Keiser Report – ‘U.S. Going Down Next After Greece’

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  1. nama rama says:

    Ireland has already begun to default..

    “AIB move triggers ‘failure to pay’ even”

  2. Bruce says:

    Good message. Get your money out of the banks too.

  3. VOM DEM says:


  4. Liz Brown says:

    Come on Greece, follow Iceland’s lead and look! Egypt declines World Bank loan as incompatible with national interest too…..go Egypt go!!!
    It would be amazing to see these smaller countries have the balls to stand up to the financial bullies; if the people of Greece can be the next to tell the banksters where to go, then Ireland, then Portugal etc etc…then the future for our children will be a lot brighter.
    Go Greece go!!
    Thank you Max and Stacy, you are heroes to us all…keep up the phenomenal work!

  5. Jason says:

    Don’t let the IMF morons steal all of your wealth?
    But Max, it’s only money!
    At least that is what the last Jehova’s Witness to come to my door told me.
    I replied “it’s never only money, it’s always only someone elses money.”

  6. alanborky says:

    I’m not putting this up here for the gratification of those hostile to the idea humans’re contributing towards – or the cause of – Global warming, but to demonstrate how people egotistically or sloppily rushing to publish, (in case someone beats them to the astonishing powerful scholastic career boost that can result from coming up with a highly catchy, scientifically suggestive phrase), can, through overstating the case, undermine the very cause they’re purporting to be promoting – either that, or open themselves to charges of Trojan Horsism.

    Toxic Seawater Fraud

    “the pH of seawater is, on average, around pH 8.2. Pure water is pH 7.0, and clean rainwater is pH 5.6. What is more, seawater is a highly buffered solution – it can take up a huge amount of dissolved inorganic carbon without significant effect on pH. There is not the slightest possibility that the oceans could approach the neutral pH of pure water even if all the fossil fuel reserves in the world were burned, so all talk of ‘acid’ oceans is utter nonsense. What sort of change are we talking about? Possibly a change of pH of 0.2 units this century, say from 8.2 to 8.0. That would mean by definition that the concentration of the ‘acidic’ H+ ions would still be no more than 10% of their concentration in pure water.”

  7. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Was it Superman? No!


  8. learning2 says:

    Finally found some live feed from Greece. Did anyone find any others?

  9. stacyherbert says:

    @alanborky – please, I prefer non-ideological links, the guy’s writing places him as a denier, which is fine if he has some peer-reviewed research to back up his material; there happens to be quite a vast amount of peer reviewed research available regarding all matters related to sea water and how acidic for those who want it; and you can find real life empirical evidence happening as predicted would happen should ocean acidification happen:

    So while I appreciate that your guy has an ideological axe to grind and wants to believe whatever it is that keeps his worldview from falling apart, stuff that can be observed (and that was predicted by models) usually provides a more likely answer than hypotheticals that can’t account for the real events happening in front of their eyes

  10. Jayme says:

    Rochester Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping Them From Her Front Yard

  11. MirrorMirror says:

    Bill Gross / PIMCO

    School Daze, School Daze
    Good Old Golden Rule Days

  12. Frans says:

    Never heard this one from Gerald Celente before:

    IMF = International Mafia Fund

  13. flicks says:

    Jayme – good post – spread it around everyone and be sure to post other such videos !

  14. don middleton says:

    Sure seems like it. How many times did bernookie use perception in his last few missives?
    As in possession=nine-tenths of the law; so too perception=nine-tenths reality.
    Belief based on perception leads to misplaced faith in expectation.
    A small but significant example: the US yield curve says everything is fine to curve watchers; even those who know the curve is being manipulated! Why? The perception box traps performance relative to the curve despite the known playground………and relative performance outweighs other considerations, based on the curve!

  15. H.Lang says:

    Lieber Herr Keiser,
    I think you have to broaden your approach. The US is not only going down because of financial terrorists, but because both dominant political factions are financial illiterates.
    Concerning fiscal policy, the left is a bummer.

    Recently a prominent guest on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now betrayed just that. Sally Kohn, author of a May 24 USA Today op-ed titled ‘Don’t Believe the Hype About U.S. Debt’ proposed, that the US-government should follow the example of US-companies – leverage-wise. The US-debt is no problem because…

    SALLY KOHN: ‘You know, Boeing, IBM, JPMorgan. JPMorgan has a debt-to-income ratio of 50 to one. The United States government? One to one. So, why is it that debt is good for private corporations, for successful private corporations, so they can invest in the future of their business, but not good for the government…’

    She wants to leverage the US-government 50:1 ! 14 Trillion $ debt? Ha! Obama can do 70$ Trillion like Jamie Dimon!

    With friends like these, who needs enemies? Only the US-libertarians (which you don’t like for other reasons) currently air an aura of fiscal soundness.
    Whereas the right wants and gets it’s pet-projects for the military-industrial-congressional-whacko-complex, the left wants and gets a welfare-system that is more just. All on the nod, of course. This in itself is not sustainable. Add to this your cherished US financial mafia and you really get a recipe for financial disaster. To me the calm of the US citizens is as incomprehensible as their voting patterns.

  16. H.Lang says:

    Ok, I’m also financially illiterate 😉

    Sally Kohn’s proposal to increase the US-government’s debt to J.P.Morgan’s 50-to-one-level equals 700 Trillion $,
    not 70 Trillion $.
    With 700 Trillion $ ‘Helicopter Ben’ could not only go for a few more heli-flights, he would never ever have to come down!
    Fly Benny fly….
    Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly (1975)

  17. lancedowds says:

    Perhaps any link to zerohedge should be removed from this site, cause Turden has been caught pulling stuff out of his ass again. Because zh is just a crony of the”markets” that are pushing useless paper and derivatives at the expense of nations and people, he was desperate to “debunk” that Greek CDS cannot cause contagion and bring down the entire system, giving estimates that the CDS payments will amount to just a few billions:

    Tyler Turd wrote: “the prevalent trope among the clickbaiters is that CDS written against Greece will destroy the world, in superficial attempts to bring about panic induced by the faulty conventional wisdom that CDS was the cause for the implosion of AIG. Well, wrong.”

    Uh-huh. He is full of shit. Nobody really knows the amount of the payments, but it is possibly in trillions, given how unregulated the CDS market is and if we are to believe the panic spreading in Wall Street and the City of London:

    “Darrell Duffie, a professor who has studied derivatives at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, said that he was concerned that regulators may not have adequately studied what contagion might occur among swaps holders, in the case of a Greek default.”

    “I worry because many of those leaders have said there’s no way we’re going to let Greece default. Does that mean they haven’t had conversations about what happens if Greece defaults? Is their commitment so severe that they haven’t had real discussions about it in the backrooms?”

    “When asked what data the Federal Reserve had collected on American financial companies and their swaps tied to European debt, Barbara Hagenbaugh, a spokeswoman, referred to a speech made by the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, in May in which he did not mention derivatives tied to Greece. ”

    “On Wall Street, traders are debating whether the industry’s process for unwinding credit-default swaps would run smoothly if Greece defaulted.”

    And also a comment from a telegraph article:

    “The best bit is yet to come. No one knows how much is owed but it is TRILLIONS across the board and you can bet your bottom dollar shorters have been piling in as a one way bet on Greece.”

  18. Al Kyder says:

    @ stacyherbert

    So the bets are on again. Still watching that USD$ hanging at under 74.99

    Now here in East Asia many are saying that the USA wont die. It will sink very slowly into the quicksand. That it is a Zombie (Asian Zombie/ Vampire slightly different from west).
    If they introduce QE3 It will devalue the USD$ further by that amount of paper. Maybe under 49.99, and so add QE4.

    I think the US will now hold its economy in this comatose state for as long as it can by whatever means it can. I think it will get creative. Ofcourse when the US goes down, we wont have to worry so much about Peak OIl.

  19. Robert Mockan says:

    This article says fear makes people stupid.

    But for people to be as stupid as they are, they must be absolutely terrified of…everything!

  20. Alexander G. says:

    The bears are back with how we can get back at the Banksters, this time with disclaimers:

  21. frances snoot says:

    What went wrong somewhere.

    Road to Dundee

    I walked in my sleep
    A road full of brine’s
    Weeping slick sand
    Seeping thick so quickly
    I did sink
    I could not think

    But say–
    In my mind’s eye
    A man
    Quite Scot
    Dark about the head
    With a bowler to cap
    The top knot
    And scarved about the neck

    In a suit
    Dark with white trim
    Like a planked bookshelf
    Lean about the edge
    But podged in the middle

    Brimming with nothing to say
    He merely stared
    At me
    Thickly lost for words
    Mare-fog laden intentions

    Masked his will
    I think he meant well
    But forgot
    Scots forget
    To help the fey
    Lost lonely nights.

  22. Al Kyder says:

    @ Robert Mockan

    Thanks for that link Robert Mockan . Some really good quotes.

  23. frances snoot says:

    Well, at least we know that Iran is set to lead the world out of darkness into the glorious light. Right?

  24. Al Kyder says:

    @ Robert Mochan.

    In return for that link. A jpeg from my private collection.

    Warning. Once seen can not be unseen. This is not fake

  25. Al Kyder says:

    @ Francis Snoot

    Well, at least we know that Iran is set to lead the world out of darkness into the glorious light. Right?

    The Shah of Iran has promised a ruined village to his son as a wedding present. Not to be out done, the American government said it would give him 100 ruined villages as a wedding gift.

    Hooray for America, for as long as they are Iran’s friends, they shall never want for ruined villages.

  26. frances snoot says:

    America is not confined to any borders other than the ones in your imagination, Mr. Kyder. Man is evil everywhere. I find the ability of some to turn on the light and define darkness as elsewhere to be amusing.

  27. frances snoot says:

    All identity-based constructs are strictly arbitrary, unless they go bump.

  28. Al Kyder says:

    @ snoot

    America is not confined to any borders other than the ones in your imagination,
    All identity-based constructs are strictly arbitrary, unless they go bump.

    I would say the TSA qualifies as a bump snoot. !!

  29. Badsey says:

    Bankruptcy is not a bad thing if you can break from these terrorist bankers –> I think Greece could possibly do it, but the US is doomed even with the fiat Fed ending in 2012.

    US Dollar will fall and the new PetroDollar will take its’ place WorldWide. =Financial Terrorists walk away from chaos and start new fiat.

    Paper Silver falls also.
    -SLA still buys physical silver even with PetroDollar “backed” by gold.

  30. frances snoot says:

    Yes, you’re right!

  31. frances snoot says:

    It’s all the talk about toxic seawater that has put me…on the edge.

  32. frances snoot says:

    Yep. It do be turnin’.



    Be briny, not sour.

    Be what Mizz. Stacey do say it be. Sour.

    She ain’t said that.

    Did too. I done seen a mer-maid leap outter the watur nexta Billy-Bob’s.

    That’-a-be a pond, Cleetus.

    Same diffee-rence. Gotta show some respect fur CO-two, Steller.

    Ponds ain’t got CO-two.

    Do two.


    Well, they gotstha mer-maids.

  33. frances snoot says:

    See fur yurself, Stella. Y’all likes-ta read:

    Lordy, Cleetus. Y’all is right~!

  34. Mark Lytle says:

    For those of you into TA (that’s technical analysis), check out a long range chart of the Dow Jones Industrials. A perfect (Massive!) Head and Shoulders pattern is forming.

    Left shoulder top in 2000, Top was 2007, and Right shoulder top was probably defined at the end of April, two months ago.

    The Right shoulder now completing, seems to be forming it’s own, much smaller, H&S pattern.

    The ‘measured objective’ of the larger H&S pattern on the Dow is about 2000!

    No kidding.

  35. JailBanksters says:

    Ohhh I hope so.
    Its like watching a Soap Opera, you have to watch all 96 Episodes to find out if Stephanie is having Ridges baby.
    Just Declare Bankrupcy, Hang the Banksters, shoot them and move on.
    Maybe not in that order though.

  36. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Al Kyder

    your welcome about the link. I’ve been trying to figure out why Americans are not fighting back. The usual suspects of chemical pollution, chemicals in the water, modified foods, cell phone towers, increased EM radiation, obesity, have been looked at by lots of people. The consequence of being conditioned with fear, with the cortisone effect on the body, also comes to mind.
    One would think fear would motivate to action. American society has been used for social engineering experimentation for many decades. None of this is conspiracy theory today, having been documented with over whelming evidence especially the last 10 years. I’m fairly certain the American peoples probable response to on going events was pre determined with high certainty by Elites before they accelerated the economic collapse plan. I’m just not sure where most of the control is coming from.

  37. The Man from Glad says:

    Someone should add Greek subtitles to this.

  38. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Al Kyder

    What I believe is that what our Illuminati friends are going for is a last ditch asset snatch to before the whole house of cards collapses, and then try to re-form their new centralised monolithic “One World Order” out of the ashes. Dangerous game, as not everyone wants to play ball.

    The fabric of their international constructs (UN / FED / EU / IMF / NATO etc. ) credibilty are now at breaking point, whilst other major superpowers manouvre economically and militarily on the sidelines.

    The US/UK/EU are embrioled in crude 19th century imperialist snatch and grab tactics and no doubt there will be more.

    The peasants are revolting (we always knew that! LOL) but whether internal regime change through mass revolt will succeed to the degeree that anything truly fundemental will change remains to be seen.

    Without removing the whole existing western establishment infrastructure COMPLETELY, nothing will materially change.

    This in itself (unfortunately) may result in killing the respective patients, as the institutionalised corruption cancer is pervasive.

    The masonic self interest groups are in part of every part govt and local government as of course big business, media and enrtertainment.

    The problem is that unless you are clear who the enemy is, how can you implement the change?

    Tyler Durden recently re-inforced this point.

    Removing this or that overtly corrupt politician simply does nothing. Just gives the illusion of justice and change. A bone thrown to the sheeple. There…you go Rufus!

    Nice to see Alex Jones pick up on my “hydra” metaphor, as he did with the Sargeant Hartman one. a couple of months ago.

    Thats what makes the alternative media so powerful, its credibility, it listens to its audience, challenges where necessary and reflects their mood, the truth and the facts ……………..Z

  39. JailBanksters says:

    I kinda funny, cause….

    Banks in Foreign Countries that loaned Greece money, and those Foreign banks had to Loan money in order to Loan money to Greece. And in order to get all this free loot the ratings Agencies gave Greece AAA. And the IMF wants to Loan Greece some more Money so that Greece can pay off the Loans to Foreign Banks that the Foreign Banks had to Loan in order to Loan money to Greece.

    Is that right?

  40. foober says:

    the usa is just fine. The bernak keeps printing money to pay off bonds and the bootlicking gubbmernt and corporate shills keep getting thier checks.

  41. Paul Johnston, PhD Economics says:

    The Greek people are weak and not fighting the good fight hard enough. Both your leading parties are totally corrupt and being used by Euro MPs and your Socialist PASOK party uses the police with teargas and stun grenades against the people demonstrating and you basically do nothing but sit there waving your hands and shouting in front of the Vouli parliament. This doesn’t scare these criminal politicians at all…

  42. jim evans says:

    I agree with Paul Johnstone PhD (Crystal Ball Gazing)……the Greeks should study the way the CIA (and perhaps Soros?) are alleged to have installed an American lawyer called Saakasvilli to run Georgia on behalf of Wall Street and Israel.

    Eduard Shevardnadze would have made a far better Georgian leader but organised crime under the guise of market forces capitalism and the “Georgian people`s” urge to live in a “democracy” were exploited by the sort of people mouthy Max Keiser is very quiet about for some reason.

    Come on Keiser….spill the beans….American interference in Europe using the so called European Union as a candy and a milch cow has been an unmitigated theft spree and disaster… why aren`t you investigating it instead of cowering in fear like the creeps in the MSM?

  43. jim evans says:

    And here`s a tip….Keiser bombed in Greece because Europeans are fucking sick od American bullshitters of all political complexions waddling around our lands ordering us about and using our lives as ammunition in US domestic politics. The reason you lot are Americans is because we threw our criminals out of Europe and your ancestors landed in the USA. We know what America is ….a thieving fat ignorant bully boy monster….OK?

  44. Al Kyder says:

    @ Robert Mochan and ZORRO LONDON.

    ……RM; I’m fairly certain the American peoples probable response to on going events was pre determined with high certainty by Elites before they accelerated the economic collapse plan. I’m just not sure where most of the control is coming from. “…….

    Here Check the Board of Directors. and all the products. They have the market totally cornered. They also control the microwave repeaters. Give me control over them, I woud take over the world.

    This is the main company Check Board of directors

    They cross pollinate here

    The American military industrial complex part of it.

  45. jim evans says:

    BTW….Keiser and Herbert as individuals and as a duo ….are a breath of fresh air…and so is the (British invented) internet as well.
    M and S can`t help being Americans folks….it doesn`t mean they can`t be “nice people”!

  46. MirrorMirror says:

    @jim evans ….. Quote : “The reason you lot are Americans is because we threw our criminals out of Europe and your ancestors landed in the USA.”

    Errr ? … you’ve got it slightly wrong mate , sorry !

    Most on the so-called “convicts” were exported to Australia.
    Those that went to America were a mixture of debtors and religious types that wanted freedom to worship whoever they please .

    And let’s not forget , the little people have very little say over what happens … it’s the BigMoneyBanksters that cause the real trouble.

  47. jim evans says:

    Al Kyder…there is no conspiracy to accelerate….Wall Street/Israel are no clever or united in promoting some co-ordinated masterplan…they are just nasty exploitive cynical and greedy….. and completely protected from exposure and justice by their control of the MSM and “our” politicians …..who are trained to attack anyone who criticises their blatent criminality wit tired old nonsense about persecution and racism and anti-semitism.

  48. jim evans says:

    Mirror…you are talking tripe “mate”….. now piss off and carry on licking Yanky dicks…. and leave me alone to tell it like it is ..toe rag”

  49. jim evans says:

    And what about the idea of the CIA and Mossad and “our” American -run British secret services swapping sides and doing something honest and constructive for a change?

  50. jim evans says:

    Like stopping sending our young people to die in wars so that Wall Street and Israel remain far more wealthy and powerful than us? When is Israel going to be treated like Greece or Ireland or the UK?

  51. Jo says:

    Great show today.

  52. Al Kyder says:

    @ jim evena
    Al Kyder…there is no conspiracy to accelerate….Wall Street/Israel are no clever or united in promoting some co-ordinated masterplan…t”…….

    Never implied there was jim. That was not the question. It was where not who. I am just exposing a certain choke point in the media apparatus. It appears to have its roots in the City of London

  53. jim evans says:

    Kyder…the C of L is a hollow sham and conduit for Wall Street and China and Rothschilds and Saudi Arabia et al. ……to use for THEIR benefit and to socialize losses onto the British public.If the City of London is so successful why is the UK an undemocratic third world hole ?

  54. jim evans says:

    The “choke point” is on CIA waterboards all over the world…..where honest decent people are tortured for resisting Wall Street/Israel and global organised crime and its politicians and media.

    Come on the decent people of Israel and the USA….rise up and renounce the scum and thieves who send your children to their deaths to keep themselves rich and powerful and make a mockery of words like justice and freedom and democracy! What about one of the Rothschilds or the Soros family blowing the whistle?

  55. frances snoot says:

    “Your small house, too, in ruin!
    Its feeble walls the winds are scattering!
    And nothing now, to build a new one,
    Of coarse grass green!
    And bleak December’s winds coming,
    Both bitter and keen!

    You saw the fields laid bare and wasted,
    And weary winter coming fast,
    And cozy here, beneath the blast,
    You thought to dwell,
    Till crash! the cruel plough passed
    Out through your cell.

    That small bit heap of leaves and stubble,
    Has cost you many a weary nibble!
    Now you are turned out, for all your trouble,
    Without house or holding,
    To endure the winter’s sleety dribble,
    And hoar-frost cold.

    But little Mouse, you are not alone,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes of mice and men
    Go often askew,
    And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
    For promised joy!”

    Who’s to say that nature will not have her way? At last.

  56. frances snoot says:

    America is the dark pool of Europe’s subconscious.

  57. frances snoot says:

    Hence the fascination and the aversion. Ah, a pastoral scene:

  58. jim evans says:

    Wee timrous Frances Snooty
    I hear you calling little booty!

  59. frances snoot says:


  60. Al Kyder says:

    @ jim evans “the C of L is a hollow sham”

    Tell them that brave it most,
    They beg for more by spending,
    Who in their greatest cost
    Like nothing but commending.
    And if they make reply,
    Then give them all the lie.

  61. jim evans says:

    No stab the soul can kill

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