EU Leaders Appoint Mario Draghi to Head ECB; Draghi Was Head of Goldman’s Derivatives Group When Bank Advised Greece On Hiding Debt

Stacy Summary:  h/t Elsoto.  Heckuva a job, Draghi.

33 comments on “EU Leaders Appoint Mario Draghi to Head ECB; Draghi Was Head of Goldman’s Derivatives Group When Bank Advised Greece On Hiding Debt
  1. Wolferl says:

    Fuck, now this GS scum even owns the ECB. It´s really about time to replace Merkel.

  2. :

    Italy backs Draghi for ECB, denies Greek crisis link

    MILAN — The Italian government has said it will support the head of the Bank of Italy as the next president of the European Central Bank and is denying reports of his role in financial deals that hid Greece’s debt problems.
    A spokeswoman for the Bank of Italy also on Wednesday denied press reports that Draghi had participated in operations aimed at hiding the full extent of Greece’s troubles when he worked at US investment banking giant Goldman Sachs.

    Draghi “had nothing to do with operations concerning Greece,” the spokeswoman said, adding: “The operation was carried out before Mario Draghi’s arrival.”

  3. Anon says:

    This is so fucked up,
    (It is said that some of the anons next target will be Goldman Sucks :))

  4. Jo says:

    You couldn’t make this stuff up..

  5. Harry says:

    So this person is the ENEMY.

  6. Alex says:

    Can we just hurry up and get this financial collapse over with so that we can start fresh?
    Make it my birthday presesnt or something?

  7. Grisu says:


    Merkel hasn‘t reached peak damage yet. Once the ESM has been installed(transferunion)
    she will be replaced by someone even worse(steinbrück,scholz?)

  8. Bruce says:

    Alex | June 24, 2011 at 2:56 pm |
    Can we just hurry up and get this financial collapse over with so that we can start fresh? Make it my birthday presesnt or something?

    I suggest waiting until I finish up buying my silver.

  9. The Dork of Cork says:

    Posted something similiar on another thread but this needs to be known. In this green Bog the GDP / GNP figures for Q1 2011 were published.
    GNP is a better metric for Irish economic activity as the multinationals repatriate the profits making GDP a joke.

    GNP @ current market prices : Q1 2007 = 40,650 million euros
    Q1 2011 = 30,017 million euros
    Thats a 26% drop Bitches !
    And the ECB is reducing its base money !!!!

  10. Mother Earth says:

    Interesting. So do we thing Europe is fucked or that it has been smart? Is Draghi one of us? I’m confused..

  11. Alex says:

    @ Bruce
    Well it’s dipping under $35, I’d say its a good time to buy.
    If I had any money left that wasn’t in silver, I’d definetly buy.

  12. elsoto says:

    Bark worse than his bite: Meet Loukanikos, the stray dog who has become an unlikely mascot to Greek protesters

    Read more:

  13. 03052011 says:

    Is the MSM catching on????

    Watch this great clip comparing ROME and the USA.

  14. Al Kyder says:

    Well !! Thats really put the cannibal among the corpses.I watch with stunned amazement !!

  15. davem says:

    Hackers often end up getting jobs as computer security experts. Maybe Draghi is the same, he’s gone to work for the ‘good’ guys? He’s gone straight? Sounds like he’ll have valuable inside knowledge.

  16. Chervonets says:

    Euro zone taking its potassium cyanide, the game is rigged

    Euro zone it on its way to political integration, there will be Eurobonds and all debts of Euro members will be gathered into one Eurodebt. Say goodbye to sovereignty, Brussels is the new capital, we all bow to Herman von Rompuy, Fuhrer of the 4th Reich.

    EU embassies already exist. Next they will take all highways, railroads, fiber optic networks and toll and tax the Europeans without end until the very last penny is paid back to Brussels. They will confiscate all pensions and share among all elderly.

    The bigger the riots, the more the chaos, the more insolvent Europe will get, the more the EU will become the solution as they are at the printing press, they don’t need anything else. They will send police from France to Spain or Greece to control the situation when needed. In the end they will integrate everything.

  17. Jayme says:

    “EU Leaders Appoint Mario Draghi to Head ECB;”

    This is simply BS. Who elected the “EU Leaders”? Privatizing government is an assinine loss of representation. It’s time to bring online a peer-to-peer government. Get rid of these two-bit jokers.

    “JUAN GONZALEZ: A group of Michigan residents sued the state Wednesday to challenge a controversial new law that allows the governor of Michigan to appoint an unelected emergency manager or corporation to take over financially distressed towns and cities and effectively fire elected officials. The law empowers those unelected managers to sell off public property, shred union contacts, and privatize government services, without any input from local voters.

    Some supporters have described the measure as a form of “financial martial law” needed to help restore financial stability to fiscally challenged cities and school districts. But the plaintiffs in the lawsuit question the constitutionality of a measure that gives the state the power to strip the right of residents to elect mayors, city councils and school boards.”

    Michigan Residents File Lawsuit Challenging Emergency Law Installing Unelected City Managers

  18. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Gold getting KILLED!

  19. Marc Authier says:

    Like giving the charge of a kindergarden to pedophile serial rapist. Europe is doomed.

  20. snoop diddy says:

    The loaded dice of the casino gulag.

    Leonard Cohen – Everybody knows (live in London, 2008)
    Everybody knows the deal is rotten,
    Everybody knows ole black Joe is still picking cotton, for your ribbons and bows

  21. YoLithos says:

    Exploding musical chairs.

  22. Partimelover says:

    Brussels is a Mafia organization..

  23. death to the NWO says:

    Draghi = Bilderberger stooge . Attendee Bilderberg conference 2009 ,
    Proponent of government cuts , higher retirement age , globalization and supporter of the rigged economic system .
    Draghi = fabled reptile that spits fire , from the latin ‘ draco” and the greek ” drakon “

  24. david says:

    That sounds like a bit of a gamble then doesn’t it – hide your debt and worry about finding it later. Something is seriously wrong!

  25. JailBanksters says:

    It’s sort of like Incest and how to keep it in the Family.
    It’s sort of like JFK’s Killer doing the autopsy to find out who killed him.

    This shit just gets better every day.
    And he’s going to need a Team, Who ya gonna Call?

  26. Youri Carma says:

    Syria: Fresh protests erupt against Bashar al-Assad

  27. Marc Authier says:

    By the way Dhargi that bankster from Goldman Sachs did EXACTLY the same thing in Italia than in Greece. Italy is bankrupt by the way.

  28. Wolferl says:

    @ Grisu

    Steinbrück will be the next Kanzler and you´re right it will be worse.

    As a German finance minister he bailed out the big German banks in 2008 against every law with more than 100 billion Euros. That´s why i left the SPD after being a member for more than 20 years. Steinbrück is a criminal. Just like Merkel.

  29. SilverCondom says:

    The Euro and the european union is f****d up!

    Just a matter of time and what will trigger the collapse. 🙁

  30. bart says:

    I can’t believe this. We in E.U. are screwed.

  31. Michael says:

    Sicko! So thats the reward for screwing Greece.

  32. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl … Steinbrück ?

    Well, I can think of a few others that fit the bill better :

    Riester / Krause / Schäuble / Kohl / …. oh why bother … nearly all of’em !

    Do you remember that ridiculous scene when Schroeder lost to Merkel … best soap around … wow , how embarrassing .
    BTW … he’s now on the board of a Gasprom daughter co. ; but mostly plays golf in Bonn according to a friend of mine that part-owns the club.
    Not a bad salary for playing gold eh ?
    Blair’s JPM salary was even better .. for doing nothing apart from grinning stupidly.

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