The Australian dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world because it is a gold-backed currency

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  1. MirrorMirror says:

    Lincoln Illonois

    4/9/2011 — HAARP ‘digisonde squares’ — and RADAR ANOMALY OVERLOAD

    He is very often right on these predictions.

  2. Bruce says:

    News to me.
    If the AU dollar is so good, I wonder why we Aussies were 65 AU cents for every 1 USD a few short years ago.

    It appears I’ll never fully understand the finance world, but I do try.

  3. MirrorMirror says:

    G. Edward Griffin – Gold Seek Radio Nugget – 03-30-11 – Part 1

    Nice to see him on air again.
    A worthy guest indeed.

    Without his book , many bloggers wouldn’t know where to start !

  4. jim evans says:

    The Oz economy is prosperous because Australia has lots of natural resources the Chines want and the natives talk an impoverished form of English and are part of America`s empire…like the UK is with “our” North Sea Oil.

  5. JMD says:

    Strongest against what?

    Against gold it has merely maintained its purchasing power for the last six months or so. I prefer to think of the current ‘strength’ more in terms of a credit bubble.

  6. dan valley says:

    Obama must be Investigated for the

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    as he announces he is a candidate

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    Barry Soetoro requests

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  7. MirrorMirror says:

    Charlie doing his good work as usual …

    The Big Con

    2:52 mins.

  8. Tamir says:

    Indigenous Native American Prophecy – interesting!

  9. Ah Australia the land of small ponds’ and big fish the almost elite, even the left kisses royal crack……..I still call orstraaailia home……………..

  10. MirrorMirror says:

    @Tamir ….. America, the evil empire:

    Good video … is Olbermann well regarded by the Americans ?

    Looks like it :

    Positive 7.483
    Negative 593

    593 Zombies still out there !

    @Tamir ….. Indigenous Native American Prophecy – interesting!

    John Perkins territory !

  11. Tamir says:

    If you love numbers, this is a fantastic, fun video for you (8 parts):

  12. strats4ever says:

    The Ausssie dollar dropped by 25% since November 2009 measured in gold. Saying it’s up (against the US dollar) is pure hopium. Is ANY currency down comparfed to the US dollar.

  13. 8Ball says:

    strats4ever, Thanks for a more accurate assessment.

  14. snoop diddy says:

    the Liberal party let loose credit restrictions and advantages to corporations then Labor do govt spending to recapitalise the banks.
    Then they think they’re eonomic geniuses because they happen to be a pollie in a land with some expensive dirt.
    Useless tossers.

  15. ROVSKI says:

    The RBA prints an extra 5% of the M1 money supply every year, so we are getting robbed here as well. They print 5% new money and then say we should have less than 3 % inflation. During 2008 they printed an extra 14%. This is according to their website. Ask who are the share holders of the RBA and we are not authorised to find out. Thieves and scoundrels, plus the taxpayer is on the hook if the banks lose some of their bets. GIABO. The media here are a bunch of RBA shrills too.

  16. snoop diddy says:

    Most Australians can’t focus past the average distance of their lounge from their TV set anyway so what chance is there of people spotting being robbed from afar?

  17. Skippy says:

    Australia: The Lucky Country – built on the blood sweat and tears of black fells and their Mother.

    Australia: most orstyans can’t even pronounce the word, including many politicians in the guvment, who can’t even pronounce government.

    Australia: The Lucky Country inspite of the morons running the show.

    Thank god for the Dragon and the raw wealth of our Mother.

    Australia: The Lucky Country, but for how much longer? –

  18. Gordo says:

    If you are saying the Australian dollar is gold back you are fucking flat out lying period.

  19. strats4ever says:

    @8Ball – No problem, did a comparison last month between 7 currencies. Aussies did do the best only loosing 24.21%. The reason these presstitutes like to compare to the US dollar is it lost 55% of its value.
    You can check out the post here:

  20. snoop diddy says:

    And comparing it to the USd unless you’re trading currencies is a bit useless.
    Even US software is made in China and there’s not a great deal the average household bys form the US anyway unless it’s packaged garbage from their investment banks in their superannuation plans. So there’s not a lot the average household is affected by anyway, what is more of concern is the rising wages in China which will mean things cost more here anyway.

  21. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day

    no need to get it. finance is one big “phuck you pubric shitstorm” here are the basic rules:

    1 arwars save 10% of what you make and buy gold silver for the rest of your rife. dhis is your own personal central bank. get gun, dog, ararm system to protect yo stash.

    2 whatever in uptrend, buy when it hit a moving average you have studied and noticed crowd behavior.

    3 whatever is most hated asset keep your eye on and start buying in bits and pieces over time.

    4 Dont bereve a single government statistic.

    5 rook for market disconnects rike 2008 and fade the move (buy the downwave) for short to intermediate term gain.

    6 even dough markets are arr rigged, dhey are still de prace where opinions matter so de market will vote on any real subject…. no need to risten to de news or talking heads….. bla bla bla

    7 schedule it. if you put a time constraint on it you will get it quicker.

    8 go live de rest of your rife

  22. Billy Bodean says:

    i wonder how much of the gold in the ground is actually owned by australia though…im pretty sure its actually the massive multinational mining companies. australians get a cut of the profits, not a cut of the commodity.

  23. Mini US says:

    Stacy Herbert drew my attention to the USD-AUD carry trade.
    Thank you for helping me understand this.

    Once Stacy mentioned the word ‘Unwind’ in the same sentence I believe. 😉

    Correct me if I’m wrong Stacy.

  24. Bart says:

    Ever heard of ugly sister contest.
    I choose Goldie and Silvia and stay
    away from poisened paper bullshitt.
    I´m having a great ride,hi ha !!

  25. Mini US says:

    USD reversal on the horizon?

    Short term maybe.
    Weekly update on major currencies traded.

  26. Bruce says:

    jimmy chen:
    solid advice 🙂

  27. F. Beard says:

    What is the purpose of gold-backed currency? If it is not backed 100%, then there is always a threat of a run. And if a run occurs, then the central bank will just close its gold window as the US did in 1971.

    There has to be better way and there is – separate government and private money supplies.

  28. skidddypants says:

    If you had sold your house ( Australia ) in 2007 , then converted your Ozzie dollar to gold , you would have nearly doubled your wealth……..stay away from fiat.


  29. stacyherbert says:

    @Mini US – you’re not wrong!

  30. skidddypants says:

    @mini US

    Maybe a reversal for the AUD too ?