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JackieO explains money/sex/fear charka

People are Cashing In Their IRAs Early To Have Physical Silver Regardless Of Penalties!

“The idea that 19 billion ounces [of silver] is available is absurd,” but silver bears continue to use this number

Stacy Summary: In the latest Morgan Report, David Morgan looks at the price and supply of silver. While very cautious after the big rise in the price of silver, Morgan looks at a few demand supply issues.  On the demand side, he mentions both Eric Sprott and Max Keiser as being responsible for spreading the message of silver to a wide audience and, therefore, the demand.  In terms of supply, he debunks the argument put forth by several silver bears that there is 19 billion ounces of silver available.

[OTE107] On the Edge with Karl Denninger

We interview Karl Denninger.

MF Global, run by former Goldman CEO Jon Corzine has joined the fray, and has hiked its silver margin to $25,397

There’s been some rotation out of silver and into gold – which if fine by me – as long as the dollar keeps getting hammered. The silver-gold ratio – with a rising gold price – will fall back and spring load the silver vigilantes and SLA to gun the silver price toward $100 (on the way to $500).

Greetings from Thailand!

Dear Max & Stacy,

I have just discovered Keiser Report and “Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan”
campaign. Thank you for an eye opening information. (and kudos to RT
as well!)

Even though I’m late to the game, but I still believe there’s a big
upside for silver waiting ahead and had just purchased ~200 oz of
silver. Now that CME raised margin for Silver once again, it looks
like the fat cats are desperate and will do anything just to get
through this fiasco. Many of us here in the SLA, Thailand are packing
up ammos as much as we can.

Keep up the good work! I’m now addicted to Keiser Report. Maybe 3-4
shows/week instead of 2?

All the best,
Anonymous SLA from Thailand.

Jim Rickards: ‘There’s money supply increase but no pickup in velocity so no wealth effect increase in housing – Forced inflation vs. ‘natural deflation’ – Dutch pensions forced to disinvest out of gold

BLOCKBUSTER REVEAL: Dutch central banks mandate disinvestment of Dutch pension money out of Gold.

Silver surged 3.4% yesterday to settle at a 31 year nominal high and rose by $1.55 on the day

Bring the gold, see!

What happens when people actively shun their official currency…?

“At a lunch recently with a colleague, the parallels between the UK’s QE and the Weimar Republic’s printing of paper Reichsmarks became starkly apparent.”

“Superman consults with the President’s national security advisor, who is incensed that Superman appeared in Tehran to non-violently support the protesters demonstrating against the Iranian regime, no doubt an analogue for the recent real-life protests in the Middle East.”

Watch the latest Keiser Reports:

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