You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. U.S. consumers face “serious” inflation in the months

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  1. JonnyJames says:

    And just wait until the Chinese stop accepting dollars for their slave-goods. The slaves who work for Shite-Mart won’t even be able to buy the crap.

    Oh well, all the more reason to fill the safe with some ‘eavy me’al.

  2. 8Ball says:

    If food prices go through the roof in the US then there will be unrest…

  3. Youri carma says:


    The Fed Bailed Out A Libya-Owned Bank

  4. JonnyJames says:

    Speakin of ‘eavy me’al.

  5. JonnyJames says:


    Yeah, and when gas goes over 5 bucks, which should be soon. It is already above $4 in Cal.

  6. Youri carma says:


    Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

  7. ronron says:

    @Youri. i know why you deleted your cookies and spelled you name wrong. 😉

  8. Youri carma says:


    I did? So why do you think?

  9. ronron says:

    @Youri, cause you are smart. what else. 🙂

  10. Youri carma says:

    Al Qaeda Leader Dined for the Pentagon Just Months Soon after 9/11

    Funny details: British Army tells its soldiers to bribe Taliban with ‘bags of gold’

    Afghanistan: Troops Guarding the Poppy Fields and providing them means LulZ

  11. Youri carma says:


    Yeah, ahah normaly you’re right I use Cleanup!

    But lately my computer just shuts of once an a while and restarts cause my computer is sick. And that somehow handled my cookies too. ahah

  12. ronron says:

    @Youri. funny. i have a sick computer as well. 🙂

  13. JailBanksters says:

    Inflation to start 1 July when Bernanke stops making more Bernanke Bucks
    Or Will he?, are his Banksters Buddies cached up enough with free money.

  14. jim evans says:

    Could someone explain what point there is in saving and investing if interest rates remain so low?All that happens is that honest people keep losing money in real terms while crooks like the Yanks start fiddling and creating Madoff-style schemes that rely on defrauding the general public.

  15. Sacramento Joe says:

    From Automatic earth…

    There are still tons of voices which claim that the US dollar is about to collapse. That is a shame, because it is not. Banks failing stress tests in Ireland, Portugal seeking a bail-out, and above all dozens of Spanish banks that won’t be able to roll over their debt will make sure of that. We are about to witness the start of real capital flight away from Europe and into America and the US dollar.



  16. ronron says:

    @jim evans. you are a curios fellow.

  17. jim evans says:

    8=Ball…If food was scarce in the USA you Yanks would get healthy….!

  18. jim evans says:

    The dollar will not fail however much your public debt rises….because the world is structured so that we non americans pay your debts while you are the biggest thugs on the block and remain global capitalism`s enforcers.

    Perhaps that will change in time but Asia doesn`t want the bother of being tied up in wars yet.

  19. jim evans says:

    ronron…..that stuff about Soros is very interesting but he seems to be a sort of elephant in the room….so i welcome the chance to see his mad ideas questioned…..perhaps Max and Stacey could have him on RT?

  20. ronron says:

    @jim evans. soros will be dead soon. one last evil deed?

  21. jim evans says:

    I realise that murder is your natural standby in America ronron but suspect that the Open Society Foundation is an important plank in creating a borderless 1984 world in which we are all slaves but for a tiny elite who are smarter than GS and realise that his crazy but well-intentioned ideas will turn the world back into a feudal nightmare for all but themselves.

    George`s demise will not halt the progress of the New Feudal Capitalist World.

  22. Happy Dick says:

    @Sacramento Joe … I’m with you Joe, just think that Europe is being played to be laid out first. All the funny money gonna burn.

  23. t-rex and the slick pig says:

    wait till that happy meal costs you 10 bucks, minus the toy. thats when the shit will hit the fan, or will it.? but alas, ben “the big bank” bernakie comes to bail us out! MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY! its time for cake and sodomy,,,,, long live max! long live the keiser! live longer on silver! and stacy too

  24. ronron says:

    @jim evans. i am not an american. don,t ever say that again. i was born north of there and am a son of english/scottish. i live on indian land. stolen land. we threw in some anthrax blankets on the deal.

  25. ronron says:

    i work with a lot of FBI. fucking big indian. they tie all the rebar up here and erect the steel. agile fuckers, and friendly. they blew the smart meter equipment off the poles with shot guns. good canadians. cheap smokes.

  26. wtf says:

    America to Wallmart CEO – Go F@@K yourself. I don’t buy anything at Wallmart anyway!

  27. ronron says:

    @wtf. no more sponge bob square pants?

  28. microhousehold says:

    They are getting pissed off in Japan.

    ‘Reactionary Violence: Man Drives Car Into Fukushima Daini Nuclear Plant, Arrested, Wanted To Stand Out’

  29. foober says:

    to be honest. Americans are so dumbed down and placid they’ll just eat thier own radiatied poop and eventually die.

    The elites purposely populated the usa with very dumb boot lickers. SEnd us your poor and stupid and we’ll put them to work to building horrible weapons of war and to use the usa military mercenary as a keeling forcer for the eiltes.

  30. David says:

    This guy is correct. These Wal Mart spokespeople are actually part off our government now as Wal Mart has memorandums of understand with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. Wal Mart stores are “designated shelters” during times of state of national emergency and are capable of locking people in.

    ….developing…. www,

  31. jimmy chen says:

    gold $74,238/oz
    silver $4,949/0z

    so buy now….

    any questions?

  32. jimmy chen says:


    you got wifi on de reservation???? dat some cool shit

  33. Youri carma says:

    Soros is an evil clown soon to be obsolete. His couple of billions mean notin and his minions aren’t influencial.

    Ninja’s will soon make sushi of him and feed him to the sharkz.

  34. ronron says:

    @jimmy chen. yep. free wifi too.garbage sites free to run our smart meters. too rip me off. yep we got cancer causing wifi.

  35. Nak says:

    Is this a head fake? Shouldn’t the Japan catastrophe lead to a big selloff like in 2008?

  36. ronron says:

    anyway. when you figure where the fiber optics are placed? headquarters.

  37. Youri carma says:


    Shouldn’t the dollar be tanking right now?

  38. ronron says:

    @Nac. hahaha. like a dream?

  39. ronron says:

    nothing leads to anything, and that,s the problem.

  40. alan says:

    Honestly what did people expect? If you are not producing a commodity for yourself and suppliers (not supplies)are limited, any idiot can tell you the price is going to rise. Regardless of the cost of manufacture.
    I dont think the pushers of globilisation are idiots. Its a plan.
    Globilisation destroys communities and allows criminals to prosper.
    In a community, a cheat will soon be driven out of business. In the global arena it is a lot harder to identify the crooks.
    Good luck with that

  41. Watch says:

    @ jimmy chen
    gold $74,238/oz
    silver $4,949/0z

    so buy now….

    any questions? YA…

    THOSE are very nice numbers… how and where did you get them from ???

  42. dan valley says:

    Space cadets expected at inbred loony farce.
    Retired Air Force Major Predicts UFO Sightings at Royal Wedding
    The upcoming royal wedding might be a great place to see UFOs, according to George Filer, a retired Air Force major, who runs the National UFO Center…

  43. Youri carma says:

    @dan valley

    the triangular ones are ours.

  44. dan valley says:


    lets hope its the mothership takin these fucktards home!!

  45. Youri carma says:

    @@dan valley

    From 21:00 min Gary McKinnon talks about “Non Terrestrial Officers” list.

    Gary McKinnon : Hacking the Pentagon

  46. Tyler says:

    @Jim evens.

    Well, what are you talking about saving and investing in? Anything paper you should not invest in Unless you are going short term. Can’t go wrong with SILVER!!!

  47. John Q Public says:

    Sleep on now, and take your rest : behold , the hour is at hand, and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Matthew 26 / 45 . (Final-Done.)

  48. indeed says:

    It seems to me that WallyWorld is hurting now. Kinda looked like the later days of Pamida, the last time I went. I don’t think that they’ll make it if they raise the prices any more.

    Of course, there are “bailouts”.

  49. Youri carma says:

    Santellli on the roque

    One problem if the EU is gonna raise rates first (which they probably will) they will replace the Yen carry trade and even more “hot money” will come in and create even more inflation. Exactly were the cunning FED is waiting for. Ask China about “hot money”.

  50. dan valley says:

    Goldman went to Fed discount window five times – Reuters

  51. Youri carma says:

    Honduras is Burning: Eyewitness Report – US Backed Military Regime

  52. Youri carma says:

    ahahah it’s getting so obvious now LULz

    Stephen Harper and Oz Prime Minister John Howard SAME SPEECH

    Stephen Harper _”I know some people don’t like it. It is a loss of national sovereignty”

  53. should use all my shopper dockets?

  54. angel says:

    I would like to share with you this commentary from Mexico Mike of
    It seems that this gentleman is also annoyed that no metal is entering the vaults to settle.
    Here is his commentary. Lemetropolecafe and GATA are a great organization and it would be a worthwhile gesture on your part to become a member. They have done so much in exposing the crime by JPMorgan and their banking friends. Anyway, here is this great commentary by Mexico Mike on today’s action and the lack of metal entering our registered vaults:

    It looks like the 1% cap remains firmly in place on gold. I read so much commentary every week from people that are hostile to the very idea that any form of manipulation is in play on the precious metals, but just once I would love to read some explanation offered from these people on how it is that the price of gold can be locked down so easily within a prescribed range if indeed it was just normal market activity. Gold trades in historic relationships with other sectors and yet this precise containment of gold seems to occur in isolation of the other influencing factors. Note today that the dollar did not do much and there was no significant outside news to account for the abrupt selling pressure that showed up to halt the advance of gold.
    In silver it was even more pronounced today as silver was dumped for 50 cents to the downside with no other market action to account for the violent move. It is even more suspicious to note that a sharp selloff also hit silver at about the same time yesterday, with no outside market action of interest.
    And I wonder how it is that the COMEX silver inventory started the month with about 104 million ounces of silver bullion. The march contract month accounted for about 8.5 million ounces of silver deliveries, and yet the total inventory only declined about 1 million ounces over that time. I review the data provided by Adrian every day and I do not recall seeing more than 7 million ounces of silver arrive at the warehouses, and the net dealer inventory during the month did not change much either. Okay, so some of those contracts were settled quietly in cash, and at a premium if the market buzz is correct, but no one seems to question how that can be if in fact there is just a huge surplus of silver lying around. Memo to Jeffery Christian: Care to take on that little mystery for us next time you put your grill in front of the cameras?
    So why is it that the numbers never seem to add up no matter how many contracts stand for delivery? And if indeed there are irregularities with the reporting process, as the above seems to suggest, then just what the hell is being investigated at the COMEX that takes more than 2 years to uncover? Isn’t the concept of a free and honest market for all participants dependant upon accurate disclosure of the documented warehouse inventory including shipments in and out on any given day?
    So too with the notion that the JPM has emerged in the warehouse business as a means to transfer paper silver to avoid disclosing a delivery failure. JPM has already been busted once on this scam to claim ownership of physical bullion on behalf of clients that was only in fact a paper promise of bullion. They charged storage fees as part of this fraud and were fined. If their new warehouse is a continuation of this same scam, surely the regulators would have an interest to scrutinize the transactions.
    I am very interested to hear from the people that think I am nuts. Being denounced as a conspiracy theorist is fine if they can back it up. Tell me where I am getting it wrong. And for the regulators, how can anyone trust in their capacity for oversight when they have taken years to conduct an investigation with still no conclusions presented. It took a commission just a few months to present a report on the worldwide operation to bring the world trade center down, case closed… But a small group of crooks running a scam at to cap a tiny market sector is a big mystery that no one seems to be able to unravel? WTF? There are documented irregularities in the trading pits just about every single day in this sector. Yet we are supposed to believe that nothing is amiss at the same time as we are supposed to trust that everyone is doing their job while the whole process grinds on for years. And do not even get me started on the naked shorting of the mining juniors, nor on the failure of the CME to enforce the mandate for position limits within a reasonable time frame.
    The whipsaw action of the metals does not alarm me. I have been a steady buyer of bullion for years and have no plans to stop now. It is the ethical breakdown among the larger participants, and the cavalier attitude of the regulatory enforcement that has me deeply concerned. I wonder how much more of a broken system we must endure before the panel on CNBC even notices? And with the NFP report due out shortly I am sure even more manipulation is on the way. Just where the hell are the emperor’s goddamn clothes anyway?
    You better believe I am disgusted. The system is beyond broken. And I sincerely believe that the day after we get a delivery default exposing the entire rotten, corrupt and criminal enterprise that exists in our metals markets, the crooks will set about trying to find a way to screw those legitimate owners that actually have physical bullion in their possession.

  55. Youri carma says:

    I first said” the EU probably will” raise interest rates but they are in the same boat as the US so in fact they can’t without nasty side effects like the carry trade and making debts more expensive. And they already said it two times and didn’t do so … Bernankesan isn’t going to raise rates, altough they are doing the talk, that’s for sure. They can’t avoid QEIII (or a QEII extension – same thing) or the economy will collapse. They have to pump the trillions in till they die. Also to keep the treasuries under wraps. some say Japan did it so why not the US but the US ain’t Japan in oh so many ways.

  56. YoLithos says:

    The days of 10c bullets are over.

    Bullet propellant can be made even from ( beep ) and ( bo-beeep ). But copper, lead, and steel are pretty irreplacable. On the other hand, poachers prefer bows and crossbows for a reason (yes, I “forgot”, at least one. I did it on purpose.).

    Then, there’s the problem of mad-cow diagnostic kits. And lyme, of course. Silver might alleviate some of that, but

  57. Bustedcelt says:

    lower wages+no jobs+no raises+higher prices=guess what walmart, you’re going to sell less junk

    Did you really think this was good news for your bottom line???

  58. Nak says:

    QEIII? The Fed is pushing on a string, all the money printing is being soaked up covering all the past bad bets and very little is flowing into the economy. We are seeing higher prices due to austerity measures caused by defaults and underfunded everything. Everyone’s Insurance premiums and taxes are going a lot higher, because less people are paying into those schemes and those higher costs are being passed on. Is that Inflation? I believe it is just a matter of time before massive Defaults will lead to Deflation and not Inflation.

  59. alan says:

    @ Youri carma thanks for the link, It would be funny if it was not so sad. I always said the next original thought John Howard had would be his first. Does anyone dought these fuckers are just stooges?

  60. Youri carma says:

    SILVER: Peter Schiff – CNBC Fast Money 3-31-11 Vid

  61. Youri carma says:

    Heard this from 2008

    Pimco’s Crescenzi Says Banks Still `Not Lending Much’

  62. Youri carma says:

    UPDATED – French CESIUM-137 radioactive fallout model — MARCH 30, 2011

  63. alan says:

    Further to John howard stev harper same speech. They just rub your face in it, the politicians have so much contempt for you they can not even be bothered to speak their own words when declaring war.
    To be fair Australia and Canada were probably told many years ago to stop thinking for themselves and run everything through Washinton. Johno and Steve have sent their speeches to Washington for approval and some juniour clerk has just shook his head and sent them the form speech. with the comment we liked your input but dont try it agrain: just read this word for word or the radio/tv shock jocks will turn on you. God how do we put up with it.

  64. mAx,

    Do you really know where you’re getting your silver from?

    Have you traced the entire path of your coins to the root?

    From digger, to you

    Every Step.

    Guess who is stuck in the mix. Your buddies, JP Morgan

    They are selling it to you.

    Has that thought crossed your mind yet?

    Crash Wal-Mart
    Buy Money, Keys, Comb, Wallet, Lighter, Hankie, Pen, Cigarettes, Contraceptives, Vaseline, Whips, Chains, Whistles, Dildos, and a Book

    I bet George Carlin would approve,
    especially if he was going to some house on the other side of Maui
    –ref. A Place for my Stuff …

  65. Robert Mockan says:

    Emotional people can be easily manipulated and directed. As oil prices increase, they will be made to believe we are in a commodity bubble. Then oil will come down a bit, and their fear will be used to crash the commodity and stock markets. PMs will fall in price with both markets crashing. The USD will be intervened higher, but it will be said to be safe haven buying. The USD index will go to 80, gold will go to 1380, silver will go to 30. And so the game will continue.

  66. Bruce says:

    Alex Jones comments on Walmart / The Police State

  67. Bruce says:
    Here we have the original USA Today article stating inflation will be “serious” but nowhere in the video does he state this. The video adds confusion since it doesn’t even list the questions that they asked and it’s been edited to death.

  68. Bruce says:

    “Our business model…whether costs are reduced from the change in the interchange fee or costs are reduced from anything else that we do built on…uh..lower prices. So anytime there’s a cost savings anywhere our first instinct is lower prices which increases velocity in sales which then allows us to get this productivity loop that we operate so well moving so…(pause) that’s our direction”
    Slave labour? Squeezing suppliers?
    That productivity loop?

    “We’re actually quite pleased that finally after all these years we get a chance in front of the Supreme Court to talk about our uh…our programs and just how much we support uh…the advancement of women and very very strong anti-discrimination policies that we have…”
    Pleased at having to do it or pleased at the result?

    “As the…as the news of…of the supreme court got out yesterday and…and the days that lead up to it, many of the women that work in our stores…uhm…came up to us and asked us…uhm.. “why aren’t we defending this in the public more rigorously. That’s not the experience that we had. That’s not the experience that we see every day. We need to get out there and defend that and we’re glad to have a chance to do that yesterday.”
    Yes, it’s all about women’s rights at Walmart! How ’bout giving these ladies some airtime? Give their names and faces?

    “We need to and we’re going to be able to provide customers everywhere ..whether you live in a city or a rural area – with access to low prices. Uhm, that’s our business model; to give you a broad assortment as we can in the size of the store that we can put in and the lowest prices that we can possibly do. Everybody has a right to that and we look forward to be able to deliver that”
    Everybody has a right to the lowest prices? That’s a new one.

    Along with eroded basic liberties?

    Every supplier has a right to make a profit without being pushed to the edge, too. Nothing more than a glorified slave-driver, like so many large manufacturers in bed with the government.

  69. Bruce says:

    3:52 -3:57
    “We’ll have the lowest prices in the market. That’s what we do; that’s our business model”
    What a completely shameless puff piece.

    Nothing but Walmart propaganda – especially those last few seconds thrown in – as if we’d forgotten the message that was told countless times in the 4 minute video. Again, the questions omitted.

    Shopping at places with strong ties to fascist governments and long history of supplier abuses is fun.

  70. Robert Mockan says:

    Emotions make for volatile markets. With the USD going to 80, the Euro/usd currency pair will go to 1.35. This will help exporting from Europe, and help fund the bailouts in Europe. China will like it because their USD holdings will effectively appreciate. They will continue to reduce USD holdings by buying more resources in the world, targeting mostly resource companies, with their more “valuable” dollars.
    As the USD is manipulated higher, oil prices and commodity prices will fall. This will all be viewed positive for “recovery”. And so the game will continue.

  71. Bruce says:

    “We are excited about some of the initiatives that we have as well; we recently had the privilege of appearing with the first lady and talk about healthy food initiative and we’re gonna deliver fresh foods…and food deserts in urban areas and we’re also going to make a concerted effort to ‘equalize’ some of the price of the healthier options that are available to people. You shouldn’t have to pay more the sodium-free version of a product than you do for the …for the full sodium and so we’re working against all those things and we’re very pleased to have Michelle Obama who’s very very gracious to join us in that effort”
    In that public relations blitz?
    Michelle gets her lovely Public Relations “she cares about us” press.
    Walmart get free advertising.

    Who are you kidding? It’s a win-win for both of you. Walmart cares about your health, or is it a reaction to the market’s demands for real food that forced you to market this way?

  72. Robert Mockan says:

    This is not rocket science, people. The pattern described has happened before, it will happen again. Not time yet for the fat lady to sing. One day, but not yet. All the pattern needs is to pull the trigger, after a little more fear to prime the proper response. Then it will be like people are back in another time warp.

  73. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Piccola Economista

    Those were the days. Just 2 years later the first moon walk. Many of the people in that video are still alive, but in the twilight. A sad ending to the promise of the future. Now we have Bieber, TSA groping, the Kleptocracy. What a waste of time all those years between. Time for the sun to set on this.

  74. dan valley says:

    JamesGRickards Jim Rickards
    #Dimon says new regulations “nail in the coffin” for big banks Fine, pass the hammers

  75. MirrorMirror says:

    @susan …. At first , I thought it was true, then I thought about an April Fool’s joke , then I remembered all the people that have left this board for some reason ( sharon / snoot / phil/G. / mep ) etc.!

    But still, they were interesting links ..Thx.

  76. MirrorMirror says:

    URGENT – MUST SEE – Updates on Fukushima — Fairewinds Associates, Inc — March 31, 2011

    The guy speaking was the Chief Nuclear Scientist that cleaned Three Mile Island .

  77. Mick says:

    Hi max
    Of cause we love Stacy so do u. Max just go over to her and give that girl a kiss. Show the world that love and piece make this world go around.
    Love u both
    Love down under up and above. Wish that eagles could fly.

  78. MirrorMirror says:

    Dr. Joel Wallach: The U.S. Health Care Industry is Failing – Alex Jones Tv 2/3

  79. MirrorMirror says:

    Mr President! How Can You Ruin A Million People’s Lives A YEAR For Same Stuff You Did? & SAY

    Good points… Drug Legalization.

  80. Robert Mockan says:

    @ susan

    The site reference you posted:

    is just a blogspot. The article is appropriate for April 1.

    Any legitimate currency replacement will be disclosed by BIS, the most powerful Bank for International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland. That is the bank for central banks, run by and for the most powerful, wealthiest, families of the world.

    Until they speak about the subject, any “news” about a replacement global currency, is just a joke.

  81. Harry says:

    What about the CRIMEX?
    How did they handle the deliveries?
    What were the premiums?

  82. susan says:


    That was no April Fool, you fool 🙂 – that is MY blog, and I wrote it this morning, and I’ve been looking into the GSF for a while. I tried to post some questions about it on one of Max’s posts yesterday (entitled Cum Stain…) but the post was later removed.

    Please have a look yourself at the GSF website, and my blog (Le Guerrat is where I live) and think again…


  83. jimmy chen says:

    your prastic junk from china gonna be 1.09

  84. VOM DEM says:


  85. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Susan

    The GSF (Global Settlements Foundation) is an organization similar to James Turk GOLD MONEY. You obtain a password, are issued an account number, fill out forms for the account, deposit money (fiat). Then can conduct transactions using 70% gold “globals” with other members. Clearing is done digitally (that is you do not use the physical currency). It is a variation of the James Turk Gold Money organization. In both the gold used for backing is kept in a vault. YOU, as a member, buy the gold and it is allocated to your own account. GSF has NO affiliation with BIS (Bank for International Settlements). You comment in your blog there is going to be a G-20 type meeting to discuss GSF. I think that .. unlikely.

  86. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Susan

    The nature of GSF is why it was deleted from the RSS . The references about GSF, descriptions about GSF, at the web pages about GSF, is actually all advertising to get people to become membersr of GSF.

  87. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Susan

    I would like to add that IF a system like GSF was implemented on an international scale, it probably could work, but would require enormous computer resources to keep track of transactions. Of course any centralized monetary system requiring command and control software would also.

  88. susan says:

    Thanks Robert – appreciated.

    I guess only time will tell, as Aaron Russo (almost) said:

    freedom or fascism?

  89. jim evans says:

    Susan…one person`s freedom can be bought by subjecting other people to fascism. All over the world there are classes of people…even in the USA there are virtual slaves living near to free agents whose wealth and education and opportunities make them vastly more liberated than slaves.

    Of course the liberated folk will probably ascribe their freedom to some form of superior ability or industry…..but you only have to look at the family backgrounds of students at ivy League universities to know what its really about in the “land of opportunity”.

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