Lets blow ourselves up! – Japan’s Kamikaze message to OPEC

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  1. Al Kyder says:

    Huh! I reckon its a cover up Bait and switch tactics. There is a game afoot. We are just behind the info curb 🙁

  2. flicks says:

    UK MSM are talking about the general strike protests being infiltrated by anarchists . To UK people – it will be provocateurs – the fuzz dressed up in black with directions from the beeb to get the best shots for the clueless sheeple .

  3. snoop diddy says:

    lol, cool graphics.

  4. Al Kyder says:

    @ flicks

    THat sux. (; I hope they dont pretend to be anarcho-sydicalists. Some how I doubt they are smart enough to think of doing that. We shall see if those ring ins can get weeded out early on.

  5. Mike/Canada says:

    Thats was funny!

  6. Najam says:

    Max & Stacy, please include comments on this subject in your next report, =
    “Ron Paul: US Should Declare Bankruptcy”, its at – http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/ron-paul-debt-ceiling/2011/06/29/id/401947

  7. Wolferl says:

    Nice special effects. Did you hire a specialist? 😉

  8. Marc Authier says:

    Watch out. Cellurars the WHO says, give brain cancer. That’s why Japanese and Obama are crazy with their strategic oil reserves.

  9. Wolferl says:

    Btw, this was just done to allow Tim Geithner to sell oil for 3 billion $ to get more time till he reaches the debt ceiling.

  10. FranSix says:

    You have to wonder at the strategem, where they release oil into the markets which have stabilized at around 10X the original price when the bull market in oil started in 1998. What’s been accomplished (for some things) is to move the decimal point one to the right in terms of currency.

    The oil price bull market began on the heels of the LTCM disaster, much of the finance in the world based on derivatives are structured the same.

  11. stacyherbert says:

    @Wolferl – yeah but that lasted all of two days as oil prices are already back up to where they were before the market intervention

  12. OneTwoMany says:


  13. Keehotee says:

    When there is an elephant in the room, introduce him. NASA, meet elephant


  14. FranSix says:

    Found on the web:

    “Osisko invites 1,100 guests to its Malartic mine to smoke cigars and admire bars of gold.”


    They don’t tell you that the local Algonquin are opposed to the project, on whose land the mine is now in production. (50,000tpd. operation) The company was never required to consult with First Nations, nor were they required to go through federal assessments because the mine is situated in Quebec.

  15. Wolferl says:

    @ Stacy

    That is what i was trying to say. They never wanted to move the market, 60 mil. barrels is just a drop in the bucket. They just wanted to cash out some oil.

  16. Bruce says:

    So the rumours are true.
    A crapload of gold and silver does buy you the finest anti-bomb technology.

    Max, you scrubbed up well after that blast!

  17. Danny Cunnington says:

    Japan is in no position to send any type of warning to anyone. GDP Q4 2010 MINUS 3% Q1 2011 MINUS 3.6%. Q2 2011 finishes today. This is the first quarter to actually factor in the tsunami and the Fukushima disaster. They are obviously going to tell lies and then wait to the last minute to come up with a “revision”. IMO: Japan is in a severe depression which it will never fully recover from. The Chinese are waiting for the technology fire-sale.

    All shares will take a hit when Q2 earning comes out from tomorrow. The simple truth is that earnings are terrible across the board. That’s not the sort of thing you can spin.

  18. Bruce says:

    Japan make lots of stuff.
    I find it hard to believe their economy is bad.

    Almost every tech gadget I love is sourced from Japanese companies.
    This is probably why I’ll never make it in the finance world.

  19. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl … …That is what i was trying to say. They never wanted to move the market, 60 mil. barrels is just a drop in the bucket. They just wanted to cash out some oil….

    I don’t agree … they wouldn’t bother for those peanuts , even if the debt-ceiling issue has not yet been agreed upon.

    My take :
    By depleting the Strategic Oil Reserves ( not only those of the US , but more the other countries that have even less reserves ) , they are making the whole Western world very vulnerable should OPEC cease to deliver at all.

    This would make it easier for the US to coerce the “partners” to support a war ( more war ) in the middle east . To me , it looks pretty obvious that hat is what this is all about.

  20. Danny Cunnington says:

    Yes but you have to take into account refinery capacity. If refineries are running at or near full capacity the crude just create more supply. Nobody uses crude as a raw material apart from refineries.

  21. charlie veitch has finally sold his sold/lost his mind/was always a schill for the kids.
    why is he not in greece? why the sudden urgency to re-edumakate us about his new revised belief in the official 9/11 story? are all the reptiles shredding their skins?

  22. Anon says:


    It must be a conspiracy:D

  23. seriously dodgy!

    he was arrested on arrival in the US and is now suddenly spouting the same BS that the mainstream has for years now…next he’ll say the wars are justified and that bankers deserve bonuses….

  24. Palantír says:

    ooOOOh! Spotlights on maxkeiser website hihihi 😉 nice!

    @marigoldsforfrogs – if you are a real sceptic then new information, evidence, thoughts and ideas should be taken on and considered, learned from and you should move your viewpoint accordingly.
    You strike me as a person locked in one mindset in which you block everything that may contradict or expose your way of seeing things, a real locked down conspiracy nut.
    Charlie Veitch moves with the information flow and is not afraid to change his mind once presented with new information that cancels out previous (wrong) information he may have had . . . the road to enlightenment all to few off us have.

  25. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    True, 3 billion isn´t that much compared to the US debt. But maybe it´s enough to give Geithner and Obama a few days more time to settle a deal with the Republicans. The debate about the debt ceiling will be a chicken game in the end. And you will have a big advantage if you know that time doesn´t run out on 8/2/11 but maybe on 8/5/11.

  26. frances snoot says:

    A gift from Fredegund.


  27. frances snoot says:

    Have after. To what issue will this come?

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


  28. frances snoot says:

    Dig in, folks!


    It’s not the wieners: it’s the franks.

  29. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl … yes, you may be right, but …

    Why would Obama get all the other industrialized countries to play along … are they really that stupid ( as well )? If it was just about – as you said – the few extra days, maybe he got them to play along (IEA) to cover up his real intent ?
    Still … whatever his reasons, I do not consider it prudent to release those reserves.
    In Europe, we have enough refined oil as well as crude deliveries .. AFAIK.

    Merkel said the German reserves were good for 3 months.. at normal usage.
    .. which means with rationing , 6-9 months I suppose

  30. jischinger says:

    this is move is for public manipulation not OPEC

    – remember that whole NAFTA Canada Goolsby thing during the election?

    further, the oil he’s releasing was the oil Bush bought at an all time high.
    this move is like buying silver at $47 and selling at $35.

    They have to replace it and oil will naturally go up. They are in a sense informing the investors – aka terrorists – their friends – that when the nation is done releasing what we have you can charge us a new all time high to replace it. Kinda of like Browns bottom.

    Let’s assume she knew nothing – the people of the world are like Bernie Madoff’s wife and those in charge are Bernie Madoff

    so the question is, can we get a divorce?

  31. MirrorMirror says:

    And…It’s Gone: QE2 Ends As Dealers Flip Just Auctioned Off 7 Year Back To Fed After Holding It For Under 22 Hours


  32. MirrorMirror says:

    Eric Sprott Lashes Out Against The “Tyranny Of A Rigged Paper Monopoly Over Silver Price Discovery


    He’s not the only one getting annoyed !

  33. frances snoot says:


    The marriage was never consummated. The divorce is really an annulment: the truth is the elite don’t really care anymore. See, the pope is charged with an electric battery:


    “His Holiness” doesn’t bother with much except rewriting history a la abacadabra-haha.

  34. palantir
    my mindset isnt the issue here.
    we’re not talking about coke and pepsi here.
    there are facts that are cannot be changed-things that have happened that cannot be changed unless you have access to a time machine.
    the only people that follow charlie are generally around the age of 12 and might be considered ’emo’.
    anyway-youre entitled to your own thoughts.
    personally i think charlie is a big schill and should burn with the bankers.

  35. frances snoot says:


    Now, some blood is shadier than others. Look whose watching whom.

  36. frances snoot says:

    “Long live independent Belgium.” (King Albert)



  37. Ptah says:

    The war for Africa increases. As some have said before, to be powerful, you must have control over Africa – the richest country in the world/poorest peoples in the world.

    The fact that the USA (Wall Street) faces so few obstacles in its mission to ‘control things’ suggests that there is no genuine opposition. But most on this blog know that anyway.

  38. frances snoot says:

    The past and the future are knot ours to conceive but rather to endure.

  39. MirrorMirror says:

    Good read : On Crooks and Crooks?


  40. Nak says:

    It worked in Blazing Saddles, why not give a try with OPEC.

  41. frances snoot says:


    Writhe ye wasted
    Flesh of male
    Prostitution on the dock
    Of salt-weathered wood.

    Make fast my longing:
    My desire vested sure.

    Cast your nets
    Upon the waters
    And I shall make thee…

    I make thee…
    Traces restless,
    Ornamental tassels,

    Yes, all mine.

    The world of men
    My oyster,
    Eye singular,
    Preserved in brine filthy-
    Blood of rapacious appetite,

    Of sightless fathoms,
    Listless sounds echoing
    Within the chambers
    Of my dark heart.

  42. Luke says:

    Max Keiser & Sandeep Jaitly Discuss Austrian School of Economics http://wp.me/p1bt3V-l5

  43. don middleton says:

    @Mirror^2, agree that the war angle is a part of the move. I’m believing that the western players are playing “go”, just like their eastern “buddies”.
    Go is a game of short term feints in a long term strategic goal. Plenty of feints:
    1. messes up the plans of some specs
    2. massages the minds of gasoline users
    3. bends oil market mindset
    4. sets up false signals for future oil futures curve
    5. opec blame finger cocked

    Actually have to stop; the list gets too long and convoluted in my crack-soaked mind.

    But hey, does japan need oil with production curtailed?
    Is everyone in need of some ready cash…..selling the “silverware”.


  44. MirrorMirror says:


    I thought this might happen : ( spiking down )



    End of month/quarter + debt ceiling frozen.

  45. don middleton says:

    Max, you did make me laugh; thanx for that. Laughs are getting harder to come by.
    So Hezzbollah doesn’t recognize the charges against them! shocking!
    Is there some oil in syria not divulged?
    Visions of pipelines and ports and pools of oil. That is a cloth yet to be weaved.
    Armies and politics and country’s soil. Villians and humanitarians perceived.
    Middle east is brought to the boil. Fill in the blanks cause you’ve all been deceived.

  46. MirrorMirror says:

    @don m … Middle east is brought to the boil.

    U.S. recognizes Muslim Brotherhood


  47. don middleton says:

    @mirror……tarpley has good evidence that the brotherhood is a uk backed “hit squad”. Whose frog is getting cooked?
    These worldwide televised “revolutions” are another steam vent to allow the proles to spew and renew.
    For the gold bugs……all of history shows that gold holders were able to go from the problem area to the no problem area and convert their gold.
    LISTEN UP: there is now no where to go with your gold, except to the dark ages.

    Can you not see that the entire world is the stew? This is a first.

    So if you are not a goldsmith of good skill, your gold only has worth to a smith of standing. You all have no idea of dark ages. Think rape and pillage.

  48. Mother Earth says:


    Little is known about the darg ages because it was so fucking dark..Check your facts man! Not until the enlightenment do we begin to see more of what actually went on, but only in Italy. It turned out they loved greek literature..how gay.

    Most we know about the time comes from comic books and is not very reliable, any superhero will tell you that. Like where are the buttons on spideman’s suit ? Why does the hulk go green but you never hear him talk about renewables.

    Japan cut of off oil would be a catastrophy wrapped within a calamity covered by a diseaster with a tinge of ammageddon..but really quiet and very far away until Fukushima blows for real..

  49. don middleton says:

    @mother, previous harddrive failures preclude me from linking to the writings of an english monk writing about the world he lived in. But the memory of his words lives on in my crack-addled mind.
    Times were hard, back-breaking work. Early death.
    Without getting melodramatic, can a current day hu_man get on the bus back to the old days and survive?

  50. Mother Earth says:


    It is only from his own stupidity that people suffer. My decivilization plot is unfolding as we speak. You can allay your fears by promoting renewables and building a library..

  51. jim evans says:

    Pirate my Film Productions present Mad Max Beyond the Stock Exchange..a dystopic biopic vision of the future….. where civilisation as we know it has collapsed and our hero barters his way through a nightmare Sub Saharan Africa equipped only with a silver lame string vest and some compromising photos of Stacy Herbert with a camel……

  52. don middleton says:

    An aside. Just saw an all black bee with a bright yellow triangle on the head. It’s sacks were also bright yellow. Smaller than a honey bee; beautiful! That makes eight kinds of bees in our yard!
    Back to the unhappy……..libraries were always burnt. Why? You know.
    I’m well aware of your “biting off more than we can chew”.
    So? The bites been done.
    The old ism……..would you rather be born blind or become blind at age 20?

  53. don middleton says:

    @jim evans……LOL. i bet you got inner piece 🙂

  54. jim evans says:

    I never touched her “piece” Donald…the camel moved as I was adjusting my focus.

  55. don middleton says:

    @jim……please don’t call me donald, it means world mighty, which i am not.
    Just let a guy enjoy your humour!
    Colbert or bust…

  56. frances snoot says:

    ““But wait a bit,” the Oysters cried,
    “Before we have our chat;
    For some of us are out of breath,
    And all of us are fat!”
    “No hurry!” said the Carpenter.
    They thanked him much for that.”


  57. frances snoot says:

    “Can you not see that the entire world is the stew? This is a first.”


  58. frances snoot says:

    “So if you are not a goldsmith of good skill, your gold only has worth to a smith of standing. You all have no idea of dark ages. Think rape and pillage.”

    Don’t forget the crusades! One mustn’t forget the crusades! Oh, and the PLAGUEs! And crossbearers! I do think crossbearers were a necessary addition for the really dark-darkyness of the dark. And whats with the ae all smushed together to spell CEASER? Like CAESAR. But smushed like.

  59. don middleton says:

    @snoot……i tremble at your poeteeness. I know that poets have laid the hu_man soul bare. I’m just not that flowery, except for things like pink floyd.
    But i’m not stoopid. Stay away from the seat of power and one will probably not feel any ill effect from the power struggles. Like that artist in south ossetia(sp).
    But to make a point, one must “push it”?
    And from what i’ve seen lately; when the lights go out, the baboonism of hu_mans comes out to frolic.

  60. frances snoot says:

    Poems are about thorns as much as flowers, Donny. Better wear shoes: that is, if you have feet.

  61. don middleton says:

    Hard not to see the wonderment and horror of man; wrapped up like a 99 cent taco.
    And i reject the mountain and refuse to climb it because, like you said, life is the ultimate stockholm syndrome.
    So how do you propose to better my message; or is it better to leave it unsaid?

  62. frances snoot says:

    Well, Don, leaves tremble. Are you a leaf? If we’re merely leaves, then we can leave off the discussion entirely.

    I like to lie to myself and claim originality.

    But poetry is different. It’s not actually shared feelings, but seems rather more like the tide settling the sand in a certain way. That’s why I asked about your shoes.

  63. don middleton says:

    you are a hoot!
    poets and physicists could collaborate and still come up with bunk.
    so i’ll wear my shoes and kick ass, ever so gently, if i deem it needed.
    But, pray tell, what were you trying to say to me at 10:51 and 10:55?
    Kinda mocking but…….

  64. mbridges says:

    “The Fukushima nuclear crisis is turning out to have a silver lining because it has convinced the Japanese political and business establishment to phase out nuclear power and oil as energy sources. In particular, Japanese tycoon Masayoshi Son has teamed up with Prime Minister Naoto Kan to invest 8 trillion yen or about $100 billion to develop alternative energy technologies, according to Japanese government sources. Also, in yet another sign the old world order is ending, the US and European governments are having to dip into emergency oil stocks because their fiat currencies are no longer being accepted as payment for oil.”

  65. frances snoot says:

    Can you, Don? Blow yourself?



  66. Al Kyder says:

    @ mother earth

    “Japan cut of off oil would be a catastrophy wrapped within a calamity covered by a diseaster with a tinge of ammageddon..but really quiet and very far away until Fukushima blows for real..

    Japan Oil.

    The largest oil stockpile site in the world

    The Kiire Base, with the outer circumference of 5.5 km and with the ground area of 1,925,000㎡,(which is equivalent to about 40 times the size of the Tokyo Dome), has 24 crude oil tanks for the 160,000KL-class, 30 tanks for the 100,000KL-class and 3 tanks for the 50,000KL-class、thus, 57 tanks in total. A huge crude oil tanker of the 300,000-ton class can dock here as well. About 80% of the large-sized tankers that come from abroad, come to Japan via the Kiire Base. At present, this base receives about 30 kinds of crude oil from 11 different countries, where some crude oil is blended to meet Japanese oil refinery demand.

    All oil companies are obligated to stock the equivalency of 70 days of domestic oil consumption, based on the Petroleum Stockpiling Law enacted in 1975. This law was amended in 2001 and entitled the Sekiyu no Bichiku no Kakuho nadoni kansuru Horitsu: a law regarding such issues as securing oil stock. In fact, 160 days of oil consumption is always reserved, which includes an amount of 90 days of national reserves.

  67. frances snoot says:

    From Russia with Love:


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