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  1. snoop diddy says:

    nice silver porn with a hint of gold.

    Amazing to think 1kg of silver at spot is now over $1500

    actually at ~$1534USD according to

  2. flicks says:

    Two thirds the way through Eric King of the world lays it out :-


    ‘The silver shorts are trapped, the Asian buys are in control’

  3. Youri Carma says:

    Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/04/22/fukushima-2000-atomic-bombs/

    FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs

  4. Dan says:

    These money supply stats correct? Some 50% increase in many countrys that cant be right, Am I reading this wrong?


  5. Youri Carma says:

    Life in Dead Zone: No chance to escape Chernobyl radiation http://youtu.be/F8C1N32Ui-g

  6. Philippo says:


    I can’t find parts 2 and 3 of this edition.
    Could someone post a link please?

  7. Philippo says:


    Thanks for posting the second part.
    Have a great weekend.


  8. snoop diddy says:

    I dunno what yr they’re talking about either.
    You can get the Australian monetary aggregate from here to check Australia:

  9. snoop diddy says:

    really great interview.

  10. Youri Carma says:

    btw SILVER NEW HIGH AND RECORD MARKET CLOSE AT $47.73 http://www.goldprice.org/spot-gold.html

  11. The Censor says:

    Good interview Max

    You let him speak and conducted the interview in a very respectful manor

    I’ll be ripping the audio off this one and sending it to some friends to listen to

  12. henry krinkle says:

    With what I’ve been seeing on eBay, at least, 100k ounces moving per day. All selling way above spot. Bankers stacking – ya think?

  13. 8Ball says:

    The empire will end – but how?

    “The United States can no longer “pay for its own elevated living standards or its wasteful, overly large military establishment.” Looking at the full cost of the U.S. empire – Johnson favorably cites Robert Higgs in noting that “figures on defense spending are notoriously unreliable…. Some 30 to 40 percent of the defense budget is ‘black’” – the U.S. “defense” budget is probably larger than the rest of the world’s combined. The spending continues because of a false patriotism and economic ignorance: “It is hard to imagine any sector of the American economy more driven by ideology, delusion, and propaganda than the armed services.” But “the estimated trillion dollars we spend each year on the military and its weaponry is simply unsustainable.”

    So it will all end, but how? Will it be peaceful, as with the Soviet Union? Johnson writes that “the people of the British Isles chose democracy over imperialism.” Although we may point out that democracy and imperialism are not as mutually exclusive as left-liberals assume, he makes a good, if somewhat ominous, point. The British decided to scrap their empire after the devastation of World War II, which was perhaps more costly for Britain than it needed to be, since they had tried so hard to maintain their beloved empire. Johnson offers ten steps for liquidating the U.S. empire, with almost all of which libertarians can agree. In any event, if the United States does not end its empire peacefully, purposefully, and soon, then when the end does inevitably come, it will be most terrible.”


  14. SilverPorno says:

    Another fantastic interview!

    Wow, the work Max and Stacy put in to keep us informed is priceless! Thank you so much!

  15. 8Ball says:

    “Be right and sit tight…”

    Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda

  16. Blah blah says:

    Great interview, Max.

    After seeing the 10 o’clock Live show I didn’t think you could do “calm” in front of a camera when discussing financial matters but this shows you can and it was great.

    Perhaps if silver hits $50/oz you should consider changing your closing catchphrase to “Buy silver y’all”.

  17. silverbug says:

    Excellent video. This really puts things in to perspective. Thanks Max!!

  18. jimmo says:

    Youri, I don’t know what it is but there is a conflict in the closing spot price for silver.

    goldprice.org has it way up but others like kitco and goldmoney have the lower figure.

    goldprice.org: $47.73
    kitco: $46.63
    goldmoney.com: $46.70

  19. OldEnglishGame says:

    Great video

  20. jischinger says:

    I like show and tell

  21. t-rex and the slick pig says:

    only a million ounces is all it takes, just 1 million. hmmmmmm. wait till monday, wait till monday morning. and what the hunt brothers did will pale in comparison. imagine, for a moment. do you think the larger banks in the orient will prosecuted for such an act? how many ounces would the mexicans need to place silver into their own circulation? and if its only a million, do you think jamie and blythe would step up? someone is going to take it. in just one day? maybe in just one key stroke?. better buy silver

  22. JLJ says:

    Great episode!

  23. FranSix says:

    I would say that the bull market in Silver had a very slow, long gestation in its initial phase, and that now Silver is forming an extended 5-wave. Very possibly the upwave can be a drawn out process:

    @stockcharts.com $silver


  24. GW says:

    Thanks Max – this is the kind of interviews I live to see on your site – excellent Job!! Much appreciated. Watching this interview was like eating chocolate – enjoying.

  25. will o.t.n says:

    From near the end of the show he says if
    “1 million people buy an ounce of silver each on the SAME day , the price would shoot up 30% or more ”

    Max you should contact all your media friends and see if a
    ” world silver buying day ”
    could be organised and advertised.

    Might be fun. ( After all just about everyone could afford an ounce )

    I don’t live near a dealer, but the postman delivered some more Ag this morning.
    Keep buying physical.

  26. anonymous says:

    Did Brad get his big silver bar back at the end or did Max nick it? 😀

    Hope Ag continues to rise; I’m buying a load next week.

  27. Youri Carma says:


    Yeah I know we talked about that yesterday or the day before. All those graphs suck. Just pick the one you think is reasonable at the time or quote news sources who qoute others.

    Gold tops $1,509 on its way to another record, 21 April 2011, by Claudia Assis (MarketWatch) http://www.marketwatch.com/story/gold-tops-1509-on-its-way-to-another-record-2011-04-21

    The metal traded as high as $1,509.60 an ounce, according to CME Group, an intraday record.

  28. Myst says:

    Bob Chapman with Melody Cedarstrom on Friday: “So the ramifications are big and they [the banksters] don’t know what to do. They’re running around in circles. We have bagged them this time. Or, I should say, they’ve bagged themselves. We just gave them a shove over the edge, and you can thank Max Keiser more than anybody for that.”

    http://libertyarchives.com/farlive/FS2_FRI.MP3 @ 37:59

    Bob is predicting a big event such as a COMEX default in the next 2-3 weeks.

  29. Youri Carma says:


    Sorry this is the latest:

    Spot gold rises to fresh record above $1,513, 22 April 2011, by Chris Oliver – Hong Kong (MarketWatch) http://www.marketwatch.com/story/spot-gold-rises-to-fresh-record-above-1513-2011-04-22

    Gold for immediate delivery was at $1,509.10 a troy ounce, up $4.40 from its previous close, and having earlier traded as high as $1,513.60 per ounce, according to Kitco.

  30. jischinger says:

    1 million off the market – off the market – off the market

    not just buy

    the price is high – for some – so they are selling/cashing in
    so buy 2 ounces to counteract those folks

    also, take into account the media is broadcasting that people are selling their family metals for cash, since people are cash strapped as the dollar drops, we have to take into account there’s a bunch of people getting rid of metals.
    so buy 1 more ounce

    now you have a total of 3 ounce to counter act the selling and then add one more ounce for luck.

    if 1 million people buy 4 ounces of silver – boom!

    Course that’s about $200 each not to mention you have to gather 1 million people. Best to try and grab at least 2 million and set the goal at 3 ounces.

    This needs organization – organic organization – media attention.

    A test drive – pick a date, get all those radio blogs, vlogs and alt media outlets to join in and say on the next silvery full moon (Tuesday, 17 May 2011) 2 million people go out and buy 2 to 3 ounces of silver on the same day.

    Maybe the SLA can put together a web page where folks can enter a zip code or country/state and list how many ounces they bought on that one day?

    what do you think?

  31. flicks says:

    “Bob is predicting a big event such as a COMEX default in the next 2-3 weeks.”

    That’s very very significant .

  32. Youri Carma says:


    Thet re simply gonna print the money up and settle in cash.

    They will try to silence the parties involved. They have to agree on keeping their mouths shut while getting payed of in paper money or get notin.

  33. Boetie says:

    Interesting point about silver and gold mines (bullion mines) versus industrial metal mines. Would have loved to heard some specific names. By the way, debasement IS default, but I think you smart guys know that.

  34. Youri Carma says:

    Radioactive Iodine In Phoenix Arizona Milk 1600% above EPA as they prepare to raise limits? http://youtu.be/hybP1syqwxI

    FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs with 70 Billion Radioactive Lethal Doses so far! http://youtu.be/kVVxoGnvUN8

  35. zurn says:

    Asian markets open Good Friday? $47.73US

  36. Youri Carma says:

    David Morgan on Financial Sense Newshour 22 Apr 2011 http://youtu.be/vrJN1DUWSW8

  37. Youri Carma says:



  38. Youri Carma says:


    Holiday, No Holiday, Doesn’t Matter: Silver Still Up By A Buck, 22 April 2011, by Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge) http://www.zerohedge.com/article/holiday-no-holiday-doesnt-matter-silver-still-buck

    Stacy Herbert
    Apr 22, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    @silverbug – US markets are closed; still trading in Asia

    Youri Carma
    Apr 22, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    @Stacy – “US markets are closed; still trading in Asia”

    You are smarter than Tyler Durden today Smiley

    Tyler Durden: “… Doesn’t make much sense, but we’ll take it.”

  39. JD Hodges says:

    Awesome interview, with a well spoken guest who’s obviously joined the SLA!!



  40. realaverageamerican says:

    Did we see a Vaclav Klaus on this episode?

  41. Dennis says:

    MK: Thank you Mr. Cooke for agreeing to this interview. Now, as someone who sells silver, what should we do?
    BC: Buy silver.
    MK: Will the price continue to rise for those who buy so they make a profit?
    BC: Yes.
    MK: Thank you for your unbiased perspective.

    I’d like to see an interview with someone whose interest isn’t actually in selling silver. That said, I do own silver, but come on. Let’s try and have a perspective with a little less bias.

    Also, the numbers aren’t as amazing as they are presented in this video. Yes, if a million ounces of silver is sold in a day EVERY DAY FOR 365 DAYS, that would have a massive affect on silver in that year. Of course, that assumes absolutely no selling of silver from those buying the silver every day, thus keeping the physical silver off the market.

    I’m sorry, but people who have been buying silver over the last year or so have also been selling it for short gains. As Max often says, “buy the dips,” but that also means people “sell the rises.” I purchased a bunch of silver about 2 years ago. I sold 60% of my silver this year for more than the price that I had purchased all of that silver (I bought a house – and paid in cash!). In other words, I have kept 40% of my initial purchase for free! Wherever the price of silver goes, who cares!?! Whether it’s $1 or $500, it’s all profit to me! That’s smart investing, knowing when to sell and how much to sell such that you never have to worry about the market again.

  42. jischinger says:


    You bought a house in this market?
    and with cash?

    hope you paid one years worth of rent for it.

  43. jimmy chen says:


    “hitory”??? you start to sound rike me

  44. Neville Bartos says:

    lol Implied demand aka the fix

  45. Marc Authier says:

    When is Central bank of Russia buying silver bullion Max ?

  46. Dave Matherly says:

    Out of the ball park, my new favorite On the Edge!!

    Funny, I started buying silver when Eric Sprott did. And his buying silver halped push the price of my silver skyward. Thanks Mr Sprott for buying 200 million ozt to fill your vaults. Much appreciated!

  47. stacyherbert says:

    @Dennis – get real, we interview paper bug after paper bug on our programmes

  48. Bulldog831 says:

    For Blues lovers only, a young band from northeast India:

    Soulmate: Voodoo Woman


  49. skiddypants says:

    I`m buying another 2 or 3 Kg next week……..hmmm, maybe 4 kg.


  50. skiddypants says:

    Oh and another thing, great interview.

    I just sent it off ( your interview ) to my friends who need some encouragement to GET OUT OF FIAT…….


  51. jimmy chen says:

    wow, me taut jim henson died.

  52. Steve says:

    We need to get one of those comedy thermometer type measuring devises, then when it hits the one Million ounce Mark…….. Ding, ding, ding…..Blythe explodes!

  53. Steve/NotLiverpool says:

    Good show.

    Real world GSR making me nervous at the moment though. If silver dips this week, sub 41$ I will buy. Otherwise my end of the week investment will be a 1oz gold eagle.

  54. Van says:

    2 comments I left over at stellaconcepts (youtube)
    Thanks for giving the “Cautious” side of the coin. Yes i was thinking about selling some even though I still thinking of buying some this weekend…if that makes any sense. Confused really. There Will be a pull back, but
    when? …the Silver-million Dollar Question.

    Looks like on Ebay I can get mid $50 for my Silver Maples (I bought at $17) and I could pay off some of that silver I bought from $30 to $45….tempting. “Sell in May and go away” I heard you say….

    There may be some Aces up “their” sleeve to bring down the price–short term
    Hey anybody heard of “Spotmex”?

  55. gr8mikey says:

    Great interview!

  56. Dennis says:


    Yep, I paid cash, but it was exactly five years worth of my rent. I just couldn’t see the value in renting in DC when I could own property outright. Now, I must admit that I got a killer deal on a foreclosure that was valued just before the bubble popped at four times what I paid. It’s called, “buying the dips.”


    Sure you interview some paper bugs, but surely you realize they’re far from the majority of guests on your shows. I’m simply pointing out that this interview is not exactly unbiased, and that someone who profits off others buying silver is obviously going to tell people to buy silver. I’m not really suggesting that you interview paper bugs, either, just more investment-analyst type people who deal with more than just a single market.
    I don’t know, maybe you could get Bernie Schaeffer (who wrote this article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/investment-ideas/silver-has-lots-of-time-to-shine/article1994887/ ) to come on your show and explain his opinions regarding silver. Overall, I think his comparison between 1980’s spike and today’s spike (esp. in contrasting the future’s market volatility levels) in the price of silver is quite significant. His article convinces me more to buy silver than the video with Brad Cooke.

    Of course, I’m no economist (though I married one), nor do I know anything about running a successful television program, so who am I to make suggestions.

  57. MrJones says:

    Thanks again Max.


    If you want paper bugs then read the WSJ, or watch Fox News.

  58. stacyherbert says:

    @Dennis – go away; I’m not trying to convince you to buy silver; everyone makes their own decisions; judging by the response of everyone else who viewed the interview, it is clearly one of our best ever and it is the view I held while editing it; The guest is not only a geologist but a real CEO engaged in the actual business of what many here are interested in? It is the sort of access that 99% of those here tune in for so it’s getting annoying you trying to deny these other people something they demand.

    There are tens of thousands of analysts, there are only a handful of CEOs of silver mining companies (there are less than 30 pure silver miners) and only one or two of those handful are this engaging; sorry, but you just really don’t have any idea about successful programming.

  59. Juman says:

    I agree with him about his projections in Silver, and he might be right about a repatriation of Mexicans from the United States to Mexico, but I think he’s utterly insane to say somehow Mexico has been coming up because of NAFTA, or that there is a middle class and a professional class down there! That is insane, Mexico is one of the most social unequal countries in the world, it’s in a middle of a civil war, and the Peso is not exactly strong it’s back down to pre recession level which was still considered to be crappy anyways. Hello, before NAFTA there were 3 million undocumented Mexicans living in the US, after NAFTA now there are 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the US.

  60. stacyherbert says:

    @Juman – the US and Mexico are not that far apart in terms of inequality levels: http://www.mongabay.com/reference/stats/rankings/2172.html

  61. pawel says:

    I try to be rational on the silver to avoid investment mistakes I made in the past so I am always looking for information on both sides:


    This sounds very rational and is extreamly bearish. What do you think about that?

  62. Joe9083 says:

    check out this vid http://youtu.be/0lTemIptdkI from June 09.

  63. Maize Futurist says:

    I am still hoping a some Chart Annie List will explain Fridays Chart to me!

  64. Harry says:

    @pawel: yes, what be Max’s response to this info?

  65. Happy Dick says:

    Great interview!!!!!

  66. fred says:

    pawel- from that article
    “Please note that whether it was through mine production, government sales, or reclaimed scrap, all silver demand was met.” Duh! Look at the price!
    from that article “In the year 2000, the USGS estimated that 30% of this silver was being recovered through recycling in the US.”
    From usgs- “Recycling: In 2009, approximately 1,500 tons of silver was recovered from old and new scrap. This includes 60 to 90 tons of silver that is reclaimed and recycled annually from photographic wastewater.” The 30% figure includes scrap- the chunk lost in landfills is still lost in landfils. You would need a breakdown of this to get a handle on it- also the use of silver in electronics (going to the landfill) is increasing greatly. Not sure how valid this article is without some clarification.

  67. YoLiyhos says:

    X-Ray transparencies and used an apreciable amount of silver. Photos have gone electronic and hardcopy is from printers. Don’t know about X-Rays, really. But, I imagine more and more of it is going through computers, screens, “fabbers” – and being done by MRI “et al”.

    Silver use in photography has practically ceased. In medical imaging, it has probably stopped growing – at the very least. Perhaps its use in electronics can compensate. But, like the man said (I think) recovery from electronics is a bit more complicated than getting it back from former classes of leftovers.

    The grinding is probably harder. And the leaching from other metals and plastics is also probably more difficult. Habit and laziness will “inspire” most to use mercury rather carelessly. As usual. And a lot of it will (as is now) be NIMBY-ied to the good ol’ 3rd world. Ditto.

    Doctors might prefer physical “silver” stills for the halftones and ghostly detail a skilled radiographer can elicit from tweaking the machinery and development process.

    But I imagine that very convincing substitues can be made using modern materials as filters and very large ccd (or something) arrays. Plus intensive computing to modulate the rays and bring out and separate the most delicate visual information. This sort of stuff is done rather a lot in astronomy, remote sensing, regular spying.

    But of course, its probably much easier to just keep rolling downhill and send everything off to more miserable places – with the least necessary technology to do by hand day in and day out as much as is inhumanely and toxically unsafe as possible.

  68. Dennis says:


    I didn’t realize that I said anything that warranted an unprofessional response like “go away.” I guess I should just “tow the line” and create some nerdy silver video rather than trying to engage in rational conversation.

    It’s no wonder my wife tells me you guys are just another entertainment venue. If you tell people like me to “go away,” I guess you don’t want any of your followers to be any more intelligent than the sheep that follow Bush, Obama, Soros, Bernanke, and the like.


    Did I say I wanted paper bugs? No, I didn’t. Read my comment again.

  69. jag37777 says:

    NAFTA created an affluent middle class in Mexico? Horse feathers.

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