What happens when people actively shun their official currency…?

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  1. flicks says:

    WTF are you doing Max . Stop watching the wedding bollocks and post stuff you lazy fuck.

  2. Harry says:

    And another 40 philharmonics ordered via the Germany route: http://www.silber-investor.de/

  3. Larry says:

    satirical bnp song with lyrics ,’….the brits they live in cardboard boxes while we get furnished homes …’ http://youtu.be/EzNxzaQRCR8

  4. MirrorMirror says:

    Falsifying Bank Balance Sheets

    Antal Fekete

    … A corporation publishing faked balance sheets would be barred from every stock exchange. It may even face criminal prosecution. The objective is to protect the public against fraud. But exactly the same fraudulent practice has been legalized in so far as commercial and savings banks, and life insurance companies are concerned. They can carry government bonds on their books at par value….


    Exactly as I pointed out many years ago .

  5. Youri Carma says:

    GOLD NEW ALL TIME HIGH AT $1,544.90 http://www.goldprice.org/spot-gold.html

  6. foober says:

    I had a tear in my eye watching the happy newly weds speed off in thier little car.

  7. MirrorMirror says:

    I was looking for Gold prices based on non-US$ currencies , to compare the price movements to past inflation / interest rates etc.

    This website seems to have everything I was looking for :


  8. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Youri C

    “US consumer spending slows in March”

    & So it is and so will it continue both in the US, in the UK & Europe, as people are going broke and going to get even broker.

    Its only a matter of time till some clown says…..and let them eat cake!

    The knock on effect will obviously be from retail to wholesale to manufacturing to distribution to advertising etc. etc.

    Max seems to be as asleep as silver is.

    Can we go for an all time record for the number of blogs on this string?

    We all received a Royal present today! No attack over London.

    Have we won? Or is this the lull before the storm?……………………….Z

  9. @ flicks

    thank you….seems like he’s bollocks over the snibbly prince

    max has all that gold he’s been hoarding for years, maybe he got adopted by the queen lol

  10. foober says:

    supposedly precious metals to go up big time in may. And the comex is in trouble because of it.


  11. Youri Carma says:

    Euro zone inflation rises, points to higher ECB rates http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/29/us-eurozone-economy-idUSTRE73S1OS20110429

  12. Bart says:

    China’s central bank official gold holdings is a
    1050tons.If one would divide this amount trough
    the number of Chinese citizen,you come up with
    less the 1 gramm per person!!This bull market has
    a long,long way to go.Gold will fight the monetairy
    and political battles,meanwhile silver will gobbel
    up the warchest.
    SLA members will multiply their personel wealth,
    I will try to invest it wisely and will share some with
    less fortunate people.

  13. flicks says:

    That gold chart is like a crawlin’ king snake


  14. Larry says:

    link from ‘what does it mean dotcom ‘ , ‘walmart our shoppers are running out of money ‘ http://money.cnn.com/2011/04/27/news/companies/walmart_ceo_consumers_under_pressure/index.htm

  15. Michael says:

    What happens when people actively shun their official currency… : fiat paper is an illusion.

  16. MirrorMirror says:

    @Harry .. Any comments?

    Yes !
    Barter is a way of bypassing the Government’s monetary and therefore fiscal & tax system .. which is why it is deemed illegal in some countries.
    In Germany , in some cases if you “work for free” , you are still taxed on what the service is deemed to be worth.

    BTW … that guy is finally waking up …. “Crash JPM” .. LOL

    I’ve been telling everyone here that crashing JPM by buying physical silver is a fool’s errand. Explained it all before … can’t be bothered to explain it again.

  17. mzchief says:

    Max and Stacy, I’m sure you’ll love this one:

    Goolsbee: Lower Federal Spending Caused Slowdown in GDP
    By: David Dayen Friday April 29, 2011 7:00 am

  18. John Galt says:

    @ jim evans

    I don’t know your situation so my apologies if I speak out of turn, but you mentioned earlier that you are a pensioner with limited opportunity to invest in PMs.

    If that’s the case perhaps another option would be to invest in basic foodstuffs that are also bound to skyrocket in price with inflation. Basics such as rice, dried beans etc. can be stored for reasonable amounts of time, and you can wait for sales to pick up items on discount. (One upside to having a glut of stores is that they are competing with one another heavily to bring in customers). TP is another good item to stock up on, and don’t overlook things like feminine hygiene products – either for use in your household or for barter.

    For myself I developed a system for calculating calories per unit of currency and, basically, the simpler and most unprocessed items will give you the best bang for your buck. Don’t focus on calories alone, there’s also protein and other nutrients including vitamins to consider.

    I’ve also invested in seeds, and a garden, along with the ability to can and preserve. As far as I’m concerned those seals for the canning lids (which can only be used once) will be worth their weight in gold (literally and figuratively) one day. Along with that comes the knowledge of how to can. Most people have no clue today how to get food, other than going to a restaurant or grocery store. Knowledge is and will be a powerful asset.

    Given the direction that things are unfolding it’s difficult to say what the best “investment” is going to be. (Almost) certainly physical gold and silver in the near term, but for how long? When the day comes that silver hits its $500 moonshot, I really have to concern myself with what the world as a whole will be like. I think on that day counting my investment portfolio in terms of worthless dollars will be the least of my concerns.

    I sometimes show my kids an ounce of silver and a can of tuna, and explain how much the tuna costs in dollar terms, and in silver terms. Obviously prices have been rising in dollar terms, but falling in silver terms.

    But then I say to them this: If someone’s hungry and cannot find food, what is worth more? An ounce of silver or a tin of food?

  19. evolutis says:

    Do the metropolitan, monetary pig, jive!

    Governments clip and debase, banks clip and debase, wealthy individuals clip and debase, hey, let’s all give it a go![as the English might say]

    Let the chiseling continue. All hail money, politics, and religion. An ugly domicile, for the most capable, problem solving entity, on the planet. We can do better.

  20. evolutis says:

    @John Galt – your smart, you care

  21. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Money is what you work for. Statement of the seemingly bleeding obvious.

    And what do we do…..put it in a bank, that gambles with it to give us crumbs from any winnings.

    Doesnt even work like that anymore does it.

    Then they charge us every which way they can for the pleasure of ripping us all off.

    Then they talk to us through the media in their BS jargon like we are all fools.

    @ Flics

    Well, I’ve committed 25% of my savings to PMs, and regrettably as Jim Evans still doesnt get it, its nothing to do with speculation!

    Its everything to do with saving ones hard earnt savings and re-establishing fairness.

    At least Jim still gets a pension. What he doesnt realise is that the establishment crooks and their institutions that he still misguidedly places faith in those that have raped and pillaged the pension pot, and that when the giant ponse fraud is exposed and collapses there will be NO! pensions for all those that saved, in the not so distant future.

    Jim if you think that Max & Staceys repeated message and the informed free thinkers on here are crackpots, and militants join the Local Labour or Conservative Club.

    They will tell you that everythings fine, and to trust your betters.

    To anyone thats got any sense…….take what you feel comfortable with withdrawing from the bank and buy anything tangible!

    Doesnt have to be PMs. But you are going to need something of value in the future with a hope of appreciation, and gold and silver are relatively scarce materials required in trade, and for industry.

    Your savings are going down the drain and are actually being used against you.

    As a very wise man once said, “there are no punishments or rewards in this life, there are only consequences!”………………………..Z

    P.S. MAX !! MAX !! You still alive? “Dear Guru” of the unwashed!

  22. John Galt says:

    @ evolutis

    Thanks. We’re only going to transition to a better world by getting as many people as possible along with us.

  23. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Mini US

    Thanks for the Chris Whelan interview.

    Having turned into consumer economies as opposed to manufacturing ones.

    Even if lending were to increase to the little people, and money was to trickle down, whats it going to be spent on. More of those Asian imports we know and love.

    So the money flows out in one direction. So we are screwed.

    The elite know this, and are stealing the money from our piggy banks before it all turns to mush.

    So are we seeing a leveling of the playing field to Chinas unit labour cost?

    Dont think we are going to like working and competing for $40 a month pay check……………..Z

  24. John Galt says:

    @ Zorro

    My feeling is that the wealth transfer and demise of $US will have people all over the world BEGGING for a new order. This will likely be offered in the form of IMF’s SDRs.

    This SDR will probably be a basket of currencies that includes the $US, but the weighting of one currency to another will be determined by the likes of Soros and other overseers.

    In that scenario the $US will enjoy a cheaper peg than the “more valuable” yuan, and based on that the standard of living in the US will drop (which it’s doing anyway) and imports from China will cost more (which Walmart is already warning about).

    The (sarcastic) upside will supposedly be that American exports will now be more compettive, meaning that jobs will return to America. I don’t see it but, Hey, propaganda never worked for me.

  25. Bill says:

    Are you saying these guys don’t use their dongs anymore?

  26. Vonda Bra says:

    @ John Galt

    thanks a lot for your thoughts on SLA (in other thread) and the preparation stuff here! You are absolutely right!!!
    I share your opinion, thoughts as well as your doubts! As to how thats all gonna end up….
    I´m absolutely SLA and PMLA though, but certainly there is a lot more to be concerned about and to take care of, as you pointed out so well.
    I´m here to educate myself more and more to better understand the new terrain that I have been entering for some years now, by taking back responsibility for all financial aspects of life!

    So please keep sharing your doubts and ideas here on this blog! I´m sure they are very appreciated by many!!

    Nobody finally may actually know about the ace in hole TPTB may eventually hold and present to us over night?….

    So, Thanks!!! 🙂

  27. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Zorro 🙂

    I totally agree with your thoughts too !!!
    thanks for sharing them!! …
    sending a big weekend-hug to you!!! 🙂

  28. flicks says:

    Youri – ‘EU hits banks with CDS anti-trust probe’ http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/EU-hits-banks-CDS-anti-trust-reuters_molt-3482498067.html

    bagged a good one there m8

    Very significant but I dont buy it – they (IMF) are using CDS’s to checkmate countries into ‘bailouts’ They will trump the EU

  29. jim evans says:

    Zorro …my old fruit bat…WTF are u on about? I was attending Communist Party and Labour Party meetings in the 60`s and some of my pals were rich people who told me all about capitalism and fraud and stoking up wars for gain long long ago..
    The political parties are simply fronts….we can no more have socialism than you will get honest free market capitalism.
    Thatcher was depoed when Wall Street realised she might remove their City of London Trojan Horse from the EU.
    Blair was openly contemptuous of socialism and expanded Europe for Soros/CIA so they could take over the old Soviet Union and Southern Europe and send the tab to us.
    NONE of them have any interest in the jobless beleaguered working class people who vote for them…..and wouldn`t keep their well rewarded sinecures if they did.

  30. jim evans says:

    Deposed…not depoed!

  31. jim evans says:

    flicks…If you think the EU`s Oli Rehn and the IMF are singing from different song sheets think again…neoliberal asset stripping and usury is as alive in one institution as it is in the other. The EU does however have a tiny amount of quasi-democratic oversight from it`s MEP`s…..whereas the IMF is answerable to no one.

  32. John Galt says:

    @ Vonda B


  33. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Vonda Bra

    Could this be love? XXXX

  34. Vonda Bra says:

    @ ZORRO

    actually, a slight breeze of that notion was also crossing my mind…. 😀 😀

  35. Robert Mockan says:

    Analysts have stated if the Fed stops QE in June, who is going to buy the US debt? Presently the government is monetizing that debt. That means the government is buying the debt itself (like making cash advances on your credit card to pay the interest on your monthly credit card bill, very soon the game ends). There is NOBODY else who is going to buy that debt.
    Analysts have also said the only way to stop the dollar from dying very soon is to raise interest rates, and the sooner the better. No small amount either, but 3% to 5%.
    Not doing BOTH of these things, continuing QE, and raising interest rates, and the economic crises will go critical like an atomic bomb.
    So what is the answer?

    I think Gerald Celente has the answer. He has said “they are taking us to war”.
    So maybe world war 3 breaks out this summer?

    Another false flag operation in the USA could be used as an excuse to attack any other country in the world. Libya? Iran? Pakistan?

    But it would need to be bigger than 911. More dead people. Maybe a city nuked. That would certainly be sufficient to also declare martial law and start rounding up Americans for the FEMA work camps.

    What city might it be?

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