With no relief in sight for the dollar on any of those fronts, the downward pressure on the dollar is widely expected to continue

25 comments on “With no relief in sight for the dollar on any of those fronts, the downward pressure on the dollar is widely expected to continue
  1. Koos says:

    Is there any trade on the eastern day?(stupid question maybe…)

  2. PO Big Time says:

    Im NOT here to tell ya what to do over your positions over the PM market. Just letting you know that 50$ back 1980 = 140$ in 2011. Default JPM and the COMEX. Just have a look at gold when the bull run began. If you don’t know what to do, do as you please.

    Just don’t think short term. Think long. What i have learnt over time looking at the banksters, is that rules are made to be broken, 50$? where do ya go with that today? You’re not even able to fuel up your car with that, nor get a decent ammount of food over the table for the week. Fiat paper = worthless, Silver = taking some serious value over time, looking at the banksters falling down = priceless.

    Keep stacking

  3. PO Big Time says:

    @Koos: No stupid questions, only stupid answers. Asia/euro market opens in 4hours and 57 minutes.

  4. Youri Carma says:

    Yeah, Good Stuff with Paul Craig Roberts explaining it so crystal clear as always.

    12 April 2011 – U.S. deficit up 15.7% in first half of fiscal 2011 (AFP) http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5il-7COiRQUJ9kbLkZ3gg4nrlac5Q?docId=CNG.dcd81b51497966fd4c6461748e63e3ee.921

    12 April 2011 – U.S. runs $188 billion deficit in March (MarketWatch) http://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-runs-188-billion-deficit-in-march-2011-04-12-1425440

    10 February 2011 – Treasury Announces $49.8 Billion January Deficit, $7.2 Billion Greater Than Year Prior, $21.1 Billion In Interest Payments (Zero Hedge) http://www.zerohedge.com/article/treasury-announces-498-billion-january-deficit-72-billion-greater-year-prior-211-billion-int

    10 February 2011 РU.S. budget deficit $50 billion in January РLatest figure comes ahead of Obama’s fiscal 2012 budget MarketWatch) http://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-runs-50-billion-budget-deficit-in-january-2011-02-10-14750

  5. Koos says:

    Thanks Po big time.

  6. 8Ball says:

    Nice picture of grinning slavemaster Ben in the KWN piece…

    I can just imgagine what is going through his mind. “These dumbchits are totally screwed and they haven’t got a clue about how it’s being done to them…”

  7. John Galt says:


    Actually, it’s Ben’s puppetmasters (hiding behind the curtain) who are doing the grinning.

    Ben’s probably crapping himself, because he’s becoming the poster boy of financial evil wiping out the savings of billions of people.

    Then again, perhaps he’s merely delusional in the belief that he has everything perfectly under control.

  8. LuzazuL says:

    Max is a superb artist, but who directed and edited this poetry? Max please reply.

  9. maxkeiser says:


    Stacy Herbert has written, directed all of our films and edited most of them,

    including the latest Dublin film

  10. 8Ball says:

    Nice babe there, introing the vids… flashing a little tit to keep the boy’s attention span up.

  11. MEJ says:

    Some of the Romans knew that they were headed toward a brick wall. Some orators railed against the devaluation of the currency back then. Wasn’t Cicero one of them? And what did he get for his trouble: exile and murder. Nobody reads the Romans any more – we all know we are “special” and “not like them” and the “rules are different for us”.

  12. Paddy says:

    such gravitas and wisdom in Robert’s voice…could listen to him all day

  13. Maize Futurist says:


    There’s always EBAY. All the ounces are going for $50+

  14. 8Ball says:

    MEJ, Good commentary on the monetary policies of the Roman Empire in its latter days…


  15. Maize Futurist says:


    Have you considered a max headroom parody while on the Keiser Report?

  16. MEJ says:

    @ 8ball, thanks for that link. I’ve read some of Mises before on the decline of the Roman empire. He had a good point about the debasement of the currency, although I don’t think that was the only reason. There were a lot of things that went wrong about the same time. Maybe Rome may have survived one or two or three hits, but not all at once and with a currency nobody wanted. I expect we will be talking about the American empire in a century the way we used to talk about Rome.

  17. LuzazuL says:

    Max> I see that Stacy has a lyric sense of visual agogics — as you, Max, have in the vocal arts, though I don’t expect you to ever believe my crap.

  18. Gordo says:

    “The Dollar And Gold: A 20-Year Perspective”

    You might want to try a 40 year perspective it, it might change your point of view.

  19. marc_118 says:

    nice doc max

  20. Mike says:

    Good job Max and Stacy, another insightful and well made film. Thank you for all your hard work. What sort of camera do you use Stacy? The shadow looked a bit like a Sony A1?
    Cheers, mike

  21. Randyrocker says:

    What is so telling is that none of the major networks in the US are broadcasting shows to inform their citizenry of what is taking place in their financial world in such a bold and dramatic way as to to inform and enlighten them. It’s only here on Max Keiser and in some ways Alex Jones web site that reality gets a chance to set in.
    American waste in the hundreds of Billions of US dollars takes place every year in the medias mindless offerings which should be telling that the media expenditures are just as frivolous as the governments. So yes, the US cannot save itself if they’ve lost all voice to do so either.

  22. gman says:

    This is the end my friend . . . of the US dollar
    Did I detect some smirking vocals? The disconnect is that you appear to travel the world while most Americans are stuck in crumbling cities and towns without a glimmer of hope and rescue. This dollar demise will hurt millions of ordinary people we don’t need a joking court jester dancing on their fallen heads. There’s entertainment value and then there is compassion. Please remember as you and Stacy continue on that there is a painful side to economic upheaval.
    Do keep doing these great presentations.

  23. Mack Bolan says:

    …..Good work Max !!

    How hard will Canada be hit when the American Empire crashes??

  24. Steve says:

    Is Max the hardest working financial expert there is?

    I think so.

  25. ehswan says:

    I, as a child so loved the dollar bills that I got as birthday presents. They were magical.

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