Where’s Andrew Maguire? Separating the trolls from the real people.

MK: Regarding the metals trading service mentioned in this vid, I heard about it, but did not see the value in it so didn’t think it was worth talking about on this site. I don’t trade silver. I buy and hold. Yes, I did meet Andrew Maguire in London at the Cheviot Sound Money Conference. He was supposed to be a speaker (see link). In fact, he was the reason I went to this conference, and rearranged my schedule, resulting in missing an opportunity to be a guest of David Mitchell’s on the debut show of “10 O’Clock Live” on Channel 4. But then AM pulled out at the last minute – much to the disappointment of those attending the conference, including myself. [If you follow the link and click on ‘speakers’ you will see Andrew’s name: Andrew Maguire Commodities Trader ‘Behind the curtain of precious metals price discovery’] At a dinner the night before the conference, Andrew told me he had a bombshell but was bound by a court ordered gag-order. I reported this information. I am still waiting, just like everyone else, to hear what he has to say. I get lots of emails asking when I will interview AM about this bombshell. It’s not up to me. It’s up to AM. Just to reiterate, the metals trading timing service I have zero interest in and haven’t looked at it because I don’t day-trade metals. Who to trust? Three people who I consider to be aces in the metals business are: James Turk (goldmoney.com), Mike Maloney (goldsilver.com) and David Morgan (silver-investor.com). On the research front, Ted Butler is the original silver vigilante for sure. Eric Sprott is the king of the gold and silver ETF business. GATA does an excellent job with its research. Watch Chris Powell’s presentation from the Cheviot Sound Money Conference, linked from the above link. It’s an excellent presentation and I believe anyone who watches it will come away with lots of respect for GATA.

91 comments on “Where’s Andrew Maguire? Separating the trolls from the real people.
  1. Graeme Murphy says:

    Andrew Maguire seems to be about to be coming out with info that will put people in jail YIIPPEE!!!

  2. Graeme Murphy says:

    it was 3 weeks ago baldy,ask eric sprott if its bullshit, ure a dickhead baldy

  3. bammbamm says:

    I also questioned this when he was supposedly hit by a car and then disappeared. Time to produce him, Max.

  4. jimmy chen says:

    max is co-intell. he is designed as usual to release a bit truth and mostly not truth. he will yell about bankers dhen shrill about AGW. Max is a shrewd concoction designed to distract those with half brains and half anger to focus here and not elsewhere…….dhey probabry have some skeleton over him…..stacy is an unwitting lacky

  5. zezorro says:

    It gets weirder every day. Seems like we were never at war with Eastasia.

  6. Graeme Murphy says:

    Do you think the police helicopter pilot, the met police or the sun newspaper knew the guy they were chasing had just attacked a person of importance? no , then its just a normal chase like every other chase. Cop helicopters get used all the time so thats a stupid arguement. Maybe there are people after this guy as there are law suits pending that involve him, silver manipulation has been proved and this guy Maguire talked authorities through a precise takedown of silver, once you see his face what difference will it make ? his info is gold so you should be thankful that him and other people you mentioned take the time to go out and educate the masses on silver manipulation

  7. Bonn says:

    Fook they gonna bomb the brown peeps again
    U.N. okays military action on Libya
    The United Nations authorised military action to curb Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Thursday, hours after he threatened to storm the rebel bastion of Benghazi overnight, showing “no mercy, no pity.”

  8. chris says:

    To the person in this video: I can assure you that AM exists because I actually had correspondence with him before the SHTF. We discussed trading strategies and he is an avid user of the Hidden Pivot method created by Rick Ackerman…AM actually gave me an indicator (called Andy’s indicator) he uses to trade Gold/silver….I know…I am just another troll on the MK thread…

    And for your information, AM just started a trading fund which was widely touted on Zero Hedge, KWN etc…perhaps you should use another method in your searches because obviously what you are doing now SUCKS.

  9. Harry says:

    Why is silver going sideways only, these days?

  10. chris says:

    Silver is going sideways because TIME is not ready for it to do otherwise…the reason TIME is not ready could be due to any manner of reasons…

  11. 8Ball says:

    Betancourt called it… It’s a virtural world. Airheads trading air… The ultimate Ponzi scheme, as long as they can make you believe whatever it is they are saying & selling, the scheme works. Operative word: Tangible

  12. cowardlylion says:

    Graemebot, sweetie, what happened at 9:15 am. Tell the rest of us bots. Were you trying to be sarcastic like one of them?

  13. flicks says:

    He made some factual errors in his video but he does have some points – the only interview with Andrew Maquire has been on KWN with Adrian Douglas and Ive never seen this guys image.

    For me after listening to this I decided Maguire was probably for real:


    However people talking about bombshell news, interviews and what not, then nothing – seems to me is just about getting eyes, clicks egos pumped up and helping fuel skeptical minds. AJ does it all the time, needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  14. MirrorMirror says:

    @Vonda Bra …. Libya No Fly approved 10:5 // I consider this a katastrophe!

    Yes, it IS a catastrophe !
    … and strangely, Nostradamus predicted exactly this .

  15. Keehotee says:

    Jimmy, I think you nailed it. Here’s your prize


  16. cowardlylion says:

    Airheads trading air and brown people doing the dying.

  17. John Q Public says:

    We understand the import of real silver that will be need in removal in this toxin world from water.antiseptics, antibactirial, radiation,etc this metal is a wonder metal. Silver created Blue Bloods (Eating with and off Pure Sliver) Why do you think they live so long.

  18. Dan says:

    someone should start up a site ‘celebrity silver’

    News these days just becomes about the people giving it rather than the news. Fucking egos flying all over the place.

  19. Kel18323 says:

    Whhhoooohhhhooooo goooo rawdoggggggg,,,,came back with a bang!!!!!!!!

  20. 8Ball says:

    cowardlylion, Yes, that is the tangible part of the equation… someone must pay with something of real value… Soon to be the white people.

  21. MirrorMirror says:


    Japan nuclear Fallout will carry 100’s of radioactive particles to West coast part 2


    @6:22 minutes

  22. Crumpet_Muncher says:

    Andrew Maguire = Keyser Söze?

  23. chris says:

    Here is a video of some good Silver analysis. Updates every day:


  24. Observer says:

    If the guy in the video is gambling all his money in silver then more fool him. Common sense says hedge with about 10% of your funds in PM’s and take a long view. All this talk of impending collapse may or may not come to pass, view your PM’s as an investment or a personal store of your money. Of course the billion dealers have a vested interest in you buying from them and a lot of their videos/blogs come across like infoverts. If you don’t trust them buy your stuff from the official mints e.g. Royal mint, Canadian mint etc… As for who’s point of view is right or wrong, make up your own mind watch/read extreme opposites e.g Keiser Report Vs Glenn Beck, Fox News Vs Russia Today…

  25. cowardlylion says:


    You first. 😉

  26. Crumpet_Muncher says:

    Ronald McDonald doesn’t exist, but people still buy his burgers.

  27. George Barnard says:

    Not mentally sound this bald man.

    Qualified opinion.

    GMB in Oz

  28. 812 says:

    Thanks for exposing those fraudsters. Max have been blocking my comments. They all work for banks. I have Max records from the CNCIS.

  29. cowardlylion says:


    Max…pissst….take it easy on the sugar cubes.

  30. Titus says:

    I follow this guy on tube co I like the way he questions things and he makes interesting points. He tends to play devils advocate and flip flops occasionaly but I don’t have a problem with that because it challenges my way of thinking rather than being lazy,I follow 7 or 8 other guys reguarly including silverfuturist (I like he is chicken videos best), and he is one of them. I actually think his questioning of Andrew Macguires credibility is sensible.I mean AM is a bit of a mysterious figure. Shame you missed out on working with David Mitchell Max, he is a smart and funny guy.

  31. Titus says:

    And if thats Chris from the weekly telegram commenting earlier don’t beat up on me cos I watch your videos too

  32. MirrorMirror says:

    Japan weighs need to bury nuclear plant

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese engineers conceded on Friday that burying a crippled nuclear plant in sand and concrete may be a last resort to prevent a catastrophic radiation release, the method used to seal huge leakages from Chernobyl in 1986.


  33. MirrorMirror says:

    Japan Admits Nuclear Problem Is ‘Severe’ -Pool in Fukushima nuclear reactor No. 4 leaking very fast


    People now very nervous about Nuclear Installations :

    Lake Ontario …

    Canada nuclear plant accident turns drinking water radioactive – Mar 14, 2011


  34. Bonn says:

    @ MirrorMirror
    looks like Japan is Fooked…
    Man if this was caused by HAARP it means we are totally retarded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hic 😉

  35. Del - UK says:


  36. MirrorMirror says:

    @Bonn … Japan ? .. what about the rest of the planet as well !

    Japan nuclear plant disaster compared to Russian Chernobyl

    Good video from AJ … showing paths of radiation (California/LA) and history.

  37. Bonn says:

    Fookin Bernake and Geitner will be forgotton now so will Crash JP morgan buy silver
    All focuss will be on surviving next 10 years
    Hic 😉
    Makes me more feel it was HAARP
    Fookin retarded Obama and USA

  38. Aaah says:

    What about Bob Chapman?
    Anyone trust him?
    He’s saying to accumulate Gold & silver
    and talks highly of Max.

  39. Aaah says:

    Regarding the bald maddog’s alleged expose.
    The dude is suffering from a testosterone backup.
    He needs his pipes cleaned and his neural pathways
    need a testosterone dump.

  40. at least by example max is showing that there is nothing to hide

  41. Joe9083 says:

    Jimmy,you surprise me?

  42. Mother Earth says:

    Quick prediction of the type you don’t want to have to make:

    Within a couple of days there will be a proposal to nuke or bomb the plants in order to disperse the fuel.


  43. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day

    super choice…. dank you

  44. David says:

    Peasants fighting peasants over a greater share of something that doesn’t exist and isn’t worth anything to begin with…

    If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable.

  45. Stefan Davis says:

    I watched this guys video and these thoughts kept poping into my head “What a Dumb Ass” and “He looks like a troll” “He actualy looks like a bold Troll”

  46. jimmy chen says:


    as to my above comment about max being co-intel and stacy being an unwitting participant…. I still rove em both nonetheless…. just an fyi

  47. Gold Vigilante says:

    Guilty until proven innocent? Remember this moral standard when tyranny knocks at your door, Baldy.

  48. Argentium says:

    Although I like Ted Butler he is NOT the original silver vigilante. That award goes to Jerome Smith.



  49. t-rex and the slick pig says:

    this guy isnt a troll, he’s a deuch bag. look to the charts and you’ll see all the manipulations you want. buy silver, down with jp morgue. i think master blythe might take a money shot on the chin today.

  50. Joe9083 says:

    @Mother Earth, America already does this with depleted uranium ammo.

  51. Karsten Hansen says:

    Blow my Nuclear ass!
    This Genpool is empty!
    Nothing left,but degenerated dump,Egomania!

  52. Jeff says:

    Seems as if even Max Keiser has no proof Andrew Maguire exists. Max, if you are behind this guy, then where is he and where is the proof he exists? Just because you have no interest in the service he provides, seems a little suspect that you know nothing about the service and even if its legit. I still believe this guy is a farse! Scared to come out of a shell, what a p*ssy!

  53. Omega Pointing says:

    Honestly, some people are so utterly disrespectful – jimmychen, in particular. If it isn’t clear already how much of a tireless advocate for change Max is, then it never will be. Unlike Alex Jones, a suspect character in his own right, Max travelled to Tahrir Sq. He did so in earnest, in order to gain genuine information on how the “revolution” was proceeding. Not only that, he is in constant motion bringing evidence of financial corruption to our ears: from OTE to KR to TAM, to independent documentaries for AJ – he IS fighting the good fight. How this guy could come to any other conclusion is beyond me.

    Let me emphasise something: I understand the restlessness of people wanting to hear something about AM. It makes sense that a person with such “intelligence” should come forward immediately and make the truth be known. The only reason I think that this has not been the case is that AM is afraid for his own family (and his own business). Now, it does strike me as strange that the man is providing financial services BEFORE this case has been sufficiently dealt with. Surely the system needs purged FIRST? It is, I agree, also strange that we cannot find a single picture of the man on the internet – perhaps there is some legal reason for this? Is AM in protective custody, for example? We need to be patient with this issue. Five weeks is not THAT LONG.

    Here’s a proposal to Max: if AM refuses to appear and make a solid date on your show, you should do everything in your power to provide 1) evidence of his existence (I am not disputing this, but it WOULD put an end to a lot of nasty rumours), 2) further commentary about his position vis a vis the silver market (his business dealings currently), 3) interviews with people who have interviewed him and have been in contact with him.

    I suspect there are several reasons why you have held off from doing this:
    1) You do not want to endanger the man by making his whereabouts and identity known to all parties;
    2) You want to have him on your show “in one piece”
    3) You want to respect his wishes for privacy (they are “his” wishes and have nothing to do with “us”)
    4) There are certain legal restraints placed on AM, perhaps even a superinjunction (by the sounds of things)

    One thing is for certain: Max is on “our” side and I find it repugnant for others to suggest the contrary. I think we have too many Alex Jones’s heads clogging this website (I gauge this from the fact that they are so keen on pointing out potential shills that they inadvertently stave rational argument).


  54. Mark Vette says:

    Hey MK – You forgot Bob Chapman. He always speaks very highly of you when ask by folks on the radio shows he has appeared on.
    Just saying …..

  55. jimmy chen says:

    @Omega Pointing

    herro hope good day

    dank you for putting a smile on my face……

  56. Omega Pointing says:

    @Max: “At a dinner the night before the conference, Andrew told me he had a bombshell but was bound by a court ordered gag-order.”

    Is it not feasible for him to go against the court order? I mean, what penalty would result from going against it? Sometimes the truth cannot wait: see Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, the venerable Bobby Sands, and even Boethius (particularly his Consolation of Philosophy). If AM is serious, I think he should act seriously.

    This is no criticism of the tireless work that you do. But it is to criticise the relatively low profile of AM at a time when the truth needs to be spoken loudly from the ramparts.

    @jimmychen: Laughter is no defence against superior argument. Laugh all you want, it dosen’t change a thing.

  57. jimmy chen says:

    @Omega Pointing

    one last point… the internet is a sewer and we are swimming with our mouths wide open…. unless you know max personally you have no idea and neither do I for that matter what he really does or his intentions… so you must be suspicious, tread carefully and not believe all that you read and see… logic dictates if you doubt one alternative source (Alex jones) you should be sceptically of all. It is only because you think your judgment is correct or that a person appeals to you that you are attracted to them and let down your guard. You and I (unless you personally know max and Stacy intimately) don’t know squat so before you thrash around judgments about being disrespectful(which honestly I don’t care) becasue one who you don’t know conflicts with your value system you should consider your personal defenses because once again you are on a site and you have no clue who if anyone backs it or supports it

  58. Omega Pointing says:

    @jimmychen There are two ways to judge the intent of individual: 1) by what one says and 2) by what one does.

    Taking the first: Max is an advocate for change in all that he says. His language might be pure hyperbole some days, but it “appears” that he believes in the cause for change – real and substantive financial reform.

    Moving to the second: we noted above that it “appears” he believes in the cause for change. Now, appearances can be deceptive and language is the most deceptive form of appearance-making that we as human beings have. But what if we add actions on top of this? Adding Max’s actions into the mix – his documentary making (historical and anecdotal), his recent trip to Egypt, Lebanon, and his manifold interviews conducted over many years – it seems clear that he IS an advocate for change.

    Resuming the use of our critical faculties, we ask a more logical question: what would Max gain from cheating his followers? A simple list might include: 1) more money from investments in precious metals (and therefore greater wealth), and 2) the destruction of a fetid financial system thanks to a rush of investors away from the dollar and into metals. The first point – referring, chrematistically to his own wealth – is one that we are able to share in. We in a memetic sense, invest like him and make money from our investments. So, even if he despised his followers, we are making a return on our investments. To the second point – as a result of this behaviour the financial system will be teetering on the brink of destruction. Yet point 1) means that we as Max supporters are also secured from the eventual decline. The conclusion: even if Max was playing us all, we are still gaining from the “game” he “might” be playing. Therefore, we gain even when we supposedly lose.

    To summarise: language is deceptive and chimerical, but when backed up with action it is more persuasive and constitutive of genuine character. Accepting, however, that appearances are a fact of life, and that we could be being led along the garden path (so to speak), we can use our questioning of appearances to further our own individual campaigns. So, we must remain critical AND yet ABLE to spot truth from fiction. Seeing everything as fiction, however, is to see no truth at all.

  59. DennyDFW says:

    I don’t think that this response to Rawdoglet’s questions about Andrew Maguire’s existence is sufficient. Glad to see it addressed, but this whole show of a “flipped crooked trader” has gone on long enough. Now nothing but doubts will come out.

  60. Gavin says:

    Kudos to Max for posting this and allowing the discussion.
    Thumbs down to commenters who’s contributions to the discussion amount to calling the guy “Baldy”. WTF people! This kind of superficial thinking/judgement is why we deserve the shit news/politicians/system we’ve got!

  61. silverbug says:

    Hi Ragdoglet…. Love Love your videos.. Don’t ever stop producing them. It is honest people like you that will keep the rest of them on the straight and narrow. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, the point is that you have an honest point of view and it’s yours. People are just jealous of your courage. So, don’t stop.

    and.. I don’t normally like guys without hair, but I find you very cute…:)) I’d make an except for you!! wink wink

  62. Drunk says:

    FFS people – if you want proof of life, why don’t you visit KWN and download the interview with Andrew Maguire from last year?

    Nice to see some insane cultural marxists have joined the debate too. Looking forward to seeing them willingly donate their silver and gold to the great Gramsci society when the dust settles.

  63. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    @de chenmeister
    “max is co-intell. he is designed as usual to release a bit truth and mostly not truth. he will yell about bankers dhen shrill about AGW. Max is a shrewd concoction designed to distract those with half brains and half anger to focus here and not elsewhere…….dhey probabry have some skeleton over him”
    “unless you know max personally you have no idea and neither do I for that matter what he really does or his intentions”
    I can’t add it up . Pls help

  64. Tom H says:

    Max, thank you for addressing this issue. Now I don’t have to wait around wondering if it was bullshit. As far as I am concerned, I was watching KR long before the Crash JP thing began because I value what Max is doing. As a percentage, it seems to me he get’s much less wrong than, say…., Ben Bernanke or Owebama. I also bought silver long before Crash JP. I started buying at 15. The crash JP thing just made it way more fun.
    Personally, I did not see a whole lot of disagreement at MK.com until Max and Stacey morphed from exposing financial terrorism to climate scientists. But Hey, it’s their blog. Crash JP Morgan, buy silver.

  65. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    It seems to me that the word “research” has been degraded lately

  66. stefankrieger says:

    amen…i also enjoy ‘the show’….trust your family and well-selected friends.

  67. Mini US says:

    This is just a reminder to question everything, that is everything.
    Good reminder.

    However, I haven’t put much energy into Maguire as “there is nothing to see here folks, go home.”

    I always believed that if he is seriously going to take on these big Banksters in court, he had better have a very tight case against them. I thought they were protecting that legal integrity so as not to ‘blow the case’.

    Otherwise, I don’t care if he exists or not.
    Not affecting my plans 🙂

  68. jim says:

    max keiser says the usa needs more 911s to toughen up. maybe max keiser needs an occasional kick in the balls and lose that girly man scarf he wears

  69. Common Cents says:

    If you don’t trade silver, how do you realize your capital gains?

    Wouldn’t you make more money if you sold some silver at a profit (say $35 an ounce), then buy silver when the price dropped this week (say $34 an ounce)?

  70. Very good Video and very significant that Max posted it.

    There is little or no proof Andrew Maguire exists. End of argument.

    Who are you going to believe when Max himself says he met him?

    So now we have a very important, pivotal point. Either Max is lying or Max is telling the truth. If he is lying, this whole Max Keiser site is going to tank.

    Pawn to King4. Check.

  71. scrutinizer says:

    I dont think Max Keiser exists either.

  72. Drunk says:

    Just in case you missed it, here is an Andrew Maguire interview proving that there is someone out there called Andrew Maguire who knows about the silver market.


  73. Dyhalto says:

    Now now, let’s not all take a collective dump on AJ’s head over this.
    He operates a radio news show, not a conspiracy theory show and I think he’s right to do it. Keep it real. People will travel down the rabbit hole from there.
    We’re all up to our necks in speculative conspiracy theory while AJ sticks to the confirmable stuff. As a result, people think he’s some sort of controlled opposition becuase he doesn’t talk about the HAARP, the jesuits, or several-thousand year old biblical prophecies (anymore).

    As for Andrew Maguire, why would there be photos and vidoes of him? Guys like Max and Mike Maloney have put themselves forward and become eRockStars. Since nobody knows who Andrew is, nobody is able to randomly snap photos of him or pester him for interviews.
    And personally, if i had knowledge of evil doings, and the day I was supposed to expose them I was in a hit-and-run, I would keep a low profile too.

  74. jimmy chen says:

    @Gerrit Govaerts

    herro hope good day… the first is protective instinct and the “addition” is simply intelligent honesty


    dank you…and….. I rike de show too…..

  75. MR X says:

    is Andrew Maguire a myth like the easter bunny?

  76. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    @jimmy chen
    Grashopper , you are partially pardoned .
    Having a protective instinct , good , accusing people in public of stuff you are not certain off , not so good . Doing that on their msg board , naughty !

  77. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    @jimmy chen
    your intellectual honesty is very much appreciated

  78. peakeverything says:

    patience is a virtue. Fiat……….no so much

  79. stacyherbert says:

    @Peter Karwacki – you forget that I also met Andrew Maguire; I’ve dined with him and, therefore, he exists

    @Drunk – it’s a rabbit hole of conspiracies; there is never an end to the places that the irrational mind might take you

  80. me says:

    @ Dyhalto
    Actually, it is a conspiracy theory website. That is the whole basis of it’s existence. Yes, Alex references factual material, but the scenarios related to the material are always speculative (fluorescent lighting is mind control, really?). Alex is a sensationalist, a fear monger who offers no solution to the doomsday mad max apocalypse but to buy the products tirelessly endorsed on his site. The site is so cluttered with ad space you can barely look at the screen. I am not saying his show in not relative, or there is not good information there. However, Alex’s pretentious attitude, over bearing religious views, and yelling/crying fits are a major tun off. He is quite the showman, and knows exactly how to cater to his listeners deepest fears…. which has made him quite wealthy. A great platform for others (Bob Chapman, Ron Paul, etc…) to speak from, but as for Alex, I am curious as to his true intent. I trust Max, sure he is making money, and why the hell not. His knowledge of markets and finance is obviously vast, who cares if AM exists or not, it surely doesn’t nullify all the good he has done.

  81. me says:

    Correction….. All the good Max AND Stacy have done…..

  82. fredhead says:

    There are some right dims on this thread. One guy seemed to think Max and his army can move the entire PM index. Another suggests AM should break a court order to prove he exists, lol!

    What we should be more concerned with is what will happen to silver if/when gold sheds a few hundred $.

  83. bigsmoke says:

    @ me

    Thanks for the sober AJ overview. My sentiments exactly.

    Glad to see cooler heads prevail on this thread.

  84. Tom H says:

    @fredhead said:
    “What we should be more concerned with is what will happen to silver if/when gold sheds a few hundred $.”

    I agree fredhead, if /when gold sheds a few hundred dollars, I too will be concerned if anyone has any PM left to BTFD!

    You should go bowling with Michael Pasco. Max just linked to an article of his on the main page. I think his writing style is right up your alley. Have a nice weekend fredhead!

  85. AG BULL says:

    The guy makes a fair point and has enough courage to ask the question.
    So thumbs up dude. Also Keiser put up the video, also thumbs up.

    A great debate indeed 😉

  86. People Power says:

    Stacy Herbert says she had dined with Andrew Maguire. Therefore, “the queen is innocent, the queen is innocent…” to quote a movie.

    All kidding aside, if you listen to Max and Stacy, they know about suicidal economics. I don’t think they’re into suicidal credibility. If he’s real, he’ll show up when he’s ready. If he’s a fake, the evidence for silver manipulation is there for all to see. We need to wait and see? You think Max doesn’t want him on his show? Why prop him up and saying he’s wanted on the show, but don’t want him on the show?

    There’s no need to insult the guy on the video. He wants more solid proof, like us all. Maybe if he’d only sugarcoat his message, people wouldn’t get angry.

  87. Graeme Murphy says:

    ok ok maybe I shouldnt have called him baldy – I appologize, I get cranky when people think they can call people fraudsters and liers . These people this guy slated have gave us loads of info and helped us all make money investing in silver. I just thought it was rude and extremely premature to be calling the whole thing a hoax

  88. KublaKhan says:

    @Drunk, socialism has nothing to do with giving up all your silver and gold to your community, nor giving up anything you have earned. Socialism is the means of production owned and controlled by the people (us) and not single owners or governments that we are serfs to. An easy example is a bread factory, 100 workers make the factory operate and make bread, 10 are management and 90 work the equipment. In capitalism, the 90 are paid workers wages by the hour, and if the factory makes $1,000,000 in profit over the year, the CEO (say, owner) will get a bonus of $800,000, the management team will split the remaining $200,000, and the workers get zippo. In socialism, the factory would be owned 100 ways, or at least all 100 people are equal profit sharers. The same $1,000,000 would get split as $100,000 bonuses for all 100 people. THAT is where the “sharing wealth” comes into play. Not giving your pay away to other people. Any analogies such as that are bunk – and certainly not socialism. Communism maybe, but not socialism. A true socialist economy is also very libertarian – where freedom is pinnacle, the people run & control their own lives and destinies, and government is small & lean. The power is in the hands of the populous – not the financial top 1% calling the shots. Since we all know money speaks, the elite $$$ control everything – socialism makes that impossible, because everybody is getting their fair piece of the pie. No uber-rich elites, no poverty poor. Just all very well off, all contributing, all earning their $$$, and plenty to go around for everybody. Anybody with a brain can see that when the top 400 richest people in America have the same wealth as the bottom 150,000,000…with the gap growing… the populous will eventually take their country back and will never fall for being serfs under a capitalism pyramid again. They will want to own, control, and earn their fair piece of the pie. Make decisions about their lives and surroundings, and require govt for very limited use. They will be thus wanting socialism. True socialism. Not the bullshit “USSR” (not socialism, never was) model that was spooked into the american people for the last century. It’s funny when I watch the Tea Party & libertarians – what they want, unbeknownst to them, is actually socialism. The people in power. The people in control. Fuck the bankers. Oust the top 1%. Time for all to be free and earn what we should have earned for the last 100 years, but were robbed.

    Wanting capitalism (a pyramid) is a paradox to freedom and equality, if you think about it. But…it’s been engrained so deep in our culture that we’re nearly brainwashed to think otherwise… when we’ve always been essentially paid slaves (they had them free for a while in the very beginning, didn’t they!).

    You can be a commodity. Or you can be an owner. Hmmmmm.

    I’ve made my decision on what I’d like to see after a SHTF revolution.

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