Ireland goes dumpster-diving on sea floor scavenging for cash

23 comments on “Ireland goes dumpster-diving on sea floor scavenging for cash
  1. SLA Sweden says:

    Dumpster diving on the seafloor is better than prostitution, i guess. And if they’re lucky theyll find Atlantis or some pirate ship filled with gold anno 1400-1500.

  2. aaah says:

    I have a public art sculpture made from copper
    that i will be installing this summer.
    (Commissioned over 3 years ago)
    It will sit in an unmonitored public park at night.
    Recently, I spoke to the Arts commission and
    they have fears the copper will be stolen.
    I’m thinkin this baby will be gone within 3 months.
    i’ll take plenty of photos for the memory.
    It’s ALL very fleeting.
    I’m looking at this artwork the way a Tibetan sand mandala is viewed.
    Tibetan monks take 6 months to make these beautiful colored sand
    mandalas then upon completion they do a ritual and destroy it.
    Speaking of creating beauty listen to the way this bird mimics sounds
    in it’s environment including chainsaws and car alarms.

  3. jim evans says:

    Look folks …let`s get real and stop sabotaging ourselves with behaviour that enslaves us?
    Think about this. Two of the most successful political/religious/racial tribes in the twentieth century were the IRA and the Zionists.
    They run their territory with an iron fist and any power-sharing and multiculturalism they allow is strictly cosmetic!

    Where do Ulster and Israel get the vast amounts of money that support their fascist quasi-totalitarian regimes?Do they have to play at being good boys and girls for the banksters or the IMF or “party politicians” or the Red Cross or the BBC or the EU….et al.


    Now work it out for yourselves….how did they achieve that power and status and freedom?Yes, in the same way Wall Street did! By murdering and conquering and enslaving and bullying anyone who got in their way!

  4. aaah says:

    Being unable to control your own mind is what enslaves you.
    Controlling your own mind to offer compassion and creativity
    is the true warrior’s heart.
    When you kill you may kill the fsther of a gentle compassionate child
    who does not agree with his parents.
    You’ve caused immense suffering for that child anf left them
    fatherless. I agree with Terence McKenna that the way to say
    fuck you to corporate fascists is to create art. To control your
    own mind so that you are creative rather than a destroyer of life.

  5. jim evans says:

    BTW….A quick look at Ulster and Israel`s GDP and exporting capacity will not explain the enormous wealth they have at their command either.

  6. jim evans says:

    aaaahsoles to you aaaah!We can`t stop the world and just alight in a fairy dell of our own construction…..there`s too much necessary righting of wrongs and injustices to do for that sort of self-indulgent escapism!

  7. jim evans says:

    The Enlightenment came out of Protestantism not out of Catholicism….now why was that?
    And can we have a Neo Enlightenment secular scientific western world please and leave Islamic countries to follow their own path of self determination?

  8. OldEnglishGame says:

    Desperation causes people to CLEAN UP THEIR HOUSE
    We should thank the banks for this.

  9. jim evans says:

    Yes OEG…are you George Soros by any chance?
    Only a lot of people have no house left to “clean”!

  10. gman says:

    Hey Irish,
    What about a bottle drive once a week, at least keep somebody snortin’ drinks every night.

  11. southsea13 says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to `scraping the bottom of the barrel`.

  12. seosamhogallunai says:

    Leta rob the lead off the roof of leinster house and sell it.

  13. Frank says:

    They just might want to leave those cables where they are. They may come in handy when the satellites stop working.

  14. alanborky says:

    I can just imagine Lloyd Blank Fein saying, “Honey, what d’y’think: Giant’s Causeway – a rockery, bottom right of the garden?”

  15. alanborky says:


    @Frank – bli’me, that’s a good point, mate!

  16. YoLithos says:

    Well. If that isn’t the proverbial kick-in-the-ribs and spit-on-yer-face, against the Irish people. The propaganda-meisters must be still getting some little wee whiff of that dangerously insidious : self-estem, among them. The better for them to stamp it out as they see it.

  17. jimmy chen says:

    @ aaah

    I was thinking that exact thing, tibetan mandella , before I finished reading your post….all things will pass….put some cameras up…..just for shits and giggles….catch em in the act and make your next piece a media art piece….. you’ll see it displayed in MOMA within 6 months.

  18. Fearon says:

    Do what it takes to make those payments to your bankster overlords I guess.

  19. Marc Authier says:

    Will the interests on the debt for 5 seconds. 🙂 Lol What a bunch of morons these irish scum politicians. It’s not even funny. These irish politicians are a bunch of retards. Default and get over it !

  20. jim evans says:

    Should we all be buying copper or lead?

  21. Bruce says:

    Copper is sexy. Great complement to gold and silver and unquestionably essential to modern life, unlike most gold that just sits around doing very little, outside of very limited specialized applications.

  22. ZORRO LONDON says:

    The Irish have lost their apetite to kick out the old foe in favour of getting pissed and watching X-Factor.

    Welcome (in time) to……potato famine II………………….Z

  23. Fox says:

    Anything that can be recycled profitably, should be.

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