Hotspots with Max Keiser: Ireland

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  1. Youri Carma says:

    Home prices fall sharply in Feb: FHFA, 21 April 2011, by Greg Robb – Washington (MarketWatch)

    U.S. home prices fell 1.6% in February compared with January, and were down 5.7% compared with a year earlier, the Federal Housing Finance Agency reported Wednesday.

    Prices fell in all regions in February, led by a 3.7% drop in the Mountain states from Montana down to New Mexico and a 2.6% decline in the East North Central, which stretched from Ohio to Wisconsin.

    Sales data is based on mortgages sold or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  2. jim evans says:

    What about a hot spots based on South Central LA…..or the many sink estates in England or France? The sort of places “our” BBC never seem to go?

  3. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Jim Evans

    hi Jim, I sense you would agree with me that when the lid finally blows in the UK its going to be very ugly and uncontrollable.

    Sadly the blame will be on minorities rather than the true culprits in the City of London and their polical muppet show of the two colour one party state we have lived in for 30+ years.

    It is the people in the shadows with their media and political, financial familiars
    that have financially raped the ordinary people of the world and engineered total immigration policy meltdown quite simply to push unit labour cost down, so that the establishment elite can increase their already gorged profit margins, and play diviide and conquer.

    When the shit finally hts the fan what scares me is that it will fragment along ethnic lines. Beirut revisited.

    To avoid that catastrophe the only hope is to appeal to everyone, to realise who are the true enemies of the State and the ordinary people.

    This for anyone who knows who truly pulls the strings is what is coloquially called “the old boy network!”. Harmless phrase….just like being “on the level”

    No one examines what this actually means, or who they really are.

    It is in fact the secret societies.

    Why secret?

    What needs to be so fucking secret?

    What have they got to hide?

    It is a self interest group to maintain the status quo and exploit ordinary people. There is their secret, and the tacitics of how to achieve it.

    Fleece and exploit the non member sheep.

    Their “raison de’etre” is to solely: promote, extend and maintain their own power and wealth. And lets not forget….protect their membbers at almost any cost!

    At any cost. JFK paid the ultimate price when he inteded to intervene in their removal and downfall.

    Dont kid yourself, the star chamber pinnacle is utterly ruthless!.

    Thats why the laws they manufacture NEVER fully apply to them.

    Until these people are fully exposed, brought to book and their organisational structures and influence is fully dismantled, their will never be truth, justice, or fairness.

    Only exploitation, manipulation, deceit and the perpetuation of the destruction of any fundemental moral code in society.

    The evidence is everywhere. Most people dont know on whom to pin the blame, because…..they are the murky shadow pupeteers, and you just see their front men.

    Thisis the true enemy, and its occultist reach and membership is, and has always been is…… INTERNATIONAL.

    This is why we are seeing what is in all our faces and the consequences of their plans for the world they currently control.

    Given the chance, these Zionist led Fascists (and no its not a contradiction in terms!) will seek to destroy us all incrementally.

    And I have to hand it to them, they’ve vegetabalised the masses through their control of the media, politics and the barmy laws they implement, and are well on the way to succeeding in THEIR….New World Order, where they are the overlords.

    We are seeing a re run of the 1930s and we know where that led to.

    If they are not exposed and defeated, its going to be infinately worse this time round

    Much as those of us who get excited about Gold & Silver price, perhaps forget that this is the clearest indicator, the canaries in the mine shaft, that are indicating global Weimar Republics II.

    And we know where this will sadly end, if we do not do something…..and very, very soon…………..Z

  4. jim evans says:

    Agreed Zorro…..but I keep hoping that at long last minorities will not get the blame and that we can play the capitalists and their daft but well-meaning friends the liberal humanitarians a deadly blow by halting immigration and having a peace and reconciliation process with our politicians that discloses what all this mass immigration was about and who instigated it.
    It`s massively unjust to our native-born poor and unemployed and we can hardly claim that we need millions of incompetent taxi drivers as essential workers!
    The trouble is it suits the USA if we are taking immigrants from their EU experiment and from overpopulated Asia where America wants influence with their elites.

  5. OldEnglishGame says:

    The max and stacy SILVER EXCHANGE

  6. OldEnglishGame says:

    Zoro London
    Government FORCES people to be RETARDED
    Nature FORCES people to be SMART
    For 2000 years smart people had to learn laten and Greek(the classics) to be able to understand when they were being abused. Then came Abraham lincoln and said. We will offer a doctorate of philosophy through the LAND GRANT SCHOOLS. You can choose to study the classics (philosophy) but if you can’t grasp philosophy then you can change your major to some traditionally apprenticeship study and get a doctor of philosophy without ever studying philosophy
    Now we have an entire population that can’t determine value or understand when they are being FUTA.
    This is very simple
    The scientist learns how to MANIPULATE stuff. = trivia
    The Phylosopher learns how to MANIPULATE the scientist.

    Nature is always right. It forces people to be creative and OVERCOME ADVERSITY.

  7. foober says:

    fracking religious holidays. Its just a pomp and bully show by the vatican to tell everyone they are in control. And next week will be the royal wedding for the inbreds that are stealing us blind. And most moron sheeple think its all wonderful. The same ones that will complain about gas prices and bad laws making them slaves but have no idea why its happening to them. Geez.

  8. jim evans says:

    OK …if Americans are so brilliant that they can all live without government why have you ended up with the most expensive government in the world and no law and order.

  9. OldEnglishGame says:

    Zoro London
    I didn’t finish your whole post before the blood started rushing through my head. I have calmed down now

  10. Mother Earth says:

    Well, now a trojan ate my notebook as well, I am typing this with my steam driven enniac..

    Met two americans from new jaiwsy today, the man said they where pretty angry at the banks. I advised him to let his son emmigrate to Fance, no cruelty intended..

  11. OldEnglishGame says:

    Americans really are stupid people
    Dr. of philosophy without even knowing what the Loeb library, or every man’s library. My god these people have been deliberately RETARDED so they can be MANIPULATED

  12. OldEnglishGame says:

    I would have suggested Iceland

  13. foober says:

    JIm, i’m an american. But what I tell folks is because I didn’t vote for the bankster bought off politicans I have the right to not believe or follow what the bought off politicans say.

    The usa is a bogus country now. Its only purpose is to build weapons and supply a military for the elite banksters. Alot of folks know that. But the problem is there are still way too many mentally challenged people here in the usa. But thats how and why it was built. “Give us your mentally challenged and we’ll create a country that is nothing but a slave military state for the elites.

  14. snoop diddy says:

    just came across this guy on Youtube, might be helpful to some of the aspiring movie makers out there, there are links at the end of his clips on how he made them:

  15. OldEnglishGame says:

    I’m looking for that video of that government witch burner who wants to get silver bugs
    Can anyone help me

  16. snoop diddy says:

    this one is pretty cool:
    How to Rock Out on a Moving Car

  17. snoop diddy says:

    I havent seen that one sorry @OldEnglish

  18. OldEnglishGame says:

    Snoopy diddy
    That is what being human is all about.
    Very inspirational.

  19. OldEnglishGame says:

    Snoopy diddy
    It was within the last two days
    She called is the bad guys.
    Some lady/witch from congress

  20. MirrorMirror says:

    Jared Bernstein, Joe Biden’s Economic Adviser, To Leave White House: Report

    …later this month, …

  21. MirrorMirror says:

    Earth : An Asylum for the Insane
    ( Designed and paid for by the mice )

    IQ : Insanity Quotient

  22. rawnrawn says:

    Jim Willie expects a gold backed nordic euro. he says this will wipe out all other fiat.

  23. rawnrawn says:

    todays silver chart is the most fucked up thing i ever saw.

  24. wtf says:

    Great documentary, Max.

  25. wtf says:

    My God. Silver 48 bucks and change. Now what, it’s going to be jumping two-three bucks a day!? Amazing.

  26. OldEnglishGame says:

    Mirror mirror
    Thank you.
    That was the best video I have seen. I am going to badger thee retards until they watch it. It seems like Lot in sodem at work. I’m talking about the literati too.
    Wonderful video

  27. foober says:

    Folks, remember, no huge party till silver hits 50 dollars an ounce. Then you can dab into the cellar and bring up the good stuff. Then its off to the races from there.

  28. foober says:

    @bernackracy, The bankster elites don’t owe us anything. Its just the stealing and regulations to enslave us that is the problem.

  29. Geek Boy says:

    Finally got to see the documentary tonight in Bolivia – thanks so much Max & Stacy for making this – it´s so much appreciated. We all know the blunt truth on this site…I just hope the rest of them catch up back home, christ we´ve waited long enough for them.

    One fault however with the film; I think @gussy´s make-up lady needs firing – he looked terrible….

  30. JD Hodges says:

    So sad indeed that the Irish have lost their quest for independence…people will fight for their freedom when they have nothing to lose – such as in the Middle East where they face starvation.

    Evidently the Irish have to ‘lose’ more in order fully grasp that they will have nothing left once the IMF is complete with their vulturous attack.


  31. jim evans says:

    Foober…I entirely reject your analysis about the USA being a reservoir of cretinism but entirely agree that the the UK and USA are shell nations where the political and economic institutions are run by a collection of elite interests that are probably not coordinated but do have a vague general purpose…screwing us and the rest of humanity on the assumption that democracy does not really work and that chaos would ensue if we plebs ever really got our hands on the steering wheel.

  32. jim evans says:

    If there was a clever conspiracy guiding world events I put it to you we wouldn`t be in this awful mess now. Does the Anglo Saxon street look prosperous?Have we a civilisation worth fighting and dying for?Would Londoners and New Yorkers roll up their sleeves and adopt the blitz spirit of WW2 if Osama Bin Laden declared open war against our financial elite?

  33. jim evans says:

    Even the collective title Anglo Saxon is an historical misnomer …..we are a grand old mix of races and cultures occasioned by the growth of our empires over thousands of years…and if we ever got a fair chance I believe we could form a modern secular scientific rational social democratic empire that would knock spots off empires that have gone before us.

    BUT…..usury and stupid religious and political ideas have blended together in a regressive way which celebrates and promotes every stupid authoritarian exploitive we have ever had……and it seems very difficult to find a democratic way out of this mess.

    How will we form a democratic world where millions of people are being trained from birth that other people are evil because they don`t share the same god or live by the same ideals?

  34. Dark Markets says:

    Happy Easter Weekend, Max, Stacy, & fellow SLA’ers.

    Terrific video, Max & Stacy. You have OPENED the SEAM of FINANCIAL TREASON, the ghastly look into DEBTORS PRISON hell on behalf of the murderously entitled Oligarchs – see Max’s favorite example, the court of Louis the XVI and his Queen Marie Antoniette. (Actually, Louis XVI got a bad rap, it was FINANCING the AMERICAN REVOLUTION which drove his treasury bankrupt, but even so; he COULD have done SOMETHING to ALLEIVIATE THE SUFFERING in the countryside & cities.)

    In this case, Max & Stacy touched on a seam of raw emotion and bitterness that NEEDS TO BE EXPANDED, ENLARGED,and mined for the pure gold (or energy, or other metaphor) it will provide: DEBTORS’ PRISON, OR FORCED EMMIGRATION, for those Irish who are foreclosed on…
    vs BILLIONS in “BAILOUTS” for the Rich (failed, bankrupt, but parliament bribing) bankers !!!
    If the Irish are STUPID ENOUGH to leave these DEBTORS PRISON LAWS on the books in this coming economic crisis, THEY DESERVE what is coming down the pike!

    The British, Irish, & US press & media are COLLUDING to make FORECLOSURE VICTIMS IN AMERICA, Ireland, & Britain as the “DISAPPEARED” of this economic crisis!!
    Through INTENTIONAL DISINFORMATION, the press & media PROPAGANDAIZE Americans to believe that banks are ENTITLED to billions & trillions of bailouts, as 500 Irish men & women are ROTTING IN PRISON right now! for the same financial “crime” – DEFAULT on loan repayments – that the banks are guilty of (save for bailouts)! ‘

  35. Dark Markets says:

    Just look at the DEPTH and BREADTH of “mainstream media” or “major media’ (aka CORPORATE controlled media) in America –

    When Bill Clinton was President in the mid-1990s, and still espousing “LIBERAL” policies like FULL EMPLOYMENT and Economic REVITALIZATION
    – (the cause & theme that won him election in 1992 against Bush Sr, who was presiding over the 1988-1992 Bush-1 RECESSION) –
    the NY & DC press/media were GOING AFTER the Clintons hammer-and-tongs for the STUPIDEST things – remember “SELLING THE LINCOLN BEDROOM”
    ( to Barbara Streisand, among other Clinton overnight guests) ??

    Now Barack Obama is BLATANTLY SELLING the ENTIRE US Treasury & economy down the GoddamnSachs, JP Morgan, Citi, Fed banksters’ insatiably greedy gullet – and NO ONE in the “major press” media will raise a peep, because it is understood that GS, JPM & other Mega-banks are the BENEFICIARES of Obama’s “BUSH-III LOOT THE PEONS” Enronesque economy, and the mega-Finance SWINDLERS are major owners of all the press/media corporations !!

    (eg, even if GS & JPM don’t own lots of GE shares – which they probably do – they, GS & JPM, are creating the DEREGULATION, BAILOUTS, and NO OVERSIGHT CONTRACTS environment in Congress & US govt. executive agencies (the white house) that allows GE to profit, as well.)

  36. jim evans says:

    Are you quite sure about all that DM?

  37. Flopot says:

    Do not let our Irish Forests be sold off to Bertie Ahern for a pittance…

    I’m getting a bit obessed with this so I will stop…it just so p*sses me off…but there you go…IMF will probably win again and feck Ireland over a barrel before we kick them out. That’s what the Bolivians had to do!

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