Silver surged 3.4% yesterday to settle at a 31 year nominal high and rose by $1.55 on the day

118 comments on “Silver surged 3.4% yesterday to settle at a 31 year nominal high and rose by $1.55 on the day
  1. don middleton says:

    p= (1+r)^-N

    and thats just current dollars. Squeeze your shorts if you want to look at value of annutities. hork, hork…

    math is meth or somebody knows what nobody else knows?

    Hey, i was going to do a transformation, but what the hell…..if you can’t see it, it isn’t there…….right?

  2. John Galt says:

    @ Vonda B

    Thanks for the heads up.

    It seems I was able to respond on one thread, but not the other.

  3. John Galt says:

    Given the strange price action on silver today, especially compared to gold, some of you might find this video link to be interesting.

    This guy’s name is Derek, and he uses Fibonacci to chart movements in the silver market. This video is from before noon today, and he seems to have charted a sideways correction range on silver that has more or less sustained itself this afternoon.

  4. LexLuthor says:

    The best way for a sweet revenge for Libya adventure by Chinese and Russians is to flood the markets with USD and crash them in a day. A mayhem in USA, riots and finally, the second revolution.

  5. Robert Mockan says:

    @ ronron

    Thanks for info. I heard it before but thought it was a joke. But after going to Ebay I agree maybe real price discovery IS found there now. Besides having physical I also trade in paper, but I’m missing something because this decline today was unexpected. Technical analysis is falling down bad with silver.

  6. LexLuthor says:

    Good things in life come to those who wait….

  7. Uwe Krickelberg says:

    Looks like they let gold fly to destract from silver.

  8. bones says:

    hmmm.. at least i can buy some this weekend alittle less than thought. nicely done. mmmm this beer tastes good.

  9. skiddypants says:

    Sooooo…….in a nut shell

    They drove silver up to 49 ish, got out of silver and transferred profits over to Gold.

    In the mean time, they covered their shorts, and hedged themselves.

    When it`s convenient, they will do it again I suppose ( but the other way around )

    Silver to gold , gold to silver……….la…de…da.

    Ok, that sounds like a trading strategy .


  10. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Lex Luthor

    I suspect Chinese will employ ….death by a thousand cuts to the $.

    A sudden destabilisation suits no one, what with the growing instability and uncertainty in the middle east and north Africa.

    It would make sense for the Chinese to continue to let JPM & HSBc & Co. to do their usual thing by periodically driving down the cost of PMs, then buy on the dips with their mountain of $$$s that they have stated they will dump.

    Anyone that has studied martial arts will recognise, using the oponents energy and momentum to be turned upon itself.

    As we all know Silver is the highest quality electronic conductor, reflector and insulator, a strategic material, and the Russians alone have pledged a mere $380 BILLION to their military upgrad programe.

    This cost, as with all such undertakings, will of course rise.

    With China travelling down the same road, you might want to double their expenditure.

    An arms race has begun.

    A race the totally bankrupt West can ill afford, and meanwhile NATO talks about sharing aircraft carriers, and shedding troop numbers.

    Expect higher taxes to fund any such race, and at the continued expence of pensions and basic social services.

    Although there are similarities with the 1930s, the differences are far more disconcerting.

    As Gold heads to $1,570, lets see what happens over Asia?

    Its going to be an interesting day tomorrow. Good night from UK………………….Z

  11. Al Kyder says:

    @ Zorro

    The Markets have opened inAsia and have smacked down the USD$ again.

    The US$ is in serious danger of dropping below 90¢ AUD. The Oz $ is getting sold down hard to prevent huge losses due to the collapsing US$.

    You can see this by the way the AUD$ is falling against the €. But traders just cant keep pace with the terminal decline in the US$

    The Last few hours the US$ ticker has looked like a life support machine here. Every twenty minutes another zap with the defibrillator, (US$ Cash injection). As 10;00am approaches it is flatlining.

    I wonder if the Staff at Macquarie Bank will start to chuck US Bank note out the window to try and….. well bulldoze real estate, dump food into the ocean, burn US bank notes to try and raise their value.

    Gold is flat. Hasn’t moved for weeks, Silver has seen a bump.

    Interesting to note the Chilean Unidad de Fomento (CLF) is trading at 1oz XAG. I remember Chile had a lot of circulating Gold and Silver currency last time I was there.

  12. kat says:

    I just read over at itulip that Eric Jansen sold all of his silver. Mish said he sold his silver. What does that say for silver as the “investment of the decade”. This makes me nervous, any thoughts on this. Anyone else getting out?

  13. John Q Public says:

    Suru Silver Hit Piece on Kitco and 321gold.

    Suru does admit he is not involved in silver and trashes it.
    But sheepishly admits he is in Gold and Oil.

    No bad talk about the oversupply all recycled Gold stack up around the world.
    Suru talks about a Silver abundantance thats just equals world usage to the exact ounce. Meaning ever ounce available is being used.
    The fact that for three thousand years it is the most commmonly used commodity as money never enters his mind.
    Truthfully gold has a little checker past compared to Silver.
    Oils biggest bottle neck is refinerys.

    Strategic Petroleum Reserve (United States)
    The US SPR is the largest emergency supply in the world with the current capacity to hold up to 727 million barrels (115,600,000 m3).

    Japan’s emergency supply of oil is Japan’s with a 2010 reported capacity of 583 million barrels (92,700,000 m3).

    Alberta Tar Sands is an abundant supply.
    I could argue Oil plentyful but thats lame and i wont.
    Central Banks,
    Gold Bricks collecting dust at central banks is abundant.
    Gold is recycled almost fully.
    I could argue Gold is in abundant supply but that again is lame and I wont.

    Suru: My point is your selectivly trashing what your not in or shorting.

  14. David says:

    JPM is a scam and one of the current biggest scams in USA history is our ILLEGAL PRESIDENT:

    The News UNIT Blogspot

  15. JonnyJames says:

    8-Pound California Gold Nugget Sells for $460K . Makes me want to start placer mining.

  16. Mattdog says:

    @JJ , Placer mining is fun!

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