s going to say next.
    Still, he’s got to spread the truth , which means saying it …. over and over again.

  23. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl … German Rating Agency

    I know , but it’s too late !
    I have a good friend at Fitch in Paris, and it’s not just a question of analyzing balance sheets etc. , but of actually getting involved at the geopolitical level – world wide. It would take years for a German RA to gain credibility, and the other problem is that … they would probably be too naive and tell the truth – LOL.

  24. Bruce says:

    White Shoe Boyz.

    “ey! I’ll loan u da money”
    “listen I’m not getting enough money; I want the bridge!”

    Gerald looks good in white jacket. He looked hot in orange shirt and white jacket the other day with Jabba Interruptus, I think it was.

    Max should wear glasses more often.

    11:19 (Part 1)
    Celente sez:
    “the business of America used to be business, back in the 20th century; the first half of it. Now the business of America is war. That’s what they do. It’s what all declining empires do.”

    “…but again, when the Ponzi schemes collapse, this is what they do; they take you to war.”

    Max couldn’t help but smile when listening to the highly entertaining Celente.
    Celente rules though he is repetitive, he’s good repetitive. Plan for survival indeed. No-nonsense talk.

    10:09 Part 2
    “Hey Max it’s always great being on with you and *Italian hands gesture*…it’s great being On The Edge.”

  25. MirrorMirror says:

    Report: Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez in critical condition in Cuban hospital (Haaretz)


    You have to click : “Choose Day”

  26. Ken Lay from South America says:

    Ha, ha, ha …. Gerald does a great Mafia impersonation – too funny!.

  27. mbridges says:

    Spacehoppa | June 25, 2011 at 10:58 pm |

    Exactly what I thought too!

  28. JonnyJames says:

    Damn, when Celente was doin the IMF/Mafia routine I laughed so hard, I almost choked. For real. Celente is great at mocking, satirizing, lampooning and parody. His is one of the great masters. Great show.

  29. Robert Mockan says:

    Celente seems to be in the annihilate camp, not the appeasement camp. He says FIGHT!
    I agree. The snakes should start their slithering away if they know whats good for them.

  30. Bruce says:

    David | June 25, 2011 at 9:59 pm |
    I like Max Keiser and Gerald Celente but I’m starting to find out there’s more mis information coming from other sources:
    1) Your site sucks.
    2) That YouTube video is an audio mash-up from a hurt little boy with too much time on his hands and a grudge he can’t get over.
    3) stop sensationalising for hits

  31. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Jayme

    Direct democracy has some serious limitations not immediately apparent.
    If representatives in representative government truly represented the people we would ALWAYS have the bills introduced for legislation available for review by any body. The bills being voted on would ALWAYS be read by the representatives before voting on them. There would ALWAYS be line item veto option. The lobbyists backing any bill would ALWAYS be published. Representatives would ALWAYS have their contributors listed. There would ALWAYS be full transparency to every aspect, of government procedure, that any body believed should have it. Pork would never be stuffed into bills, and bills would bever be used to pass hidden legislation.
    (Believe it or not, THESE were the campaign promises that Obama used to get elected!
    The Oligarchs KNOW exactly what people want from a representative government, but having their puppet make the appropriate promises to get elected, then not keeping ANY of those promises, is business as usual for the Oligarchs).

    What representative government should be would be a lot of work for representatives actually doing their jobs. If people try to perform the function by direct democracy, EACH individual would need to study the bills, and understand them. Add the time, effort, and expense (time is money), compounded by all the voters in the country, each duplicating the task of ONE representative in a properly functioning representative government, and we are talking MASSIVE inefficiency in the governing process!

    So is direct democracy the answer? I would suggest a derivation of it.
    We should aim for REAL representative government with the attributes I listed, and a more fast track impeachment process and willingness to use it against any elected representative the voters perceive is NOT representing the interests of the voters properly, AND voters should have veto power over ANY legislation they do not approve of. That way not every body has to try to be a statesman all the time. That is, frankly, way above the average voter aptitude level anyway, and would be a fatal problem for 100% direct democracy.

    Celente probably does know that implementing 100% direct democracy would be problematical. But he is absolutely correct saying that if we can do banking online, we should be able to vote online.

  32. George Sign says:

    From Max Keiser to the Corbett Report along with Bob Chapman, Alex Jones, King World News and many more.

    This definitely the new growth industry. Interviewing each other.

  33. Dark Markets says:

    Max & Gerald Celente – a TERRIFIC duo, who really get to the point, and don’t waste time on frills.
    Gerald pulls no punches: in response to Max’s question “WITH U.S. ARMIES now KILLING PEOPLE in FIVE _MUSLIM_ oil- or resource rich countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, & Pakistan) what is next?”
    Celente replies: “The Business of America is [now] WAR” – “it is what ALL EMPIRES IN DECLINE do”
    (and that eventually major Western cities will get a “blowback” of dirty war death & destruction from revenge minded victims of American/Western bombs & bullets in the current, one-sided “gwot” resource extortion & de facto ethnic cleansing/population cull wars – echoing the brutal ‘god’ of the old testament bible, who demonstrated “his” power, by the tally of corpses he left rotting on the ground as an illustration of his latest displeasure.) http://www.thebricktestament.com/judges/index.html

    The only thing Max & Gerald leave out, is how DEEPLY INCESTUOUS, how DEEPLY SATURATED the anglo/American/christ-ian/judeo supremacy is: of course it infects ALL of our “major” or “mainstream” (corporate) media, Hollwood media empires; and public perceptions – but infests our COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, and institutions of “higher learning” as well.

    Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11, but MILLIONS of Americans, were perfectly willing to CHEER and CELEBRATE the BOMBING, machine-gunning, blasting & toxic water & chemicals poisoning of tens of thousands of Iraqis, because our “elite” controlled media demagogued them to do so.

  34. Dark Markets says:

    @SDM: re “Gerald is dressed like Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever!!!”

    that’s Celente acting the part of the “WHITE SHOE BOYS” as he calls them in other videos – the high society, perfectly dressed, stiff upper lip elitist crowd, who (according to Celente) get away with the biggest crimes & atrocities (that, by comparison, make the ‘mafia’ look like pikers.)

    What we would call “Economic Hit Men”, the vulture, predatory, PARASITIC bankers and financiers, like PNAC “American WARS against the world, forever!” signer
    http://newamericancentury.org/statementofprinciples.htm STEVE FORBES flying to Greece, to CASH IN on his co-signing that Neo-Con GLOBAL EXTORTION RACKET document, by getting in early on the PICKING OVER of the still warm, not yet rotting CORPSE the NY, Wall St., GS, JPM, Fed, City-of-London central banks (= rotchilds) have made of Greece…

  35. ZORRO LONDON says:

    I posted this several days ago

    From the Goodfellas,

    Question is …did the Mafia learn from the NWO, or the NWO from the Mafia.

    Matters not. Academic. The principle is the same….criminal institutionalsed intermnational loan sharking and asset stripping.

    And lets not forget, if the “mark” embarrasses the crime boss….. they get WHACKED!


    Coincidence? Great minds think alike or plagiarism? Ahh well……”forgettabout it”………..Z

  36. Dark Markets says:

    Gerald Celente video 2 above: “WHERE are the BABY BOOMERS PROTESTING obama’s ‘I can BOMB Libya, Pakistan, OR WHERE EVER in the world I want to – with NO declaration of war or even mention to Con-gress” ???

    they – the boomers who protested the VIETNAM War – are AWOL, SILENT… complacent… COMPLICIT! As Gerald points out, the ONLY reason the Vietnam War protests rose to the level they did, was because of the DRAFT – the prospect that America’ imperial, puppet-regime wars would get YOUR ass killed in a jungle on other side of the world.

    Other than that IMMEDIATE threat to their own life & limbs , Today’s Boomers (who complained about their authortarian elders “generation gap” in the 1960s, but who ARE the establishment/elite/authority figures today) are DEVOID of moral compass… OBLIVIOUS to the DRACONIAN unequal tax code (= sharecropper/”I owe my soul to the company store” indentured servitude) and similarly RIGGED criminal ‘justice’ system.

  37. johnypage says:

    Great report, More please.

  38. Victoria says:

    As a baby boomer, I feel the need to defend my generation. At the impressionable age of 13, most of us saw one of our heroes, John Kennedy, taken out in the most horrific of ways. A few years later, same happened to another, Martin Luther King, and a year or so after that, Robert Kennedy. There’s a whole list of leaders of our generation who tried to fight the system and who paid for it with their lives. Don’t you think it might be a little discouraging for the rest of us?

    Eventually, in the 80’s, the former hippies became stockbrokers, presumably working on the theory that, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ and their immense passion was channeled into acquisition of ‘stuff’ rather than the more altruistic areas we initially were interested in.

    I, for one, have never lost my desire to ‘get even’ with the Powers That Be but, having come through compulsory schooling which taught me early of my powerlessness to deal with authority it has taken me all of the rest of my life (and I’m now over 60) to try to get to the point where I would dare to question it, openly. That’s why I say that the first thing that needs to be changed is using parents as the police force to compel their small and defenseless children to go to state run schools where they are subjected, for years, to propaganda force-fed to them by state-educated teachers. We will never have human freedom until we recognize that the only authority to which we owe allegiance is God; the others are petty dictators and bullies and usurpers of that true authority.

  39. Patrick says:

    -The release of the strategical reserves is a direct intervention to fake inflation data as around endofquarter the oil price will be artificially low. I expect a strong rise in july. Mark this post. I guess the price will be well back above 100 by july 20.

  40. ruffus says:

    this is to dave who posted that “alex jones/bob chapmen exposed” what a bunch of bull shit. Bob chapmen is telling the world how crazy he is and what a scamer he is .these people that are exposeing this are a bunch of alex jones want to be’s with no exsperance what so ever. i have wached a few of their videos and what a fuck’n joke.and to think they have people paying them. i need to set up a web site that comes on after the alex jones show and max i’ll coppy every word from them and get the dumist people on anti-depresiants to pay me. thats what i see happening to “rawdog and kevin” this is why america is in a tail spin

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