CME raises margin rates for silver again this week. SLA doesn’t care. We’re buyers all the way up to $500

41 comments on “CME raises margin rates for silver again this week. SLA doesn’t care. We’re buyers all the way up to $500
  1. Marc Authier says:

    What’s with these clowns ? They have lost control of the racket a long time ago. It’s even a fantastic incitative to go physical. Shooting themselves in the foot as usual. Nobody cares because the physical market is swamping the paper market.

  2. “We’re buyers all the way up to $500”. I think you might have some of the lower ranks desert and go AWOL once silver gets into the hundreds of funny green rectangles. I think were in for a really interesting ride.

  3. flicks says:

    Sound interview Dominic Frisby talks to Keith Neumeyer on Silver :-

  4. Phil Silver says:

    It is now converging and comin into sharp focus.

    I love Silver, I love it, I love it, I love it.

    We are winning!!!!

  5. John Q Public says:

    My Grandaughter ask me when would you sell your silver ? I paused and tried to come up with a number then i realized the payment would be in paper and said never.

  6. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Viz raising margin rates

    A clear sign of desparation, keep the pressure up SLA.

    Silver will soon play catch up with Gold, as Gold becomes too expensive for ordinary investors.

    Silver is the way to go for all the well known reasoons!

    Hong Kong market seems to be waiting for HSBC & JPM to do their usual knock down so that the Chinese can buy more PMs with the lovely $ confetti that they want to dump.

    They wont do it in one go, but incrementally.

    Future QE I suspect will be done by a more clandestine means.

    To publically admit that further QE is going to be implemented will just drive the $$ downwards.

    So expect more IMF bailout IOUs.

    IMF = FED = Bank of England = JPM = UN = NATO = NWO etc. etc.

    What? you dont think they are not capable of that?

    Perhaps today, whilst the wedding is in the global media spotlight, this is a perfect opprtunity to sneak something unpleasant in through the back door?

    Wonder what?

    Or maybe…nothing!

    MAX could you periodically keep us informed of the official SLA membership numbers?…………Z

  7. Fibon 11235 says:

    Maybe I should not say anything, but moves like this wake people up dont they, they do me? I ask questions

    ME instituted margin hike, focusing on one particularly: silver, this time 10%. This is on top of the 9% margin hike from Monday….

    Are margin hikes supposed to reduce price? I guess there limiting the gambling on the bank tables? So iv got to assume that many are betting on the up as it would not be worth limiting the bets if they were on the down so its a sign of a week had as the article suggests?

    If its 20% this week and there was a few 6% or so last week or the month before and its having no real effect, what next?

    I thinking these moves may be counter productive as wouldn’t Gresham law begin to apply here. My point is these moves may have the exact opposite effect than what was intended in manipulating the market. Everything appears transparent so why bother, it all seems such a fools game i wonder what ive missed?

    Wizard of Oz on a microphone LMAO now i will shut up, but its very exciting isnt it

  8. Brad says:

    So if there is no shortage of silver, what is causing the price to rise? Certainly an increase in production costs would cause prices to rise, but by more than 900 percent in seven years? I don’t think so. Further studies of the market do point to another area. You may wish to read all about it in my next feature, Speculation Incorporated. In the meantime, I think it wise that an Investor in silver be quite wary of current pricing. Remember the “great silver melt” of the 1970s and know now, as it was experienced then…..there is a lot of silver out there.

  9. Brad says:

    The above comment is from article on financial sense site. I don’t know the validity of the numbers used to determine alleged quantities. Would like to hear what others think about this well written piece.


  10. karate kid says:


    i think the real question is
    how much copper is in a penny to show you what money is worth!
    none! its worthless crap.

  11. karate kid says:

    hell i got no time for this crap brad.
    i got to get me more silver and gold .

  12. Dr Catz says:

    I don’t see the huge problem, the margin is a fixed price you pay to buy a chunk of 5000 ounces of silver contract. If the price of silver goes up, it’s logical to re-adjust the purchase price of a contract. It would even make more sense to ask a 7% fee instead of a fixed price you need to re-adjust each time silver skyrockets.

  13. Dark Markets says:

    “IMF = FED = Bank of England = JPM = UN = NATO = NWO etc. etc.”

    you forgot to mention, “imf = fed = boe = jpm = [usa war machine] = r’s”

    Here’s the oily bastard himself, nothing less than the economic-corpse sucking debt spider supremo, evelyn de r____, BLAMING EVERYONE BUT HIMSELF (and his fellow billionaire oligarch, autocrat, financial swindling, regulator bribing, politician & press buying, Treasury looting, pension shredding, enviro polluting, economy gutting genocidal banker kleptocrats) for the economic crisis (in an interview on the nyse floor with maria bartiromo).

    Here’s his original op-ed, published in the VERY SERVILE (to him!) BBC…

    and here’s the tremendous video, “BROWN’s BOTTOM” by Max himself!
    and another terrific article, asking the titanic question,
    “DID Prime Minister Brown INTENTIONALLY ‘dump’ England’s ENTIRE GOLD RESERVE, at market __bottom__ prices (hence “Brown’s bottom”) – as a BACK DOOR BAILOUT for the LBMA london bullion market association, which is (and has been for 200 years) a wholely owned r’s front?”

    Yes – using the tactics we NOW see JPM & HSBC use (NAKED SHORT SELLING, with PAPER SHORTS, for VAST quantities of silver THEY DO NOT POSSESS, to SUPPRESS the REAL pm’s price, to HIDE their BACK DOOR THEFT from savers & investors via INFLATIONARY money printing) – PIONEERED by evelyn HIMSELF back in the late 1980s, after his banks were caught on the wrong side of their more “ordinary” (George Soros, et al, “BREAKING” the British pound) type of “swindle a few million pounds here and there” shorts.

    Speaking of, THERE’s ANOTHER example – SOROS had some DEEP BACKERS, who HELPED him sustain HIS NAKED SHORT RAID on the British pound – sucking BILLIONS of pounds OUT of British pension funds & the Brit economy!

    evelyn (and wife) are the FOUNDERS and OWNERS of “The ECONOMIST” (yes, THE economist!) magazine, from which they joined the WSJ, NY Times, WashPost, and other “major media” anglo/american ‘news’ outlets in CALLING FOR DEREGULATION, which is LICENSE for connected insiders to LOOT investors, consumers, and taxpayers – and of course HE COVERED UP “Brown’s bottom” and ALL THE OTHER SWINDLES LEADING TO this market collapse.
    What the hell did HE do, to PROTECT the markets (and his “fellow British citizens” from ENRON ACCOUNTING STYLE FRAUD, in the several years between Enron’s collapse and Sept. 2008?!

    Back to the Maria Bartiromo interview, note how Evelyn oily states that “BAILING OUT FAILED, BANKRUPT, INSOLVENT BANKERS” is “SAVING CAPITALISM” but LETTING PENSIONS go under is “so sorry, chum” !

    Giving billions upon TRILLIONS of dollars to FAILED bankers is NOT capitalism… it is COMMISSAR CONFISCATION of wealth from the public, it is NEO-FEUDAL “the robber baron with the most knights (hired thugs) MAKES SERFS, PEONS, and vassals of all around him” gulag economics.

  14. Badsey says:

    People still do not understand the SLA: —>The SLA “takes (physical) Silver off the Market”. =there is no fiat interest in silver besides initially trading fiat for physical.

    If you are SLA and need fiat -keep this silver off the market by exchanging your silver for another’s SLA’s goods/fiat.

    =Silver could manipulated to $5 or $500. The SLA has no interest in this because fiat has no value anyway. Your fiat logic makes no sense to US since we are not fiat slaves. If you demand fiat -arrangements thru the SLA can be made to satisfy fiat debt slaves.

  15. John Galt says:

    @ Brad

    Sometimes I think that the easiest way to fit in with some of the posters around here is to become a bobblehead and obediently chant the SLA refrain of: “Buy physical. Crash JPM. BTFD, SIlver Bitchez !!!”. In other words, just f*ck any discussion that does not blindly endorse drinking the silver Kool Aid.

    You do raise a valid question. I’m not saying I necessarily agree with how much actual supply is, or isn’t, out there – because I don’t know and don’t think anyone else does either.

    But the fact remains that the Hunt brothers were the original SLA back in the 1970s, and back then they seemed to have some powerful backers i.e. oil money. What they did obviously scared the crap out of some powerful vested interests, and the game had to be rigged to keep them from winning.

    That said, I have a question for the class.

    How, exactly, did the banksters/governments change the rules and fix the game last time around to bankrupt the Hunts?

    Would the same tactics work today, or what will be the more extreme measures they’d have to employ this time around to crash silver again?

    For example, what happens if they raise margin requirements to 100% (or even 200%) and ban any ability to trade long on silver? (That sounds insane, I know, but insanity seems to be the new normal today).

    There are times when I think that this battle right here will expand into the prophecised Armageddon – where both sides (banksters vs. everyone else) get destroyed as the economic system gets destroyed along with it together with all currency…paper and digital. On that note, isn’t there some mention in the Bible that the day will come when even gold and silver will one day lie worthless in the streets?

    As I’ve stated before I am also trying to understand the bigger war, beyond this silver battle.

  16. Me says:


    The markets are a living, breathing entity. A reflection of the collective consciousness. The bankers are not masters of the universe, they are men with flaws, just like everybody else. Shortage or not, sheer demand will drive the price until there is one. Along with diminishing faith in US financial policies, the price will not be suppressed. The story in the 70’s, as discussed many times here, was far different. They cannot simply raise rates this time, we all know what will happen if they do, and it is obvious it is not their intent. Not to mention the entire world is at play here, not just the western world. If gold and silver are one day worthless, and the bible is correct, then at least we tried, and the world will be in total chaos anyway. All that is necessary for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing. Please do your homework before you come here and bash enthusiastic SLA members like a bafoon, so I do not have to spend my time explaining the very simple ideas to Naysayers such as yourself. There is obviously a bigger war, a bigger picture, but the fraudulent financial system must be brought down first.

  17. Me says:

    @ Brad

    No one here cares about your “next feature”, you obviously don’t get it. You and John Galt should go fondle each others butt holes elsewhere…

  18. John Galt says:

    @ Me

    Spoken with such erudite wisdom.

    Onward, lemming, onward !

  19. AbeFuxmann says:

    Two margin hikes in only one week equals super bull market.

  20. John Galt says:

    @ SLA

    Incidentally, my comment was not directed at all SLA members – merely the few that I consider bobbleheads.

    I came here originally because of my admiration for Max, who seems to have a better grasp on what’s unfolding than most people on the planet.

    As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been SLA long before there was SLA, so I’ve been fighting the same bastards as the rest of you but mostly (seemingly) solo. At the moment we’re sharing the same journey, using similar tactics, but I’m not one who’s buying in full bore to the total Kool Aid package.

    In that regard, consider me a mercenary who happens to be fighting along side the SLA. This battle has surprised my with how long it has taken to unfold, and now surprises me again with its current rate of acceleration.

    I’ll be out of here long before some of you will be blissfully stampeding headlong into the abyss.

  21. LexLuthor says:

    And yet they keep pounding down silver over and over again. At one point they won’t be able to print dollars fast enough. And they are making Chinese and Russians filthy rich by keeping the price down… When the final bill comes, the whole USA will collapse just because of JPM games. This is gonna be Enron x 100.

    Everybody, BUY PHYSICAL SILVER, JPM takes care it’s still cheap so we can afford it!!!!!

  22. Silver Sniper says:

    3-5 years out $ 500 bucks will look like a bargian price
    like back few years when gold was 250 an oz
    every oz i own is a silver nail in a coffin of some stupid fuk banker who i cant wait see jump from the high rises of chi town and nyc, because his life and my life swith places instantly, and he(the banker) couldnt handle roofing his ass off possibly dieing from a fall(hit the ground many times no death)so he chooses the easy way out.go go silver rocket
    even a dam roofer is smarter than the fuking BANKER

  23. John Galt says:

    @ LexLuthor

    You are absolutely correct.

    And once the big crash happens most people (i.e. the savers in America) who got crushed will be wondering “What happened”?

    On that day some genius will point to the SLA and other silver speculators as being among the greedy bastards who took the whole system down to profit from $500 prices.

    The government, of course, being ever mindful of serving the best interests of the masses (insert sarcasm here) will likely respond in true democratic fashion with special rules, taxes and laws to apply to the less than 1% of the population who brought all this suffering upon the other 99%.

    JPM, meanwhile, will be attending the ribbon cutting in the Far East of their new corporate headquarters.

  24. John Galt says:

    @ Silver Sniper

    Once silver passed $45 I thought JPM was going to be toast.

    JPM is still here, for now, and once they finish looting this place they’ll slither elsewhere and leave this mess for someone else to clean up.

  25. Silver Sniper says:

    by then i will have my tin beak on picking shit with the sparrows

  26. Silver Sniper says:

    and if it is the so called speculators
    when one buys a STOCK one speculates the price will go up they dont buy to have it stay the same or go down ie ge if one buys it for market price today they think its worth more in the future and when they sell for higher there is a buyer who thinks the same thing.
    for every seller there is a buyer in all markets thus we are all speculators wether it by futures or stocks. the govt and the 2 party dicatorship can suck my ass until they put the likes of jamie dimon behind bars!

  27. Is not a margin hike basically the same as saying the price of silver just went up. If it costs more to buy it, then its price went up?

    Am I missing something here?

    Surely when you by an orange at a fruit and veg market and they raise the price, then the price is higher for an orange? its not the same price for the orange and more money for the seller of the orange ( which may be true for the seller ) but its higher for the buyer ( the base + margin is irrelevant for the buyer)?

    What am I missing here? This seems like a way of raising the price of a scarce item without raising the price?

  28. John Galt says:

    @ Silver Sniper

    That may be true, but when it comes to war the Truth is always the first casualty.

    Don’t forget that banksters run government, and government makes the rules. Do you think a bankster run government will side with you on this matter, or will they slaughter some sacrifical SLA lambs to feed the bloodlust of the angry masses?

    As Joseph Goebbels once said: “The Truth is the greatest enemy to the State”. As such it will be suppressed at all costs.

  29. me says:

    @ John

    You just can’t help it can you. You are overwhelmingly contradictory in everything you say, a charlatan, a fake. We will follow each other into the abyss you say, victims of our own proverbial kool-aid, but not you. NO! You are the true voice of reason, an unshakeable negative sentiment, that all good deeds will perish at the hands of the almighty Corporations. You will be shrouded in safety by your infinite wisdom while the rest of the world withers away, captive to fiat policy. Good luck with all of that, see you on the other side.

  30. Vonda Bra says:

    @ me

    I cannot quite follow your characterization of what John G. actually tried to say…
    He was only expressing some doubts about the final outcome and was kind of raising a warning voice to the maybe more greedier SLA-ers :-), which is never a bad or crazy thing to do, to keep people thinking and keep from falling for sth. they might not all have into their hands.

    DonΒ΄t you think, you were a little bit to draconic ? πŸ™‚
    regards! πŸ™‚

  31. Dark Markets says:

    Silver sniper, is that you from Slope?

    if so, welcome to the party! just wish I knew how to trade like you guys…

    @john galt

    methinks you doth protest too much.
    you claim to be an SLAer from “before there was an SLA” but now you don’t want to be a full-on kool-aid drinker, and, as an “independent mercenary” will be happy to watch us “bobble-head fools… march over the cliff into the abyss.”

    SLAers “marching to the abyss” – care to explain, WHAT abyss??
    silver going BACK DOWN to $26 (or _less_?!)?


    btw THE ABYSS is ALREADY HERE, in case you didn’t notice: the GE reactors melting down at Fukushima are spraying literallly TONS of uranium and plutonium and other deadly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere or ocean(s) (far, far, far more radioactive material than in any particular nuclear bomb) which is POISONING the grainfields and crop production not just of Japan… but the ENTIRE WORLD.
    the Neo-Cons in America & on Wall St. are profiting, short-term, from the “outsourcing” sabotage destruction DISMANLTING of US industry (and exporting our latest technology!) to Communist China….

    China is finding out all those Bernanke bucks are nearly worthless, the US military ‘won’t allow them’ them to buy too resource assets in South America, Africa (etc.) or oil from ME…

    – we are approaching a modern version of the British “enclosures” era, when,under Royal army guns, bayonets, and hangman’s nooses, thousands of English, Scots, Welsh, & Irish were SWEPT OFF the lands that had sustained their families for generations, as they were PRIVATIZED under the elite autocrats – NO popular democratic distribution of those land resources allowed, just EVICTION NOTICES and DEATH SHIPS (and in Ireland, mass famine, one million killed, 1845-1852 alone.)

    a least a few copper pennies of real money would have bought you less deadly berthing on one of those death ships, entire families LOCKED in the hold for weeks on end, not even allowed to come up for fresh air on deck, which is why they were called “death ships” – little better than the transatlantic “middle passage” slave ships…

    nothing new here, just treasonous elites working their old feudal “all for me” ambitions.

  32. me says:

    @ V

    No, but I can appreciate your query. I, however, cannot appreciate Mr. Galt’s ridiculous assumption that we are all blind followers of an silver “cult”. I would hope that every person choosing to come along for the ride has done due diligence. I am not the one assuming people here are sheep, or lemmings, as he so insidiously proposed of me. His proclamation of “SLA before SLA” is a bit arrogant. I don’t need your self-confirming statements, they prove nothing. He is fighting the good fight but “not buying in full bore to the kool-aid package”, which is to say what? That we are delusional? Unknowledgeable? He is with us but the powers that be make the rules and truth will always be squandered so what is the use? Make up your damn mind, John. Your contrarian stance is neither progressive or positive to discussion. Your points are mute, you offer no coherent insight, and if you do not believe in the cause why participate in its proclamation. Mr. Galt seems to feel he is intellectually superior to his SLA counter part, as he will be “long gone as the rest of us blissfully stampede into the abyss”. I find it disparaging, that is all.

  33. Silver Sniper says:

    all i know is that the day of reaconing is comming for the BANKING cartel
    the worst of all know terrorist in the world today
    soon many of your friends ,family,neighbors ect ect that have called you
    backward thinking
    ect ect will be like that dam guy knew his shit and the tele wont quit ringing for days on
    am i too late
    how much higher will it go
    where do i buy and sell at
    will i be able to buy a boat after it goes up 5 bucks and i sell(lol)yes this one is true!
    it is comming grandpa was right 25 years before his time!but he was right
    “Every one is going to the party”
    they dont think it will end but soon they will see the great crime that was commited while they slept
    the banksters will get theres in the end dont think they wont they have gotten a free pass long enough
    all i gots to say for all the educated people out there and your ivy leagu degrees
    “DONT LET THE ROOFER BE SMARTER THAN YOUR 500G education you paid for”
    mine come from the “COLLEGE OF HARD KNOCKS” and i have a masters from there and a phd

  34. me says:

    @ Garry

    I believe it is more like “up-ing the ante” rather than price. It doesn’t cost more to buy “it”, because we are dealing with leverage, it cost more to “buy in”. So it costs more to play, but I suppose it would also raise the maintenance margin? Which would effectively keep shorts from getting slaughtered by a margin call..

  35. silver sniper says:

    as they said in a good ol movie from way back when mel brookes
    Fuk the Shorts!

  36. Vonda Bra says:

    @ me
    thanks a lot for your much more differentiated answer! πŸ™‚ I can see much better now, what you mean … or what upset you.

    BUT: Things are certainly never only black or white! or right or wrong, nor ever ever just only one-sided. There are the shades in everything … etc…
    My revolutionary heart, just like yours, amongst the most of us here, says: SLA!!!!!!!!!!!! We give it all!
    I suppose 90 % of all readers and posters here have made their basic homeworks and therefore also can see the revolutionary, anti-systemic, overlapping part behind it!!!
    The SLA is not a bunch of speculators, but wealthpreserving vigilantes, in for the long go!!!! with the will to see the all the crooks bleed !!!!!!!

    I suppose, that John does see that as well, thats why he is participating in the conversation!!!
    just bringing up some other interesting parts, trying to show the possible backside of the medal. Maybe only to express, or trying to foresee the hard part about it πŸ™‚ … that might be in the pipe for all of us. Who really knows ??????????

    Conviction on something, after the necessary due dilligence, and then to act on it and hold on to it, is crucial in any revulutionary scenario whatsoever!!! Its, willing to fight the fight! Yeah !!!!! πŸ˜€ … we are….!

    On the other hand, its totally ok, if someone expresses his doubts and explains them to all the rest of the not yet conviced people, or just offers food for thought.
    But John was in no ever way an SLA-basher!
    You and me and all the others here are doing some useful work to make more people join us, by discussing and debating the agenda and have everybody say his mind. The bashing is not really the most convincing or inflaming tool…
    SLA discusses strategies or new moves etc.., but never wants to offer material that just diversifies ?
    Building up Enthusiasm, is a fantastic thing and duty, for those, that have chosen a way for them and have made their minds up on the strategy.

    But WHY shouldΒ΄nt there be a fair and respectful debate amongst us all in the frist place? πŸ™‚

    Nasty, pathologic bible quoters and reactionary, obsessive hypocrits EXCLUDED !!! πŸ˜€

    You get, what I mean? πŸ™‚
    freindly weekend regards!
    hope my english is good enough … πŸ™‚

  37. John Galt says:

    @ Vonda Bra

    You are too kind for taking the time and effort to post that, and it is much appreciated. It’s certainly superior to what I might have said.

    Ultimately we’re all confronting the same beast and I am trying to keep this silver battle in perspective within the larger context (which I’m still trying to understand and get in focus too).

    If SLA requires a diplomat, Vonda Bra has my vote.

    Have a great weekend.


  38. silver sniper says:

    been bullish since i bought my fist 90%1000 face bag of mecury dimes $4200

  39. silver sniper says:

    to that dude i went to see that was telling me about stocks bonds ect that that was the worst invetment ever
    how do you like that college boy

  40. me says:

    @ V

    You are welcome, and I am not going to argue with you because you are far too upbeat, which I can also appreciate. Friendly regards, indeed……

  41. Badsey says:

    Some people want to sell Silver. They sell their Silver to the SLA. Silver price goes up, Silver Seller unhappy. SLA asks do you have more Silver to sell me for my fiat. =Silver Seller even more unhappy.

    Some people just do not understand the SLA.

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