LulzSec takes down CIA website

139 comments on “LulzSec takes down CIA website
  1. MirrorMirror says:


    Predatory Policy: US, UK enter Yemen with deadly drone strikes, choppers

    3 mins.

  2. Al Kyder says:

    @ MirrorMirror

    C.I.A. Drones! So Fascism rears its ugly head again. The Untied States is suicidal !

  3. Youri Carma says:

    US is preparing to invade Libya in full scale while thr US already has some boots on the ground, spec ops I think.

  4. skiddypants says:

    Go Youri


    oh , go silver too ! stock markets look dicey.

  5. skiddypants says:

    @ Al

    Can`t somebody ” hack ” the suckers and send them to Washington and the city of London.
    Oh maybe the Vatigan too !


  6. Youri Carma says:

    The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces “1984”

  7. Mini US says:

    I have noticed that RT is very loose with the relevance and accuracy of some of its file footage for visual overlay while a journalist is talking on a subject.

    There used to be rules about what footage was shown in such circumstanes.
    Highly emotive stuff of explosions, etc.
    but are they relevant to the story. They obviously have no footage of the drone attacks and just put in random explosions to illustrate the truth?

    Just be aware of the use of such lazy journalism.

  8. jim evans says:

    We have had “unlazy” journalism for years mini…but it was half-truths, lies and disinformation….however technically honest the juxtapositions were!

  9. They also attacked online games, try to explain their behavior?

  10. farang says:

    Karl Denninger: what can you say about this cartoonish “He’s a COMMIE!” nonsense about Dennis Kucinich…and that Karl doesn’t see how he was played into the false “left vs right” paradigm….but then again, how intelligent can a man be when he can see WTC 7 being Controlled Demolished, and call those also seeing it “Conspiracy Theorists?”

    Easy explanation: Denninger is an assclown.

    Exhibit A:

    “I’m stunned.


    Dennis Kucinich, which many people have (properly) labeled as one step removed from a communist in the past, and who has a reputation as having a hard-core left slant in his politics, has just written up and introduced a bill that will fundamentally restore the free market – for real – to banking and credit.

    It will also***** a lot of people off.

    His bill would end the process of money issuance by The US Federal Government as a debt instrument. It would thus restore actual “lawful money” as Ron Paul claims to want, but in a form he has never, ever elucidated. It does, however, exactly match up with the base position I have propounded upon, along with Bill Still and a few others.

    Instead, Treasury would issue and spend into circulation United States Notes. The existing “FOMC” would be replicated in Treasury with a mandate identical to The Fed’s, with one important addition – a requirement that their operations be neither inflationary or deflationary.

    That is, the precise mandate that is required – that United States Money maintain its purchasing power.”

    Yes, the precise mandate, and it is a “hard-left” politician pushing it….how’s your “soft-right” fellow assclowns doing on that issue, Karl???


  11. farang says:

    “Hard-Left” JFK smiles down on assclown Karl:

    “It would thus restore actual “lawful money” as Ron Paul claims to want, but in a form he has never, ever elucidated. It does, however, exactly match up with the base position I have propounded upon, along with Bill Still and a few others.

    Instead, Treasury would issue and spend into circulation United States Notes. ”

    Yeah Karl, you and Bill Still thought it up…..and JFK, the guy that actually DID that 48 years ago and got whacked by RIGHT-WING CORPORATISTS for it, and opposing war profiteering, and corporate influence…… you f4ckwad.

    Or did you never see a two dollar Bill, Karl??? Or silver JFKs???

  12. Youri Carma says:

    DOCU Triumph of the Nerds IBM

    Triumph of the Nerds [two of three] 1/6

    Triumph of the Nerds [two of three] 2/6

    Triumph of the Nerds [two of three] 3/6

  13. Anon says:

    Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business :

  14. MirrorMirror says:

    Eurozone Central Banks Net Buyers of Gold In 2011 For First Time Since Inception Of Euro

    … Global Central Bank Gold Demand Increases by 43% So Far in 2011

    … Euro gold is less than 1% from a new record nominal high (when converted from Deutsche mark) against the euro.

    … Indeed, this could be the beginnings of the Eurozone central banks buying gold as a monetary asset in order to protect the euro and hedge their exposure to the other reserve currencies such as the pound and most especially today’s global reserve currency – the U.S. dollar.

  15. jim evans says:

    TJ and Al K…thanks for your thoughtful responses.

    I am not sure about the connection with an end to the Industrial Revolution Al….maybe I lack the grasp of economic history necessary to evaluate that idea…… but I am very sure we can`t hope to gainfully employ all those billions of unemployable young people people (that the “African Spring” is probably really about) within the extremist capitalist model called neoliberalism .They will just overwhelm our civilisations with their pure excessive numbers and needs.

    It always amuses me that the elite drone on about blue collar workers ganging up on them in trades unions….and there being overmanning! Just look at the legal profession and politics and business management and journalism and banking! Are we overmanned in those areas? Of course…they are drones and parasites if you use the ideas of fundamentalists like Friedman and that chap who used to go on about the “invisible hands” of capitalism.(Adam Smith?)

    TJ I couldn`t agree more with you. Give an African man the money to feed his children and he will leave them to starve (or get fed by Bono) while he buys liquor cattle guns and get`s another woman pregnant! Most of the world is still based on loyalty to family and tribe and superstition and nationalism…etc. Our ideas about democracy and honesty are alien in the third world.

    I was talking aboutusing the process of “truth and reconciliation” not copying it`s application in South Africa….where it was never going to work in the naive “BBC” way our idiotic liberal elite imagined it would!

    But we DO have the brief opportunity to employ it in the west while we still have some power. But it would require Israel and its puppet states like the American and European countries being far more honest and humble about their role in creating the mess we are currently in.

    BTW Global government feels alien to me too but I was raised in a society based on individualism….and let`s be honest with ourselves…..individualism and capitalism need re-evaluating as bases for future civilisations if we are to have an expanding global population.

  16. MirrorMirror says:

    Greek CDS Hits Ridiculous 1,900 bps On Total Chaos Over What Happens Next, Ongoing Greek Ruling Party Mutiny

    This means that Greece may well run out of cash in the interim, but it appears that Germany is now fine with that outcome.

    Oh well, either the Germans have to learn Greek soon or vice versa !
    .. NOT of course.

    OTOH, the German population of a certain Spanish Island recently was so large that even the Spanish Govt. got pretty worried .

  17. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Chervonets

    Before Caesar, Brutus obtained his wealth by lending money at high interest rates. One of the actions Caesar took before he was assassinated was to limit interest rates to 12%, and take the money making function away from money lenders.

    LOL! They had the same game plan then as now. If the government can’t be bought, then assassinate leader(s), and install their puppets. And then kill democracy.
    Gaius Julius Caesar was the last leader of the Roman Republic. After Caesar came the Emperors.

    How long will it take the people of today to end this, finally? If ever an oligarchy needs
    annihilation, international bankers and terrorist financiers are it!

  18. Al Kyder says:

    @ skiddypants

    Haxthem suckas Hmmm Need a micro wave repeater for that. Could be done, but you will need the hardware. Also worth noting. Those who control the microwave repeaters on predator drones or baseball games control what you see. Its a choke point of info, and is owned by the people you would expect to own such power.

  19. jim evans says:

    Robert Mockan….I have been thinking about your question….”who will the US war with” and I think the answer is “anyone who impedes the growth of global capitalism and attacks its HQ`s in New York and the City of London and Jerusalem….or appears to pose a threat to their world dominance.”

    Nations hardly exist any longer as functioning entities…or enemies in the sense of enemy nations.I live in an undemocratic police state with no hope of gaining English independence because England is a hostage land and milch cow and Trojan Horse for global capitalism.

    The global financial mafia will grant Ireland and Kosovo “independence” (from anyone who impedes global capitalism`s control over their land)…but I must never get a say in how the City of London parasatises my country and socialises its losses onto taxpayer`s shoulders….so if I ask for English independence the BBC Stasi are unleashed on me!

  20. skiddypants says:

    @ Al,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    What next ?

    Where`s Julian Assange when you need him ?


  21. Robert Mockan says:

    @ jim evans

    Could be. But if that is all this is about, what a waste of human potential!

  22. jim evans says:

    Yes Robert …that`s why I still remember Professor Max Gluckman`s lectures about a Marxist society so fondly.

    People only did disagreeable work on a rota basis and the rest of the time they just enjoyed and fulfilled themselves….writing poetry and making love and walking in the countryside and nurturing each other in an apossessive way.

    But hey….this is an American world…who wants all that nonsense when you can be free to flip burgers fourteen hours a day?

  23. Robert Mockan says:

    @ jim evans

    As a libertarian constitution minarchist I believe night watchman states would be preferable to the NWO, so like minded people could get together in their own state and live whatever way works for them. People not together by their own choice is why the NWO will fail. Like putting round pegs into square holes. The human potential movement of the 20s (the first 20th century new age movement, in Switzerland) and the 60s (the second new age movement, in the USA), discussed all this, and tried a few things. But mammon rules. It did then, it does now. Getting rid of the debt based monetary system would at least be going in the right direction.

  24. jim evans says:

    Yes..the inevitability of gradualism or incrementalism can be a step in the right direction Robert…when you have an agreed objective in mind. An intelligent strategist must win the argument about objectives first though. He must put his case to the people in an honest way and be open about the possible difficulties his ideas may create.
    In the past mankind has been manipulated from pillar to post by ambitious men ……and our insecurities and hopes and fears exploited to give them fifteen minutes of fame and leave us as dissatisfied as we were before….if we lived to see them replaced by another messiah!
    Seeing everything through the lens of high finance and one economic/political approach has a very restricting effect on our thinking.
    I still feel there is a deep need for real politics and philosophy and a grasp of history if we are to replace Scroogism with anything better.

  25. aaah says:

    @ Jim Evans

    This is what Jim Evens wrote, “Give an African man the money
    to feed heis children and he will leave them to starve
    (or get fed by Bono) while he buys liquor, cattle, guns
    or get’s another woman pregnant.”

    Besides being blatant douchebag racism -it’s sloppy thinking.
    Let’s look at the statement from the standpoint of logic and no emotion.
    The world is made up of individuals – generalizations of humans are illogical
    and do not hold up under any scrutiny.
    Therefore anyone who thinks like this is just plain stupid.
    Nelson Mandela is African.
    This vicious hate-speech by Jim Evans needs to be exposed!!!

  26. jim evans says:

    Poor aaah! Life must be a mystery to the world`s slowest sculptor! Caps lock stuck on your keyboard has it? I was told what I stated by someone who lived and travelled all over Africa for over forty years aaaah………now let`s just guess how much real hands on knowledge you have of Africa?

  27. jim evans says:

    Look aaah…..engage your brain and ask yourself why there is this disconnect between the third world and the western world. Largely t`s because we fantasise and misunderstand what life is really like out there and project upon people there values and attitudes and cultural expectations that are alien to them. They don`t care about you or your silly decadent liberal ideas.

  28. jim evans says:

    And they see tribal “racism” as a perfectly natural way of organising their societies……just as your masters in Israel do!

  29. jim evans says:

    As for your role in the SLA…are you long on silver …..or short of silver and long on bullshit?

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