Max Keiser NAPKΩΤΙΚΑ = PEYΣTO TPAΠEZΩN (drugs, banks and the Crisis, Greek subs)

30 comments on “Max Keiser NAPKΩΤΙΚΑ = PEYΣTO TPAΠEZΩN (drugs, banks and the Crisis, Greek subs)
  1. jimmy chen says:


    de rovery stacy herbert

  2. Bruce says:

    Will happily accept Greek lessons from sexy Greek language teacher. Their writing rules.

  3. LexLuthor says:

    Why the whole World can listen to Max in English, but stupid Greeks need their own hieroglyphs to be added??? No wonder they screwed their country so badly… Sorry Max, but I really don’t have a good opinion about them as a nation – they have the reputation of the Balkan’s laziest people. It takes a local to know, believe me.
    And yes, the banksters are EVIL, but the Greeks are stupid, lazy and corrupt and this is the end result. It takes two parties for these “free ride” games. You are observing the situation only from the financial point of view, but the socialist freeload policy of Greek government is to blame for the disaster. Tell me, why Sweden is doing well for example?? Are there no bankstrers? I don’t think so. The banksters are the Devil, but the Greeks are the ones who signed his contracts. Don’t be fooled by the “intelects” from the Balkans…
    p.s. How about adding also Slovenian subs?

  4. MirrorMirror says:

    @LexLuthor | …. “but the Greeks are stupid, lazy and corrupt and this is the end result”

    Well, that’s a bit too general.

    I know a lot of Greeks that are very intelligent .. not to mention the past achievements in ancient times.

    e.g. :
    My Maths Prof. at Insead was a very intelligent Greek guy.

    In London ca. 1974 , I housed a Greek refugee from Cyprus when the Turks invaded.
    He was only 16 and way above his Brit. counterparts .
    He would rise at 6:00 am and immediately start the day with 50 press-ups before going to school ( which he organized himself, as I was working).
    In the evening , when returning to my house, he was there playing the guitar with some 3 or 4 pretty girls he’s met on the street.
    Tons of energy .. George Koumas IIRC, great guy.
    I sometimes helped him with his maths homework … not that he needed much help. IMPECCABLE ENGLISH as well BTW !
    My current Greek friends are clever guys , most with Degrees in Electrical Engineering or Maths .

    I would agree that the average male Joe6Pack type ( i.e. uneducated ) you see outside of Greece is sometimes lazy and a macho .. but those are probably the Greeks that left “for an easier life” anyway !

    Oh yes, another Greek friend of mine from Frankfurt was a Sorbonne Graduate and spoke English , German, French and Greek fluently !


  5. TheSaint says:

    You visit Max’s site and your conclusion from this situation is that Greeks are lazy, stupid people you fucking racist prick?
    What about Portuguese, Irish, Spanish, Italians, Argentinians, Icelanders etc.? Are they all lazy and stupid?
    Most Greeks speak English but some don’t. What the fuck is the problem with translating the video in Greek so all Greeks can understand it?

  6. TheSaint says:

    Most young Greeks have 1 or 2 degrees and speak 2 or 3 languages. I think the percentage of educated Greeks of younger age (20-30) is more than countries like Germany and UK…just saying.

  7. MirrorMirror says:

    @TheSaint .. too right !

    Just remember another old Greek friend .
    He was one of Aristotle Onassis’s personal Assistants / Procurists .
    His name was Milton M. ( withheld for obvious reasons )

    Milton spoke 13 languages .. including many Arabic languages.
    He was probably the most cultured person I’ve ever met in my life, ; coming close second was an Iranian friend called Amir M.
    BTW, Milton had original Picassos on his office walls as well as buying the biggest Hotel name in London for the Arabs.

    SO, there certainly are a lot of clever and hard working Greeks out there !

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    @TheSaint … “more than countries like Germany and UK”

    That is my impression as well BTW !

  9. MirrorMirror says:

    @Max …. Excellent Presentation BTW.

    I think you might have got the message across to the Greeks this time , in fact VERY CLEARLY !

  10. MirrorMirror says:

    Guest Post: The News Cycle: Full of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing

    Now this poster spoke from my heart !

  11. TheSaint says:

    “I think you might have got the message across to the Greeks this time , in fact VERY CLEARLY !”

    Guys you don’t know how it is down here…
    You might think Greeks haven’t waked up yet etc. but in fact we have waked up.
    There are demonstrations in every big city of the country. Especially in Athens we had a demonstration with over 100.000 people.
    They’re talking about these things that we discuss in this site.
    The polls are sawing the government having below 20% (compared to 43.92 in 2009 elections). They sent an absolutely clear message to the government that they don’t want them.
    The question is what the fuck should we do in order to make them go away or at least go to elections? We’re talking about clear dictatorship here!
    What we should do, take the (peaceful so far) demonstrations to the next level and start hanging politicians?…

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    @The Saint … good to hear .. and I think we are all aware of and all appreciate the importance of the Greek protests.

    What to do next ; that is the question!

    How about getting Stefan Molyneux over for a talk on the idea of decentralized self-government … i.e. no government as such.

    + get Mike Hudson to advise you on Economics and Banksters.
    + get Webster Tarpley over to make sure you don’t get “duped” by CIA Black Ops
    + get Max to organize it all !

  13. LexLuthor says:


    Yes, the smart ones fled the country…

  14. LexLuthor says:

    OK, I might have been a bit too harsh, but its the Greek government to blame for the disaster in 95% and that is the FACT!!!! Banksters just exploited the opportunity. Who wouldn’t????? I would…

    And I have been to Greece many times and I have sen what I have seen what I’ve seen. They are friendly people but really constantly on “slow motion”. That is similar with all mediterranean nations: PIGS. No wonder at all… The biggest Euro leaches.

  15. LexLuthor says:

    sorry for the typos

  16. Wild Bill says:

    This is disgusting ! So many American Sheeple are blind to this. I doubt if many would believe it if they heard the story of the banks laundering billions of money from drug deals. This is just another example of the total corruption with the banks that are also controlling our country. Disgusting !

  17. jim evans says:

    Burn their assets…don`t kill people but burn them out.

  18. TheSaint says:

    It’s a different thing blaming the Greek government and a different thing blaming the Greek people. We blame the Greek government too! I agree that if they had done things right we wouldn’t have been in this mess (speaking for Greece) but that doesn’t changes the fact that the bankers, plutocrats and European leaders have an equal part. In fact the whole EU -as it was designed- was a disaster in the first place. I don’t have time to explain to you but you will understand if you make a research on how EU started, how it was designed, what countries benefited from it, how wages have been increased in every country and how debt (national, private, household etc.) was increased in every country. I have spent weeks studying these things and it makes me mad when I see people that don’t know the subject making lighthearted comments like “Greeks are lazy” etc.
    In fact Greeks are first in annual working hours according to OECD
    Make some research then blame us as much as you want…with facts this time.
    Ah wishful thinking…they are talks in the country about some kind of direct democracy too similar to ancient Greece but I don’t think it’s feasible at least in the near future…
    I hope for a new leader to rise up from the country’s ashes. A smart, honest (not CIA controlled!) leader; is it too much to ask?
    We need of course as much help as we can get…Max come for the presidency!

  19. Robert Mockan says:

    According to the Stacy and Max video the banking system in the USA was being supported by laundering money from the drug cartels in Mexico. This would explain why the Federal Government did not send troops to repel the border invasion of Arizona by the drug cartels. The drug cartels had to be appeased because they might withdraw their funds again from the US banks, and then the US banks would say they were had a liquidity problem, and would go the FEDs to stick it to the taxpayers to bail them out for the losses suffered in their criminal activities. This adds another layer to fraudulent lending, bundling mortgages and reselling junk to unsuspecting investors, and so on.

    In other words the ENTIRE central banking system is ONE LARGE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. And the Federal Government, and the FEDs officials, are FULLY AWARE, AND COMPLICIT, in the criminal racketeering of the banks.

    This adds another dimension to the resistance to austerity measures going on around the world.

    Let us see if the US government thinks it is lucky. Will it try to impose “austerity” measures on US citizens? Tax payers, who are getting a better understanding every day of how there tax dollars are being used to bail out the banks, have EVERY justification to begin revolution, with guns, if it comes to a choice between submitting to criminals, or disposing of them.

  20. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Wild Bill

    I remember, about 20 years ago or so, I would have dismissed the story as the ravings of conspiracy nuts. But later I studied the BCCI banking scandal, and a few others over the years. And then there was the CIA drug running operations, and money laundering. And the support for the opium production in Afghanistan. And Bill Clintons involvement in drug running when he was still governor of Arkansas. And the malfeasance of too many Congress people. A never ending pattern of criminal racketeering in the financial institutions, in governments, and it just never ends.
    In fact it has only grown, into the “kleptocracy” that exists today. And the Oligarchs are behind it all.

  21. MirrorMirror says:

    @Robert Mockan … Yep :

    In other words the ENTIRE central banking system is ONE LARGE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. And the Federal Government, and the FEDs officials, are FULLY AWARE, AND COMPLICIT, in the criminal racketeering of the banks.

    It was earlier than the BCCI banking scandal of course.

    Didn’t you ever hear or read about the Vietnam war ?
    Drugs being shipped back to the US on military transport planes.

    In ca. 1979 had an employee that was born in Hollywood and served in Vietnam for 4 years. He told me all the stories about life there.
    Mentioned that EVERYONE was on drugs and that the use of Napalm was banned in certain parts of the jungle-areas, to avoid ruining the crops .

  22. TJ says:

    @ Robert Mockan

    I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for distance reading my mind 😉

  23. LexLuthor says:

    Yes, but its the corrupt government and nothing else.
    Have you seen latest developments? Germany and Sweden, the two strongest European economies now have a big PANIC due to unknown KILLER BACTERIA. Strange coincidence?

  24. blindman says:

    London Banker

    “In October 2008 the global financial markets crashed. The story in the media is
    that it was a panic caused by the insolvency of Lehman Brothers. This is not the truth –
    or at least not all of it. The crash actually followed a $2 trillion margin call by these
    four global banks on their prime brokerage clients and OTC counterparties – effectively a
    30 per cent increase in required margin. It was the margin call that forced liquidation
    of global portfolios of all asset classes – and particularly the high quality, most
    liquid asset classes.”
    comment and links…..
    leverage margin call doomsday opaque
    derivatives.. – paper scam. ongoing
    dr. strangelove written all over it.
    Max Keiser NAPK���= PEY�O TPA�Z� (drugs, banks
    and the Crisis, Greek subs)
    According to the 2rd qtr. OCC Derivative Report, the 5 largest holders of derivatives
    (commercial banks) hold 97% of all derivatives.
    There is still over $1000 TRILLION in bad paper sitting out there according to the Bank
    of International settlements!
    November 8th, 2009
    The Doomsday Machine in Dr. Strangelove
    all right, this is too much information.
    i couldn’t easily find the european exposure/participation in the derivative deal.
    or london but it is probably substantially likewise fictitious?
    “the whole point of a doomsday machine is lost if you keep it a secret
    why didn’t you tell the world, ey.?” dr. strangelove.

  25. TheSaint says:

    Of course it’s not a coincidence. Spain is on the verge of asking for IMF/EU support and all of a sudden we have a massive hit in their farming economy. And this rumor came from Germany….
    Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidence any more…

    PS: Spain ask for your money back -triple this time- and sue all of them!

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