Liquidation Trustee For Madoff Ponzi Victims Triples Amount of Damages Sought From JP Morgan to $19 Billion

Stacy Summary: JPM will somehow manage to pay a $130 million fine and admit no wrongdoing.

36 comments on “Liquidation Trustee For Madoff Ponzi Victims Triples Amount of Damages Sought From JP Morgan to $19 Billion
  1. 8Ball says:

    good luck…

  2. stendec says:

    ” Those who live by the DOLLAR will VANISH with the DOLLAR”

  3. ronron says:

    tracy. that you?

  4. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Busy week next week!

  5. flicks says:

    These ‘lot’ were just on BBC’s Newsnight which means its highly likely its a mi5/mi6 operation .

  6. 8Ball says:

    Predictions: A lot of the so-called “experts” said that Greece would default on its debt… turned out to be wishful thinking. Same “experts” are calling for a big PM rally this summer. We shall see; take it all with a grain of salt and adapt accordingly… p.s. do not buy any Bitcoins; just my two bits…

  7. ronron says:

    hi Mike. @8Ball. they defaulted all right. biggest garage sale in history. roads, 10 cents a foot.

  8. JailBanksters says:

    So another one gets added to the Queue
    Will anything actually succeed, unlikely.

    In the event that they accidently win before all the Plaintifs die of old age, they should ask for payment in real gold, not that fools gold.

  9. 8Ball says:

    ronron, Yes, Greek pols sold out their people… We shall see what they do about it. My guess… nothing.

  10. ronron says:

    @8Ball. measure your metal in ounces. paper games mean nothing.

  11. snoop diddy says:

    yep, what’s the background story on Steve Keen and Tracy lol?

  12. ronron says:

    Tracy. hahaha. lol.

  13. snoop diddy says:

    kinda interesting:
    Judge Napolitano on Rome debasing currency:
    Rome Wasn’t Destroyed in a Day

  14. de Tocqueville says:


  15. 8Ball says:

    ronron… Notspot Greece. Yes, keep stacking.

  16. snoop diddy says:

    in other news: crash jpmorgan, buy silver,
    get your cheap bullion xmas gifts early this year.
    (and while Uncle Jamie suppresses the price, but he can’t do that forever!)

  17. Poote says:

    @ Max
    Good to hear you on the Alex Jones show today.
    DO NOT come back to the good ol’ USA.
    I fear for you will meet an untimely end.
    It takes an insider to know how these crooks are doing it and you are the only one shouting “they are commiting FRAUD”.

  18. ruffus says:

    dame im a poor guy but i managed to store away about 200 pounds of silver of all kineds.i got some gold to.but wen do you(Max,andStacy)think J P M is gana go down like Blyth Masters go’s down on Jamie Dimaind.wen can WE THE PEOPLE see some jutice? Im doing my part.

  19. G Mc says:

    system of a down wrote a tune about all this stuff. See it here .3mins or so

  20. snoop diddy says:
    Whither Greece
    By Michael Hudson
    Without a national referendum Iceland-style, EU dictates cannot be binding

    The fight for Europe’s future is being waged in Athens and other Greek cities to resist financial demands that are the 21st century’s version of an outright military attack. The threat of bank overlordship is not the kind of economy-killing policy that affords opportunities for heroism in armed battle, to be sure. Destructive financial policies are more like an exercise in the banality of evil – in this case, the pro-creditor assumptions of the European Central Bank (ECB), EU and IMF (egged on by the U.S. Treasury).

    As Vladimir Putin pointed out some years ago, the neoliberal reforms put in Boris Yeltsin’s hands by the Harvard Boys in the 1990s caused Russia to suffer lower birth rates, shortening life spans and emigration – the greatest loss in population growth since World War II. Capital flight is another consequence of financial austerity. The ECB’s proposed “solution” to Greece’s debt problem is thus self-defeating. It only buys time for the ECB to take on yet more Greek government debt, leaving all EU taxpayers to get the bill. It is to avoid this shift of bank losses onto taxpayers that Angela Merkel in Germany has insisted that private bondholders must absorb some of the loss resulting from their bad investments.

    The bankers are trying to get a windfall by using the debt hammer to achieve what warfare did in times past. They are demanding privatization of public assets (on credit, with tax deductibility for interest so as to leave more cash flow to pay the bankers). This transfer of land, public utilities and interest as financial booty and tribute to creditor economies is what makes financial austerity like war in its effect…
    (article continues)

  21. snoop diddy says:

    one annoying thing about ‘PirateMyFilm’:
    On every new page just about, the marketing survey pops up for me.
    How many times do they want me to lie for them?

  22. indeed says:

    I love Max, too. But I believe that you are giving too much credit to the SLA political campaign. Not to denigrade the campaign but to restore the republic it will be much more that 2% of us getting silver.
    I’m still hoping that some of the other “alternative” media heroes would find ways to help to change to flow of the money. As it is now, the flow is still flowing to the top – increasing exponentially everyday. The “poor” need to find their own greed and they need YOU (as in all of us together) to do that.

  23. frances snoot says:

    Are you sweet on Tracy?

  24. frances snoot says:

    I mean: Tracy, Tracy, Tracy. You sound like a comic strip come to life! That is, if you were a Dick.

  25. frances snoot says:


  26. Poote says:

    @ Indeed.
    Max is the only game in town.
    Every time I get excited my sweet wife tells me to calm the Max down.

  27. Poote says:

    @ Ruffus
    You will not be sorry.
    200 pounds = $112,000 @ $35
    200 pound @ $200=$640,000
    That is respectable fer sure.
    I respect the hell out of your 200 pounds.

  28. frances snoot says:


    “Max is very well trained for stepping up on command, but there are times when I can tell by his body posture–feathers out a bit (almost arched), individual feathers a bit on end, some extra loud clicking of the beak, eyes flashing–that he might just be too stimulated and could bite. I really don’t believe these bites mean he’s angry at me, just that he very excited and can’t quite control himself . Sometimes these signs are subtle, sometimes they’re done in an outright “flash” dance. Above is a series of photos, from a content bird to a visibly agitated bird. While I can usually calm Max down from this “stance,” I don’t just reach in fast with my hand if he begins to show these signals.”

  29. indeed says:

    Lucky woman. And your comment made me laugh, so I’m lucky too.

    Try to stay on topic though, although apparently “your” Max is very distracting.

  30. stacyherbert says:

    Glad you guys are having fun here.