[OTE112] On the Edge with Stefan Molyneux

We interview Stefan Molyneux


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  1. Youri Carma says:

    More financial Terrorism:

    The IMF has already said it cannot release its part of a 12 billion euro (10.4 billion pound) aid tranche to Greece next month if fiscal conditions underpinning the bailout are not met and the European Commission’s top economic official was quoted as saying the EU was setting the same conditions.”

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Webster G. Tarpley on the Alex Jones Show, May 24, 2011 MP3 http://tarpley.net/audio/getfile.php?f=20110524-WGT_on_AJS.mp3

  3. The Dork of Cork says:

    I am sorry but for some reason I found a disliking to this man Stefan – can’t really explain why as I am normally open to all views but not this time – so I won’t watch this show so that I can have a happy few pints tonight.

    Anyhow found this gem of a interview back in those heady days of the irish Spring………….
    This man is our very own Irish George Carlin.
    FG/LAB spindoctors must have been watching this man closely

  4. FranSix says:

    Club Soda = ‘Perrier From Mississauga’

  5. Happy Dick says:

    Outstanding interview!! The political and ethical platforms he addresses, really show the flaws and trappings of greed.

  6. FranSix says:

    @property rights

    Property rights have a completely new definition with risk cartels, whereby you merely take on a line of credit with a counterparty, and you ‘own’ the risk in any asset.

  7. flicks says:

    IMF = short termism = fuck over quickie = asset grab

    Greek people arrest that central banker and tell IMF fuck off and we want our gold on our land NOW !

  8. Steve_D says:

    It’s really quite simple Max, cut the head from the serpent and the body will whither.

    If the world stopped demonstrating in the street and instead hunted down those pulling the strings, this could all be sorted out by this time next week.

    Yet instead we continue to play into their hands by taking action which only strengthens the Elite & has the masses fighting amongst themselves while the Elite watch from the sidelines untouched by the ‘entertainment’ they witness before them.

    It’s time to divest ourselves from the route cause of all our misery, that means selectively targeting those who inflict the misery upon us, not targeting their puppets.


  9. FranSix says:

    @Aboot The Space Programme

    You know, Max the space programme has taken on a whole different meaning since Apollo.

    You can assert that its the weaponization of space, but nobody seems to be using these weapons, if they in fact exist.

    The Space Shuttle just doesn’t attract the attention like the moon shot did.


  10. Bonn says:

    Fook this is all cok
    The Pyramid Code Part 9-25.mp4
    Hic 😉

  11. Youri Carma says:

    Peter Faber: ‘Gold Might Go Ballistic’, ‘Prepare For The Next War Time’

    Faber concluded by saying that he thinks we should prepare for the next war time, and gold might go ballistic.

    He said having gold all over the world is a safe hedge from potential confiscation.

  12. OldEnglishGame says:

    Super happy to see you interview Stefan Molyneux
    He is my favorite PEACE MAN
    We need peace. We don’t need violence

  13. F. Beard says:


    Max’s jacket looks awful almost like it was bad virtual reality.

    Usually, you dress Max very well but not this time. 🙂

  14. Steve/NotLiverpool says:

    TAM?? Is it coming?

  15. Tamir says:

    The utopia, ach, the utopia…
    Languages tend to develop without central command and control – true. But computer languages do not. It was a nice interview, based upon the assumption that people are basically good, which is not true at all.

  16. Tamir says:


    F. Beard is right: a heinous, toxic and catastrophic jacket! Holly cow 🙂

  17. fairguy says:

    Errrr, what about bill 101? french sign or french language only in quebec?

  18. anonymous says:


    Computer languages do develop in a decentralised manner. Check out all the myriad of libraries/modules for the C/perl languages – popular functions become standard, unpopular functions do not.

    Also I would disagree that people are not basically good. A lot of people just grow up in very oppressive environments and have a lot of grudges to act out before they become free to be good again.

  19. Youri Carma says:

    The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse

    Newman and the post office-Seinfeld http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0byBRbm7HI

    Jerry Tried His Best http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpWi4e2LD74

    Newman: “Too many people got their mail. Close to 80%!

    Nobody from the Post office ever cracked the 50% barier” 😆

  20. Mother Earth says:

    Therspon tanform language mationfomr bouta pppffrrt!!

    Oh, wait, let me phrase that correctly :

    There is nothing spontaneous about language formation

    Self organization is just an excuse to wait until others have done the work

    Usuing language as a model for reality is called logic positivism. It did not work.

  21. Tamir says:


    You are mixing development trends of computer languages with implementations. For example, the popular C and C++ computer languages are governed by a “standard” which defines exactly what can be done and what not (leaving some grey zones – that’s true).
    Are people good or bad? Sounds like a dim moral issue to me. I’d live that to the philosophers…

  22. Youri Carma says:

    Ace Ventura Pet Detective – Part 1 – Beginning – HDS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_wGeErYTl8

  23. Danny Cunnington says:

    Excellent interview. This fait Babylonian nonsense is just an illusion. Have a jubilee and cancel all debt. Let the chips fall where they may. There’s no moral hazard when the system itself is the moral hazard. Notional value decree paper currency is totally reliant on the sum total of the confidence in it. Give it a vote of no confidence and just move on.

    The false paragrim of winners and losers is an imposed “crap game mentality”. It springs from the mindset of parasites and thieves who add nothing and just transfer wealth around for a free lunch at everybody’s else’s expense.

    This system has crashed every society and culture in past history. If you reject it you can move on. Close the door on the predators. Another door will always open. Stick with it, “go with the flow” and it will kill you just as sure as the Roman empire.

    It’s basic cause and effect. They seek to be cause and force you to be effect. If the majority reject their fraudulent projection/illusion this reverses. They have no power. Pull back the curtain and you see a disgusting sight of decrepit and naked old inbreds whose time has long since past and are whistling past their own tombstones.

  24. OldEnglishGame says:

    That was the best interview you ever did.
    Super happy with you Max.
    Truely awesome.
    Now the problem is how to get the masses to study philosophy
    Since Abraham Lincoln gave the literati the title of
    Dr. of Phylosophy to any old whoo without ever studying philosophy.
    Ph.D without Phylosophy
    What a shame
    And this is really the reason Americans love Abraham Lincoln.
    Philosophy ain’t easy. It requires interaction. And when your revenue comes from FORCING people to buy your research which they would never do VOLUNTERRILY, you will certainly become antisocial and avoid the peoples market and suck up to the PENTAGON for grants. Which they all do.

  25. Youri Carma says:

    Newsweek’s Evan Thomas warns of social unrest if debt situation not addressed

    “social unrest”?

    Well it’s about damn time! If we’re talkin US.

  26. jischinger says:

    @Happy Dick
    yeah, okay how many times do we need to hear stuff we all ready know and heard a million times?

    Max isn’t enough, Schiff isn’t enough, Ron Paul and Ralph Nader aren’t enough?

    how easy it would be, at anytime in history, to avoid the trappings of revolution.

    think and feel all you want, but without the will, something Americans sorely lack, you get nothing, bupkis, and end up with indentured servitude or slavery.

    So what’s Stef fan doing? talking – essentially his thing is political libertarian talkporn. What other action has this guy ever taken?

    Least yuo know Max has actually done something – coke, silver, films, copyright, etc…

    Take Stef Fan’s advice – be careful which NEW boss you let in – to your head, especially his voice.

    Here’s what truth sounds like – “A time comes when silence is betrayal. Men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s policy, especially in time of war. We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak. For we are deeply in need of a new way beyond the darkness so close around us… We are called upon to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation, for those it calls enemy, for no document from human hands can make these humans any less our brothers.” -MLK

    you want to stop the crooks, there’s one more chance before this long suffering continues, spreads and inevitably leads to what it always does, revolution (which the banks also profit from) – that last stop before the guillotines fall is legal SECESSION.

  27. blindman says:

    Friday, May 27, 2011
    Gerald Celente
    Bin Laden Episode End of Empire? / Top US Official Says 9/11 Was an Inside Job
    Thursday, May 05, 2011 – by Staff Report
    …”Will this prove impractical as well? The history of the Gutenberg press seems to shows us that the qualitative change made by information technology will continue apace. The quality of control over domestic population will likely degrade more quickly now as the significance of this defeat becomes domestically internalized.” …
    Turning Points of Empire’s End?
    Saturday, May 28, 2011 – by Anthony Wile
    …”The City of London (where this mischief seems to begin) has a big problem. Once you have fallen back on the immoveable rigor of brute force you have to make sure that people understand that you will not back down. Not now. Not ever. If people cannot be frightened into supporting one-world-government (the point of it all) by fear-based memes, then they must be panicked into supporting it via military power. They must be made to feel that they have no other choice.

    But what if the biggest war, the hinge war – the most important war of the past 100 years – is also the war that you are evidently and obviously LOSING? What then? Well, if you are the top honcho of the Pentagon or Hillary Clinton, you will do ANYTHING to make sure your pending defeat does not become common knowledge and tabloid fodder.

    No, you cannot admit it! No how, no way! It will lead to a chain reaction, or so you fear. If people begin to understand that the entire Western world HAS LOST ITS MOST IMPORTANT WAR TO A BUNCH OF GOAT-HERDERS AND POPPY GROWERS … what then?” ….

  28. OldEnglishGame says:

    Truely the best Max

  29. death to the NWO says:

    Excellent interview MAX !
    I like the idea of not voluntarily initiating violent acts . Including suggesting to another party to do something to hurt financially or physically a third person . The problem is that we have accepted the actions and voted for governments that use violence in one form or another every day . This state of affairs has been going on forever . Think for a moment about : no fly zone , economic sanctions against other countries , police crackdown against lawful demonstrations , TSA groping people , monitoring of people mail , spying ,etc , etc .
    We have to totally abolish the governments .
    To take a stand against the system , for example not cooperating or not spending any money , takes some intestinal fortitude from the individual . I have doubts about my fellow humans because I don’t believe they have what it takes. Look at the situation in Ireland and Greece , it is still fluid , but I will believe it when I will see some form of action !

  30. blindman says:

    the solution to any construction problem is
    deconstruc tion. the solution is unpleasant and
    costly and will be resisted and attached and ridiculed
    by those who do not see the problem, deny there is
    a problem. the tipping point comes when the problem
    becomes apparent to a significant portion of the population.
    here war, fog, is used to keep that from happening. so it seems
    the current objective is to reveal and display the problem clearly
    so when the war card is played, again, it will be recognized for
    the deadly and craven ploy that it is. by enough of the populations
    to stop. stop. stop. it ?

  31. David says:

    The USA POLICE STATE certainly is real. Have a look at some recent news. Your cash is simply suspicious and subject to confiscation now. How about that?
    Highway Robbery In Tennessee Police State

  32. Bruce says:

    Max has a forehead tan.
    Stefan is pale.

    Functioning and stable forehead tones are possible without the use of force.

    Linux is fragmented and ugly (as a desktop OS). College bocce ball is underrated. It can be used to kill the IMF barbarians.

    But that would be the use of force.

    “…just refuse to participate in a corrupt system. Don ‘t pretend your vote is going to buy you freedom and whatever you can do to keep assets from the government is very very important in terms of tax minimisation; in terms of finding ways to avoid getting involved in the system…absolutely; every dollar you give to the government is going to be used as collateral to borrow or print 10 more dollars which you’re gonna be and you’re children are gonna be indebted to. So absolutely; try to avoid working within the system as much as possible…”

    Stefan was good.

  33. Youri Carma says:

    Good point Krieger “ Central Banks don’t have Silverhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkJFPZIAfp8#t=11m25s

  34. jim evans says:

    Good interviewing Max…but I didn`t come away thinking this chap had much in the way of credible concrete answers or strategies.
    As an outsider to you world can I ask people to think more about what they mean by the government that they are “against”….how will society work in the fair way so many seem to want without strong forces of law and order and the governmental structure that requires,,,for example?
    The reason the USA is a disaster is because you have corrupt government …not because you have government per se.

  35. Ray in Vancouver says:

    Read the comments, finally people outside of here are getting it.


  36. MirrorMirror says:

    NEXT WEEK could well be the beginning of the end for the €.

    Spiegel Greek Hit Piece #2: Bailout Troika Finds “Greece Missed All Fiscal Targets” – Next Steps: Game Over?


  37. Danny Cunnington says:

    @F Beard, Max is running a thing called “product placement”. The jacket is from the Boss black range. Everybody has to eat and product placement is ad revenue. There’s nothing wrong with doing this although being a “bit more casual” I prefer the Boss orange range. I recently bought a pair of dark blue Boss orange shoes. They are really comfortable and look great. That dark blue jacket you saw? Boss orange and hardly overpriced at €250. I didn’t order one ’cause max has one but because of how well it goes with the shoes.

    Even dirt farmers like to go out and look good and using “worker compensation” fait paper you can do this. It sure beats the 4% interest in the I-save account.

    BTW Your adherence to the Bible as a reference to historic monetary policy has merit. Check out the book of Leviticus from the old testament. This ancient system uses the principle of debt jubilee to stop it from periodically collapsing. All debt can only be projected for a seven year period. (The seven years of tribulation). After that, there are 25 year and 50 year debt repudiation. The first one is in debts based on silver and the final one is based on gold. It’s the only time proven method of avoiding a ruinous Ponzi scheme known as usury known to man. Claiming “PMs are worthless and silly” is tantamount to declaring “Liberty” (Def; Freedom from slavery) is also worthless to people.

  38. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Great guest Max.

    Essentially “common law” principles i.e. the universal moral codes of ….I shall not cause harm, and I shall not cause loss.

    This is where the corporate-hypocracy has cultivated the tool of Statute Law which has been abused as a tool primerily for TAXATION, state sponsored theft and control and ultimately opression. Oh and now more evidently………………censorship, and the graduated move towards the destruction of freedom of speech.

    If I am correct? (even as a Brit) that NO WHERE in the US constitution is there the right to tax the individual.

    Tell that to the IRS or the so called law makers or enforcers.

    Your guest is absolutely correct, this nothing to do with being ant state or anti-government. This a matter of addressing criminality, corruption and crimes against humanity whether locally, nationally or internationally.

    This apetite for general abuse of the population is not only now out of control and fully instututionalised, but is not even subtle or hidden any more……………….Z

  39. Youri Carma says:

    Egypt Gaza Border Reopened Permanently, 28 May 2011, by Ibrahim Barzak – Rafah, Gaza Strip (AP – Huffington Post) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/28/egypt-gaza-border-reopened_n_868390.html

    Muslim Brotherhood Aims for Islamic Egyptian State, 26 May 2011, by Gavriel Queenann (Arutz Sheva) http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/144527

    Engdahl: US-Israel rift deepest ever as Arab Spring spreads chaos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V9XET0eiUs

  40. MirrorMirror says:

    @Stefan … excellent interview , as usual with you ; my views exactly.
    … And I have been practicing this for nearly 30 years; just a pity I’m still pretty much alone.

  41. Youri Carma says:

    I think that Israel realizes by now that all this fuzz in the middle East is not at their advantage.

    The US is gonna use Israel to unleash WOIII which will kill Israel in the process which is intentional by the Nazis/US.

  42. YoLithos says:

    A starving dog will call anoyone that feeds it “master”. To “succeed” in curbing it in this manner, you would also have to stave off its new master hopefuls. Otherwise, you control nothing, and lose what’s left of “your” government. For peanuts.

    Starving a bad government is ok, if you have clear stated conditions you want met. That’s like taming or breaking an wild or recalcitrant animal. But you still have to offer a better “deal” than the opposition. And you have to be able to hold your own against them. Wildlife rules, apparently.

    If you withold payments, you must be able to invest collectively in the services that shall be denied. In the end, that’s a “parallel” government – without checks, balances, or efficient command.

  43. Youri Carma says:


    It’s lonely at the top. Get used to it.

    I havn’t 😉

  44. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Zorro, I totally agree. If you haven’t already done so, check out the free to view documentary by John Harris called “It’s an illusion”. This shreds the establishment fraud known as the UK system. The research lays bare an enslavement system based on fraud and formed the basis that drives lawful rebellion and the re-establishment of common law rights. I know people who rejected my opines as a “conspiracy theorist” who after viewing this got really angry at the system of fraud that has been imposed on them.

  45. MirrorMirror says:

    Good Video .. on self sustainability.


    04:39 mins. ( first video )

  46. MirrorMirror says:

    G8 Love Money & Bombs


    The Brilliant Deek Jackson .. at work .

  47. F. Beard says:

    Claiming “PMs are worthless and silly” is tantamount to declaring “Liberty” (Def; Freedom from slavery) is also worthless to people. Danny Cunnington

    I never said PMs are worthless. But commodity monies are silly. Here’s why: A commodity money if used as a commodity ceases to be money and vice versa. And if gold is valuable then why bury it in a vault?

    BTW, I do advocate liberty in private money creation so folks would be free to use PMs or anything else as private money forms. However, also for the sake of liberty, government money must remain pure fiat.

  48. jim evans says:

    Is there a university degree course in the sort of ideas spread on this blog?

  49. swell says:

    Values? When bad-to-the-bone meets wholesome goodness?

    Pop-tart news:

    Lindsay Lohan, the 97-second short film directed by Richard Phillips:


  50. F. Beard says:


    I’m sure a clothing manufacture would be glad for you to showcase their clothes. (You are kinda of cute ya know.)

    One need only click on your clothing and the manufacturer’s website would pop up.

    UR welcome.

  51. bammbamm says:

    There’s more to social harm than mere physical harm. For instance, you have a loose wife and she’s giving me the eye – why shouldn’t I screw her? I’m jealous of your success and I know some bad things about you – why shouldn’t I tell everyone and bring you down? I drink too much and never have any money – why shouldn’t I put my children to work? I know you’re going to get kicked out your house if you don’t pay the rent tomorrow – so I’ll loan you the $500 – but I want back $1,000 in 30 days. etc….

  52. Danny Cunnington says:

    @ F Beard, I’m actually quoting your earlier posts although not copy and paste. I’m not sure why you believe that promotion of any brand of anything is somehow disingenuous.

    I see that PMs are non -consumables and basic staples are consumables so a non-consumable commodity such as PMs, if exchanged for consumables such as basic staples will result in the producer transferring the PM wealth from the holder over time. This viewpoint assumes that a PM holder is non-productive which is not necessarily the case. The PMs are a convertible store of wealth based on a conversion of real consumable value into them as a core holding. Exchange is a flow from one to the other.

    @ Jim, LOL! I have no qualifications whatsoever and was thrown out of school at age 15.

  53. F. Beard says:

    I’m not sure why you believe that promotion of any brand of anything is somehow disingenuous. Danny Cunnington

    When have I ever said that? I just said Max’s jacket was ugly is all.

    As for PMs, I don’t care what people use for private money.

  54. General Rasta, SLA says:


    Libertarianism is nihilist and a FOOL’S pursuit. after these Chicago school “economists” have been discovered to be an UTTER FAILURE….they’ve glommed onto the Austrian school, planted a flag and tried to make it their own. these mutual self destructive idiots will distort and destroy this too…..they can’t help themselves. THEY MUST DESTROY…..and disguise it the best they can. a Libertarian dystopia straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

    the only thing that Molyneux proves is that there is STOOOOOPID people in Canada too.

  55. Peter Karwacki says:

    Molyneux has some rather interesting ideas but so far, with the exception of Linux there is a shortage of real life examples of how this could all work, instead, for now its all just thought experimentation.

    How can the ideas be implemented?, how can we incorporate what we have that is good, what is the time frame for implementation.

    In other words… how can we get there from here?

  56. Terry says:

    Great show Max,
    Stephan mentioned that you have recorded an interview in the past. Is there a link to that interview?
    Love those libertarians and it a shame more of our pundits, politicians and media types dont offer insights from the right versus wrong perspective rather than the right versus left paradigm.

  57. mbridges says:

    Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense 25 May 2011
    Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense May 25 2011 1 – 3

    I checked one other upload besides this one, but this is as far as the recording goes on all of BENJAMIN FULFORD ON JEFF RENSE MAY 25 2011. It is interesting to read viewers’ posts.

  58. Youri Carma says:

    Mike Krieger Interviewed , 28 May 2011, by Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge) http://www.zerohedge.com/article/mike-krieger-interviewed

    $100 Silver and Economic Analysis With Mike Krieger Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkJFPZIAfp8

    $100 Silver and Economic Analysis With Mike Krieger Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbHS2Cxo7IA

  59. The Man from Glad says:

    @stacyherbert, Please keep those single-file versions coming! Much appreciated. The two-file versions are too unwieldy to post — and for most people to view probably — on Facebook.

  60. Mr Holipsism says:

    I love the responses for this video….

    “Interacting on a voluntary basis? That would only work in a Utopian paradise. Stupid Canadian! Doesn’t he realize that in the REAL WORLD all interactions should be at the barrel of a gun? Sheeesh.”

  61. olly says:

    Really great show! I like ontheedge.

  62. Flopot says:

    Libertarianism is a great theory. Love it. I am totally convinced by the theory and it works on paper and computer screens. In the real world it would be totally abused by the psychopaths.

    Anyway, even in open source projects some dudette….dude…always becomes the fulcrum around which others operate. I am not talking about hierarchy. Maybe a wheel. I suck at metaphors. The point is that some people just take the lead due to their vision and energy.

    Like Max.

    Please do not trust utopian ideologies. Anyway, libertarianism is associated with Milton Friedman. Nuff said.

  63. jmh says:

    Excellent, on point, questions from Max. Sophism and incoherence from the interviewee. Tea partier with out the guns. A bit fringe of the oligarchy but a useful idiot for the oligarchy nevertheless. What interests me most here is why some seem to be seduced by what is essentially the same economic ‘philosophy’ that has had the run of the place for 30 plus years. A bit of fresh lipstick and some funky accessories and you’d let the same insidious pig in to keep trashing the joint. Really? I understand that talk of morality and values is beguiling to weary hearts/souls/minds, and mine’s as weary as they come, but Libertarianism and its very comfortable bedfellow Neoliberalism have always marketed themselves on moral terms (freedom, liberty, individualism) and the promise of utopia. That’s why so many bought such a lemon for so long. That and greed and the lottery mentality. Look past the packaging and think about the essential premises of this guy’s ideology: Govt is bad (and should be completely eliminated. Who needs laws/regulations when you can sponfuckingstaneously organise, or just leave it all the magic of the ‘free market’?), democracy is bad (‘a system of intergenerational bribery based on debt’, ffs), taxation is theft. Sound familiar? Like a B grade actor. Or Somalia. And his answer to the problem/reality of the corporatist monster that the deliberate enfeebling of govt/regulatory power has wrought? Why, enfeeble them further. Of course. Cos that’ll slay the monster. For sure. Enough to make Friedman, Rand, Greenspan et al smile. I understand that Ron Paul is a hero around here, and I applaud and share his social/civil libertarianism, but ‘one good bloke’ does not a sound policy prescription make. (Apologies for length, have the day off and it’s raining)

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