[OTE104] On the Edge with Ellen Brown

Stacy Summary: Interview with Ellen Brown.

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  1. no way first again ūüėČ

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Regulators Closed Illinois and Nevada Banks as 2011 Bank Failures Rise to 28 http://www.calculatorplus.com/savings/advice_failed_banks.html

  3. F. Beard says:

    Fractional reserve lending in a government enforced monopoly money supply is inherently crooked no matter who runs it.

    I am disappointed that Ellen accepts that FRL is necessary. It isn’t. What is needed is genuine liberty in private money creation, not a change in who gets to steal purchasing power.

  4. Youri Carma says:

    Peter Schiff: Government shutdown averted, fiscal crisis assured! http://youtu.be/ISCaJMxVVGA

  5. Dave Narby says:


    Has Keiser quit blathering on about anthropogenic global warming?

    If so, I may start watching again!

  6. Silver Bug says:

    Always interesting when max interviews Ellen. Good job.


  7. stacyherbert says:

    @Dave Narby – Nope, go away. Doesn’t Lord Monckton and his fake portcullis operate a site to keep your fantasies strong?

  8. Youri Carma says:

    Holland: Price Explosion in supermarket (google trans from Dutch) http://tinyurl.com/3q3w4vv

    Holland: Shopping considerably more expensive (google trans from Dutch) http://tinyurl.com/4xobsn8

  9. Youri Carma says:

    Max Keiser‚Äôs ‚Äď SLA and the ‚ÄúMillion Ounce March‚ÄĚ, 8 April 2011, by Flek Davez (PRC Press Release Center) http://www.pressreleasecentre.com/max-keiser%E2%80%99s-sla-and-the-%E2%80%9Cmillion-ounce-march%E2%80%9D-31494/

  10. Geek Boy says:

    $41 per ounce!!! Jeebus! This trip will have paid for itself by the time I get home!

  11. MirrorMirror says:



  12. Youri Carma says:

    @Geek Boy

    Yep, Silver High at $40.95 – Record Market Close At $40.93.

    Fresh Gold all time high at $1,475.40 o/z – Record Market Close at $1,475.00 o/z.

    Source: http://icharts.kitco.com/KitcoCharts/index.jsp

  13. Youri Carma says:

    VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE: (For the ones who missed it):

    Guest Post: Guess Who’s Almost Out Of Silver, 8 April 2011, by Mark McHugh of Across the Street (Zero Hedge) http://www.zerohedge.com/article/guest-post-guess-whos-almost-out-silver

  14. jim evans says:

    The problem with shifting power is that so far it`s had dreadful consequences for those who lose power…because they lose the power they used to have over the media and over public opinion….and the incomers blame the previous regime for everything.
    Obama and Cameron arrived in to” power” on a wave of dissatisfaction with their predecessors…….but very soon now the neoliberal fasists who have run our world since the fall of communism will turn them into duplicates of Blair/Brown and Bush2.
    Here`s an idea….our neoliberal global capitalist world can`t keep up the pretence of being democratic or social democratic for much longer….but rather than swing to another period of cpitalist or socialist totalitarianism why don`t we do what they did in South Africa and have a global “truth and reconciliation” process where we NEGOTIATE change to SUIT OURSELVES…KEEPING the best of our various cultures and economic ideas while discarding the extreme forms that drive us into the arms of further extremism.?
    Maybe we could start by apologising for the hard and soft economic and cultural imperialism and regime changing we are still indulging in today?

  15. jim evans says:

    Mr Beard…Could you explain what course of action you would take if you had the power to make changes?

  16. Youri Carma says:

    Fukushima Forecast: Massive radiation cloud nearing California on April 11 http://youtu.be/Ieu8UHlRxqo

  17. Youri Carma says:


  18. Youri Carma says:

    4/9/2011 — URGENT — ELEVATED (full mid-range) RADIATION — soon to arrive on west coast USA http://youtu.be/z87CJv4T4_o

  19. OldEnglishGame says:

    Ellen is completely in the dark about the system.

    1964 – 1994
    same time period.

    Bothe easy reads. Get with the show Ellen

  20. F. Beard says:

    Could you explain what course of action you would take if you had the power to make changes? jim evans

    1) Have the US Treasury create some debt-free United States Notes and bailout the entire US population with them equally, including savers.
    2) After the debt has been cleared then repeal legal tender laws for private debts; these are absurd and unjust.
    3) Repeal the capital gains tax. This would allow genuine alternative private currencies including primitive ones like gold and silver but also sophisticated ones like common stock.
    4) Abolish the Fed, nationalize its assets, and void all US Treasuries owned by the it.
    5) Outlaw any further borrowing by the US Government.
    6) Have the US Treasury create debt free United States Notes and use them to fund the deficit and to payoff US Treasury bonds as they come due.
    7) Pass a Constitutional Amendment that the Federal Government shall recognize no other money form but its own fiat.
    8) Pass a Constitutional Amendment forbidding the US Government from being a lender of last resort or of engaging in any other monetary activities other than creating its own fiat, spending it and collecting it in taxes and fees.
    9) Abolish any government support for banks including the FDIC. Ruthlessly enforce insolvency and fraud laws.
    10) Bring home the troops, declare peace, and abolish the US police state.

  21. F. Beard says:

    Pardon the smiley face – 8) It was an accident.

  22. MirrorMirror says:

    4/8/11 Fukushima Core Meltdown Confirmed

    09.04.2011 13:27:27


  23. Youri Carma says:

    BUO Fuel=BS! You have to put a lot of energy in and cars need 2% more of biofuel per kilometer compared to premium gasoline.

    Japan has to do the same as Iceland utilizing THERMAL SOURCES.

    Tomato Plants Grow in Iceland http://www.lindberghfoundation.org/docs/index.php/tomato-plants-grow-in-iceland

    Iceland: Land of Renewables – Iceland is the land of renewable energy. It gets nearly all of its power from the heat of the earth – geo-thermal and hydro-electric electricity. Tyler Suiters shows us how it works, why it works, and whether it could work here in the United States. http://www.cleanskies.com/videos/iceland-land-renewables.html

  24. F. Beard says:

    Hey Stacy Herbert,

    We want to hear Stephen Zarlenga next. The PM bugs need to here the other side of the story.

  25. Bev says:

    Thank you Ellen Brown and Max Keiser!

    No Debt Money or very low debt money via Public State Banks is worth supporting in order to create jobs, repair infrastructure, build needed businesses and fund agriculture. A win, win, win, win situation.

    And, another win situation is Public State Banks would support the rule of law and property rights all at risk in our current system.



    Tuesday, March 29, 2011
    The Rule of Law Seems to be on Life Support in Western Civilization

    When you start a blog about corruption in our justice system, you know you aren’t getting into the “fun and games” side of the cyber world. We try to lighten the mood with the occasional post about rock music, Scrubs, or LOL Cats. But as we approach our fourth anniversary here at¬†Legal Schnauzer,¬†there is no escaping the serious nature of our subject matter.

    How serious is it? Based on a recent cover story in¬†Time¬†magazine, it might be more serious than we thought. Western civilization, it turns out, hinges to a great extent on the kind of stuff we write about. If that’s the case, our little corner of the blogosphere could be seen as a sign that western civilization isn’t in such great shape. And in the weeks ahead, we will present a series of posts that show things are getting worse instead of better for one of our society’s fundamental pillars.

    Which pillar is that? A Harvard historian lays it out in “Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?” the March 14 cover story in¬†Time.¬†Here is how reporter Fareed Zakaria puts it:

    The Harvard historian Niall Ferguson, who has just written a book, Civilization: The West and the Rest, puts things in historical context: “For 500 years the West patented six killer applications that set it apart. The first to download them was Japan. Over the last century, one Asian country after another has downloaded these killer apps ‚ÄĒ competition, modern science,¬†the rule of law and private property rights,¬†modern medicine, the consumer society and the work ethic. Those six things are the secret sauce of Western civilization.”

    We try not to take ourselves, and our blogging endeavor, too seriously. But reading that quote stopped me in my tracks.¬†Legal Schnauzer,¬†at its core, is about “the rule of law and private property rights,” as experienced by my wife and me. After all, our journey through the cesspool of America’s justice system started from our efforts to protect our private property rights against encroachment by a neighbor with a lengthy criminal history. And that evolved into a major struggle–one worthy of being chronicled in a blog–only because judges and lawyers repeatedly violated the rule of law.

    In our own small way, we are showing that one of the building blocks of our society is eroding–and might be on the verge of crumbling if it isn’t restored soon. Thankfully, we are not alone in our efforts to sound an alarm. Other reporters are covering similar territory, and we frequently reference their work–folks like Scott Horton, Andrew Kreig, Larisa Alexandrovna, David Fiderer, Brad Friedman, Lindsay Beyerstein, Joseph Zernik, Jason Leopold, and others. We also report on the actions of the real heroes in this, whistleblowers such as Alabamians Dana Jill Simpson and Tamarah Grimes.

  26. Youri Carma says:

    Karl Denninger: 2011 04 09 Government Budget Fraud Vid http://youtu.be/G0Wz85s9ml4

  27. Youri Carma says:

    Earth Directed CME: April 9th, 2011 http://youtu.be/1GsyBa8bjQw

  28. Youri Carma says:

    MOSSAD/CIA/NSA Work – Mindcontrol VICTIM!

    7 Killed, 15 Wounded in Dutch Mall Shooting http://youtu.be/c1fK9xXEIRw

  29. Youri Carma says:

    Alphen aan de Rijn Near Amsterdam LOLz – Every town in The Netrherlands is near Amsterdam

  30. SilverMarks says:

    Always a great guest Ellen Brown has some great answers…but

    (humble opinion follows)

    The states cannot create the necessary credit for banking right now because of the Asteroids of Bond Debt current trajectory.

    I have to chuckle when folks bring up the ‘CAFR’ reports to solve the debt problems of States and Municipalities.

    ‘We can use these $’s to pay for services!’ No dude you can’t!


    First of all the CAFR’s are as inflated as housing prices during the bubble. Second the ‘assets’ are probably encumbered against Bonds 1000 : 1. The CAFR’s are used as a basis tool FOR the Debt Bombs aka Muni-Bonds. This is the blunt instrument Banksters are using against the states right now.
    We will crash your bonds kinda thing…

    Until we can unwind the Muni Bond Debt Market, the states are SoL.


    (h/t Walter Burien)

    A Solution to the Federal Debt Crisis? Time for Helicopter Ben to Drop Some Money on Mainstream

    by Ellen Brown


  31. johnypage says:

    Max you should try to get Bill Still on your shows. It would be very interesting

  32. Mary Genoud says:

    It would be great if every state could have a bank like the one in North Dakota with the ethical codes that have contributed to North Dakota’s success.

  33. F. Beard says:

    It would be great if every state could have a bank like the one in North Dakota with the ethical codes that have contributed to North Dakota’s success. Mary Genoud

    Fractional reserve lending in a government enforced monopoly money supply is fundamentally unethical.

  34. indeed says:

    The fraud is bad because of too big to fail – but it doesn’t disappear if you make the system smaller, in fact statistically speaking it would only get worse. The positive thing is that if a state fails they should clean up their own mess (hello California – I’m talking to you). I’m thinking Ellen’s suggestion is only a bandaid, but sometimes bleeding slows with bandaids until the body repairs itself. Unfortunately, I believe our country is on life support, because of the fraud and we are re-using fraud to avoid death. It’s up to “we the people” to make these systems smaller and then police ourselves.

    This is a good step in the right direction, but it won’t work until we get off the Fed and start taking measures to stop the fraud in ALL of the systems, not just bankster system.

    So sorry for Ellen’s relatives, I’m in the same situation as well. It’s a fact that the “safety nets” that we’ve been trained to believe in are also complete fraud, greed and waste. After nearly four decades of working sometimes two or three full time jobs at a time, have been stolen by the governmental cartels. The belief that there is someone there to “help”, is like believing the boogey man is a nice guy. There will be no recovery for the vast amount of people in this country, until we start lending a hand to people, INDIVIDUALLY, with compassion and intelligence.

    Thanks for the great post F. Beard. And thanks to Youri Carma, I might call this professor next week and see if they have some suggestions to make my little garden more productive (in the mtns, stilling snowing today). I’m hoping this year will produce more than last – one can only hope, that this will happen before they take my home.

  35. jim evans says:

    If the toxic debts and the damage connected with them were caused by fraud why are we honouring those debts at all? Why don`t the ordinary people of the world begin a class action against whoever engineered the repeal of Glass-Steagal and the consequent failures to control fraud?

    The reason is we don`t have a political voice….but in a global capitalist world we could use the internet to mount a cyberevolution aimed at punishing wrongdoers and to get first world debt cancelled or at least to demand a full global inquiry into the financial terrorism of the past hundred years.(Why can Iceland walk away from its debts while our politicians don`t do the same for us ?)

  36. Dave Narby says:

    Well then Stacy, I guess I’ll just check back in another year.

    Until then I’ll leave this http://hockeyschtick.blogspot.com/2011/03/us-taxpayers-blow-529-million-to.html in your echo chamber…

  37. silly says:

    No matter how great Max Keiser sounds he’s still a stock brokers gold dealer at heart.

    All Max talks about is either the money system side or the precious commodity resource side of the story. Too much emphasis on the non-working producing side of the “wealth.” Don’t forget it’s the human capital that turn all the fait money and raw material into real wealth. Such as Japanese German who make the best things in the world. The Chinese’s workers productive that produce most of the world’s good, the American’s creativity idea make fancy into real products like Hollywood entertainment industry and so on. Without the human capital, all the money, gold silver, oil are nothing else than what they are. They can’t buy or exchange to anything else if no human capital at work.

    Look at the the world’s most oil rich producers or Gold Silver produce countries. Most of them can’t even make a screw or grow food themselves. They depend on the resources poor countries like Germans, the Japanese, the Chinese to turn the raw material into cars, consumer goods they use daily. They depend the people like Americans to grow food for them.

  38. Jayme says:

    Ellen brings out an important point. It is a mortgage banker who introduced the state bank concept to Oregon. Will those sitting quietly by in these halls of power (justice, legislative, or executive) who are interested in good solutions rather than solutions sponsored by special interests be willing to redirect the power? The actions of the U.S. Congress this past week were wasteful at best. If those closest to power don’t work to make these changes, the general layperson doesn’t know anything about the machinations put in place with the express intent to defraud them of liberty and wealth. Many people will simply destroy and sink the entire system as they go hungry.

  39. Daniel S says:

    Ellen’s model seems to be parasitic but it spreads the rake around locally. If someone isn’t favored by those who are in charge of dispersing the take, they’ll be left out and only benefit indirectly. So it’s still a treadmill economy that punishes the youth and hits the under and unemployed hard, right? How is the interest created and what are the effects of that creation? It will still create artificially high asset prices, and artificially favored professions, organizations, communities, etc, just not at the pace as the parasite squared FED system, right? Am I missing something there? (honest question not sarcasm)

    I’d expect youth do well in North Dakota compared to other states, but not compared to a system will fully re-instated sound money and freedom from the tyranny of the majority and tyranny from whoever is in charge of handing out gifts from a fractional reserve lender.

    Oh well. A balanced and fair system would let people work 20 hours a week and do fine, but then some enslaved people elsewhere would produce enough surplus to raise and equip an army with which to crush them. It’s far easier to destroy than defend. I don’t think the human condition can be “solved”. The suffering can only be pushed around.

  40. jischinger says:

    we don’t need the FED

  41. jischinger says:

    I like Ellen Brown wish more people would listen to her.

  42. Capt. Ray says:

    Same-source money supply. I like it!

    On another note;
    Ever noticed, that the windmills in the intro (and backdrop) are turning the wrong way.
    Perhaps it‚Äôs visual art, and am I just not ‚Äúgetting it‚ÄĚ.

    Anyway, great show!

  43. Ramsay says:

    Thanks for having her Highness on Max. She is awesome.

    Next time perhaps consider speaking LESS and let her speak MORE.

    Her, I understood.

  44. small correction: yes, Japanese deposit money (and pay bills) through the post office, but, no, this does not include writing checks–this is something Japanese don’t do, nor a service that the post office offers to Japanese

  45. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Viz…FDIC insurance…….what utter bollocks, what credibility has a bankrupt Govt. got in inuring you money when it doesnt exist to cover your loss in the first place!

    Another big lie!

    Where is this insurance money exactly……in secret warehouses around the country?!

    Or will it be in raising even more useless, discredited and fake Govt treasuries?

    Just another example of the Gold that doesn’t exist at Fort Knox……………………Z

  46. Harry says:

    @YC: biofuel is OK for small solutions. My car runs on pure waste vegetable oil for 90+ % of the volume of fuels used. Saves me close to 50% on cost.

  47. lili says:

    @F. Beard: i think she doesnt accept FRL as necessity. read the book or see this: http://www.youtube.com/user/bstill3#p/u/2/swkq2E8mswI

  48. Chris says:

    I like these state bank ideas, but: why *can’t* they compete with private banks? Isn’t capitalism all about competition? Oh no, they say, forcing corporations to experience competition is SOCIALIST!

  49. Free Oregon says:

    Does it really matter if you owe the debt to your own people? With a world reserve currency, arguably the entire world becomes our “own people,” and we owe the debt to the world. Inflation results from an excess of currency (in our system, debt) with respect to available goods and production. Deflation, from the inability to service and pay the debt. We have reached the point at which debt needs to be wiped out so we can start all over again. The debt will be wiped out chaotically if we continue on the present path, so wiping it out with an intelligent plan would be a more rational course. Both inflation and deflation shift control of the “means of production.” If you create a plan that leaves those means where they are now you minimize pain and the potential for disruption, rioting and chaos.

    Julius Caesar advocated a 40% reduction of the people’s debt. Cassius, the chief banker in Rome, assassinated him. Civil war ensued.

    Are we unable to learn from history?

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