Live blogging from witness in Syntagma Square

Police makes massive attacks to anybody walking at Syntagma Square and streets beside.
They decided to suppress protests using any kind of violence.
Papandreou became the Greek Tchausesku !!!
Tear gas is nothing if compared with today’s violence.
Today they kick kids, women, old people & tourists eating at the restaurant where we have been together.
More than 200 people stay with broken legs & hands and there are not ambulances to transfer them to the hospitals.
They throw tear gas inside the metro station & inside coffee shops & restaurants, people they get out with panic and, then, police start kicking them violently.
We never saw something like in this country.
I can send you photos proving what I say.
Now people start getting very angry.
Normal middle age people protesting pacifically for 1 month at Syntagma square, now they start speaking about organized armed resistance.
They start making lists of those who keep guns home.
The real war will start now.
Papandreou is first an idiot and then a traitor.
He tries to save the bankrupt Greek bankers, killing Greeks at Syntagma Square.
He doesn’t understand that banksters like treason but they hate traitors.
They’ll fuck him very soon, in order to avoid that millions of angry & armed Greeks organize a violent bank run.
Nobody wants to say the real truth.
Deposits and Gold have been fucked !
This is the bloody secret beside the Greek bankruptcy scam.
And when bankruptcy will be officially declared, ECB will immediately block & execute the remaining deposits in the Greek banks (20 billions against 220), as they have been collateralized by the Greek Banks when they received cash against govt bonds.

48 comments on “Live blogging from witness in Syntagma Square
  1. Luke says:

    SGTbull07: The State of Affairs w/ Bob Chapman

  2. elsoto_ says:

    Greek ruling Party MP, who was claiming that he would vote NO today, meeting with people just after he voted YES.

  3. Casper S says:

    M & S.. for f.sakes, stay off the streets!

  4. SilverCondom says:

    M&S are not in Greece. Are they?

  5. jim evans says:

    A socialist government eh? Sounds a bit “New Labour” to me….conceived somewhere in the USA I suppose…..probably backed by CIA torture chambers and the odd bit of “rendition” for those who imagine democracy means anything at all…?
    I suppose it`s time to introduce a dose of real national socialism ….that actually puts us first and gets us back up to the standard of life enjoyed by Israelis and bankers on Wall Street. Sieg Heil Zorro?

  6. Mike/ Canada says:

    One day greek the police will have there pice to pay of ehat there country men are paying . Wait till theres nothing left to pay them and the WTO kicks in.
    Very sad to see so manny hurting .

  7. learning2 says:

    Found this stream interesting, also has IM:

  8. Mike/ Canada says:

    One day greek the police will have there price to pay . The same as there country men are paying . Wait when theres nothing left to pay there wages and the WTO kicks in.
    Very sad to see so manny hurting .
    Sorry about thet typos. 1st blog

  9. elsoto_ says:

    Greek demonstrator Priest

  10. Lord Wellington says:

    “They start making lists of those who keep guns home.
    The real war will start now.
    Papandreou is first an idiot and then a traitor.”


  11. jim evans says:

    It`s what the Irish republicans had to do…bomb and murder their way to power….because the global elite respect nothing else but areal threat to them and their property. Once the bombs started going off under politicians and in Central London Irish affairs suddenly became important. Come to think of it the Zionists had to do the same. Sad …but it seems being good little democrats is a waste of time?

    But you could try Gandhis tactics first?And don`t let them pick off individual nations one by one. They want a united Europe to enslave us with….but we can unite and kick them out! Use the far right or communists to organise…..they have the mainstream politicians in their pockets!

  12. Lord Wellington says:

    @ elsoto_

    Seems to me the police could lose control of this very quickly.
    If the protestors change their tactics to guerrilla it could get ugly.
    Well, not that it isn’t already.

  13. Lord Wellington says:

    elsoto_ | June 29, 2011 at 8:20 pm |

    I’d say he’s lucky he got away with a thick ear.

    If I was him I wouldn’t be walking the streets after that u turn.

    He, and the rest, might not be so lucky next time.

  14. elsoto_ says:

    @Lord Wellington Believe you me, today is the first day that agents provocateurs did not start this. Police were aiming at ordinary demonstrators, which not only did they not leave, but stroke back.

  15. Lord Wellington says:

    @ elsoto_

    Would it be your opinion that the police are deliberately trying to provoke the people or are they trying to intimidate the mass of the population?

  16. elsoto_ says:

    @Lord Wellington Of course, textbook material. But after today, enough is enough. Today we moved on.

  17. chArles says:

    watched CNBC report celebrating the vote and saying this caused the minor uptick in stocks today….stating with approval only a couple people had been arrested and if this had happened in America the police wouldn’t show as much restraint….everyone I encounter daily is oblivious to what is coming there way….the whole manegirial team believes there is going to be rebound in retail…just MAJICAL THINKING

  18. chArles says:

    sorry for misspelling/typoes back into the shadows for me THANKS Max and Stacy for the reporting from the few places still engaging in resitence to assimilation

  19. Lord Wellington says:

    @ elsoto_

    Without wanting to know anything that you yourself might do and sticking to your appreciation of the general mood.

    Is it your opinion that there will be break-away groups who will act covertly?

    If so, would the army have to get involved?

  20. elsoto_ says:

    @Lord Wellington People are getting organised. The Greek army, however, is a puppet of the politicians after the 7 year military junta; and mind you that Greek servicemen are still drafted they are not mercenaries.

  21. learning2 says:

    People are waking up. Stopped at the meat market in the major grocer. Spoke to an elderly woman, over 85, about the prices of meat. She started telling me how it was going to get worse and I went with it. Found a few other elders crowding around, listening, shaking their heads in agreement. I mentioned pensions and social security, they knew. They agreed, its getting worse.

    The cats out of the bag. Yeah, silver/gold is going to soar! BTFD. SPREAD THE WORD TOO!

  22. Steve/NotLiverpool says:

    My money…… Is on the FACT that the Greeks will do nothing meaningful.

    I may be proved wrong, but somehow I doubt it.

  23. Lord Wellington says:

    @ elsoto_

    “mind you that Greek servicemen are still drafted they are not mercenaries.”

    Sounds like it is possible that the rank and file and maybe junior officers could turn if they are ordered to shot at civilians.

    Wonder if the ICC would issue an arrest warrant on Papandreou. Not on your nelly as we say here.

  24. Dark Markets says:

    He doesn’t understand that BANKSTERS LIKE TREASON, but they hate traitors.

    WHOOPS, der it iz !!!

    Let’s go back to the Irish famine, 1845-1852… oops, no, that was TOO horrendous, appalling, atrocious, UNSPEAKABLY HIDEOUS…

    …let’s merely go back to the HIGHLAND (and lowland, and border-lands) Scottish “CLEARANCES,
    the ETHNIC CLEANSING of ENTIRE regions of Scotland, of their native (celtic) Scottish clans & families,
    “GO to northern Ireland, and disposses (wipe out, remove) the (Catholic) Irish and settle Ulster Plantation (or more southerly “plantations”) … or DIE if you stay here!”

    The British occupation overlords & their Anglicized local nobility could ALWAYS HIRE “FACTORS” or “AGENTS” to – often brutally – DRIVE the clan families OFF their generational lands – but the Brits ALWAYS DESPISED the “factors” and agents, in the same way that the Nazis despised the “trustees” who did the dirty work in the death camps for them.

    Some things never change!

  25. microhousehold says:

    Chavez used to be in the army, didn’t he?

  26. Panos says:

    This time the army must be used properly and carefully. The only purpose of this, taking control of the situation, would be to arrest all the traitors of the Greek parliament and of course this corrupted members of the current goverment. Then, new politicians with knowledge, will, and real love for their country should come forward and form a totally new political system. The rest that must be done is already known… Max Keiser and other financial analysts propose daily solutions and ideas.

  27. microhousehold says:

    We could see the same result in Greece as in Argentina 2001:

    Argentina’s Economic Collapse – Part 1 of 12

    Or as in Venezuela 2002:

    La revolucion no sera transmitida (1 de 8)

    I think that a result like Iceland would be the best option .

  28. microhousehold says:

    One more time:

    Argentina’s Economic Collapse – Part 1 of 12

  29. jim evans says:

    I still think the Greeks should study the way the CIA deposed Shevardnadze in Georgia and appointed a lawyer from the USA called Saakashvilli. It`s text book tactics with the inevitable result that the Georgians hate the CIA`s man more than the communists!

  30. flicks says:

    God I love the Greek people – all that defiance – kick the vile criminal usury banksters out of Greece and make the politicians carry them on their backs into hell fire .

  31. Citizen119 says:

    They are going to let the Greeks destroy their own infrastructure.
    Usually the U.S. military do it, but no need when the population and police
    will do it for you.
    Papa CDS is running a pretend government anyway. They won’t be missed
    in Brussels.

    Belgium hasn’t had a government for months, nobody is even sure it’s a
    country or not. I don’t think anyone has noticed.

  32. t-rex and the slick pig says:

    where is f. beard’s comment on this? chen?

  33. Lord Wellington says:

    @ Citizen119
    I look forward to the day that “Europe” accepts a Military Dictatorship in Greece for the good of the Greek.

    I want to here a German explain that.

    Then I want to see Vichy France support it.

  34. Lord Wellington says:

    @ microhousehold

    And your point is?

  35. Lord Wellington says:

    @ Max

    That video addition prety much puts the cherry on the pie.

    If the Greek police continue like that Greece goes native.

    That would be.

    Greece 1 NWO 0

  36. Jayme says:

    It’s a very sad day but I doubt it can be any different with the government that is there. What is disturbing is that the police continue as if everything they are doing is okay. Perhaps the government is taking lessons from Syria, Lybia, Barhain, and Saudi Arabia by using violence. It proves all the more how bad and illegitimate the government is. Somehow, I doubt NATO will be offering a ‘Lybian solution’ to this problem by bombing George P.’s compounds in the next several days.

    Wishing the best for the people of Greece.

  37. microhousehold says:

    @Lord Wellington

    My point is that Greece will have a similar problem like Argentina did in 2001.
    Thus the default problem will continue.
    Thus the € is finished and some investors will lose some dough.
    Venezuela is a more complicated history.
    Anyway interesting to know that the military can turn around sometimes,
    like they did in Venezuela.

  38. Lord Wellington says:

    @ microhousehold

    “My point is that Greece will have a similar problem like Argentina did in 2001.
    Thus the default problem will continue.
    Thus the € is finished and some investors will lose some dough.
    Venezuela is a more complicated history.
    Anyway interesting to know that the military can turn around sometimes,
    like they did in Venezuela.”

    “My point is that Greece will have a similar problem like Argentina did in 2001”

    It won’t. It’s in the Euro. It already has completely different problems.

    And all of the “money” is now in Swiss bank accounts.

    Just like Irish money.

    Of course what the Gombeen Greeks and Irish don’t understand is that the Swiss never give you back your “money”.

    The Swiss already gave it away for a hefty commission.

    “Thus the default problem will continue.”

    No argument there.

    But then there was never, and still is not any attempt to deal with the deflation of debt/credit.

    The transfer of wealth has already occurred.

    What is happening now is the transfer of wealth to power.

    It’s called Fascism.

    The clip provided by Max is a perfect piece of theatre that explains this.

  39. karate kid says:

    civil war anyone.
    yes msm media said its greattt that the greeks sell alll thier land to goldman sacks.
    and in america the police would be more BRUTAL
    hahahah your free suckas
    the americans have a rude awakening hope you all enjoy your time at camp fema

    in greece i see full blown civil war
    they are the training ground .you slap them around and hopefully the rest of the sheep will follow ireland spain etc

    i see and undeground movement in greece explodeing on the scene very soon like yesterday.
    i see americans being bullied with the patriot act.
    as they destroy america
    obama is a faliure
    he did more to destroy america than 25 alquieda divisons
    and well the rest is history.

  40. karate kid says:

    sorry alqaeda

  41. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ LUKE

    Thanks for SGT & Bob Chapman update

    Time is most definately running out.

    Get what the FEK you have out of the bank while you still have the chance or you will be left with NOTHING!

    You will know when the dam breaks when you see long lines outside banks and at cash dispensers, but then of course it will be far too late.

    Again I post the following for those that are unaware


    & ALSO…..


    Nice people eh!?

    Good to see that gallows were brought outside the parliament building by the people.

    Shows there are those that have the common sense to understand what needs to be done.

    There are tens of thousands of key players responsible (if not many more) around the globe that will need to receive true justice. Not just the figure heads and going right to the very top of every institution you can think of.

    Its going to be them……OR YOU!………….Z

  42. paul says:

    just love it. well done POLICE, what is it you always tell the public. OUR FIRST DUTY IS TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC! So why dosen’t the police FORCE go and arrest the gangster politicians?

  43. MrJones says:

    Why aren’t these sorry ass police getting a shiv stuck in their ribs while they sleep in the middle of the night?

  44. GreeceIsNotForSale says:

    Watch this video:
    The Provocateurs are going into the Parliament Building with Police Force’s Escort!!!!

  45. Al Kyder says:

    Interesting footage maxkeiser and stacyherbert

    It looked like someone was organised. The Dirty Rotten copper who hit that dude appears to have been marked with red paint. If this is organised it could be a useful tool for singling out police for special treatment. This would fracture the ranks too.

    The OP might be right. Its time to upscale this revolt.


  46. Allinator says:

    I hope the greece people get armed and fight back as hard as they can.
    Time is over to accept cops who beat women and kids and old people.

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