[1195] The Truth About Markets – 02 April 2011

Stacy Summary: Better late than never.

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104 comments on “[1195] The Truth About Markets – 02 April 2011
  1. Courage and Bravery says:

    Max you’ll get your (four leaf clover) BLACK SPOT invite to Ireland SOON.

  2. davem says:

    Thanks max & stacy
    Great show – and I hope you can find time to appear on the “10 O’Clock Live” show, as they need someone like you to shake things up, and to wake people up.

  3. F. Beard says:

    If you had any guts you would address these issues on your show, and debate Stephen Zarlenga and Michael Hudson on this issue otherwise this proves you are a shill and are just protecting your huge position in gold. Ralph Nader

    Hear, hear! Debt-free government money is not the complete solution but it IS 1/2 of the solution per Matthew 22:16-22

  4. jischinger says:

    the speech about public workers needs a transcript

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